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She brushed off the lingering particles of ash from her blouse as she surveyed the parlour room that she'd landed in. It was empty, as she'd expected. Out the window, she could make out falling snow dropping idly onto the property green. It was a breathtaking sight. Winter here was always an awe-inspiring sight. Idly she wandered out of the room, noting that the house was oddly silent, she strained her ears but as always, the mild silencers seemed to be working well. She sighed slightly and made her way to her study on the second floor. As she passed each window she couldn't help but smile at the white blanket that was in the process of enveloping the property.

The study door was slightly ajar and she could hazard a guess as to her visitor was. As she pushed the door open she congratulated herself on knowing him so well.

She circled around him before settling behind her polished oak desk. His back was straight, posture impeccable. The perfect image of a pureblood Lord. A testament to the way she'd brought him up.

"We are moving."

A statement rather than a question. Even his speech was an example of the way that she'd raised him.

He was beautiful. In an unearthly way. Black hair too dark to be human. Green eyes too dazzling to be anything but otherworldly. He wasn't tall, but nor was he short either. Some people would call this an unassuming height, but despite the fact that he didn't tower over his fellow beings like an obnoxious giant, his presence alone more than made up for that.

She nodded. No point in beating around the bush.

A frown crossed over his face. On anyone else it would have been marring. But for him, it only seemed to add to his charm.


She held up a hand to stop him. She smiled though despite the seriousness of the conversation.

Mother… How many nights had she lain awake dreaming of that one word coming from the mouth of a child that was hers?

"Harry, please. I'm doing this for you."

The only thing that met her was a quirked eyebrow. As always it took her breath away. She studied his face carefully. The curve of his nose. The way one eyebrow arched high in question as he stared back at her. The long swan like neck. The shape of his eyes. They may not have the same eye colour, or even the same hair colour, but in everything that Harry did, she could see where exactly her genes had left their mark.

She flipped a curtain of blonde hair over her shoulder. Twirled a finger around a lock of hair and pulled at it. It was a nervous tic that both she and Harry shared.

"Voldemort may be gone Harry, but his followers are still alive and still as strong as ever. Yes, they're not immortal and yes, they're not as powerful, but that just means that they have an easier time at hiding."

"Most of the Death Eaters are already in Azkaban! I don't know why we're running like-"

"We're not running! You defeated the Darkest Lord of the century; you've done your duty! It's time you stepped back and let the Ministry handle the rest."

Harry leveled a blank look at her.


"No! Do you know how hard it was watching you walk into battle every damned night not knowing whether or not you were going to be walking back?!"

Harry's face softened, but she continued,

"It's not for long. 6 months, a year at the most."

It was pleading… Almost. Hale's after all, do not plead. They are above that.

Harry nodded once.


And it was sealed.


Surprisingly, it was Molly that had brought up the idea of moving. To get away from the press and the fans and the adoring public over all. And of course, to escape the rabid Death Eaters that were still at large and frothing at the mouth thanks to the death of their oh so esteemed leader. In the end she'd relented to the suggestion. Harry needed to get away from the Wizarding World for a time at least. Get away from the war-torn society that he'd lived in for the past few years. He'd already grieved for all those he'd lost in the war, now he just needed breathing space. Time to grow up away from spell-fire and the decay of dead bodies. So she'd gone to the Ministry and sorted the details out with Kingsley.

It was unfortunate that Harry had had to learn about the move from someone other than herself, but it couldn't be helped. He may not have understood exactly why they were moving but he'd relented at least. They were moving, and that's what mattered.


Her head snapped up, blonde hair flying over her shoulder.

As a token to normalcy, she'd had Harry set up mild Silencing charms around the house. Not enough to completely block out all sounds, but enough to muffle them so that they could at least pretend for a time that they had human hearing. It was a novelty that Rosalie Hale loved. She may not be able to do many things that humans were capable of, but at least now she was capable of being surprised every now and again.

Andromeda Tonks walked in to the room slowly, dodging out of the way of towering cardboard boxes. In her arms, she rocked the small body of Teddy carefully.

