New Experiences.

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Chapter five - For Good.

Thursday morning, Rachel stood before the floor length mirror in her bedroom and twirled around; noticing the way the way her cheerio skirt flew up and flashed her spankies. The skirts Rachel normally dressed in, were no shorter then the red skirt she had on at the moment. And sure, despite how much anyone would admit it, she knew people checked her out. But this skirt made her feel different. A good different.

It was kind of like Halloween. She'd be able to look similar to a whore, but get away with it.

Not that Rachel ever wanted to look like a whore, no way. But she was aware of the attention that this noticeably small uniform bought her, hell even Finn had a peak. And the best part was that people didn't have to feel embarrassed or sneakily stare no more.

Being a cheerio was definitely a good thing, there was no way she could quit now that she's been accepted back in Glee.

That scenario had popped into her mind a few times last night, but there was no way she could do that. At first Rachel had only agreed to join the cheerios as she didn't have Glee, but now she has Glee back and she doesn't feel the need to quit the cheerios. Like the girls said, being a cheerio had it's benefits. A rise to popularity, she's gained two pretty cool friends: Santana and Brittany, people actually acknowledged her now, she highly doubted that anyone would even think about slushying or tormenting a cheerio, let alone one of the co-captains so she was no immune to all their attacks. Finn Hudson, Noah Puckerman and a ton more jocks had actually checked her out. Plus it gave her a chance to perform and the cheerios were winners. Plus, she actually enjoyed being a cheerio. No, there was no way that she would quit cheerios.

Adding a few layers of mascara to her lashes, a few strokes of bronzer to her cheeks and a swipe of lip gloss on her lips, Rachel smiled widely at herself in the mirror one last time before skipping downstairs and out the door to her new car. She loved her car already. She knew it would attract lots of attention to her, but she really didn't care.

If her Daddy's thought buying her a flashy new car would make up for their ever lasting absence, so be it.

Pulling outside the address Santana had text her, she beeped her horn three times and waited. Fidgeting slightly in her seat with nerves. But seeing Santana step out the nice looking home with a huge grin, she grinned widely in response.

"Hey Rach! Wow, nice ride!" Santana said with a whistle and nod of approval.

"Hey San. Thanks, it is nice isn't it?" Rachel grinned at the Latino girl who had slided into the passenger seat next to her.

"Damn straight it is, and I thought my Beamer was the best car at the school!" She pock pouted causing Rachel to giggle, and the joining her.

"Wheres Brittany to?" Rachel asked noticing the blonde wasn't with Santana. She was sure she had to pick them up together?

"Coming now, look." Santana said with a smile and pointing to the other side of the road, where Santana was hugging a young boy goodbye before skipping over to Rachel's car. Not bothering to open the door, she jumped over seeing as the roof was down.

"Hey girlies. Nice car Rach, I think my brother has a poster on his wall like it." Brittany grinned leaning forward and pulling the girls into a hug.

"Hey B!" Santana grinned before messing around with the c.d player.

"Morning Brittany." Rachel smiled widely before starting the engine up and peeling away quickly and flying through the streets of Lima. Santana looked at Rachel with a smirk and then settled on a song that Rachel quickly recognised and began dancing in her seat to.

When the beat kicked in Santana started drumming her fingers and singing along

Shopaholic is what they call 'em
my addiction, my prescription
Gimme shoes and give me bags
how much you want I need 'em bad

Brittany leaned forward in her seat so her head was between Rachel's and Santana's and took over with a smaller voice

All them girls be checking my bags
why they be bittin' my swag
I guess you know I'm Bad (Bad)

Looking to each other and giggling softly the girls come together and harmonized the chorus

What a bad little girl I am (I got a problem) (bad bad)
What a bad little girl I am (I need you to solve it) (bad bad)
What a bad little girl I am
Bad bad bad bad bad
What a bad little girl I am (I got a problem) (bad bad)
What a bad little girl I am (I need you to solve it) (bad bad)
What a bad little girl I am
Bad bad bad bad bad

Rachel took over the next verse whilst drumming her fingers on the steering wheel and bobbing her head

Need no bargain, need no sale
I want the best, I dress me well
Love Cavalli dipped in Versace
Chick ain't cheap and everybody knows

Once Rachel was finished the girls whistled teasingly before Brittany repeated her verse

All them girls be checking my bags
why they be bittin' my swag
I guess you know I'm Bad (Bad)

