Note: This is rated M for a reason. It will be a InuxKag romance tale and it will only the first part will be in first-person the rest will be in third-person. Enjoy.

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hapter 1: Bound |x}

I think about him a lot still, even right now, even when I really should be focusing more on what's happening to me and the awful pain. I have to admit, I'm relieved to have gone into labor when my husband, brother, and father were all out on an urgent call in a far off land. All I need is the midwife here to help me in my seemingly endless endeavor. Still, I can't help but wonder in-between contractions… if they are going to end up slaying him. Perhaps he was already dead—well, deader than he already was…

If not, if he's still out there, if he will always be out there then… does he ever think about me? Like I do him? My heart, the fickle stupid thing it is, still longs for him and him alone as I looked up to the moon knowing that he, too, was looking at the same spot in the sky if still alive.

I let out a shrill cry at the next painstaking contraction that caught me; no, it's time I think only about the task at hand and not of him. It's time I… break from what has bound me to him for so long.


"What's she doing?" One scowled as he leaned against the cool, rusty, bar of the jail cell with a thud.

"Sleeping, mortals need a lot of that," another grumbled with the same thump.

"Let's kill 'er already," the first kept up as he gripped his hands around the bar, "she smells good."

"We're supposed to wait," the other scolded.

"Let's just get a taste of her, come on, I can hear her heart pounding, her blood flowing through her veins that are hidden behind her juicy meat… she smells so good."

"She does," the other drawled as he began to fiddle with the keys on his belt, "really…" he inhaled swiftly, "good…"

"Just a taste couldn't hurt, right? Just one, tasty, tiny… bite," the words were spaced, stressed, and savored as the other fumbled with the keys until he found the right one to jam into the small black hole and scrabble with his reddened eyes to find a way to click open the lock.

Even as the two bloodlust filled cretins pulled open the cellar door and began their slow precession into the their most precious prisoner, that said girl didn't flinch a bit. Her eyes were closed though that did not mean that she wasn't well aware of the fact that they were prowling closer and closer to her warm being. Her skin glistened in the gleam that crept into the damp, dark, stone cell from the filling moon that was just outside the iron crossed window, her hair was kept up in a high yet loose midnight colored ponytail, and her tightly wrapped chest continued to move with each calm breath she took.

"What part of don't touch the girl until I get here didn't you understand?" A man barked with a bang against the bars, startling both of the intruders into a jump as they turned around to see the silver haired man with golden eyes that glared at them with the intensity of the sun they matched in brilliance.

The sun that few of his kind ever got to bask in again…

"We… we weren't," one stuttered, "just… we… erm…"

"Ginta, Hakkaku, get out of there now," he growled as he curled his clawed fingers to beckon them out only to be smacked simultaneously on their noggins, "you idiots."

"Sorry, Seishirou-san," they both muttered before the one with the Mohawk explained, "she just smells so good."

"She's a slayer, you get too close and even without her weapons she could harm you," Seishirou reminded as his golden gaze migrated over to the still silent girl, "what clan is she from?"

"Higurashi, I believe," Hakkaku replied.

"She's from the Higurashi clan and yet she allowed herself to be caught so easily?" Seishirou muttered to himself as he raised his hand on top of his mouth to look over the woman thoroughly.

"Easily?" Ginta grunted, "easily? She killed Seiji!"

"If she is truly from the Higurashi clan it could have been far worse… how many comrades of hers are dead?"

"None," Hakkaku sighed, "she was alone and still staked Seiji…"

"Alone?" Seishirou staggered, "a Higurashi traveling alone? Idiots," he snarled as he grasped them both by the collar, "I knew when I heard that we caught a slayer that entered our area… this is gotta be some sort of trap…"

"How?" Ginta ridiculed, "it's just one mortal…"

"Shut up," he retorted as he stepped into the cellar and started towards the girl. It wasn't until he knelt down in front of her that she bothered to open her bronze eyes to look straight into his, "are you scared?"

"Of you?" She mocked with a smirk, "are you going to bite me?"

"That sounds delicious," he lopsided grin to show a single sharpened fang, that sucked her taunting smile away. "I'll have to pass, much to my dismay, you were too easy of a catch, cutie, what's up?"

