New Experiences.

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Chapter one - Unexpected.

Santana Lopez ran a frustrated hand through her hair before shoving it back up in it's respective ponytail, today had not gone has planned, in fact some might say it went down the shitter! She was royally fucked. Ever since it had come out that Quinn the head cheerio had gotten knocked up and booted from the squad, Coach Sylvester had been on her case twenty four seven.

Coach knew how much Santana wanted to be cheer-captain now that Quinn was not on the squad, and Santana thought everything was finally going to fall into place. But No, Coach had different ideas. Instead of giving Santana her right-full place as cheer-captain, Sylvester had called together a Cheerio meeting; where she bitchily informed everyone that whoever found the perfect replacement, would get privilege to be her favourite as she quite frankly put it. That was this morning…

"Let me be the one to break the silence. That was the most offensive things I've seen in twenty years of teaching. And that includes Schuester's $6 box perm, I gave you one simple order and you failed… miserably!" Coach Sue Sylvester barked at the Cheerio's.

And as much as that hurt, Coach was right. Today had been a disaster! Even though everybody had brought someone who they thought was good enough for the team…They had all fucked up, big style! Either they couldn't do a back flip and round off, I know, simple right? Or they couldn't cheer for shit!

"Coach, please let me have one more chance, Me and Brittany will search high and low through out the school for the perfect girl to take Quinn's place, I promise I won't let you down." Santana practically begged, nudging Brittany Smiths arm.

"Ow that hurt San." Brittany whined only to receive daggers from Santana "What?" she asked totally clueless.

Sue eyed the two girls stood before her "You have the time it takes me shower and apply moisturiser to my impeccable body. If you don't have me a new cheerio by then…your doing my laundry for a month"

Santana shuddered, trying to erase the images from her head "okay coach" she reluctantly agreed.

Sue raised an eyebrow "Shower and moisturiser!" She said again before walking out of her office.

"How the fuck am I suppose to find a new cheerio in such short notice!?" Santana said pissed off walking out of the Coach's office. Santana growled when she noticed Brittany wasn't paying attention to her "Jesus, are you even listening?" Santana screeched.

"What! I got distracted" Brittany protested, still not looking at her.

Santana rolled her eyes in frustration "What the fuck are you looking at?" she practically barked.

Brittany pointed to the small dance studio and Santana peered over the blond's shoulder where she could see a dark haired olive skinned female dancing her heart off, her moves full of energy and happiness, she dropped to do some splits a few times before finishing off with a round off. Santana couldn't believe her luck, the girl was practically perfect! Pushing Brittany into the room along with her, Santana cleared her throat to catch the girl's attention, both girls gasped when the dancer turned around.

"Man-Hands!?" Santana stated in shock "No fucking way!" she shouted.

Rachel looked to the ground, why couldn't they just leave her alone? "Look if you're here to call me names or throw slushies at me, I'm gonna give you a heads up, your words can't hurt me" she muttered before turning to pack her up her bag.

Santana raised an eyebrow and smirked "Oh yeah why's that?" she asked harshly.

Rachel stopped what she was doing, sure their words hurt, they always hurt but that was the least of her worries right now. With a sigh she turned around "If you must no I got suspended from…temporarily."

Santana let out a laugh "Little miss goody-goody got the boot from Glee, oh this is classic."

Brittany offered Rachel a little comforting smile "How come?" she asked.

"Because Quinn decided that it was unfair that of Mr Schue to keep giving me the female lead, which to be honest is preposterous, because they'd be nothing with out me! And due to that I had a momentary lapse of sanity where I told her she's a jealous bitch who needs to get her head out of backside and stop thinking she's all superior. Then I went on to remind her that she was no longer on the Cheerio's therefore she, like us was basically a nobody and that she needed us, because otherwise she's going to have no one! Then Mr Schuester came over and shouted at me because 'you shouldn't shout at a pregnant woman' and then had the audacity to suspend me for two weeks" She ranted in traditional Berry style.

Santana moaned "Berry will you shut up before you make my ears bleed" she stated.

Rachel rolled her eyes before sighing "What do you want? Are you here to bully me more about the whole Quinn fiasco?"

"No, actually this may come as a bit of a surprise, hell I can barely believe I'm about to do this myself but how would you like to ditch being the current looser that you are, say goodbye to slushie facials, hurtful comments and eggs and become someone who the girls want to be and the boys want to have" Santana said with a proud, smug smirk on her face.

Rachel couldn't help but be sceptical of the Cheerio's offer "Just out of curiosity, how do you propose to do this?" she asked trying not to sound eager.

"Join the Cheerio's!" Brittany stated happily whilst jumping up and down, clapping her hands with excitement, however Rachel's mouth dropped.
"You are your joking? Right?" Rachel asked desperately but both girls shook their heads and then she laughed nervously "Oh I see, this some sort of prank to get be back for what I said to Quinn! Well I'm not falling for it!" She snapped.