Whizzing into the school parking that looked noticeably full, Santana pointed her finger to where she normally parks, and Rachel peeled into the parking space noticing that all the other jocks and cheerios were parked here to, sat on or leaning against there cars. The girls came together again for the chorus not aware of the attention they were attracting

What a bad little girl I am (I got a problem) (bad bad)
What a bad little girl I am (I need you to solve it) (bad bad)
What a bad little girl I am
bad bad bad bad bad
What a bad little girl I am (I got a problem) (bad bad)
What a bad little girl I am (I need you to solve it) (bad bad)
What a bad little girl I am
bad bad bad bad bad

Once they had finished the girls all fell into a small state of hysterics. Slinging there WMHS cheerio bags over the shoulders and got out the car, Rachel pressing a small button and the roof coming up and alarm on. They then headed in the direction to a large group where everyone stood: Finn, Puck, Mike, Matt, even Quinn and some other jocks and cheerios.

"Nice performance babe." Mike said kissing Brittany's cheek and slinging an arm over her shoulder.

"Yeah girls you sounded really good, especially you Rachel." Finn grinned goofily at the brunette, causing Quinn to glare at her boyfriend and rival before wrapping an arm around his waist possessively.

"Thanks Finn." Rachel smiled slightly instead of her megawatt smile she usually sent him before linking arms with Santana, who in return smiled down at the smaller girl. Everyone looked at the small interaction between the Queen bitch and Queen diva in surprise.

Everyone exchanged a few hello's and began small conversation, Rachel being included.

"Berry! That's your car!?" Puck asked loudly, clearly in awe whilst staring at the sleek black Mercedes SLR Roadster. Due to his loud sudden outburst, every ones attention to diverted to the car. A few whistles of appreciation and chorus of 'damns' could be heard making Rachel blush.

"Yes, Daddy bought it for me as a sweet 16th present, but I've only just passed got my drivers permit." Rachel answered nervously

"Damn! I wish I got a car like that for my sweet 16th!" Matt boomed in amazement, a few murmurs of agreement could be heard in the background

"It's more like a hush present. My Daddy's are hardly ever home, so they buy my all this flash stuff to make up for it." She explained sadly.

"Yeah but still, look at it! Your definitely giving me a ride in that boy soon." Puck whistled still staring at the car.

"Me to!" Matt chorused making everyone chuckle.

"Maybe." Rachel grinned.

"Come on then shortie, we're going to be late for homeroom. B you coming?" Santana asked already walking away. Brittany kissed goodbye to Mike and then skipped over to the girls, linking on to Santana's other arm. The boys and Quinn following closely behind.

"Hey, if Mike's walking behind us then why did you say goodbye? Not just walk with him?" Rachel asked the blonde confused.

"Because, the three most popular and hotest girls in school are to walk in together whilst everyone stares on in awe and envy." Santana grinned.

"Yeah it's like an unwritten rule or something." Brittany added happily.

"Ready Berry?" Santana grinned down at the smaller brunette who looked back up nervously and nodded her head.

"Ready as I'll ever be." She breathed out, palms sweating and legs feeling heavy. Santana just chuckled in response before carrying on walking in through the doors. Rachel was amazed. True to Santana's word, everyone was staring at the three of them as they strutted through. Santana had on a poker face that kind of said 'don't mess with me' and Brittany, innocent Brittany was smirking. How had she not noticed this before?

Ever the performer and not one to be out done. Rachel smirked slightly and arched one of her perfectly sculpted eyebrows. People were whispering about them, girls looking on in envy and jealousy, boys looking on in lust and awe. Rachel felt amazing.

She was pretty sure, that this feeling she was feeling right now, would be similar to what she'll feel when she gets her first Tony.

Luckily the girls lockers were all close together, Brittany's two doors down from Rachel's and Santana's directly across from Rachel's on the other side of the hall. Before, this used to be a pain to Rachel as they used to torment her. But now she was thankful. Same as homeroom, before Rachel used to sit in the front row and ignore the notes the cheerios used to throw in her direction, but now as she sat in the back row with them looking around the room she couldn't help the grin the spread across her face.

After homeroom, the day went by pretty quickly for Rachel. Separating from the girls for classes and then bumping into them in the hallway whilst on their way to their next class, and then meeting them for the classes they shared together. 5th period came quickly and Rachel began to feel excited about going back to Glee, but also nervous.