"Cutie?" She gripped as she cheek to him, "don't flatter yourself."

"I think I was flattering you," he countered as he grasped her chin to pull her back to him, "what's your name?"

She paused for a bit as her eyes wondered about, "let's go with… Tsuki."

"Tsuki," he chuckled, "sure, let's go with that. I have a feeling… that a Higurashi wouldn't knowingly walk into a highly occupied area without a plan," his eyes searched about for the small flinch that gave him the proper responds, "what's the plan?"

"There's no plan," she assured stiffly with the coldest stare she could muster up, "I simply made a mistake."

"Ow," he awed animatedly, "a Higurashi that makes a mistake? Did you bite off more than you could chew? Did you think you could kill all of us? Do you have a death wish? Or…" he coaxed as he leaned forward, again he won a flinch from her, as his lips hovered just above her beating carotid artery, "did you come to beg to be converted?"

"Never," she hissed as she shoved him away, he was easily able to keep his balance.

"Who thought it wasn't a good idea to bind her hands?" Seishirou snickered as he glanced back to the two that were once again in a trance—yes, he had noticed that, too. Her smell... the delectable aroma that filled the air like a flowing poison. She was… one of the most appetizing human he had ever come across; it did take every bit of his will power to keep himself sane. The two bozos did not have the same power, they were but henchmen and the wrong type of monster entirely, he was an elite.

The heart in his chest that only beat because of the blood he stole began to pick up as he took a deeper breath to memorize her scent… the scent that was so much like hers… but it was missing something. That beautiful tinge of bellflowers was absent…

"It's too late," her almost lyrical voice chimed, snapping him out of the trance he didn't think he had fallen into. He turned his miniature suns to her and cocked an oddly dark brow, "the plan," she raised her brows mockingly with a pout, "remember? It's too late to stop it now."

He furrowed his brows as he glanced from her and to the moon lit sky. The cry that broke through it was just the start as the blood bath began.


He should have seen it coming, somehow, he just should have known! A Higurashi would not walk into their land for no reason at all… she had a reason, she was a distraction. All of elites in their lair were too preoccupied with what she was doing and that scent that filled the place that she brought with her. She was the perfect decoy; she was alluring in so many ways. She was beautiful and glowed with an aura that reminded all of them of the sun they all longed to be able to feel upon their pale skin. Her scent was… enchanting, there were a few humans that simply possessed that weapon but nearly none were slayers, most were simply ignorant mortals that were equally simple to feast on. The danger of having a slayer with that scent… that was why she wasn't killed when caught, not drained, not even bitten. Those who caught her were not elites and only they were allowed to feast on someone that smelled like that…

So she was brought back into their lair and shown to all as she was taken to her cell. All were awe-struck by every aspect of her… gossip filled quickly and that took up the time that should have been spent making sure that other slayers weren't lurking around.

It was a full blown assault; two slayer clans had combined to attack their lair.

There was just one poorly planned part, what did they think would happen to 'Tsuki' once hell broke out? Once those who held her realized she was just a decoy? She'd be killed, her throat would be ripped out, even though her hands were free she would not be able to escape. If only… if only anyone but him had been sent to evaluate the situation and just that would have occurred. She would have been killed slowly and painfully just like she deserved but when his reddened eyes turned to her and he growled like the monster inside of him beckoned she just stared at him so blankly as if she knew that she could not fight her fate… as if she didn't care, as if as long as her clan had gotten in to kill all the beasts that had barricaded themselves in the castle then she was fine with her young life ending.

If she had looked at him with fear, with anything but the familiar blank expression he would he drained her and enjoyed it endlessly but instead he barked out orders and left, taking Hakkaku and Ginta with him.

She was free to go, he had looked to her before rushing out to see the most perplexed look upon her pretty face.

He should have killed her. There was little he regretted more than that once the tables were turned and now he was the one in the grungy cell… no, he'd enjoy that more. He was stuck in a hut in the woods, his hands bound by enchanted chains that he could not break no matter how much he had tried. She had been there when he watched so many of his companions killed by the fucking humans. She had been the one to shot the arrows that outlined his head and create another diversion, he stopped just long enough to be captured and taken away in a cage like an animal.

