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{x| Chapter 14: Fin |x}

"Kikyou-sama!" A carefree shout caught said woman's attention as she turned around to look at the boy that was running up to her, it seemed like only yesterday that he was just at her waist now he was taller than her. His eyes reflect the sun just as much as his father's, his smile shined as much as his mother's, and his short silver strands were the same as his grandfather's mane. He was quite the handsome young man, many thought so. He had numerous women following him, trying their utmost to catch his oblivious attention.

"Aw, Sei-kun, I had no idea you were here, how are you?" She questioned with her usual smile as he stopped before her.

"I just arrived last night," he explained, "I wanted to see you."

"Does that mean you heard the news?" She asked with the sweetest joy.

"What news?" He retorted as his smile faded right away.

"How Suikotsu and I are to marry. I would love it if you'd attend, your parents will be there. Actually, they should be arriving shortly."

"What?" he whined as his shoulders dropped, "you… are getting married to him… why?"

"I love him," she replied simply, her smile never faltering, "we've been off and on for ages and steady since you were ten. Will you come to the wedding, Sei-kun?"

"Maybe you should just call me 'Sei' now? I mean… add 'kun' makes me sound like such a little kid."

"You are a child to me, Sei-kun," she laughed ever so lightly as she patted his shoulder, "you will come, won't you?"

The pout that had formed on his lips only deepened, "I guess… are you sure you wanna get married to that guy? You could do better."

"You like Suikotsu, since when has that changed?"

"I didn't say I don't like him, he's nice, you can just do better," he kept up as he folded his arms.

"Oh, I can, can I?" She did so love little Sei, he always meant well and now was no exception, he just thought too highly of her sometimes. "Who would be better for me than Suikotsu?"

He automatically pointed to himself with a grin only to spark a seemingly endless fit of laughter from her.

"Oh, Sei-kun!" She sighed once she regain herself, "you and your antics. That's why I adore you so."


"The wedding will be in a week, I know I'll see you there," she smiled as she placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned in to give him a peck on the cheek. Somehow, she didn't notice how he went all wanton from the small gesture.


"Sei," a pretty, wavy, ebony haired girl pouted as she lingered over the boy, "come on, Sei, please?"

"Ayumi," Seishirou retorted as he tried to push her off again, "get off of me already!" Why is it that each girl that he came across tried to jump his bones?

"Why!?" She shouted back as she knelt around his lap, giving him space to finally sit up, "you are in such a foul mood!"

"I just don't like you! I'm sick of you trying to get into my pants! You, Eri, Yuka! I'm sick of it!"

"You asshole!" She shrieked as she slammed her open hand across his cheek before jumping off the bed and out of the guest room he was staying in.

"Ouch," he muttered. He had only converted three years ago and wasn't used to the change but he was thankful he wasn't human at that moment, or else that slap would have hurt as bad as hell fire, for certain. He just huffed out a sigh and flopped back down on the bed with his face down.

He just didn't feel… right, all his life. His parents were fabulous to him all the while; they loved him and did anything they thought was best for him. He loved growing up in their quaint cottage on the hillside just half a day walk down to the human village. At no time did they lie to him, he knew as soon as he was old enough to comprehend the situation what he was and what would become of him. He wasn't all human, even though at the time he was, and didn't really fit in with his human friends. Now he wasn't all vampire, though he was, and didn't feel he fit in with his vampire comrades. He was an 'elite' because the sun would never bother him and he could go longer than anyone else without blood. The bloodlust that came to all after conversion did not actually happen to him; he just switched from eating food to drinking blood. It was a very odd switch but not a difficult one.

And since he was an elite, and a handsome boy everyone said, his fellow female vampires flocked to him. How bothersome… he had never been too interested in that type of relationship. Not with anyone but…

"Sei?" He heard after his door was opened and shut, "sweetie?"

"Mom," he muttered against his pillow.

"Honey, is everything alright?" he could feel her sit down upon the edge of his bed. Good old mom, always showing up right when he started to feel particularly shitty.

"Fine," he grumbled

"Don't lie to me, Seishirou," she demanded in the tone only a mother could.

"No, really, mom, everything's fine," he assured as he propped himself up on his elbows so he could look at her. His dearest mom, it was so odd that she barely looked ten years his senior. She only had very minute wrinkles and they only ever stood out when she had her face clenched in a snarl when she fought with her husband or when she was trying her best to scold him, otherwise, she was as pretty as ever.

Now, his mother did not have it as easy as he did when she decided it was time to be converted. She experienced the same agony as him during the day long transformation but she struggled with the bloodlust part. Inuyasha helped her gravely; it was only a year long ordeal because of his aid.

"Are you sure?"


"Of course."

"Do you know Ayumi?"

"Oh, yes, very well," she said with the sweetest smile.

"She keeps trying to get into my pants, it's so bothersome," he couldn't help but break out into a chuckle at the wide-eyed look that appeared on Kagome's face at that. "You gonna live, mom?"

"Y… yes," she stuttered as she patted some wrinkles out of her dress, trying her best to put her thoughts back into order, "um, do you like Ayumi?"


"Do you like anyone right now?"

His dear meddling mother, he just smiled as he lied back down, "don't worry about it mom."

"If you say so," he'd probably prefer to talk about such matters with his father or grandpa so she nodded and allowed the subject to alter, "are you eager to go to Kikyou's wedding? I'm so happy that her and Suikotsu are finally marrying. Tomorrow—"

Sei only groaned at that and dug his head into his pillow once more.