"Andy!" Rosalie exclaimed, "And Teddy too! What a surprise. What brings you two to this neck of the woods?"

A perfectly plucked eyebrow arched.

Andy giggled at the look, not looking the part of grandmother at all. It may have had something to do with the Black genes, but even for her age, Rosalie had to admit that Andromeda looked pretty damned good.

"A little birdie told me that you were moving."

"Hmm… Would this little birdie happen to be your paramour?"

Andy at least had the decently to look shamed.

It had come as quite a shock when, after the war had ended, Andromeda Tonks and Kingsley Shacklebolt had come out about their relationship. But those that knew them well hadn't been blindsided at all. After the death of Ted Tonks, Shacklebolt had been Andromeda's rock. Helping her deal with the grief, helping her mourn and move on. And later, when Andromeda lost not just a daughter, but a son-in-law as well, Kingsley had been there too. With a soft smile and a shoulder to cry on. Despite the age difference, they were a well-suited pair. Kingsley made Andromeda feel younger, and act it too. And he was the perfect father figure for the orphaned Teddy, who adored his grandmother implicitly.

Rosalie sighed.

"I knew that numbskull couldn't keep a secret."

Andromeda tutted at Rosalie's choice of words. She continued on regardless.

"To answer your question though, yes we are moving."

Rosalie turned back to the boxes that she was in the process of labeling. The house elves had already packed away everything that they were taking with them. All she had to do now was label the boxes so she and Harry wouldn't have to be searching blind when they unpacked at their new house. She had just finished writing the word 'Plates - Cortez Collection' when Andy's voice cut in.

"So where exactly are you and Harry jet-setting to?"

Rosalie laughed as she looked over her shoulder.

"What? You mean to tell me Kingsley didn't tell you everything down to the minutest details?"

A discarded rag soared through the air, but Rosalie dodged out of the way effortlessly.

"For your information I had to pry out the fact that you two were even moving. After that, Kingsley said that it was an invasion of privacy and that if I wanted any details then I'd have to ask you myself."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. You can start with the interrogation already."

Andy made herself comfortable on the white canvas sheet that covered a couch across from where Rosalie was labeling more boxes.

"Let's start with how long you two will be gone for."

"Six months. A year at the most. Don't worry, Andy. It's not like Harry and I are going to drop off the face of the Earth forever."

"Well with you two, you never know."

Rosalie made to interrupt, but was cut off with an imperious wave of Andy's hand.

"Moving on. What's the house like?"

A smirk was what met her question and Andy shook her head in exasperation.

"Knowing you, it's most likely obscenely large, elaborate and ostentatious. Okay then, next question. Where exactly are you moving to?"

"The States. Forks, Washington to be exact."

The answer was bland, as if the speaker had no care for the words, but Andy stilled at the reply. Paling ever so slightly.

"Rosie… A-Are you sure? I mean… They- He might be there. Do you really want to go back? Especially after all this time? There have to be other places. I mean…What about New Zealand? I heard they have a lot of clouds there. Or even Mongolia! Anywhere but-"

Blonde hair soared as Rosalie shook her head,

"Anywhere in Europe, China and Africa are out of the question. Harry would have the same trouble with the press and the fan clubs. Australia is too sunny and even though New Zealand is cold and cloudy, they still have incredibly amounts of sunlight as well. South America is just as bad as Australia. I considered Canada, but the pureblood society there is too entrenched in the Wizarding society here, so I had to rule that out as well. Honestly, the States is the only country where Harry won't be recognized by the Wizarding population."

"But why Forks of all places? Why not, I don't know… Somewhere else?"

"We short listed a few places but had to rule them out due to issues like, Vampire-Wizarding treaties, segregation of species and extreme pureblood prejudice. In the end it was a tossup between Alaska and Forks. I had Kingsley check up on the Cullen's. They recently moved to Alaska, which means they'll be there for the next hundred years at the very least. That pretty much left Forks as the only option."


