Just a little something I wanted to work on. I wanted to write a oneshot with Ichigo being a bit nastier than his usual self. Anyways, its up to you guys if I continue this, which I may or may not. This was solely to satisfy a dark Ichigo craze I've been going through as of late. Fair warning though, if this is continued, Ichigo's gonna be kinda nasty. Power hungry, selfish, good guy only out of pride, etc.

Pairing if continued? Who knows?!

Don't mind the OOCness!


The youth glared at the featurless katana, laying at his feet. What the heck was he supposed to do with this? He'd been instructed to speak with his sword, but how the hell did you speak to a piece of cold, unfeeling steel? This, was supposed to be his zanpakutou? His partner?

Warily, he nudged it with the tip of his toe.


"Damnit! Say something!"



Ichigo Kurosaki, newest member of squad eight, fell back into the hospital bed and snarled in exasperation. He'd only just graduated, andjoined last week, and already he really, really didn't like being an unseated shinigami.

No one respected him. He wanted to be respected, admired, by everyone, not just his squadmates, and even then, only eighth seat Nanao really thought kindly of him. But to Ichigo, being treated kindly by a seated officer felt a helluva lot like pity being an unseated shinigami was the worst way to garner respect.

Unfortunately, in order to move up in the rankings, he had allot of work to do. Still, Ichigo was eyeing the open vacancy in the fifth seat spot like a starving dog would with a hunk of raw meat. But no, that seat would be his, he was certain of it! Then he'd finally get some respect around here!

Alas, Ichigo Kurosaki, though overly ambitious, had absolutely no idea, as to what it took to become a seated officer. Strength, he guessed, and so, he trained, trained, trained until he'd wound up in hospital from exhaustion.

Finally, finally, someone had tossed him a bone. Fuku-taichou Lisa Yadomaru had come to visit him that morning. H

"Do you really want that?" She asked, sitting down on the bed, the springs barely so much as creaking from the weight of her lithe body. " Do you really want to be a fifth seat that badly?"

"Of course!" Ichigo replied readily, eyes bright and eager.

"Then converse with your zanpaktou."

"But how?!" He glared at the sheathed katana laying at the foot of his bed. "This damn thing hasn't said a word since I got it!"

Lisa adjusted her spectacles quietly, and for the first time since he'd met her, a coy smile flickered across the lieutenant's face. She leaned forward then brought her face to his , and through the daze that came with just waking up, Ichigo could've sworn she smirked as she pulled away.

"Then get your sword to talk to you."

"Huh?" Stunned, confused, and now very much awake, Ichigo blinked stupidly. "Get my sword...to talk to me? And hey, did you just-

"Your words, not mine." Without another word, Lisa hopped off the bed, performed an about face, and vanished into thin air. Ichigo stared at the space she had just occupied, sighed, and threw his head back against the pillow. Shunpo, yet another talent Ichigo was sorely lacking in. With only his hakudo and zanjutsu skills to rely on, it was a marvel he hadn't ended up in Kenpachi's squad.

She shook her head, her braid tossing itself to and fro from the movement.

He was loud. He could be a real jerk when you got on his bad side, which, considering his temper, wasn't a particularly difficult thing to do.

But it was his determination, his unshakeable inner resolve that Shunsui had seen beneath all those less flattering traits, and that was how the brash, arrogant, and overly confident Ichigo Kurosaki had landed himself in squad eight. She'd given him the hint, now he just had to run with it.

"Hey, bastard sword! Wake your ass up and talk to me already!" His loud shout echoed out to her as she swiftly strode out of the fourth squad's barracks. "If you don't, then I'll break your ass in half and feed you to a hollow!"


Lisa smiled softly as she cleared the pavillion and headed towards Shunsui's quarters. Best to give him the heads up now, while she still had the time...





He could hear the faintest sound of....wind?

Confused, Ichigo opened his eyes, only to hiss in surprise.

The wind howled eerily through the empty darkness. Shadowed trees rustled. black mountains rumbled. clouded sky thundered. Lightning flashed; a storm was coming. From high up, on the top of the tallest mountain, a figure shrieked with delight. A demonic screech of pure joy. Storms were one of his favorite things. It meant that someone had foolishly wandered into his realm, and that mean the filthy trespasser was about to die.

The demon cackled again as rain blew down.

"Well well, look who decided to join the party!"

