I don't own Bioshock, but I love it even though I haven't fully finished it yet. Damn, it's just so good. Anyway, on with the random babble.


Something about it made Jack wonder why it was absolutely heart wrenching.

He'd saved the Little Sister, watched the gleeful, appreciative child scurry out and away to redeem herself, to flee from this aquatic hell. The girl, though, had left something important behind.

When the Big Daddy had awoken from its defeat, its Little Sister was nowhere to be found. Jack watched from the safety of the next room as it stomped around mournfully; sobbing low, whale songs in desperation. It sought out its Little Sister with a dedication and pain too tangible for Jack to understand. When it couldn't find the girl its existence was threaded directly into, it went as far as to pound on the vent the Little Sister had escaped out of. The wall was nearly caved in as the Big Daddy's sounds grew louder.

This, he figured, must have been what it was like to walk the earth without a soul.

The purity of the hulking creature was startling. If Jack didn't hurt it, it didn't hurt Jack. It simply pounded around crying. In a way, he felt bad for having to separate the girl from her synthetic parent. The Big Daddy seemed utterly incapable of understanding the absence of its so-called child. All it knew was this panic masked beneath layers of metal and armor, muffled behind what had once been a human face.

And, Jack wondered, why the Little Sister was allowed to move on but here this Big Daddy would be, forever, mourning the loss of its daughter.

Andrew Ryan needed to pay for this.