He awakens in a dark place. Around him he can hear movement, flesh across moist stone, and his heart knows confusion. In the dim light, he can make out the shape of something trailing along the floor, smooth and pale, and as he stands up, staggering slightly, he frowns. The sound echoes around the cavern, but he knows there is more than one thing moving – it surrounds him, enveloping him.. trapping him. As he braces himself to run, his legs are pinned down. Horrified, he glances down – snakes, tendrils.. whatever they are, they write along the floor and up his legs, trapping him for whatever lies ahead. A deep rumble rocks the air around him, and he tries not to tremble. Beside him, more appendages emerge, and he sees them finally – hulking phalluses, horrific pieces of man-flesh, enough to turn the stomach. Ahead of him, the Broodfather roars its approval, and as the slithering iron-hard tumenscences thrust forward into his every orifice, his heart knows the true meaning of fear.