A/N: Hey everyone! Thanks again for all your amazing reviews and support! And for those of you interested in reading a sequel, I have good news! While I had intended on taking a break from Fanfiction, I was thwarted once again by a reader… lol. So thanks to Emerald-Water, I'm currently writing the first chapter for Bodies of Water.

Here is a quick summary/teaser:

Sequel to Sacrificial Son. It's been ten years since Sarina, but a new hunt involving the bodies of teenage boys lined up on a river's edge is bringing back horrible memories for Dean; just what he needs after losing his father.

Tag to Bloodlust. Dean is 27 and Sam is 23.

It will feature plenty of angst and whumpage, so please stay tuned and I'll start posting soon! Thanks again for sticking with me, and I look forward to hearing what you think about the sequel.