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Klara sighed as she leaned her head against the window, trying to let the cool glass ease her mounting headache. It was nighttime now and she looked out of the window and into the yard of the house next to her. She didn't know her neighbors in the slightest, having kept to herself since moving to Paris, but she knew it was an elderly couple next door and they were often visited by their three young grandchildren. There was a children's playground set up in their well kept yard and she gulped as she realized that something similar to this setup was in her near future.

She was pregnant. Absolutely, one hundred percent, pregnant. A little over six weeks, the doctor had said.

After leaving the doctor's office that afternoon and him confirming that she was with child, Klara had been very quiet. Shoshanna had looked worried when she left, but left Klara to her own thoughts, knowing her friend needed time to think. Her thoughts had been so jumbled with all of the new worries presented to her that she had barely registered that they had made it back to her house. She couldn't be caught now because it wasn't just her life in danger, but also her unborn child's. If Donny were to be killed now, their son or daughter would never know his or her father. Her body filled with anxiety at the thought and she had immediately felt the ache behind her eyes growing stronger.

Everything was going to change now and it seemed a regular pattern in her life by this point – something serious would happen, whether to her country or herself, and then the outcome of her life would be affected by it. First her parents had died, making Kurt join the SS and eventually forcing her to flee Germany because of his plans for her. Then, innocent people were being killed left and right, causing her to take a stand which eventually led her into the arms of Donny. And now they were going to be parents…parents. She grabbed for her cup of hot tea, staring at it for a moment and wishing it could be filled with something stronger, before taking a long sip. She soaked in the silence of her home and tried to relax. After all, in the near future she wouldn't be awarded many times of silence.

Despite the surprise and anxiety, Klara did not regret the baby. Sure the new life wasn't planned, but he or she had been made by two people who loved each other. And even though she knew it to be a morbid thought, Klara knew that no matter what happened to Donny, now she would always have a piece of him with her in their child.

Klara shook her head and leaned her head back against the wall behind her. She really mustn't think like that. She'd always believed that everything happened for a reason and obviously the relationship she'd been having with Donny in the past few months was meant to be, it just had to be. And this child was going to survive and going to persevere come hell or high water. She had to believe and cling to that thought, because what God would bring a child into the world of two people in grave danger unless the situation was going to turn out alright? Then again, what God would let so many people suffer because of the will of one cruel man?

Klara decided that her hormones were getting the better of her and that she needed to deliver herself into the arms of sleep before she drove herself mad with her deranged thoughts. She set her cup in the sink as she pushed herself away from the window and headed towards her bedroom, running her hands through her hair.

One thing was definitely certain; if Kurt ever found out about her pregnancy or who the father was, he'd probably toss her in jail himself and hide the key to where no one could find it.

It was hard to act normal around Donny in the week following her visit with the doctor.

She had no idea how she was going to be able to keep a secret of this magnitude from the father of her child but just couldn't bring herself to tell him yet. Klara knew that it was wrong to keep the truth from him but felt she would only put him at risk by telling him about the pregnancy – he would be worried, he would be distracted, and if he wasn't properly concentrating then he would get himself killed. So she kept her mouth shut and tried to behave like she always did around him, valiantly attempting to ignore the nagging voice in her head that urged her to tell Donny about the child growing inside of her. But try as she might, the weight of her new secret began to take its toll and she found herself unwillingly behaving oddly around him – whenever his hands got close to her stomach or he tried to get intimate with her, she would begin to close up or find another means of distraction.

And her odd behavior had not gone unnoticed by Donny.

"Alright, what the fuck's goin' on?" Donny demanded one night, crossing his arms and staring at her with a frustrated look.

"What do you mean?" Klara asked casually as she cleaned the dishes they had used for their dinner.

"Don't treat me like a moron." He snapped.

"I am not." Klara said in exasperation, looking at him over her shoulder. "I genuinely am confused as to what you are speaking of."

