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Summary: Dean tries to break the news to his father that Sammy isn't interested in carrying on the family business. John handles it like an ex-Marine would, and Dean storms off to the shores to cool down after the heated debate. There, he is entranced by a water succubus. Will his father realize what happened before it's too late?

Tag to "After School Special." Dean is 17 and Sam is 13.

Dean was in his element, happily cruising along in the Impala and rocking out to a little Led Zep. His father didn't let him drive often, but Dean had a feeling he would be getting the Impala for his eighteenth birthday present. The car was home for him, and with the bass beat loud enough to rattle the windows and with his little brother riding shotgun, Dean let the recent events from Truman High School fade away.

What did that chick know anyway? Dean was a hero. He wouldn't trade his lifestyle for the world. He sure as hell didn't need Amanda's pity.

The Winchester boys were currently following behind John's new truck. They were heading out of Fairfax, Indiana, finally, and as far as Dean was concerned, the further they went the better. The plan was to meet up with Bobby a few states over so they could team up on the next hunt.

It was going to be Sam's first full experience hunting. He had attended a few gigs before, but for the most part, all he had done was train and observe. This latest hunt was Sam's chance to prove himself a competent hunter like his father and big brother. The only problem was Sam didn't want to hunt.

The elder Winchester son glanced over at his little brother who was staring out the passenger side window, apparently lost in thought. Dean turned the volume on the radio down enough to be heard over it.

"Hey, Sammy?" Sam didn't acknowledge him, so Dean tried again. "… Sam? … Earth to Super Geek…? DUDE!"

"Huh?" Sam was startled out of his reverie and shot his brother a confused look.

"Welcome back, Cadet. What, were you visiting the set of Lost in Space or somethin'?"

"Just thinkin'."

"'Bout what?"

"Stuff." Sam turned back to his window.

Dean quirked an eyebrow. "Funny, when I say shit like that I get your patented bitch face. Care to elaborate?"

"Not really," Sam sighed.

Dean stared at the back of his brother's head for a few seconds before deciding he wasn't going to let it go that easily. Sam was clearly hiding something, and he wanted to know what it was. Plus, they had a long ride ahead of them and Dean got bored pretty quickly. Harassing Sam was one of the perks.

"Come on, Sammy. What is it? You worried about the hunt tomorrow?"

"No. Haven't really thought about it actually."

"Then what? You can't seriously be missin' that shithole of a school after what happened to you there."

"It wasn't all that bad."

"Dude, what kind of ganja are you smokin'?"

"The teachers were nice."

"Nice lookin' maybe..."

"Hey, Dean?"


"Can I tell you something in secret?"

"Of course, man."

"I don't know if I want to be a hunter."

"… This week?"

"At all."

"What the hell else would you be?"

"I dunno… Maybe a lawyer?"

Dean gave him an incredulous look. "You're serious?"

"Yeah, I am. I think I want to go to college. I don't want to be part of the family business."

Dean shut the radio off completely. "Where's this comin' from, Sammy? It never bothered you before."

"My eyes are open now, Dean. There's a lot more to life than vendettas and revenge."

"Oh, dad is gonna love this..."

"You can't tell him, Dean!" Sam swung back around frantically, afraid he had made a serious mistake in confiding in his brother. But he should have known better than to accuse Dean of going behind his back.

"Do I look suicidal to you? We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, okay? Don't worry, I'll handle dad if you're dead set on this."


"Course, little man. That's what awesome big brothers are for. Plus this situation needs to be handled delicately or it's gonna get fugly fast."

Sam slumped back against his seat, dejectedly. "Yeah, I know."

Dean sighed. "It's not that he doesn't care, Sammy. He does. But his priority is keepin' us safe. He's not gonna like the idea of you wantin' to strike out on your own, unprotected."

"Well it's gonna happen, whether he likes it or not."

Silence fell over the car as both boys let their minds wander. Dean broke the silence first.

"So how come you never told me you didn't want to hunt before?"

"I… I guess I never considered there were other options before. It's always been whatever dad says, goes. I don't want to be a freak anymore, Dean. I just want to be normal."

"I've got news for ya, Sammy. You've always been a freak. But you know what? I'm right there with ya. Always have been, and always will be."