During the 20 minute car ride from the 7-eleven, Kurt had informed Rachel that himself and Mercedes made Mr Schue feel guilty for being so quick to expel Rachel from Glee, when she was only defending herself, and for good reason to. So Rachel had to act like she still hadn't forgiven Mr Schue, which wouldn't be hard; because she hadn't.

Following Santana into the choir room with Brittany trailing behind her, the three girls made their way to a row of seats at the back of class. Seeing Mercedes and Kurt enter the classroom, Rachel smiled widely at them and waved them over to sit in the seats in the row before her. Rachel had cleared it with Santana and Brittany, and the girls were okay with it.

Finn and Quinn entered minutes later, Finn beginning to head in the direction of Rachel only for Quinn to grab his arm and sit on the other side of the room. Rachel glared at Quinn for doing this and Quinn glared right back, and that was the position Artie and Tina found them in when they entered not long after. Both stopped at the front of the class room.

Looking at the left side where Rachel, Santana, Brittany, Mercedes and Kurt sat and then towards the right side where Finn and Quinn sat. Not wanting to get involved, they both made their way forward and sat directly in the middle of the two rivals. Mike and Matt were next to enter, oblivious to what was going on, Mike grinned widely and plopped himself down in the seat next to Brittany, throwing his arm around the back of her chair.

Santana perked up seeing Matt, just seeing him made her stomach flutter. She couldn't wait until the party at hers Friday, where she could finally confess her feelings to him. But all thoughts dropped when she seen the dark males face lighten up and split into a grin upon seeing Mercedes, before taking the seat next to her and starting conversation.

Everyone was oblivious to the sadness etched on the Santana's face, everyone but Rachel.

Rachel looked at her friends expression and knew that the girl was going to cry any second now. She knew this because she flt the same every time she saw Finn do the same with Quinn, thought weirdly, she didn't feel that bad no more. Standing up, she grabbed hold of Santana's hand, who looked up in confusion so Rachel nodded her head toward the door before pulling the Latino up and making her way towards it.

Everyone looked up confused, until Mr Schue walked through the door with a few papers in his hand.

"Rachel!" Mr Schue said loudly and in surprise, he hadn't expected her to come back without a diva fight.

"Mr Schue." She said curtly, wanting to hurry up and leave before Santana cried.

"I'm glad that your back! I was thinking that maybe-" Schue started only to be cut off by the impatient bet.

"Fabulous! I'm sure it will be great, now if you'll excuse me. I really have to pee and I can't hold it no longer unless you would like a puddle on the class room floor." She huffed before side stepping around him and making her way towards the female toilets down the hall.

As soon as she entered the toilets she saw three closed cubicles, and that was not good.

"Everyone leave now, or I'll spread round the school that you were having a lesbian make-out session in here or that you have diarrhea." She hissed out, surprised at her actions, but more surprised at the sounds of flushes being pulled and three girls scurrying past her and out the door.

Walking over to the door, she locked it and then pulled Santana down onto the small bench near the window.

"Check you out Berry, already making orders." Santana said with a smile, but her voice cracked and the smile didn't touch her eyes. Rachel pulled the girl into her arms and not two seconds later, Santana was crying into Rachel's shoulder muttering profanities whilst Rachel rubbed soothing circles on the girls back. Around 5 or 10 minutes later the other girl had calmed and stopped crying, but still rested her head on Rachel's shoulder.

"I'm so stupid!" Santana hissed out

"No your not, he's just an asshole." Rachel replied softly

"No it's not his fault. If I wasn't such a slut, then he wouldn't think I just wanted to sext him." Santana replied shamefully

"Your not a slut Santana, don't put yourself down like that." Rachel replied somwhat angrily.

"How could I have not seen this happening? I mean sure we've been sexting and flirt occasionally, but he's been making moon eyes at Mercedes for ages. And he didn't even sext me back last night, he always replies no matter what! It's all my fault! It's because I don't do relationships, I'm like the male version of Puck. God how could I have been so stupid?! No wonder he don't want me, I'm such a whore!?" Santana spat out, crying.

"You're no where near as bad as Puck is San. And it's not your fault, even I've noticed how you actually show the real you when your around him. And how vulnerable you are when he's near. He's just a stupid meet head for not noticing, but it's his loss San. Any guy would be lucky to have you, your beautiful, intelligent, funny and a really cool person." Rachel said truthfully, trying to reassure her friend.

