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Takagi straightened his tie as he walked to the break room with Satou. It was already midnight and the pair wouldn't be finished until about four in the morning. All thanks to the night shift. At least they had an hour and a half break now; they could at least eat dinner.

And of course, the night shift wasn't so awful as long as Satou was there. Hopefully they wouldn't have to go out and investigate. It would be easiest to just stay in and do paper work. Takagi had actually thought about calling Mouri-san and asking him not to leave his home for any reason. Of course, that would be an infringement on the famed detective's civil right to leave his house as he saw fit. Very unfortunate…

Takagi sat down beside his partner and bit into his meal. He noticed a relatively large group (considering it was the night shift), of his colleagues huddled together at the table across from where he was sitting with Miwako.

He was not surprised when they all turned around the moment she was distracted to glare at him. Yes, glaring at him with such intensity that Takagi thought they must be trying to convey the message "Go die, we hate you" without actually having to say anything.

It was well known through out the headquarters and the other districts that their relationship was now well under way. They ate together all the time, scheduled their days off on the same dates, and even tried to have the same shifts and break schedules. Not to mention that Miwako treated him differently than all of the other males she came into contact with. For instance, you wouldn't see her straightening another officer's tie, or buying another man coffee without being asked to do so.

There was even a rumor going around that Satou-san had requested that she only ever be paired with Takagi on stakeouts.

These little things that slipped under Megure's radar do NOT go unnoticed by everyone else unfortunately. Such seemingly harmless actions were bold statements of Miwako's mutual affection for her partner.

Takagi smiled at the glaring men, sending them back his own silent message, "Sorry, I win."

Takagi didn't mean to provoke the irate men, but, they were already so upset just because he was eating with her. They don't know anything…

Takagi flinched when one of the larger members ground their fist into their palm. Still, he had to be careful; he couldn't be with her if they killed him.

Wataru turned his head to the side when he felt a gentle nudge.

"Hmm?" he inquired.

"Try this, it's my mom's new rice recipe." Miwako said softly. Despite the possibly dangerous outcome, Wataru parted his lips and let her slip the rice filled fork into his mouth.

"Tastes great." He said smiling after swallowing.

At the end of his sentence all hell broke loose at the other table. The pair stared wide eyed at their fellow officers when several chairs went crashing to the floor and many very loud and seemingly very angry cries were heard.

Most of the other officers now stood glaring menacingly in their direction; those that remained in their seats were keeled over with their fists slammed against the table top.

After taking a few seconds to recover, Miwako blinked: "Are you all alright?" she asked sounding exasperated.

The men quickly dropped their glares and nervously looked around at one another; hoping one among their number would be brave enough to fabricate some excuse.

"Umm. Yeah, just upset over that school bus jacking yesterday…the kids you know…" the one who had been grinding his fist spoke up shakily. Lucky for them, Miwako completely bought it.

"Oh yes! Of course! I wanted to kick the crap out of those fugitives!" Miwako responded, hitting her fist into her palm.

"Thank goodness none of the children were harmed!" She added enthusiastically after a second. Takagi sighed as the men slowly sat back down, nodding their heads strongly at Miwako.

Of course the sight of Satou putting something into his mouth that had just been in her own greatly upset them.

A few moments later the pair had finished eating and were on their way back to division one. The halls were empty at this time; they were the only ones around. When Miwako suddenly stopped Takagi too halted his foot steps.

"Miwako?" he asked curiously as she opened an unfamiliar door and grabbed his arm pushing him inside. Wataru's back hit the wall of the small closet as she quickly closed the door behind her, plunging them both in complete darkness.

Wataru's mind exploded when her lips pressed hungrily to his. She pulled away after a few seconds.


"Shh, we have an hour before our shift starts and I've had this idea in my head for some time and can't get rid of it." She whispered excitedly. She kissed him again, this time much more vigorously.

He couldn't, he wouldn't, resist her.

Wataru couldn't believe he was about to indulge such a wondrous fantasy. They were at work, in a janitor's closet. The fact that it was around the time when the cleaning staff would probably show up made it all the more risky and exciting. Not that he cared, this was worth getting caught.

All he had to do was make the pleasure outweigh the anxiety of getting caught. With one such Satou Miwako, this was a surprisingly easy task.

Responding, he cupped her face in his hands and tilted her head to his lips. She moaned quietly as his mouth massaged hers lovingly. He wasted no time in sliding his tongue into her mouth. Miwako's hands tangled in his hair as she pulled his head down to her, desperately trying to deepen the kiss. She met his tongue with her own, gasping when he thrust it in and out of her mouth repeatedly.

Wataru's hands left her face as they were needed else where to keep her up. Doing that always made her weak.

He crushed her to him as he angled his head and continued the passionate kissing. When he absolutely had to stop for air, he broke the exchange and started to kiss her face in between gasps.

He couldn't believe they were actually making out in a janitor's closet. Was it safe? Was it morally correct?

Probably not, but Takagi didn't care; he knew many men who would die for a chance to have this moment with her. He pushed the irritation from his thoughts as he realized that most, if not all, probably fantasized about it. Not that it mattered: she was his.

Satisfied with her gasping, he leaned in further to press his swollen lips to he neck. She instantly pressed a hand to the back of his head, keeping him there. He sucked her neck greedily. He knew it would leave a mark but he couldn't even stop himself long enough to move down to the base of her neck where she could at least cover it with her clothing.

"Lower Wataru." She moaned seductively.