Santana laughed "Who knew Berry has a back bone!" she said "But to answer your earlier question, No this isn't to get back at you for outing Quinn in front of Glee" she finished. Rachel bowed her head and just stared at her shoes, not answering the question "come on we aint got all day! And plus you'd totally be saving our ass!" The Latino asked trying to muster up a friendly voice.

"Please Rachel" Brittany begged "if we don't find another member, then we have to do the coaches laundry!" Brittany pouted.

"But why me?" Rachel asked confused as to why they'd choose her of all people to attempt to save the squad.

Santana groaned in frustration, if Berry wasn't so fucking good at dancing! "Because you're the best…okay!? She stated.

Rachel sighed, she couldn't believe she was about to do this "okay, oaky" she gave in.

"Perfect! Follow us, Coach Sylvester requested you give a little tryout!" Santana grinned wasting no time. Both girls grabbed one of Rachel's arms and quickly rushed towards the gym, where the devil was waiting for them.

Sue Sylvester let out a loud laugh when the girls entered with Rachel on there arm "Berry? You bought Berry? You girls must really want to do my laundry" she said the glare was evident on her face.

"Just give her a chance please Coach?" Santana asked with a pleading look on her face.

"Fine! Berry! Show me what you got!" Sylvester barked.

It was then and there that Sylvester, Santana and Brittany went into shock, Sure the two young females thought Berry was good but they had only seen her do a round off, They didn't expect to see her start coming out with all these moves, Rachel had done pretty much everything that consisted in the book of 'Sylvester's guide to perfect Cheer-leading' no shit, Coach actually wrote that book. She had preformed back hand spring, round offs, tucks, a round off full, the bow and arrow, the heel stretch pull down, a tow touch, jump builders, a pike, a front hurdler, tumbling, back flips, front flips, hand stands, cartwheels, liberty twist, a standing back hand spring and finished with a basket ride.

Five minutes later no one had spoken and Rachel was beginning to feel awkward so started rocking back and forth on her heels. "Okay well awkward silences make me feel, well awkward, so I'm just going to go" She told the people who were just staring at her.

"Berry! Don't you move a muscle! Where in god's name did you learn all those moves?" Sylvester asked.
"Erm my dance class" Rachel said biting her lip nervously.

"Don't bite your lip, it makes them chapped and when they get chapped you will get sloppy!" Coach stated. 'This woman was crazy!' Rachel thought. "Now what shoe and dress size are you?" she asked.

"My feet are a size four, and my dress size is and 8." Rachel beamed proudly, She loved her figure and done a heck of a good job keeping it in shape.

"Brittany fetch Ray her uniform," Sylvester ordered, Brittany immediately did as she was told and scampered off towards her office. "Now Ray! Oh yes that's what I'm referring to you as from now on, got it?" She asked and Rachel nodded "Good! It's mandatory that you wear your uniform to school everyday, Sana congratulations your the new Cheerio Captain, Ray and Britt are Co-Captains, I'll see you girls tomorrow for practise" She finished before storming off.

"Wow I can't believe we're Co-Captains, we've never had them before!" Brittany said skipping towards Rachel and Santana with a clothes sipper in one hand and a small box in the other, she stopped directly in front of Rachel and grinned.

"What are you waiting for go get changed." She said placing the garments in Rachel's hands.

"Oh erm sure, thanks I guess but where do I put what I'm wearing now?" Rachel said awkwardly.

"We'll come with you and help you get ready!" Santana grinned walking ahead towards the female locker rooms.

Rachel was ordered into a cubical, inside she grabbed her Cheerio's dress from the garment bag along with her spankies, after undressing herself she slipped the spankies on on-top of her panties and pulled the dress over her head, and then put on her new white and red Nike trainers. After putting all of her belongings into her bag she unlocked the door and stepped out to see Brittany clearing out a locker with a 'Q' on it and Santana placing a label over it with 'Ray' written on it, Rachel couldn't help but grin.

"How do I look?" She asked nervously gaining the two girls attention.

"Hot!" They said in unison, "Now give Brittany your bag so she can put it in your locker and sit down here so I can work my magic!" San stated patting the bench next to her.

Rachel followed the instructions and sat down and let Santana to pull her hair up into a high, neat ponytail, but she left her side bangs down to frame her face, and then added some blusher to her cheeks, a bit of mascara, eyeliner and some lip gloss.

"And my work is complete." She grinned shoving a mirror into Rachel's face, Rachel couldn't believe it she actually looked hot!

"Wow." She breathed out, she was about to speak again when the lunch bell rang.

"Ok now it's time to flaunt you!" Brittany grinned pulling her up. Both Santana and Brittany linked arms with Rachel and began to walk towards the now-packed-hallways. Rachel could feel her stomach doing summersaults, god she was nervous!

