Sorry I've been MIA for so incredibly long guys, I'm preparing for some major music competitions. Here's this week's drabble:

E/O Challenge: "Drip"

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me...although if this hellatus persists, I may investigate the funds necessary for this possibility...heehee.

Spoilers: Season 4, up to ITGPSW.


Rain. Silence. Not for the first time, Sam doesn't know what to say, attempting to distract himself by stemming the steady dripof blood.

Mutely, Dean hands him a crumpled rag from behind the driver's seat. Sam doesn't mind; Dean has enough to think about without words.

If I didn't know you -

For the second time in as many months, he turns to his own reflection in the passenger window. It's funny, really, because when Dean first – rose – he couldn't bear to look away. Now, of course, he's much more afraid of what he'll see.

I would want -