Well, if she was going to ask like that, he could comply. Pulling her blazer away, he buried his face right in the crook of her neck and continued. He broke off when she nudged him, her tongue finding his own neck and running up it. She licked his face before biting his earlobe.

Knowing what he liked she placed her hands on either side of his neck before licking and kissing upward all the way to his chin.

"More…" He begged, his voice a quiet whisper. Not needing another prompt, Miwako quickly licked at his throat, sucking once his head fell back.

He groaned in pleasure, further encouraging her. He was powerless against her. He desperately escaped his suit jacket and let it fall to the floor. The damn thing was blocking her body heat. The cotton however, was a much weaker barrier that allowed him to feel a lot more of what he wanted to.

Soon their lips met again and he worked to remove her own jacket. It was difficult to do so in the confined space but eventually he succeeded. He grasped her shirt in his hands as he twisted and pulled it while massaging her sides. He wanted to tear the material off her.

Miwako broke the kiss and threw her hands up so he could pull the shirt up over her head. He did so and let the material fall on her jacket. He kissed her needing lips as his fingers brushed over her bra. Impatiently, he pulled at the garment but decided that would be as far as he went. Takagi hadn't noticed that she had already pulled his belt off.

She undid his pant button and pulled the zipper down as his seeking mouth got closer to her chest. He licked the tip of one lace covered breast as she slid a hand under his boxers, teasing him.

She moaned loudly when he suddenly forced more of her chest in his mouth and suckled the tip through the material. He stopped and kissed her lips instead.

"Too loud Miwa." He whispered in a mock-scolding voice.

"Humph." She scoffed as she drove her hand down his length. The action earned the young officer a very strident pleasured cry from her partner.

"Th-that was mean. Do you want us to get busted?" He breathed weakly. Takagi couldn't see her face but he knew she was smirking.

Takagi thought for a moment as he pulled Miwako against him and kissed her cheek.

Oh, perfect.

Wataru kissed her before bringing a finger to her lips and tracing the smooth texture. Slowly, he slid a single digit into her mouth and leaned close to her ear.

"Suck it." He whispered unsteadily. She moaned quietly and obeyed as he continued where he left off.

After ten minutes of fevered touching and stifled moans, the couple finally slowed down.

"How much time do we have?" She asked him quietly, breathing hard. Takagi pressed a small button on his wrist watch but before he could register what time it was, voices rang out down the hall.

"That bastard Takagi! Who the hell does he think he is?!"

The two officers completely froze. Miwako quickly covered Wataru's lit up watch as if the small amount of green light would be noticed behind the closed door. Wataru held her tightly, his whole body tense.

They have no reason to go in the closet. No reason!

"I know! Is he trying to pretend they're married?"

"Pssh, that idiot probably thinks she's in love with him!"

"Indeed! I can't wait til' Miwa-chan snaps out of it and dumps his poor ass."

Forgetting their circumstance and the fact that she lacked a shirt, Miwako struggled to free herself from Wataru's grasp. How dare they talk about him like that!

She was going to give their rude colleagues a piece of her mind. Now why wouldn't he let her go so she could do just that?

After a split second her mind kicked back in and told her that she was not fully clothed and that revealing them now would only bring serious problems in the future.

Instead she buried her face affectionately in his neck and waited. Once the voices were no longer heard Wataru's muscles relaxed and he wiped his forehead.

"If they're heading back it must be time." He whispered quietly. When she didn't answer him or make any inclination of moving he prodded her.


She answered him with a forceful kiss on the lips and hugged him tightly.

"I do love you." She whispered back. "You know that right?"

Wataru exhaled and kissed her back. "Of course."

A minute later, the newly re-dressed officers stared unhappily at the closed door. Miwako scolded herself: It had been so easy to get INTO the closet, but now they had to get OUT of it without the power of vision to tell them if the hall was empty. When they pressed their ears to the door they couldn't hear anything, but both officers silently agreed that it was frightening to open the door.

"Okay, on the count of three." Miwako resolved.

"Okay." Wataru responded anxiously.


Miwako pulled her hand off the knob as if burned when it started to move by itself. The door opened and an old man dressed in a pair of equally worn track pants and shirt stood ready to grab the broom leaned against the closet wall.

That is until he noticed the two people in front of him. The man simply stared at the couple who stared back, completely terrified. The man's arm remained outstretched, his sleeve unrolled slowly as he looked from the young man to the young woman.

"Excuse us!" Wataru said loudly as he ushered Miwako past the shocked janitor. The two beat red officers marched briskly down the hall feeling the man's gaze burning on their backs. It seemed that the elevator took years to come as the two were stuck waiting for it, still in the man's line of sight. Wataru stole a quick glance at the older male and wondered if he was going to drop his arm anytime soon.

When it finally arrived the two darted inside the elevator and pressed the button that would take them up to division one. About five seconds after the doors closed Miwako burst out laughing and buried her face in her partner's shoulder.

"I can't believe we just did that." Takagi said weakly, the full force of what they had actually done was just starting to hit him.

"I'm sorry." Miwako said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"What are you sorry for? You only live once." Wataru said quietly, happily, as he smoothed his hair and straightened his tie for the second time that night. The two strode casually into division one and carried out their work as if nothing, nothing at all, had happened.

Earliar that morning, once their shift had ended, the two detectives agreed that what went on in the closet stayed between them…and the janitor.

And the security cameras... but as long as no one watches it, Miwa and Taru are in the clear.

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