They boarded the plane without any hassle. They didn't have any luggage so they managed to jump the cue of travelers getting their bags x-rayed. Their seats were in first-class, as befitted members of the Hale family.

It was as the plane was lifting off that Rosalie noticed that Harry was staring at his passport. They'd both had to get new passports to leave the country. None of them were in their real names. They had Kingsley to thank for them.

"What's wrong?"

Her hand ruffled through his hair.

His look was ecstatic when he finally pulled his eyes away from his forged passport.

"Hadrian Hale."

Rosalie blinked. Her none existent heart clenching at the words.

"I-I don't have to be Harry Potter anymore. I can be who I really am. I can be your son again. I… I can be Hadrian again."

Rosalie nodded and stopped breathing as she felt her body shake slightly with the tears that she oh so desperately wanted to shed.

When they'd re-entered the Wizarding World, it had been Albus' idea for Harry to assume his birth name once more. They'd known, even back then, that Voldemort was still a threat and they knew that in the event of war, they would need a symbol for the public to rally behind. A saviour that the public could trust… And who better than the Boy-Who-Lived himself.

So Hadrian Hale had been discarded in the still of the night, and on the 1st of September Harry Potter had once more rejoined the Wizarding Society.

In the end her son had had to develop a persona of Harry for the public to view. But in the privacy of his closest friends and family, he'd had the relief of being able to drop his Gryffindor mask and be who he really was. He could be Hadrian Hale, only child of Rosalie Hale, vampire.


When Rosalie had formally adopted Harry at the age of 3 (adoption papers, paper trail and everything else that doing it the legal way had entailed), it had been the greatest moment of her life. She had a son that she was going to raise as her own. Already he'd picked up on calling her 'Mommy' and though the words were sometimes muffled by the large stuffed bear that he carried around with him constantly, every time he said that one word it made Rosalie swell up with so much happiness that she almost felt human again. Almost felt like she could feel warmth again. She'd never thought she'd ever be happier. But she was wrong. She'd thought she'd known real happiness but nothing could ever compare to the day that she'd completed the Blood Adoption with Hadrian. Her one true happiness was experienced the day she looked down on her sleeping son and saw the features in him that were all hers. Features that he had inherited from her. Features that told the world that this boy was her child. He was her son. Not just in name, but in blood as well.

In the beginning, Rosalie had been hesitant at even thinking about the process. Blood Adoptions were tricky business, and that was when the adopting parent was human. A vampire adopting a human child wasn't unheard of, but the consequences were always varied. In some cases the child was turned by the end of the process, but in others the child had died. In the 15th Century there had even been one recorded outcome that had the child staying human with his adopted parent's vampire abilities. Rosalie was uncertain about the process, despite Harry's insistence at going ahead with it. She had been scared back then. So scared that she might lose the son that she loved more than anything in the whole world. And she wasn't just saying that either. If she had to sacrifice anything, whether it be her life or the life of someone else, she'd do it in a human heartbeat to save her son. Regardless of her doubts though, she'd gone ahead with it. Harry's pleadings had become too much and she'd caved.

She'd thought her misgivings about the adoption had all come true when she found that she couldn't hear the heartbeat of her son. She'd been so scared when she found that he wasn't breathing, that she couldn't hear the rush of his blood flowing through his veins. But then he'd opened clear emerald eyes and she saw that flecked within the pupil were blood red streaks and she knew that Fate had bestowed the greatest gift on her. Her son was a vampire. A vampire that looked as if she'd actually birthed him, and she knew that she could never ask for anything more than that.


Forks was as dreary as it was all those years ago when she'd last been here with the Cullen's. How long had it been? A hundred years? More? She couldn't remember, couldn't quite bring herself to care either. They'd caught a taxi cab at the airport. The cars were being shipped in in two days, so they'd decided to make for the time being. The ride was mostly quiet. The driver had said nothing after Hadrian had handed him a piece of paper with directions to the house. Under their breath, too quiet for human ears to hear, they conversed between them. Rosalie pointing out Port Angeles as the nearest shopping district and indicating the diner that the humans in Forks frequented. She also showed Hadrian where the local High School was. They hadn't decided whether or not to enroll Hadrian yet. In the off chance that they didn't, they'd already had Kingsley create a High School Diploma for Hadrian to prove that he'd graduated already from a Secondary School in England. She'd left the choice up to Hadrian. If he wanted to deal with humans day after day, then that was up to him.

