The Secret


My name is Coraline Jones. You'd think I was a normal person, with normal thoughts, and normal things going on with my life. Nothing bad happening to me…

You'd be wrong.

I dread waking up in the morning, but, who doesn't? I have a specific reason though.

And his name is Jason.


"Coraline! Time to get up!"

My eyes snap open and my mind feels groggy and slow. Another morning…woo hoo! I sigh and pull myself out of bed. I bend back and crack my back. I slowly trudge to the bathroom. When I finally get there, I undress and throw my clothes on top of the sink's counter. I shove the shower curtain to the side and step in. I slide it back and turn the water heat up to max. The burning of the water feels good on my skin…refreshing, almost. I close my eyes and start shampooing my hair. I go through the routine and in what seems like an instant-I'm on a stupid bus, listening to my music way too loud. The bus pulls into the school and I hop off and open the doors to a brand new day in living hell.