Xander took a deep breath as he rushed through the Pandora Great Woods. After a headache of epic proportions, it had been explained to him that Thanators were similar to dogs in their need to roam, to patrol their territory and to attack any challengers to their dominance. Something Xander had learned that the little headache took very seriously in the last two weeks since his arrival at Cerberus Base.

Pushing his borrowed body to its absolute maximum, Xander gave a leap and managed to tackle Sylvester and the two rolled to a stop as the small Thanator struggled to get free and go after the small bird lizard that had been eluding him for the past five minutes.

Gasping for air as he held Sylvester, Xander tried to ignore the spots that had started to appear in front of his eyes as his body worked to drag oxygen into his lungs.

As his heart rate settled, he dragged the petulant cat up to eye level and glared, "With a name like yours there is no way in hell I am letting you go after birds," Xander growled as he shook the small cub slightly to break its focus on the bird that had happily settled on a tree limb nearby.

After a moment of glaring, he finally rolled over and forced himself to his feet. "I swear if I start getting a bill from the Acme Novelty store, I'm gonna turn you into a hat." He swore before turning back towards the base.

Captain Boone had been very clear in where his boot would go if he was forced to keep the security fence down due to Xander's 'Gallivanting off into the woods.' Something that made Xander pretty sure the good Captain didn't like him.


Turning towards the sound of the voice, Xander frowned at the ethereal form of Dawn as she motioned him to be quiet and follow.

Dropping into a crouch, Xander whispered thanks to the near manic game of 'Hide and Seek' the small Sylvester had been playing with him recently before softly following Dawn into the woods.

To hell with Boone.


Two hours later, Xander was still skulking after Dawn when she walked into the middle of a clearing and promptly disappeared.

Looking the area over for any signs of traps, Xander looked down at the sleeping Thanator he carried before shrugging and moving into the clearing himself, he would trust Dawn on this.

Halfway into the clearing, he froze as the shadows from the rapidly setting sun shifted quickly away from him, dropping to the ground Xander felt the cub tense up as a throaty growl started to fill the air, looking towards the sound Xander noticed the odd bulges resting in the trees above.

"Forest Banshees, great." Xander muttered before tearing off into the rapidly darkening forest with all the speed learned from a long history of being chased.

His screams could be heard for miles.


Dropping to his knees to breathe, Xander glared at the smiling form of Dawn as she stood on the far bank of the river where he had finally managed to lose the hell-buzzards. "You could, *Gasp* have just *Wheeze* brought me here" Xander managed to wheeze out before coughing as his body tried to hack up a lung.

"You would have never made it in time," The spiritual form said as Xander frowned.

"In time for wha-" he managed before a heavy blow to the back of his head knocked him out.

Eyelids fluttering as he stared up at the blinking lights of the link bed, Xander growled out several curses to his friend before getting up to stretch, it would be a few hours before he could link back up with his Avatar, if it was still alive of course.

"I hope Sylvester's okay." He muttered before heading in search of food.


Endu'ha watched as the hunters returned with the bound form she had been searching for. She spared a moment to glare at the warrior that dropped his unconscious form onto the ground before bending over him and smiling. "Bring him," She ordered before moving back into Hometree. Should she live a thousand generations, she doubted she would ever find one as close to the prophecy as this.