Oh hay there. So, I'm back . Yeah, I know it's been a while *looks at last story* ok, a LONG time, but hey, here I am :) So here is the long awaited sequel to Fate. If you haven't read it yet, I would suggest you do, but there are some changes I did to this story. When I was reading it, I was like, "Oh jeez..." So I changed a few (a lot) of things and here it is! So if there are some different things, I did it on purpose.

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SO as I end my speech, here is the sequel to Fate, Silver Lining.


Riku walked down the corridor of the computer lab in Twilight Town. He cursed the form he had taken, trapped in the body of his enemy. The only thing that showed that he was still Riku was the small silver key-shaped pendent. A present from his love, Alex.


It had been one year since he had last seen her, and even though it had been so long, it felt as though his love for her had grown. But he missed her so much. It had been so long, part of him felt that maybe she had forgotten about him. But then he felt the weight of the small key around his neck and knew that she too had loved him. She wouldn't forget about him. Yet, he still wondered, where was she?


Alex flew gracefully through the air, dodging the attacks sent by her opponent. It was a mere Nobody, giving her a warm welcome as she landed on the planet.

"Damn, I just landed here, and this stupid thing has to show up?" She muttered. The Nobody came down with another attack, but it was swiftly struck down by a kick from Alex. She laughed lightly.

"Pathetic creature…" She stared at the remnants of the Nobody, the smile disappearing from her face. A cold wind passed through, a shiver running down her back. She unconsciously raised her small hand to the silver locket that adorned her neck, clasping the heart in her hand. The vision of a silver haired boy flashed across her mind.


Her heart tightened a little at the sound of his name, a smile slowly crawled onto her face. She was back. Just as she had promised, she came back to see him. It had been one year. Alex raised her head to the sky, and closed her eyes. One year. One year, for him. She looked around in this strange town. Twilight Town, it was called. For Riku, it had only been a short year since he had seen her, but for Alex it had been so much longer. Time passes so much faster on other worlds, especially the ones that she resided within. For her, it had been six years. Six long years and her love for Riku was still strong. Over the years, he was her light. Every time something had happened, she remembered him, and the short time they had together. He was her hope, and now here she was. Back, just for him. She had changed so much. She was different, physically and mentally. She bared a few flaws, a few changes in personality. She was more…human. She had grown taller, as well, her curves more prominent. Her long black hair flowed down her back now. She still kept on her blindfold, same as her fingerless gloves, though both came to her elbows now. She wore the same black combat boots under a dark pair of fitted jeans. She now wore a fitted black cami that showed off her bare stomach and the scars that were littered across her pale skin. She covered up with a sleeveless black cloak with a high collar. Her slim face still bared the same gash that was now visible under her coat and could be seen up her neck and onto her slender face. The point of the scar ran through her left shoulder onto the left side of her cheek, ending right under her left eye. Physically, though it had been longer, she only looked around 17 or 18 years old.

Alex sniffed the air lightly, a light scent caught in the air. "Riku…" She breathed out. He was close. And so Alex took off in the direction of his scent, anticipation growing with each breath.


Riku resided within the deepest parts of the mansion, acting as DiZ's helper. He paced the corridor, boredom taking over. He paused in front of a chamber and caught his reflection. He stared into his eyes, or rather, the eyes of his enemy. The orange eyes glared back at him, until he snapped. Riku gave a yell and punched the chamber with all his strength, leaving a strong indentation in the metal.

"Dammit!" he cried out. He continued banging on the hard steel. He wanted to be him again. Yes, he wanted to save Sora, but he couldn't stand being in this horrid body any longer. He needed to be free. What if Alex came back? He gasped slightly, his hands now resting on the wall. He looked back up, still able to see the orange eyes that stared back at him. Alex. What if she saw him like this? She wouldn't even know it was him. Riku clenched his teeth, anger prominent throughout his face. He needed to find a way to get back. To help Sora and get himself back.

"DiZ," Riku started, "I-"

"I know." DiZ interrupted. "You want to find a way to get your body back." Riku, a bit surprised, merely nodded.

"Be patient. Your time will come." He stood and removed the red wrappings around his head, revealing himself to Riku. Ansem the Wise then stood in front of Riku, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"You will be you again." Riku bowed his head slightly and nodded. As Ansem left the room, Riku opened up a dark portal, a disappeared, following Sora's path.


Alex ran gracefully through the alleys of Twilight Town. She had followed Riku's scent through the streets, but then it just…disappeared. Anxious, she dodged all the pedestrians in the street, running so fast that she appeared as a blur. She reached the beginning of the forest, when he appeared. Alex gasped lightly, taking a slight step back. Her breath hitched in her throat.

'It couldn't be….? How…how did he find me again?' Her stance tightened, gaining a defense stance. Her fists tightened, her jaw clenched. 'No! Not here, not now!'

"Hello, little sister." A malicious laugh rang through her ears.


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