Rachel felt Santana stiffen and the shift in her arms until she had pulled right back and was staring Rachel straight in the eye.

"You really think that?" She whispered out, her voice horse and vulnerable.

"Of course I do San and I'm sure everyone else does aswel; including Matt. And if they don't, then they're stupid." Rachel smiled softly.

"But why? I've been so crappy to you, I've practically ruined high school for you." She asked, eyes glistening and tears threatening to spill over.

"No you haven't. Yes in the past you have been rather horrible to me, but like I just said that was in the past. Since you've joined Glee, you've stopped. And since yesterday I've seen a different side to you, and your amazing Santana Lopez." Rachel said cheesily.

"Thank you Rach. For saving me back in there and for holding me in here, I've never really had no one there for me you know? My Mum and Dad are always away, I don't have no siblings and all my family live far away. Sure I've got Brittany, and don't get me wrong I love her to bits, but it's like she's so oblivious to everything. I used to have Quinn, but everything was always about her. And I can't go to anybody else." She sniffled.

"I know how you feel," Rachel sighed "My Dad's are never home. I swear out of a month, I probably spend just under a week with them. Sure I have everyone in Glee, and I'm positive that they'll all be there for me if I need them but it will it will be one of 'Rachel Berry's famous diva moments' you know?" Rachel spoke in a sad, soft tone.

"Brittany's always to busy with Mike. I feel so alone sometimes." Santana added.

"I can tell Kurt and Mercedes, but then they don't really understand." Rachel murmured.

"We're more alike then I would of guessed." Santana said, making both girls chuckle softly.

"I guess we are. You know San, I'm always going to be here if you need me ok? I'm just a small drive or a phone call away." Rachel smiled.

"The same goes to you. Hey I got an idea!" Santana said feeling alot more better.

"Yeah?" Rachel asked curious, seeing her friend happier made her feel happier to.

"Seeing as our parents are always away, we should hang out more and take in turns staying at each others houses on weekends!" She grinned.

"Deffinately," Rachel grinned back "Why don't we go shopping together this weekend? It would be nice to have a girls perspective instead of my one of Dad's. Don't get me wrong their great and all, but it would be nice to have female company." Rachel grinned, excitement in her voice.

"Sure! We should skip tomorrow morning and go get a outfit for the night time!" Santana said bouncing on the spot about the idea of shopping.

"Skipping? I don't know..." Rachel trailed of teasingly "Who am I kidding, one day won't hurt right?" Rachel laughed.

"Absolutely, and now your a cheerio you'll get away with practically anything! Now come on lets go back!" Santana smiled pulling the small girl up.

"You sure your going to be alright?" Rachel asked as they approached the mirrors, quickly wiping away any smudged of make-up.

"Positive, anyway I got my shortie there with me." Santana grinned using her new pet name for Rachel. Whilst Rachel was uncertain of the name, she was overwhelmed with happiness. No one other than her Daddy's had gave her one, well unless it was 'Man hands' or 'Rupaul'.

"Of course Loca!" Rachel said testing out the nick name, seeing Santana grin in approval she silently did a little happy dance.

"Hey isn't this weird? We used to be enemies, and I used to call you 'Man Hands' and your my best friend, and my shortie?" Santana said nervously, she can't believe she let it slip that felt Rachel is her best friend. But she didn't care, she really was.

"I know right? To think I used to call my best friend Satan!" Rachel slipped and then slammed a hand over her mouth, but in the back of her mind she was ecstatic that Santana said that she was her best friend. She always presumed Britt was, but Britt's like best friends and dating Mike.

"Satan eh?" Santana said amused.

"It's similar to your name, and you were really bitchy!" Rachel laughed, now feeling comfortable seeing only amusement on San's face.

"It's cool, now how do I look? Can you tell I've been crying?" Santana asked.

"Nope, you look fabulous!" She answered with a grin.

"C'mon then let's go." Santana said linking arms with Rachel and approaching the door.

"Hey how good are you at singing musicals?" Rachel asked curiously, feeling a light bulb ping in her head.

"I haven't really watched alot of them, but I can rock em." Santana laughed unlocking the door and pulling Rachel out into the hallway.

"Great. How do you feel about doing a duet with me? Mr Schue, as Kurt puts it, 'needs to do some serious kiss assing' to me. And I'll use that to my advantage and make him allow us to sing this song at Sectionals. It will blow them away, the song itself and the chemistry" She grinned.