They stared at each other for a long moment, both challenging the other to speak, and Klara's heart sank as he finally threw his hands in the air and stormed out of the room. She immediately turned off the water in the sink and hurried after him, wiping her hands on her skirt. He was shrugging his jacket back on by the time she had caught up to him. "Donny…"

"Don't, alright?" He said angrily. "If you're havin' second thoughts, ya shoulda told me like an adult. I don't have time for mindless games, Bathurst." He finished gruffly, zipping his jacket roughly.

"I am not having second thoughts." Klara said, grabbing for his arm as he went to walk away. He didn't turn around to face her so she placed herself in front of him instead, attempting to meet his gaze. He was looking anywhere but her until she placed her hands on his neck, forcing his eyes down to hers. "I swear it, Donny. I am not. I love you."

"Then why are ya actin' so damn weird?"

She sighed and released him to rub her forehead. "Kurt will be here any day now." She explained, not completely lying but also not telling the whole truth. "And Landa will be with him. It is just always a stressful time when they are here, alright?" Plus I am pregnant with your child and terrified to tell you about it, she added in her head. "Forgive me." She finished.

Donny seemed to accept her answer because he instantly looked far less irritated. "Why couldn't ya just tell me that to start with?" He questioned.

"I suppose I did not want to talk about it."

"I had to know at some point, unless ya decided to turn me in instead." Donny said with a smirk.

"Not at all, you stubborn and irrational fool." She said with a smile before grasping his jacket and pushing it back off his shoulders. He pulled a face at the names she called him but didn't say anything about it. "Please do not leave me." She pleaded, tossing his jacket away.

"I won't." He said, pressing a kiss to the top of her head before following her back into the kitchen when she went to finish the dishes. This time he helped her dry them and put them away in their proper places. "Ya brother was just here, wasn't he? Why's he comin' back?"

"For a movie premiere." She answered with a shrug of her shoulder. "He wrote to me about it, said that it was going to be a very popular event. He wants me to come with him so that I can 'meet new people'." Then she scoffed and shook her head. "He will probably be trying to arrange another marriage for me."

"Remind me before I kill him to thank ya brother for serving me Nazis on a silver platter." Donny said sarcastically.

"Plan on killing the competition?" Klara asked with a laugh, feeling a bit more like her normal self around him now.

"What competition?" Donny asked egotistically.

She smiled at him as they finished with the dishes and then shut off the water. His eyes were on her as she walked up to him and he watched in silence as she removed the German dog-tags from around his neck and placed them on the counter. When she turned back to him he leaned his head down to kiss her shoulder, pulling her in close as she brought a hand to his hair and toyed with the slicked back strands absentmindedly.

"Why don't ya have any people in the room?" Donny asked after a brief stretch of silence, catching her off guard.

Immediately her thoughts flew back to the meeting she'd had with Remy a few nights previous. She had met with him in the old bar after insisting that it was urgent and he come straight away, where she had then told him about her pregnancy and finally informed him that, for the time being, she couldn't help anymore Jews escape Europe. Klara was afraid for the life of her child, yes, but having Jews in her home when Landa would be there was suicide.

"Hiding Jews in my home when the Jew Hunter is near is suicidal." She told Donny simply.

"True." He agreed. "I'm glad ya feelin' better." He murmured, kissing her neck. The gesture sent a shiver down her spine and she clung to him tightly. "I don't think I could stomach one more day of vomit." He admitted with a shudder.

If only he knew…

"Yes. I agree." She said with a bit of a forced smile before she released him to open up a bottle of wine.

Sometimes, when they were allowed to enjoy rare nights like these, she found it strange how normal everything between them seemed. Despite the war that was taking place and the fact that Donny would certainly be shot on sight if he were ever caught wandering the streets, it felt so right to just be standing in the kitchen with him and participating in something as simple as doing the dishes together. Whenever they were together like this they would talk about their days, Donny would tell her stories of some of the things he did whenever he was away from her, and she had even gotten into the habit of stitching the worn hems and tears in his clothes. She'd tried once or twice, but it was hard to imagine what a life with Donny would be like under milder circumstances. When she had first met Donny he was just a brute of a man that killed Nazis for a living but surely would have done it just for fun. Would they have still been with each other in this way if they had met in a café or perhaps in the park?