As they passed the La Push area, Rosalie used a manicured finger to etch out the boundary and explain the treaty that separated the land and protected the humans from harm.

Hadrian soaked it all in with a small smile playing across his lips. This town was a part of his mothers past, and he was glad that she was sharing this with him. It was a type of bonding that they didn't do enough of.

Rosalie had trouble talking about her years with the Cullen's at times. It was hard for her to remember the good times, especially since most of the good times had involved her being with Emmett. When Hadrian had been nine, she'd sat him down and explained to him her entire past. Ever since then though, she'd never brought it up again and only talked about her past family when it was in passing. She was over the heart ache of Emmett's betrayal, but that didn't mean that it still didn't hurt.


"This isn't a house."

Rosalie smiled as she passed the still form of her son. Behind her, she could hear the sound of the taxi cab pulling out of the driveway. The sound was unnervingly loud in the stillness of the surrounding forest.

"Of course it is sweetie. This is our house."

Hadrian still hadn't moved an inch, even as his mother had walked at a mortal pace towards the front door,

"This isn't a house. You said you'd bought and furnished a house in Forks. This, Mother dearest, is as big as the Hale manor back home."

"What's wrong with Hale Manor?"

"Nothing. I'm just saying, how are we meant to be normal with a manor like this?"

She waved it off with a lilting laugh and a nonchalant wave of her hand.

"We're rich and normal. What's wrong with that? And really, it's not like anyone is going to come and see our house. If you want you can tell people that we live in a perfectly normal two storey house out in the middle of the woods."

Hadrian sighed as Rosalie opened the front door and made her way inside. Out of sight, he could hear the pattering of his mother's footsteps as she flitted from floor to floor and room to room. Most likely making sure that everything was exactly the same as how she'd purchased it.

"Typical." He muttered.

From the second storey he heard his mothers taunting voice,

"I heard that."


Piles of boxes were stacked in various rooms. The boxes of plates, silverware, cups and the like were piled up on the kitchen countertop.

They didn't actually have any need for plates, but they'd become accustomed to having them around. Back home, Hale Manor was the second most frequented congregation point amongst their friends. After the Burrow that is. Because of this many people were coming in and out of the house at all hours of the day, and not all of them were vampires. So of course they'd had to stock up on plates and cutlery and food for their ever hungry friends. Ron after all was known for being practically a black hole and Sirius Black was known for being able to eat his own body weight in any type of food.

In the rooms, boxes of clothes and valued possessions were stacked at the foot of each bed.

The furniture had already been placed in the positions that Rosalie had chosen beforehand. The house elves had done well. There was no dust, no streaks of anything on the window panes. It was impeccable.

Eventually, Rosalie and Hadrian settled in the kitchen. Hadrian perched in front of the counter sipping at a glass of warm rabbit's blood poured from a bottle of Zabini's finest. It was well known in the Wizarding World that Blaise Zabini, after being turned during a failed Death Eater raid, had revitalized his family's dying fortune by buying a vineyard and selling first class wine for his living customers and bottled purified animal blood for his not quite living customers.

Behind the counter, Rosalie moved swiftly at packing away the contents of the boxes that were stacked before her.

The clatter of dishes and cutlery filled the air.

Hadrian emptied the last of the bottle into the empty wine glass before him. He pressed a finger against the bottom of the glass ad pushed it over to rest in front of his mother.


She smiled as she brought the glass to her lips.

"Thanks hun."

Hadrian nodded. Outside, through the windows, Harry could make out the edge of the woods at the end of the back lawn.

"Maybe we can go hunting tomorrow?"