He knew what was to come, he was supposed to 'confess' where another lair was… how they could get in, how they could kill his kind. She was the one that came into the room with her high heeled, tight, leather boots with her equally well fit black pants, red corset and white colonial shirt. It made his blood boil yet… he couldn't pry his eyes away from her. It was cruel that a creature of death could look so good.

"Hello," she greeted with a sweet smile, "we meet again."

"Kill me now," he requested bitterly, "I ain't telling you anything."

Her bronze gaze moved from the funny shaped red tipped knife she had been playing with to him, the playful façade she had been putting on faded just like that. She should kill him, she should do her job, what she was trained to do all her life… he was a monster, a bloodsucker, a bastard, a murder, and probably so much more… but he… spared her. Why? Her life should have ended, she knew it when she took the task.

"No!" Her father's words boomed out as he stood up from his chair that might as well be a thorn in the midst of the meeting, "my daughter will not be the decoy!"

"Father!" She had retorted with just as much defiance, "my name was the one drawn!" And… as much as she hated it, it was her duty to carry through with the task she was assigned, even though her best friend clung to her arm tighter than she would her own life. She couldn't help but look from her fuming father to her sorrow struck friend and deep into those mournful mahogany eyes of her, she was from the Taijiya clan but still one of the closest people to her.

"Sister," her younger brother muttered with furrowed brows, "please… let father give someone else the assignment. It's a suicide—"

"Souta," she had whispered ever so sweetly to give him her warmest smile, "I respectfully refuse."

She had done it to prove… what? She did not hide behind her father's power? Whatever the reason, she decided the moment it began that it wasn't that bright… she knew when she was pranced to the jail that she would not live throughout the night and began to deeply regret her decision. She should have hidden behind her father's might, she wanted to live… and he let her, the monster that now scowled before her and given her life, "why?"

"Why on earth would I tell you how to destroy another liar?" He bickered back, "fuck you and fuck your clan."

"No, not that," she whispered with a slight shake of her head, her bouncy black ponytail shook against her slightly rose tinted cheeks as she brushed her bangs upon her forehead about lightly, "why did you spare me? Why not kill me?"

He just grunted and glanced away, "it was a mistake, obviously. I wish I had. I've been thinking that all fucking night."

"You only have a little while before the sun rises and you are thrown out to burn," she pressed her lips slightly before she looked up to him, "in my experience you creatures are just killing machines—"

"It takes one to know one," he snickered.

"So why spare me?" She repeated as she stepped forward to kneel down in front of him, "tell me."

He just smirked as he shook his head, why would he grant her curiosity its release now?

"The sun's rising," a burnet boy declared as he walked in, Seishirou knew what his leather tight, blue armor outfit meant. He was from the Taijiya clan; he had noticed that the two had teamed up to destroy his home. Fucking maggots, all of them, if only he could get free, if only he could kill them…

"Oh," 'Tsuki' sighed as she looked to the boys and stood up, "take him…"

"Good job today, sis," Souta smiled as he helped his friend grab the mad monster and pull him out of the hut, the chains that restrained him kept him from bashing around too much.

"Thanks," she replied quietly as she followed them out to set him in the middle. She watched as her father and the leader of the Taijiya clan came together to place the few vampires they had spared in the assault on the stakes.

"Kagome," her father whispered to her as he walked over to his daughter, "why is yours the only one that is the least battered?"

"He wouldn't talk if I cut him into a thousand pieces or not," she replied in a hush, all the wounds Seishirou held were from the earlier assault and not her... none were by her. Her eyes locked with the twin suns that were burning a hole into her face. What was this tinge that tugged at her as she felt the warmth of the true sun touch her cheek as it rose? The cries of the monsters as they went out in flames echoed about…

She couldn't watch, she didn't know why, she had seen thousands of their kind crumble to nothing but ashes but this time… this time she couldn't watch. This time… she even felt the sting of something in her eyes. Why?

What was wrong with her?

"What?" She heard her father breathlessly declare before human shrieks took the place of the monsters'. She only turned to see what was going on in enough time to see the smack that would knock her out coming… she fell to the ground with shut eyes as those around her were torn to shreds by the wolves.

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