"Sure why not? Wait...Chemistry? It's not going to be some love song isit? This isn't you coming on to me?" Santana teased her friend playfully.

"Of course not! No! Why would you even think that!" Rachel said flustered.

"Chill Rach, I was only teasing. So whats the song about?" She laughed at the expression on the petite girls face.

"Bad and good I suppose, and about how two people help each other change." Rachel grinned pushing the door to the choir room open.

"Where have you two been? It's 25 minutes into practise, you obviously don't care about Glee." Quinn hissed from her position on Finn's lap.

"I don't need to answer to you Quinn. Of course I car about Glee, in fact that's what me and Santana were discussing, so mind your own. Also please refrain from talking to me unless necessary, I can't be bothered with your bullshit no more." Rachel snapped resuming her seat.

"And whilst your at it, less of the PDA. Not everyone wants to see you two dry humping." Santana spat defending her friend, taking a seat next to her. She noticed Finn blush and Quinn narrow her eyes, so she glared back harder until Quinn gave up and sat in the seat next to Finn.

"You said you were discussing Glee?" Mr Schue asked attempting to ease the tension.

"Yep," Rachel said popping the 'P' "We have an excellent song that we would like to perform at sectionals." She said daring Schue to object.

"Great! Why don't you perform it for us at the end?" Mr Schue replied. If it means she'll stay, it's worth a shot.

"Of course. Also, I clearly can't do the solo on Proud Mary now, but I want Mercedes to replace me." Rachel grinned at Mercedes shocked expression. And then noticed everyone else with their mouths agape. Had I really been that bad?

"You really want me to replace you miss diva?" Mercedes asked hopeful and ecstatic, she knew that solo was made for her.

"Of course Mercedes, no one could do a better job then you." Rachel said fondly, squeezing her friends shoulder.

"Excellent. This is really great team work guys. So we have our solo and our duet now what about the whole team?" Schue clapped smiling.

"What about Rollin' Stones, you can't always get what you want?" Finn asked, everyone nodded in agreement.

"Wow guys, this is great we're on a roll." Mr Schue said.

Matt, Brittany and Mike moved to discuss choreography, Mercedes, Kurt and Tina discussed costumes and fabrics. Finn, Artie and Mr Schue discusses props and music whilst Quinn sat with them and nodded there head. Rachel had skipped off and gotten some music sheets for her song choice, and was whispering with Santana about them.

Santana agreed with Rachel; this song was going to kick ass and the one that brings the trophy home.

Before they knew it class was almost finished and they were up at the front of the class stood beside eachother smiling widely.

"This is scary, I've never seen Santana smile so much before." Kurt whispered to Mercedes.

"Mm hm, I wonder what song their doing?" She whispered back a little to loudly. Both Santana and Rachel sent playful glares their way before Brad started playing the piano, only a few people in the room recognise the tune. But they had everyones attention

Santana looked around the room and took a deep breath before starting

I've heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return
Well, I don't know if I believe that's true
But I know I'm who I am today
Because I knew you...

Like a comet pulled from orbit
As it passes a sun
Like a stream that meets a boulder
Halfway through the wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you
I have been changed for good

Everyone was amazed, they always pegged Santana as a dancer not a singer; they were wrong. Rachel smiled at her friend and began her verse

It well may be
That we will never meet again
In this lifetime
So let me say before we part
So much of me
Is made of what I learned from you
You'll be with me
Like a handprint on my heart
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend...

Like a ship blown from its mooring
By a wind off the sea
Like a seed dropped by a skybird
In a distant wood
Who can say if I've been changed for the better?
But because I knew you

As usual everyone was amazed by Rachel's voice, but listening to the lyrics amazed them even more about how true they were, since the two had been friends Rachel had calmed down on the crazy and Santana was much less of a bitch. Santana looked at Rachel and sand the next line

Because I knew you

Rachel turned her and looked to see Santana watching her she met the Latina's gaze as they harmonized together

I have been changed for good

Rachel adverted her gaze back to the Glee clubbers as she sang the next part, the lyrics hitting herself and everyone else in the room

And just to clear the air
I ask forgiveness
For the things I've done you blame me for

Santana took Rachel's hand in hers as she sang the next part, putting everything in it so Rachel knew it was true

