Raising Hell

Chapter 3

Eddie, Ophelia and the new recruits arrived back at Bladehenge, to a wave of untrusting eyes, especially from Lita, who was watching them closely as the walked passed. They approached the tour bus that Mangus built. Eddie nodding in acceptance, but GD looked unimpressed.

"It doesn't look gloomy enough." he critiqued. The tour bus looked like a hearse, with bats and skulls painted on the side, there was also the Drowning Doom symbol on the back.

"Right, Mangus get on that straight away." he said pointing at him.

"Aww man, this took me 3 hours to build." he complained.

Lita jumped down from one of the swords she was standing on and approached the group.

"I bet you couldn't wait to work with the Doom again Ophelia." she said glaring at GD. Ophelia sighed and stood in Lita's glaring path.

"How many times do I have to tell you it wasn't me?" she asked. Lita chuckled and moved in closer.

"You jumped in the water in the first place." she said grinning. Ophelia wasn't going to take more of this, she place her right hand on one of her swords, but Eddie put his hand on her shoulder.

"Ophelia, there is no time for fighting, you know how Lita is." he said to her. Ophelia sighed and loosed her grip.

"Lets go Ironheade! Get ready to go." Eddie yelled. As the troops got on the bus, Lita noticed something off in the distance. As it got closer, she began to recognise the wings of the entity. They were similar to Doviculus' wings, but were a darker red. Lita gasped and pulled out her lancer as she could see it clearly.

"Eddie!" She yelled.

He looked over to see the demon, landing in front of Lita. His body looked similar to Doviculus, but his head was exposed, his eyes were bright yellow and there was only slits for a nose. Also, instead of having four horns, this demon had only three, one above his forehead and two at the back forming a triangle.

"Well done humans, co-operation is the key." he said as Eddie removed his axe.

"Who are you?" Ophelia asked as she pulled out her swords.

GD stepped forward and pulled out his shovel.

"That's Doviculus' son, Stolas." he began. "Stolas has been sending waves of demons to the sea to try and destroy us."

"I didn't even know the Coil could have children..." Eddie said. Stolas sprouted his wings and hovered above them.

"You think you can stop us, humans? What do you think we're doing up at the temple of Ormagoden?" he asked them.

"Braiding each others hair while you wait for us to come kick your ass?" Eddie answered smugly. Stolas sarcastically laughed as he began to fly away.

"We're bring back our greatest leader, so we can take back the land for the demons."

"We defeated Doviculus before, we can defeat him again!" Lita yelled gripping her lancer tight. Stalos laughed evilly as he turned around to face them.

"Not Doviculus you fools! Succoria! She will tear you all limb from limb!" he yelled. Eddie's eyes widened. Could they even do that? They attempted reconstructing the Titans, but they failed and created humans.

"It will be pleasing to see that Roadie's head being torn off by his own mother." Lita looked surprised and turned to Eddie.

"Now that we know the secrets of the Titans, she will be even more powerful... not that you'll be seeing her... as you will all be dead." he said before a wave of demons approached from over the hillside. Hundreds of them, Battlenuns, Warfathers and all their offspring bolted towards them.

"Mangus, fire up the stage!" Eddie yelled as Stolas flew away, laughing. The stage began to be constructed as Eddie's demon blood took over.

He took off and went for a Fan Geyser as Lita, Ophelia and GD ran forward and began to attack the waves of demons. Eddie brought in his Headbangers and Razor Girls and sent them to defend the Merch Booth.

"GD! What double team can you give?" he yelled slamming his axe into a demon, causing it to scream in pain.

"We bury you and you erupt underground below the enemy." he replied also attacking a demon.

"Well... uhhh... I do like to breath..." he stuttered as a group of Gravediggers came out of the bus. A Gravedigger walked next to Eddie and took his lighter. He set his shovel on fire and swung it, causing extreme damage to the Battlenun in front of them.

"Light our shovels." he said dully. Eddie nodded as more of his troops jumped off the stage. Firebarons, Bouncers and Zaulia ran and attacked the demons. While Eddie also instructed some Brides, Organists and Reapers to come off the bus.

After a while of demon killing, Stalos' wave of demons were all gone.

"That was easy." Mangus said to Eddie through the radio.

"Don't be too certain." GD said pointing his shovel in the air. 3 torture chambers were falling from the sky, with rapid force. Eddie sighed and removed his axe which he previously put away in victory. The chambers landed and slowly opened, revealing no spikes inside, but a Bleeding Death, standing calm.

"Well, that's different." Lita said running towards one of them.

"Lita! Don't be so rash!" Ophelia yelled. The Bleeding Death held up one of its hands and charged up the yellow energy the Battlenuns use. It fired the energy causing a loud screeching noise and dust to fly away from it. Eddie stood in front of Lita and swung his axe, spiting it in half and causing it to veer off to the sides and explode on contact with the ground.

"Everyone attack the Bleeding Deaths!" Ophelia yelled running up to another one and started slicing at the Bleeding Death's legs.

Eddie ordered all the troops to separate and attack the Bleeding Deaths. Some troops were injured and some were crushed, but eventually they were defeated.

"I hope that's it..." Eddie said getting ready to put his axe away. After a few seconds of silence, a sigh of relief came from the group.

"So the demons are resurrecting Succoria..." GD said contemplating.

"Can they even do that?" Eddie asked.

"Who knows?" Ophelia answered as she looked up towards the Temple of Ormagoden.