Dear Diary,

I knew it was my time. I was ready, and prepared to go. I had lived what I felt like was my best life ever.

I feel like I should talk about the people I know. Stella is working very hard on her fasion and designing. She spends every little second she has with Joe, making clothes and just keeping each other company. She now has a raise, and is very happy, extreamly, extreamly loving life. She moved out of her parents house, and into an apartment down the street. It's crammed with clothes though. All she have is a couch, kitchen, bathroom, and bed.

Joe is working on acting. Lots, and lots of acting. He is Co-Starring in a moving with on of Stella's new best friends, so there is no jelousy. He is also head over heels for Stella still, but he and Kevin are still very close. They always fight though. Even though he is still living at home at the fire house, he spends most of his time over at Stella's. He is constantly getting new clothes, and hanging out with friends.

Kevin on the other hand is doing extreamly well. Apperently on the way home from the wedding, he got in a very minor car accident. He got out of the car, and was met by the girl of his dreams. That is, what I hear, her name is Danielle. They are now inseparable. He is still happy, going to school and playing guitar. He and Nick often do duets for people when Joe isn't around. But that isn't often.

And then there's Nick. He kept his promise to both me and Liam, and he now goes on stage as much as humanly possible. He spends lots of time with Liam and Izzy, who, by the way, have moved back with my dad. I remember the nights, when he would hold me and tell me that everything was going to be alright. All the times we would kiss, and cry together. He still holds Un Milagro de Bellezain his hand everynight, and he always tells the people close to him that marrying me wasn't the miricle, it's the fact that I am happy, and in peace, and in no more pain. He was right there beside me when I went in, and when I took one of my last breaths,

and he was there when I got out completly scratch free.

As I've said many times, I knew it was my time to leave the earth,

which is why I'm so confused on how I survived.

I got barbareded with kisses when I got back into my room awake. Oh, and this is the best part, it's been 3 months and I am still cancer free. Nick and I are living only a block or so away. And dad moved back here with Izzy and Liam. They live only a few blocks away, so when I drive to work, I see them playing out on their front lawn. I owrk at the childrens hospital as a triage nurse. I am studdying medication in univerisity, but I am almost done that =D. Becuase my husbands a rockstar, I get around, you know.

As for Joe and Stella, there is one little thing I left out... their engaged. Yeah, for a month now. But they're taking their sweet time with it. I couldn't be any happier for her.

As for Nick and I... well, we are handling. Living on our own (well, we have a new golen retriver named Elice) But our lives are much more peacful now. Its the end of October, and I'm sure by next thanksgiving, I will have a lot more to be thankful about. A lot more.

Nick still holds my hand, as we go sit by the resivior, he still takes me to the park and the hills at night, he still takes me to go see my mother who is recovering in rehab, and he still reminds me that he loves me. Each and every day. I can never say that I wish I didn't have the cancer, because I'm glad I did. It taught me to live life to the fullest, no matter what it throws at me.

So now as I lie in bed thinking "what happened? it should have been my time to go." I shake my head quickly. No, it wasn't my time to go. Not yet at least.

And thank god for that!

Peace, Love... and JONAS

Macy Lucas =D

P.S. Being an adult now, with a husband, I think that it is a little immature to still keep a diary. So I've been thinking, what about a different type of journal? Maybe... a pregnancy journal? Yup, 1 month! Hmmm... how do I tell Nick?

So folks, I guess you can say that this is the end! But hmmm... should I make a sequal? Tell you what, 10 reviews saying that they want a sequal, I will post one! It will be my main summer project! If I can count on just 10 readers... well, you get the point. Thank you so much for reading!

Until next time...