Sam smiled, feeling the relief from Dean's reassurance. "Yeah, I know you are. Thanks, Dean."

"Chick flick moment over now? Good." He turned the radio back on and boosted the volume again, pretending to be focused on the song when he was actually lost in his own thoughts. How the hell am I gonna break this to dad?

With multiple arguments and scenarios flooding through Dean's head, the drive took a surprisingly short time. He and Sam waited in the car while their father checked them in and then they both drove around the building and parked in front of their home for the week.

Bobby was scheduled to arrive within the next hour or so and he'd probably rent out the room next door if it was available. Until then, Dean had a lot of processing and planning to do.

"Let's go, boys. Grab the bags and bring 'em in," John instructed as he grabbed his own duffle from the back of his truck and made his way to their door.

The boys automatically obeyed, Dean practically marching into the room and Sam silently sulking.

Two beds. That meant dad got one and the boys would be sharing again, not that that was anything new. Still, Dean chose the side closest to the door and dropped his bag to the floor.

"Dean, keys," John commanded, hand outstretched.

Dean reluctantly tossed the Impala's keys to his father who pocketed them. It was fun to pretend for a while that the car was his, even if it didn't last. Someday, baby…

"Alright. Let's go over the plan again till Bobby gets here."

The three Winchesters gathered around the small kitchen table as John outlined the hunt with every possible situation covered. He was in the process of quizzing Sam on the exit strategy when they heard the unmistakable roar or Bobby's truck as he pulled into the spot next to John's.

"Dean, get the door, bud."

"Yes, sir."

Ever the cautious hunter, Dean waited until Bobby was standing directly in front of the door so he could see him through the peephole and had him knock before swinging the door open to allow the family friend entry.

"Howdy, boys. Did I miss anythin' important?"

John stood up, ready to help the hunter with his bags if necessary. "Just goin' over the game plan. You made good time, Bobby."

"Sometimes I'm just good like that. What's for eatin' around here? I didn't stop for dinner."

At the mention of food, the Winchesters realized they hadn't eaten in hours either.

"There was a grocery store just down the street. I'm sure we could find somethin' to throw together there," John supplied.

"Sounds fair. You boys look busy. I'll make the run," Bobby offered and turned to head back out.

Dean seized the opportunity. "Hey, Sammy, you could use a break, man. Why don't you help the old guy out? He might hurt his back or somethin' carryin' the milk."

It took Sam a moment judging by the confused expression he shot Dean, but then it clicked. His brother wanted some alone time with their father to have "the discussion."

"Watch it, boy," Bobby growled, bemusedly. "Is it alright if I steal the little one for a bit, John?"

Dean didn't know how the man did it, but Bobby always seemed to catch onto their plans even though they never said a word to him about it. He obviously wouldn't need Sam's help for a handful of groceries, but he knew there was something more to it than an extra set of hands. Good ole Bobby…

"Yeah, I suppose it's time we took a break. Dean and I will get the weapons ready for tomorrow night. Don't get anythin' that needs to be baked though. I don't trust this oven."

"No worries, dad. We don't trust you near the oven," Dean smirked.

"Wise ass…"

"And where do you suppose he got that from, John?" Bobby added and Dean smiled proudly.

"Must have been his mother."

"Nah, he got his looks from his momma, and thank heaven for that, boy."

"Wait, I'm confused. Are you sayin' I look like a chick, Bobby?"

"You are a bit of a pretty boy, Dean," Sam chimed in with an evil grin.

"Oh you are so dead, little brother…" Dean warned, taking a few steps towards him.

Sam slid quickly behind Bobby, using the man as a shield.

"Don't go draggin' me into your little spat. Head out to the truck, Sam. Let's hit the road before it gets dark."

John shook his head in amusement at the boys' antics. As much as he pretended to be a hard-ass who didn't have time for such trivial things like jokes, he really did miss their playful jousting these days.

Sam quickly slid out the door and made his way to Bobby's vehicle. Bobby turned to the remaining Winchesters.

"You two chuckle-heads better behave yourselves, ya hear? We'll be back soon."

He turned and walked out to catch up with Sam.

John and Dean turned to each other as the door closed, leaving them behind.

Dean let out a soft sigh. Here goes nothin'…


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