Raising Hell

Chapter One

Eddie Riggs awoke from the bed in his tent lying next to Ophelia, finally safe from the clutch of Doviculus and the Black Tears. He stroked her brown hair which made her smile softly, but did not wake her. Eddie silently stepped out of the tent to a bright day in Bladehenge. It has been pretty quiet since the war 3 months ago, but it doesn't mean Ironheade doesn't have anything left to do. There is still the odd Demon attack and ambush of Lionwhite loyalists. Lighting a cigarette he took out of his pocket, he walked over to Lita, who had fallen asleep infront of the campfire.

"Hey Lita, get up its morning." he said nudging her on the shoulder. She turned around and groaned for him to go away. Eddie shrugged and looked over to his tent where he saw Ophelia stumbling out. He walked over to her where they kissed gently.

"Morning, sleep well?" Eddie asked her, throwing his cigarette on the floor and stepping on it. Ophelia smiled at him and walked past to the cooking area.

"Just because I don't mind cooking you breakfast, doesn't mean I don't like help" she told him scraping some meat off a Tollusk carcass hanging on the line.

Ophelia turned around to check if The Baron was awake yet, as usual, the Fire Barons were always one of the last people to get up.

"Oi Baron!" she called out to him, still concentrating on the raw meat infront of her. "Can you get out here and cook some food for us?" The Baron groaned and threw out his lighter from his tent.

"Do it yourself I'm still hungover from the party last night!" he yelled back from inside his tent. "See Ophelia?" Eddie said sitting by Lita's lump body, "You have help, Baron's lighter."

She laughed at him and began to cook the meat. As soon as it was done, she gave some to Eddie and sat beside him.

"You think there will be a demon attack today? It's been a while since the last one you'd think they're getting together a massive army to destroy us." Eddie said chomping away at his Tollusk meat.

"They'd need ten armies to destroy us, since Lionwhite died, most of his Hair Bangers and Groupies have joined our army." Ophelia replied, also eating her meat vigorously.

Once they finished their breakfast, Eddie got up and walked over to his tent. He reached in and grabbed The Separator and Clementine. Eddie held Clementine tightly and played the Summon Deuce solo. A bolt of lighting from the sky shot down infront of him and the Deuce created by the Titans appeared.

"I'm going out to find Mangus" Eddie told Ophelia as he drove past and exited Bladehenge. Once he left the comfort of the camp, he noticed the Tour Bus speeding towards him from across the field.

The bus was being tailed by a few Tick Choppers, but once Mangus stopped infront of Eddie, a quick blast from the Deuce's weapon cleared them up quickly. Mangus jumped off the bus and ran to Eddie.

"Eddie! This is really bad!" Mangus said frantically.

"What is it man another demon attack?" he asked jumping out of the Deuce.

"No worse than that man! The Demons are planning to rebuild the temple of Ormagoden!" Mangus said grabbing Eddie's shoulders and shaking him back and forth.

"How is that a bad thing? The Temple of Ormagoden was bad-ass!" he said shoving Mangus off of him. "But it is also, the centre for the Demon's rituals" Lita said walking to them from the camp, Ophelia slowly trailed behind to find out what the problem was.

"So what do you propose we do?" Eddie asked her. Lita looked away towards the forest.

"When need our army back. Our Headbangers and Razor Girls live with us, but we'd need to get the Kill Master and the Zaulia back"

Eddie looked shocked at her words.

"If we were to stop the demons from doing whatever they're doing, we must destroy them and the rebuilt Temple of Ormagoden." Lita said reaching in her pocket to grab her earpiece. Ophelia and Mangus ran back into the camp to wake up the army while Lita contacted the Kill Master and the Zaulia. After Lita's conversations finished, Eddie turned to her.

"What do you think the demons are planning?" he asked her

"Hard to say" she replied. "Without an emperor they can do whatever they want"

Ophelia and Mangus ran back to them with horror on their face.

"Some of our Razorgirls have told us that the demon army has grown tremendously! Our army does not stack up to their thousands of freed Bleeding Death which have become more powerful since they were stopped being tortured and the Battle Nuns can now produce high level offsprings!" Ophelia exclaimed as Lita and Eddie were shocked at her words.

Ophelia turned to Eddie and grinned.

"But I have a plan, but you won't like it. It may cause you to distrust me again" Lita opened her mouth in shock and stared at Ophelia.

"You'd like to go back to the Tears would you!" Lita yelled raising her lancer over her head.

Eddie thought for a moment and understood what Ophelia was saying.

"I get it!" he yelled "You go back into the Sea of Black Tears, become Drowned again so the Doom can join our revolt against the demons!" Ophelia smiled at him and nodded.

They both looked at Lita who was still disapproving of this idea.

"I don't like it, but it would be good if the Doom were helping us..." she said trying not to admit it was a great idea.

"That settles it then!" Eddie yelled in joy, turning to Mangus. "Pack up the bus and get ready to get our army on the road. Also build a new bus for the doom to ride in" Mangus nodded and ran back into the camp.

He and Ophelia ran over to the Deuce and jumped in.

"Lita, you keep an eye on things here. We shall be back, with the help of the Drowning Doom." Eddie told her before speeding off towards the Sea.