But then, I guess we know
There's blame to share

Rachel and Santana kept their hands entwined as they grinned and harmonized the next part together

And none of it seems to matter anymore

Santana sand the next verse, with Rachel over lapping her with her own

Like a comet pulled from orbit
As it passes a sun
Like a stream that meets a boulder
Halfway through the wood

Rachel over lapped Santana as she sang, but they came together for 'wood' and held the night out a little

Like a ship blown from its mooring
By a wind off the sea
Like a seed dropped by a bird in the wood

Rachel and Santana danced around each other playfully as they sang the next part, bringing tears to majority of the Glee members eyes

Who can say if I've been
Changed for the better?
I do believe I have been
Changed for the better

Santana stopped dancing and tightend her hold on Rachel's hand and she looked into her eyes and whispered out the next part

And because I knew you...

Rachel knew Santana actually meant the words she was singing, as did Rachel. So she squeezed her hand back in response, kept eye contact and whispered out the next line.

Because I knew you...

With once last look at each other and a big grin they looked back at everyone else and belted out the last part together, hands still clasped

Because I knew you...
I have been changed for good...

As they finished the song the hugged each other tightly and then giggled, sniffiling back tears. Looking back at the audience they could see Kurt, Mercedes, Mr Schue, Tina, Mike and even Quinn dabbing their eyes. (read: though the latter was due to hormones) Artie, Matt, Finn, Puck and Brittany all looked on in amazement at the two females. Everyone clapping loudly

Clasping their hands back together, Rachel and Santana bowed mockingly and made their way back to their seats.

"That...That was wow, just wow, absolutely amazing girls. That's definitely our duet/ballad at Sectionals!" Mr Schue said clapping his hands furiously and his eyes still glistening.

"I agree, you girls were amazing!" Tina said smiling widely

"That song fits you both perfectly. So much chemistry was in there, your going to rock it at Sectionals!!"Mercedes boomed dabbing her eyes.

"That's going to be our winning number!" Mike added surprising everyone as he was usually quiet unless around his friends.

"What? My auntie Lei made me watch it when we were in New York!" He said defensively making everyone giggle.

"I'm going to need you girls dress sizes so I can find the perfect dresses for you two to where. Bravo girls, bravo! Absolutely breathtaking, I had goosebumps listening to you to perform. Remind me to bring tissues to Sectionals!" Kurt said fanning himself earning a few more chuckles.

"Ok guys great day today. We've come far, and you've show a great amount of team work today. Enjoy your lunch." Schue said dismissing everybody. Everybody grabbed their bags and shuffled out the class room to the crowded halls, and to the lunch room.

"Me and Mike are going to go on to the table, we brough lunch in with us." Brittany said skipping away and taking Mike with her to the Glee table.

"San where are we sitting today?" Rachel asked curiously, she didn't mind either way.

"We'll sit with the jocks and cheerios today. I was going to invite you to mine after school anyway, so we'll come up with a rota or something yeah?" Santana laughed whilst heading to the front of the lunch line. Rachel and everyone else following behind her.

"Okay sounds good!" Rachel grinned following her, turning around she explained to the original Glee members hers and Santana's plan and they all seemed ok with it and laughed, So Rachel took that as a good sign and bid them goodbye as they left.

"Dude we got to talk plays for the game, so you're going to have to sit with us today." Matt said to Finn throwing a few slices of Pizza on his plate.

"Ok man. Quinn?" Finn said hesitantly, knowing that she wasn't aloud to sit at that table no more.

"What ever Finn, do as you want. You can sit there today and I'll sit with the Gleek's, but tomorrow your with me." She hissed storming off with her tray of food. Making a few people chuckle. Santana and Rachel grabbed a jacket potato and some apple juice waiting for the guys.

"Man I feel bad doing this to her." Finn said shaking his head, and grabbing a burger and chips and a can of coke.

"Don't man. You can't help it, she should be able to understand." Puck said stacking up his tray with chips and pizza and a Pepsi.

"True I suppose." Finn said leading the way to the table, Santana, Rachel, Matt and Puck following closely behind.

Rachel couldn't help but feel nervous as she approached the table, she hadn't sat here yet and was worried what they would say to her. But as she took a seat in between Finn and Santana, with Puck and Matt sat across from her she felt better. But then when a few cheerios and jocks smiled kindly and said hello to her, she grinned in response and felt much better.