With another laugh, the creature swept itself down from its perch, landing before Ichigo with a soft thud. Rising to its feet, Ichigo paled at the sight of it, as it looked like the devil itself.

"Are you...

"Me?" The demon snorted, its screechy voice interrupting Ichigo before he could finish speaking. "Serve a sniveling little brat like you? Not on your life, not that it matters to me anyway, ya bitch ass coward."


"What, gotta problem with what I said?"

Ichigo's lips parted, his teeth gnashing together in a feral snarl. What he did next surprised him and the demon both, but Ichigo was no coward, and his reaction certainly proved it.

"Listen you piece of shit! I'm your shinigami and you'll do as I say!"Kazeshini, stunned that this bastard actually had the audacity to slug him in the face, made no effort to resist as he found himself hoisted off the ground by his scarf, despite the fact that he and Ichigo were essentially the same height.

"And if you've got a problem with it, then I'll kill you! You got that?!"

"Heh." The demonic specter grinned, and it wasn't pleasant. "You'll kill me, huh?" In fact, that grin was downright sinister, enough to quell Ichigo's sudden surge of rage, so much so, so suddenly that the shinigami dropped the demon and took half a step back.

"Name's Kazeshini, gaki. And I think you and I are gonna get along just , wake your ass up and get outta here." And without warning, Kazeshini gave Ichigo a swift shove off the mountaintop, leaving the youth to swear like a sailor as he plummeted to the ground below....


"Kare." Chestnut brown eyes snapped open, and he found his katana in a dark, orchid blue sheathe. "Kare," Ichigo declared again his fingers curling around the deep blue hiltwrap of his sword, drawing it with a silent click.


With a wicked lashing sound, the katana in his hands turned a pale green. With a rustle, it snapped apart, forming two seperate, dual weapons, each with two sickle blades, with one inverted, giving it the resemblance of a fan. The blades wereconnected to a spiked rod tethered together by a long chain, stronly resembling that of kusarigama.

"Huh." Ichigo smirked proudly. "Pretty cool."

Ichigo tilted his zanpaktou about for a moment, trying to get the feel for this oddly shaped weapon. The chain clanked whenever he moved it around, and the light glinted off its cruel edge. He had the sudden urge to throw it. Before he could stop himself, the east wall of his room crumbled, the right scythe whirling back into his hands.

Smirking, Ichigo now eyed his escape route, and began disentangling himself from all the wires and cords the nurses had hooked him up to. Tearing off a strip of his sheet he fashioned a knot to stop the bleeding and

The left shot out with incredible speed, ripping the tile of the nearby rooftop, pulling its master along with it, to the the point where he could safely reach the ground as more than just a human pancake. Now, he noticed, that as it was thrown, the blades spun, almost as if they were a fan, to increase their cutting power.

But all this wanton destruction did not go unoticed. Considering the fact that Ichigo was now standing outside in a hospital gown, his right arm bleeding heavily from where the IV had been sharply removed, AND the weapon in his hands...

Well, it certainly wasn't a commonplace occurence here in the Soul Society. In fact, Ichigo dangerously resembled a certain deranged madman...

As members of his division, along with most of the medical staff, spilled out into the courtyard, worrying and asking if their newest member/guest was alright, Ichigo began to snicker softly, finding their concern meaningless.

Alright? Why wouldn't he be alright?! He'd never felt more alive in his life! Kazeshini was made for this, for slicing into his enemies with reckless and wild abandon, for reaping lives! That same laughter soon turned wild and unhinged, as Ichigo threw his head back to the dark, and suddenly ominous cloudy sky, meeting the crazed gaze in his eyes.

"Behold!" Ichigo bellowed, proudly brandishing his released blade, revelling in the way some cringed at its shape, and others, well, others just stared openly, in horror, or in awe. "This, is my zanpakuto! KAZESHINI!"

"Well, that's all well and good, but I think you should rest now, don't you, Ichigo-kun?"

"C-Captain!" Ichigo felt some vague flicker of humility return, before he realized he had something to prove for it. "Look! I've released my zanpaktou!"

"And, you've lost a lot of blood." Shunsui noted, tipping his hat slightly downward.

Only now, did Ichigo noticed the puddle pooling beneath his feet. His mind grew hazy, his legs began to wobble

And then he keeled over from exhaustion.