Chapter 4.2

Christine and Mary Sue stared at each other.
"Well, one of us should go in there and talk to him," Mary Sue said.
"Yes, one of us should," Christine murmured.
They stared at each other. "Perhaps...I shall go in, while you get dressed, Mademoiselle."
"My name is Mary Sue Parfait; Madame de Changy, I presume?"
Christine inclined her head slightly and trotted over to the door of Erik's room, tapping it slightly.
"Erik, it's me. Please, come out and speak to me. I miss you, and…I'll over look…this."
Erik opened the door slowly. "Oh, Christine, I'm sorry...I..."
"It's alright, Erik."
"Hey! Wait a minute!" Mary Sue called. "You're reconciling? Are you both really that stupid? You don't belong together! You're afraid of him, and Erik…you deserve better! You deserve me!"
"Mary Sue, Christine is my life, my music.'re so..."
"Perfect?" the girl volunteered.
"Yes...and that's what troubles me. You're not...human."
"Please, leave."
"What will you two do?"
"We'll be married!" Christine sputtered empty-headedly.
"Goodbye, Mlle. Parfait."

Mary Sue left the Opera House pouting. While Erik and Christine were secretly being married, Mary Sue Parfait was beaten to death by an angry American tourist for not being able to speak English.

The End

Author: Well...It's all done in jest! Besides...I needed to get rid of the annoying Mary Sue from hell ^_^ Admit it, you all wanted to see her suffer! Bwahaha…Okay, too much sugar…I'll go away now ^_^;