Yes, they had been brought together under strange circumstances but she couldn't bring herself to regret it. Because even though they were both in danger, they had managed to find each other and fall in love – the baby growing inside of her was proof enough of that. What would happen when the war was over though and they were free to be with one another?

A nudge to her side yanked her out of her thoughts and she blinked before looking over at Donny questioningly. "Ya alright there?" He asked her in amusement. "Ya kinda…left for a second."

"I was just…thinking." She said with a shrug.

"And ya been uncorkin' that bottle for two minutes." He added with a smirk. "What had ya thinkin' so hard?"

Klara blushed and took the cork out of the bottle before pouring wine for the both of them. Should she tell him about some of the things she'd been wondering about? Was it a good idea to delve into the 'what if's with him?

"Okay, ya freakin' me out." Donny said in concern, dropping his hands onto her shoulders.

"Alright, I will ask." She said with a sigh. "What happens…if Hitler is killed?"

Donny frowned in confusion, looking unsure of where she was going with this question. "Well…I'd imagine the war would be over." Donny said slowly. "Why?"

"If there is no more war, then what will become of us?" She finally asked.

Donny nodded slowly, dropping his hands from her shoulders and placing them into the pockets of his pants. "So you're asking where we stand once the war's over." He deciphered.

"Yes." She confirmed, feeling a bit nervous as to what his answer might be.

He thought about it for a long moment, his lips pursed with concentration as he seemed to genuinely contemplate his answer, then reached for the wine glass and took a long drink from it. The pause probably wasn't as long as it felt, but it was still long enough to start to eat away at her nerves. Then, when she really thought she was going to collapse with anxiety thanks to her new pregnancy hormones, he finally spoke up. "I guess the only decision we have to make at that point is whether it's Boston or Germany."

The answer was a huge relief to her and she smiled before pulling him in for a fervent kiss. It was a foolish notion to dwell on dreams of a future, but at least she knew that should they make it out of that that she had a future with Donny. Now that she knew he wanted to try to make it work she wanted more then ever to tell him about the baby – it absolutely pained her not to tell Donny about the life growing inside of her right then.

They were pulled from their moment by a knock on her door. Klara jumped while Donny frowned, turning his head to look towards the door as though it would tell him who was there. It was late, nearly midnight, so she had no idea who could possibly be calling on her so late. Unless…

"Expecting someone?" Donny asked, clearly on alert.

"No, unless Kurt has come early…" She trailed off. Donny stiffened and then nodded for her to go forward and see who had arrived. She only looked at him incredulously. "Are you mad? What if it is Kurt? Or Landa? You need to hide."

"Just go see who it is, Klare." He insisted a little too innocently.

His demeanor immediately sparked suspicion within her. "You will not kill my brother in my home." She said accusingly, pointing a finger into his face. For a moment she thought he had the look of a child caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar, but he masked it quickly and waved her hand away.

"Klara? Are you awake?" A muffled voice asked through the door.

At once Klara relaxed and she slapped his shoulder in annoyance before striding over to the door and opening it up to reveal Shoshanna. "Shoshanna, you nearly gave me a heart attack." She said irritably in French. "Have you any idea how late it is?"

Shoshanna looked a bit guilty for a moment but shrugged anyway. "I was on my way home from closing down the theater and saw your light on. I wanted to come and check on you." She explained. "How are you feeling?"

"I am fine." Klara answered before glancing back at Donny, who was getting his things together while casting curious glances in her direction. She waved him off as a way of silently telling him that everything was alright before focusing her attention back on her blonde friend. "Why don't you come in?"

Shoshanna nodded and stepped in, freezing in place when she realized that Donny was there. As far as Klara knew, she had only seen him once before. And since Donny was currently sporting a good amount of scruff from lack of shaving and wild hair from Klara's fingers, he looked rather more menacing then usual. It didn't help that his large frame was taking up most of the doorway he was standing in, making him look even larger then he was. Klara smiled at Shoshanna and stepped to Donny's side, pulling him into the room by his hand.