"What's wrong?"

"Go away," he grumbled.


"I'm tired; I want to go to sleep. Goodnight."

"If you say so…" she whispered with her own little sigh before she got up, "I will see you tomorrow."

Tomorrow night… ugh.


"Sei," he cringed and stopped his aimlessly journey through the endless corridors. "Sei?"

"Yeah," he grumbled as he stiffly turned around to see his father coming his way.

"Where are you going?"


Inuyasha cocked a brow at that, "what?"

"I don't know," he muttered back, "so? What do you want? Mom said something, didn't she?"

"She was curious why you were acting strange yesterday, yes," Inuyasha confessed, "so, why were you?"

"Why must there be a reason? Maybe I'm just sick of being babied by everyone, ever think about that, eh? It's always Sei-kun this and Sei -kun that. I'm not little anymore; I can take care of myself."

"No one's saying otherwise," Inuyasha assured slowly.

"Fine," he scoffed, "then leave me alone."

"Wait, aren't you going to come with me?"

"Where to?" He bickered with furrowed brows.

"Suikotsu and Kikyou's—"

"Is that now?" he groaned.


He frowned bitterly at that but nodded all the same. If he had to endure it… then he had to endure it.


"Everyone gets to live happily ever after, yay!" Sei mocked bitterly as he kicked a few rocks around upon the ground. Suikotsu and Kikyou could be happy, Kagome and Inuyasha could be happy, what about him? He didn't want to have to be around their happy-dappy lovey-dovey lives. He'd thought about going west a few times, to break out on his own, but each time he mentioned the idea it was shot down. The slayers were still a big threat over there, unlike on their continent.

He could go as south as the land allowed or as north and he'd never break away from his family's influence. His grandfather's power was grand, if anyone ever found out that he was Seishirou the second, grandchild of the great Taisho, he was treated like royalty. He hated that. He didn't want to be treated like that… he wanted to make a name for himself. He wanted to be Seishirou, and what was worse was living in his parent's shadows. His father was known all over the land just like his grandfather and his mother was widely liked; many called her beautiful still—which always made him want to gag. Sure, his mom was pretty but he hated to hear people gloat about it.

Didn't they see how much he yearned for independence? Yes, he was grateful for all his parents did but he was an adult! He didn't always want to be treated like a child. His parents would never treat him as otherwise; after all, they were his parents. Kikyou never would either…

"Fuck me sideways," he muttered to himself as he kicked about more dirt. It was day, the only time he ever felt he could truly be alone. Only a hand full of people had shards from the shikon, his mother was now one of those select few, but he was sure his parents were asleep. They wouldn't bother him, particularly since he had wondered outside of the lair to the edge of the clearing right where the looming forest began.

"Now why would you want to do that?" a charming chime caught his attention right away.

He jumped about all the way to see a striking female sitting on one of the lower branches of a tree, her head tilted to the side so her luscious livid locks could cascaded upon the opposite side.

"Hm?" She inquired as her lips curled up into more of a smile before she leaped off the branch to land just a mere meter away from him, her dress flowing elegantly all the while.

Not a vampire, she was not a vampire, he knew that right away but that didn't stop his awe-struck expression from taking over as she walked forward, her crystal blue eyes locked upon his, "huh, what?"

"You said 'fuck me sideways'," she whispered in a hum while she leaned forward, she was well within arm's reach.

Please do, his mind told him to say but he couldn't really form those words, not with confidence. Not a human, he was just as sure of that. So… not a human, not a vampire… not a werewolf, "what are you?"

She giggled ever so slightly as she took her final step, just a breath away from him, "have you heard of a nymph?"

"Is that what you are?" he awed as his eyes moved about to examine her once more. A nymph, the ever elusive and immortal creatures who were said to be the product of a child between gods and humans, they were supposed to be hard to find. His father, a vampire more than two hundred years old, had never chanced upon one. His grandfather reminisced to him when he was a child about the one occasion when he met a nymph. Apparently, they had the finest blood.

Of course, that meant they tried their best to avoid vampires who would do anything and everything to suck them dry.

"Yes," she whispered, "can't you tell from my scent? Isn't it alluring to you?"

"Well, now that you mention it…"

She giggled once more, "are you always this absent-minded?"

"You know what, Miss Nymph? Shouldn't you be anywhere but here?" he bickered as he folded his arms and leaned away from her, "if someone else catches you—"

"All the vampires in your lair will go crazy to find me," she teased, "I have to admit, I enjoy the run."

"You suicidal?"

She simply shrugged her shoulders, "I've never been caught."

"So you are looking for me to chase, then?"

"Do you want to chase me?" She coaxed before she leaned completely forward to press her lips to his, just for the briefest of moments before she spun around and skipped off to the forest, "what's your name?" She inquired as she twirled around and grasped the closest tree to hide midway behind, ever so playfully.

That was a very good question, for a moment he forgot… oh, right, "Sei."

"Sei?" she repeated, "Sei as in spirit? Or Sei as in sex?"

His eyes almost bulged out of his head at that. "My name is Chou, as in butterfly, so come catch me, Sei," she requested with the grandest of grins as she twisted around and began to run through the forest.

He gave her a head start, it was the least he could do, she hadn't any idea how fast he was. A smile laced his lips as he rushed off in pursuit, better yet; he had a finer nose than even that of his father.

He'd catch her, just wait and see.


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