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"Macy, are you okay?" Joe asked as he was walking down the halls alone. She brunette looked up, and smiled weakly at him.

"I'm all good. Just a little tired is all." she explained. Still not taking this as okay, he sat beside her. She was his best friend, Stella was his girlfriend. It as pretty much the circle. Nick liked Macy, though. He had no idea if she liked him, too. She should be the superstar. She is so good at keeping her private life private. He looked at the girl, who was casually staring into space. "You don't believe me?" he shook his head.

"You don't look like yourself latley." he explained.

"Reno's next door. They work 'til late, and are there at about six in the morning. It's horrible." he nodded, pretending to believe what she was saying. "Well, I outta be getting to class. Nice talking to you... uhh..." she squinted her eye's in concentration.

"Joe! Right! Bye!" She ran off.

Joe spent the rest of the morning in concentration from trying to figure out what could be wrong with his friend. He knew that she never really got sick, so that was out, but she even went as far as to forget his name for a moment. Finally, the bell of freedom rang, and he rushed to the regular lunch table was at. Stella was there, with Nick and Kevin. But no Macy... yet.

"Where's Flash?" he asked, sitting next to his older brother. He started calling her flash after he challenged her to a race, and lost... big time.

"I saw her in Science." Stella said simply.

"I was with her in Math. I offered to walk her to her locker, but she said no. She said that she had to do something first." Nick said. The four friends turned around until they saw Macy walking to them, extremaly out of breath. "Are you okay?" Nick asked.

"Oh course I am!" she heaved, and let out a few coughs. "Sorry I am so late, I had to go tell Annibell that I just found that the boy she likes, likes her back! She is so overjoyed." Some more heavy coughs were heard, but they weren't stopping.

"Macy!" Stella yelled. "Take deep breaths."

"Can I have your water?" she motioned over to Nicks half-full (see... LOL. Optimistic person here!) water bottle, sitting on the table in front of him. He quickly grabbed it, and gave it to her. She gulped down the entire bottle in a matter of seconds. "Thank you." she whispered, sitting down between he and Stella. "So, what'd I miss?"

"Talk about you." Kevin said. "Macy, you have not been acting yourself lately, and it has been scaring us. Is there anything that you want to tell us?" she looked at her four staring friends, and suddenly placed a hand up to her chest. "Whats wrong?"

"My chest is burning." she leaned over, and placed her head on Nicks shoulder, closing her eye's. "It hurts."

"Macy, tonight we should maybe take you to see a doctor." Joe said, and her eye's opened up.

"No. I hate them! Please no." she begged.

"I hate to say it Mace, but it may be the best thing for you." Nick soothed her quietly.

"Fine! If that's what helps you sleep at night." she sighed, fiddling with a coin in her fingers.

"Aren't you gonna eat?" Kevin asked her, looking at how there was nothing in front of her, and full plates around everyone else. She shook her head.

"As much as I love Meatballs and sauce, I am not hungry today." she explained as she pushed away Stella's offered food. The rest of the lunch went by quickly as painlessly. Fake smiles plastered on all their faces. She was bringing them all down, and she knew it. Finally, the bell rang for their next class. It was Social Studies with Nick.

Halfway through the class, Nick felt Macy tense up beside him. He leaned in close and whispered "Are you okay?" when the teacher wasn't looking. She looked into his eye's and nodded, coughing lightly. "Really, cause I don't believe that." her coughs bacame a bit louder.

"Here, need some water?" Ally, the girl infront of them, leaned back with her water bottle in hand. Macy took it, and started chugging the contents, but spit it up all over the floor.

"Ow! That hurts!" she yelled through the coughing. Ally leaned down and picked up the silver cylinder.

"What does?" Nick asked her.

"Swallowing. It burns!" her coughing continued, grabbing the attention of everyone else in the class.

"Ms. Misa, do you need to go take a breather?" Mr. Patrichella asked. Nick put an arm around her, and tried to help her off.

"No, I'll be fine." her hoarse voice croaked. Nick looked worried, but got back on his chair. He could see her trying to hold back her cough, but it wasn't working. Just when both he and Ally thought she was finally settling down, the situation turned for the worst. With one more raging cough, blood was spit all over the desk, and was running down her chin. Nick instantly got up, along with Abby, and grabbed her off her chair, carrying her in his arms.

"Someone call 9-1-1" Abby yelled, as Nick pulled out his phone.

"Yeah. Stella, meet me at the front and grab Joe and Stella. Something just happened."

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