Santana must of picked up on her nerves because she smiled at Rachel, actually smiled "You'll be fine your one of us now, we got your back." Santana whispered with a wink before pushing the Gym door open and walking out to the now very crowded hallways where everything turned silent and people were doing double takes and whispering to each other.

"Oh my god they're whispering about me!" Rachel blushed embarrassed.

"Isn't it brilliant!?" Brittany grinned. The three girls beamed and strutted down the hallway receiving many wolf whistles and stares.

Once the girls entered the canteen it fell deadly silent, Santana smirked, she never got use to this treatment, they were like fucking royalty!
After grabbing there food Rachel made a bee-line for her usual table when Santana grabbed her arm "Okay Ray, now that your one of us, you have to sit with us, it's like a rule" she stated.

"I kind of got that, but couldn't we make an exception for today, please? I really want to sit with the Glee kids just to fill them in so they don't feel like I'm abandoning them, Surely one day won't hurt I mean, Mike, Matt, Finn and Puck are all sat over there and you guys did for a while?" Rachel said, she was still nervous around these girls.

"Fine" Santana said rolling her eyes "I guess it wouldn't be so bad" she smirked.

"And I totally want to see Mike!" Brittany added.

"Are you in a relationship?" Rachel asked curiously.

"Well Britt is with Mike. And I totally like Matt and I think he likes me to, I mean we flirt and sext but nothing official, I'm hoping he'll ask me out soon, "Santana grinned. wait why am I telling R-Paul this?

Rachel smiled "Well to me it's kind of obvious that the guy harbours romantic feelings for you" she said.

"Do you ever talk like a normal person?" Santana asked causing Rachel to frown "Anyway I'm having a party at mine after the game on Friday, I expect you two to come and help me set up" she said to which both girls nodded whilst rolling there eyes.

"Perfect! Now come along ladies we need to show Rach off!" She said before making her way towards the Glee's table where everyone was sat in silence, confusion etched onto their faces, jaws hanging and eyes bulging out.

"Yeah, Yeah Ray's hot now, get over it!" Brittany said taking a seat next to Mike, patting the seat down next to her for Rachel to sit. After Rachel sat down she noticed directly across from her was Puck, Finn and then Quinn 'Great!' she thought to herself, Santana took a seat besides her that just so happened to be next to Mike.

"What the Dolce and Gabanna is going on?! I want full details pronto!" Kurt asked gob-smacked.

"Well after my impromptu dismissal from Glee" Rachel stopped to glare at Quinn, "I was trying to blow off some steam when these two showed up and asked me to join the Cheerio's, I of course being the good Samaritan I am, obliged." She finished with a grin to every ones shocked faces.
"You should of seen coach's face, when Ray did that backwards summersault" Brittany added with a smile.

"Wow" Mercedes muttered, saying what everyone else was thinking.

"Yup she was immediately put on the squad and announced Co-Captain along with Britt. Miss.S was practically drooling!" Santana laughed but looking pointedly at Quinn when she spoke.

Quinn scoffed at this "Co-Captain? Yeah right Coach don't even do them she just does Captain's!" she accused.

"How would you know!? Last I checked you weren't part of the Cheerio's anymore" Rachel barked, not really knowing where this new attitude was coming from. Everyone on the table had to bite their lips to refrain from laughing even Finn. Who would have thought it, hey! The Social outcast that was Rachel Berry could put miss popular in her place. Must be the uniform!

"Who do you think you are man-hands?" Quinn spat aloud and once again the cafeteria silenced.

"She's my Co-Captain, You know the squad you no longer belong to?" Santana stated, silence fell upon the table before Quinn suddenly got up and rushed out of the cafeteria, Finn following just behind her.

"Well that was weird" Artie stated before resuming conversation with Tina.

"Damn girl you look fine! And loving the new attitude" Mercedes grinned high fiving Rachel.

"Suits you princess" Kurt smiled using his pet name for Rachel.

"Yeah man, I got to agree. When you're not all crazy in and actually speaking and act like a normal person, you're hot as hell, Especially in that uniform!" Puck said with a smirk causing Rachel to frown before blushing slightly, which did not go unnoticed by Santana, Brittany, Kurt and Mercedes.

The rest of lunch was spent talking about Rachel being a Cheerio, Looking hot in her uniform and Puck threw in the occasional pervy comments from Puck. They then went into planning Santana's party on Friday, the Glee kids were invited and all would be attending, except Artie and Tina, who were going on a date. The girls including Kurt were planning out their outfits and how to have their hair and the boys just spoke about how they were going to win the game. Puck occasionally spared glances at Rachel who looked so fucking hot; he could have done a Finn right there.

But no he was a stud, he could control himself…Ah Life was good!

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