"We got practise together after school anyway, so we'll go straight to mine after Rach?" Santana questioned sipping her drink.

"Yeah, Britt you getting a ride with us your going to Mikes?" Rachel asked the blonde opening her own drink.

"Mike's parents are out tonight, so we're going back to his." Brittany grinned making a few people laugh.

"Well we all know whats going to be going on there don't we?" Puck said suggestively with a mouth full of food.

"We're not all as active as you Puck!" Mike blushed, brushing Puck off.

"Yeah yeah the hickies say different dude!" Matt laughed throwing a chip at Mike causing a mini food fight.

"You ready for practise after school Berry?" A random red headed cheerio asked with a smirk.

"Why wouldn't she be?" Santana snapped at Brandy Hayes, number one slut on the squad.

"Chill San, I was only asking. You know what Coach Sylvester can be like." She answered obviously scared at the firey Latino.

"Don't call me San, only my friends call me San. I only put up with you because your on my squad." Santana spat.

"Yeah and Coach loves Rachel anyway, you should have seen how nice she was to her." Brittany added making a few people gasp.

"Yeah Miss S is kind of cool when she's not breathing down your neck." Rachel laughed trying to calm her friends down.

"So Rach that means your going to be at the big game on Friday then." Puck stated with a smirk.

"No duh." Rachel and Santana said in unison causing them to giggle at each other.

"Jinx shortie you owe me a coke!" Santana teased taking a bite of her potato.

"Boo you loca!" Rachel said poking her toung out childishly.

"Shortie? Loca?" Matt asked amused at the two former enemies "Already with the pet names? How cute!" he teased.

"She's shorter then me, it makes sense." Santana said brushing him off, not wanting to converse with him still feeling pissed him.

"I don't know where loca come from, it just reminds me of her. It sounds Spanish." Rachel answered stealing one of Puck's chips.

"Hey! Get your own!" Puck said jokingly. How in the fuck am I having a normal conversation with Berry? Without wanting to light myself on fire?

"It's good having you here with us Rach." Finn interrupted with a grin.

"Thanks Finn." She smiled back before starting conversation with Britt about outfits for Friday and inviting her to come shopping with herself and Santana on tomorrow morning. Making a few people raise their eyebrows at the idea of Rachel Berry skipping school, that's when Rachel surprised them even more by flipping them the bird, still continuing her conversation with Brittany.

"Hey San, do you want to wear my jersey tomorrow? You know cause it's like tradition for one of the cheer leaders to where one of the jocks jerseys on game day?" Matt asked Santana with a smile. Whilst she was still mad at him, she couldn't help the little flip her stomach did.

"Sure Matt, bring it to me before school ends." She smiled.

"Oh shit." Finn said suddenly earning the Glee cheerio/jocks attention.

"Whats up man?" Puck asked confused at his friends little out burst.

"Quinn normally wears my jersey and now she's not a cheerio." Finn answered, then shot a look at Rachel who was turned in the opposite direction talking to Brittany still along with another cheerio, Kasey Fields. Puck noticed this, and for a reason he don't fucking know he quickly called Rachel's name.

"B..Rachel!" He started with Berry, but he knew that pissed her off and he wanted her to agree. Plus she'd be shocked he called her Rachel.

"Yes Puck?" Rachel asked surprised he called her by her given name instead of her last name. Santana looked at Rachel with a smirk knowing what was coming. Interesting... she thought. First Puck asking Rachel knowing Finn was going to? She looked on waiting.

"It's gay I know, but it's like a tradition or something. Do you want to wear my jersey tomorrow?" Puck asked feeling kinda nervous, and not because he was worried that Rachel would say no or anything like that.

"Erm, Okay I guess. Bring it with you when Matt gives his to Santana, and it better be clean!" She teased biting her lip.

"Sure sure." He laughed back and then started a conversation with Matt but not before noticing the look of jealousy on Finn's face.

Lunch and the rest of the school day flew by quickly. Cheer practise had went amazing, the routine was almost perfect and there was no more quivering. Coach Sylvester was still a dragon to every body, minus Rachel, Santana and Brittany. Rachel got her spare home uniform and her away one. After saying their goodbyes to everyone, Santana and Rachel made their way to her car only to find Matt and Puck sat on the bench talking near by.

"I thought your practise finished like 15 minutes ago?" Rachel asked confused.