"Shoshanna, you remember Donny?" She introduced in English.

"Yes, of course." She confirmed, nodding to him in greeting. "How are you?"

"Just fine." He said with a nod. "And yourself?"


Donny then looked down at Klara and offered her a quick smile. "I should head out." He said, pulling her off to the side a bit as Shoshanna tried to look anywhere but at them. "We're headin' to Nadine here at the end of the week." He continued quietly for only her to hear. "So I'll try to come by again. Just leave a sign if your brother's here."

"I will." She said before kissing him. "Be careful. I love you."

"Love you, too." He responded before heading towards the study to slip out of the side window. "Shoshanna." He said with a nod in her direction. "Nice to see you again."

"You as well." Shoshanna responded with a bit of a dumbfounded expression on her face.

"Goodnight, ladies." Then he slipped out of the room and then out of the house.

Klara looked back at Shoshanna once they were alone and laughed a bit at her bewildered expression. "Oh, yes, and by the way, Donny is here." She teased in French before heading back into the kitchen.

"He looks scarier then I remember." Shoshanna said thoughtfully, trailing behind her. "But seems rather…sweet with you, if I dare say it."

"He can be barbaric when the occasion calls for it but is perfectly lovely with me." She agreed with a short laugh. Klara then poured the younger girl a glass of wine and offered it to her. Shoshanna accepted it gratefully and took a long drink, closing her eyes to savor it. "Did you have a bad day?"

"Just an irritating end to a decent day." She said, a scowl forming on her face. "A soldier came by the theater, a German. He seemed infatuated and took some convincing to be rid of. He unnerved me." She went on to reveal, seemingly mulling over whatever had occurred outside of her theater.

"Do you remember his name?" Klara asked curiously.

"Some fool named Zoller." She said with a dismissive wave.

"Fredrick Zoller?" Klara asked with raised eyebrows.

"You know him?" Shoshanna asked with a nod.

"No, but I know of him. You remember the premiere that my brother is coming for? Well the movie is about Zoller. He killed many soldiers in battle." She explained. "He is very popular amongst Germans and I believe he may even be an acquaintance of Kurt's."

"Wonderful." Shoshanna said sarcastically.

"Be careful around him." Klara warned. "I have heard stories."

"I am always careful." Shoshanna shot back. She pulled out a cigarette and held it up, asking permission to smoke it. When Klara nodded, the younger blonde lit the cigarette and took a deep drag, obviously much more relaxed now that she was in her friend's company. "What happened with the car outside of your house?" She asked. "Must be gone if Donny is visiting so often."

"I have not seen it for days." Klara said with a shrug, sipping her wine. "Maybe they decided I had become a bore to watch."

"Regardless, you should be less careless with Donny's visits. You never know when they might return." Klara nodded her agreement. "Did you tell him about the baby?" She asked quietly, as though she were afraid Donny would hear even though he was no longer present.

"No." Klara said with a sigh. "I could not. I wish to, though…greatly. It kills me that I cannot."

Shoshanna nodded and smiled sympathetically. "It will be alright, friend. You will be able to some day."

Once they had both finished their wine Shoshanna was looking too tired to travel, so Klara ushered her onto the couch and provided her with some extra pillows and blankets to make a makeshift bed. The blonde smiled sleepily once she was settled in and grabbed Klara's hand when she went past, squeezing it thankfully.

"Have hope Klara. I feel the change coming." She said slowly.

Klara wasn't sure if Shoshanna was tired, a little bit drunk, or both, but she smiled regardless and patted her hand before continuing on as Shoshanna fell asleep. Klara paused by the light switch and sighed to herself, her hand running over her stomach even though it would still be a long while until she began to show. Klara hoped for her life and the life of her child that things would change for the better, and soon.

"I hope so, Shoshanna." She said quietly, flicking off the switch and glancing back at her friend one more time. "I hope so."

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