"Yeah well we had to wait and give you our jerseys didn't we?" Matt laughed handing his to Santana as Puck threw his at Rachel.

"Yeah and Finn couldn't wait to give me a lift because Quinn was bitching at him, so Berry your my ride home." Puck grinned.

"You had this planned out all along." Rachel stated with a smile unlocking the car and letting the roof pull back, as she climbed into the drivers seat.

"I'm shot gun though, why you still here Matt?" Santana asked as she climbed in the passenger seat.

"I'm staying at Puck's house, I always do before game day. We chill out on Halo and have a few beers." He answered with a grin climbing into the back seat and moving along so Puck could slide in. Whilst none of them would admit it until they were safe in Puck's house, they were both feeling giddy at being in a bad ass car. Looking to each other they smirked and got comfortable.

"Oh yeah I forgot. Rachel stay mine tonight? Then we can get ready together in the morning, we don't have to wear our uniform during the day only at the actual game." Santana grinned. Rachel is totally wearing a pair of my jeans.

"Sure, my Dad's are out of town anyway, Again." She laughed starting the engine and reversing.

"Berry don't drive like a girl, don't be shy." Puck laughed knocking fist with Matt.

"I am a girl," She scoffed "but that doesn't mean I drive like one." She smirked in the rearview mirror before peeling out of the school gates. Only stopping when she wondered where in the hell she was supposed to go. She didn't know where Puck lived.

"No you drive like a crazy lady shortie, but I like it!" Santana laughed poking her toung out at Rachel much to the two boys amusement.

"So where am I going Puck?" Rachel asked drumming her fingers on the steering wheel.

"I live in the road next to Santana's."

"Ok well I hope you don't mind, but we're going mine first so I can get some stuff for tonight. There's no point in dropping you off only to drive all the way back to mine and then back to Santana's is there." She said already heading in the direction to her house.

Flying up some back streets and then up a lane, she pulled up outside the large Berry home five minutes later. She loved her house, she didn't have any neighbours near by as she lived up a lane surrounded by trees. She rushed inside to grab some clean underwear, toiletries and jammas.

The other three offered to wait outside.

"Holey fuck her house is huge!" Puck boomed.

"I know man, it's like a mini mansion!" Matt added looking at the huge.

"When she first started driving up this lane, I thought she was taking us somewhere to kill us." Puck said seriously making Santana scoff.

"I don't know what your fucking problem is Puckerman. Lay off Rachel would you? We've already been asses to her enough, and she's actually really cool when you get to know her. That and she's my best friend, so if you carry on I'm entitled to cut your balls off." She snapped.

"What are you pms'ing? I was fucking around! I know I've been a douche to her before but I haven't for ages I just like winding her up ok? Back off man." Puck snapped back angrily. He knew he was a douche but he actually liked Rachel now.

"What ever, I'm not a man!" Santana hissed and then quickly smiled when she seen Rachel heading back to the car.

"Sorry I took long guys, I had to feed Cofi and Kasey. Dorota refuses to go near them." She laughed putting on her seat belt.

"Who's Cofi, Kasey and Dorota?" Matt asked frowing. Did Berry have brothers and sisters?

"My maid, well technically she's been around since I've been born so she's more like family slash house keeper. And Cofi and Kasey are my dogs." Rachel said fondly, she loved Dorota like an aunt and her dogs were amazing, she loved them loads.

"Maid? It's alright for some! You two really are alike." Matt laughed and Puck nodded in agreement.

"You have a maid?" Rachel asked Santana curiously as she flew back down the lanes and headed towards Santana's. Puck was going to walk from there.

"More like butler, his names Mario." Santana grinned

"What dogs you got Berry?" Puck asked curiously.

"Red nose American pit balls." Rachel said turning on the music and singing along to Kiesha with Santana.

"Dude," Matt said in awe and Puck just nodded.

Apparently Puck changed his mind and wanted to be dropped off home. After dropping Puck and Matt off, Rachel and Santana headed back to Santana's large house. Once inside they changed into their pj's, made a bowl of ice cream and sat in front the T.V. They'd made a rota for where they would sit at lunch: Mondays, Tuesdays with the Glee Table and Thursdays and Fridays with the cheerios and jocks. Wednesdays they'll sit by them selves. The night went went by fast and Santana had got Rachel to agree to allowing Santana to dress her in the morning.

Climbing into Santana's bed, the girls murmured goodnight before falling into a peacefull sleep.

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