Rosalie smiled at the thought. They hadn't been hunting together in a long while. It was dangerous for Harry to hunt anywhere in the Wizarding World because of his fame and no-one outside of close friends even knew that the famed Lady Hale was anything but human. For the past few years they'd had to subsist on blood delivered to them by friends or close acquaintances. Hunting became a sacred practice that they could only indulge in once every few months or so.

"Yeah. That'd be nice."

Hadrian tilted his head to the side as his mother made to remove more plates from a box and sort them in to the cupboards.

"Why are you doing that anyway? You could just call the house elves from Hale Manor and have them sort everything out."

Rosalie smiled at the words, but shook her head nonetheless. A radiant smile crossed over her lips.

"This is the first time we've moved before. I like being involved in the moving process."

Hadrian laughed outright at the statement.

"Liar. We've moved before and you've ever cared about the 'moving process' as you so eloquently called it."

Rosalie's smile dimmed and died as she scowled at her son and threw the empty cardboard box at his head. A streak of something flesh colored was all the warning that the box got as Hadrian ripped it to shreds with a single backhand.

"Okay, fine. I didn't ask the house elves to do it because I wanted something to do when we got here. I figured if I got bored as soon as we touched down, then I'd at least have the boxes to unpack to keep me occupied."


Unpacking was a fairly straightforward affair. Despite the fact that the house was indeed quite large and that there were hundreds upon hundreds of boxes to unpack, they were completely done by the next day. Super speed, heightened senses and a lack of being able to sleep contributed to it greatly and had resulted in Hadrian and Rosalie spending the entire night packing away their belongings in their rightful places.

The next day dawned and found Hadrian and Rosalie returning from their first hunt together in a long while.

During Hadrian's chase of a cougar, he'd managed to rip his trousers and tear his shirt to shreds. It was as he tore the ruined shirt from his body, that he turned to his mother,

"Maybe we should stop by that place, La Push, and tell the shifters down there that we're, you know, going to be living here for a while."

"You mean the werewolves?"

"They're shape shifters Mom, not werewolves."

His mother scoffed at the statement.

"Same thing. Anyway why, pray tell, would we want to stop by their reserve?"

Hadrian rolled his eyes at her antics. He knew that she couldn't stand the smell of any canine hybrids because they all smelled like wet dog to her. The only reason she had even given Remus a chance at all was because he'd been a decent teacher to Hadrian, so she'd played nice around him, despite the over bearing bad smell that always permeated the air where ever Remus went.

"First off, werewolves and shape shifters are entirely different, and you know that. And second of all, it's called common courtesy Mother, I'm sure you've heard of that term before, even if it was in passing."

"Hey!" Rosalie exclaimed as Hadrian laughed heartily, "Don't take that tone with me!"

Hadrian dashed off, tossing over his shoulder his parting words,

"I'll stop being sarcastic after we go and introduce ourselves to the resident wolves."

He was gone in the blink of an eye, Rosalie dashing off after him as fast as she could.

Hadrian's speed was something that Rosalie had always been proud of. She was positive that her son was even faster than Edward had ever been.

They chased after each other. Hadrian always in the lead with his superior agility, but his mother gave him a good run for his money. They raced across the grounds and flittered through each of the rooms of the manor. Laughter reverberated around the rooms and drifted to permeate all the of floors. After everything they'd been through, it was a comfort to the both of them that they could unwind and behave like the loving family they were. They hadn't been entirely sure that they would both survive the war, but they were both infinitely glad that they had.


When Hadrian returned from exploring the surrounding forest the next day, he found his mother at the kitchen counter. The cordless telephone handset in one hand, while the other hand tapped incessantly against the open pages of the local phone book. She didn't even look up as he strolled in to the room. Her brow was creased in concentration as her eyes flicked through names.

"What are you doing?"

She didn't even look up as he sat before her.

"I'm not sure who the current Alpha would be."

Hadrian took a seat near her as he tried to crane his neck to get a glimpse of the phonebook.

"Are there many options?"

"Three. The original treaty was made between Carlisle and Ephraim Black. There's a Billy Black, a Serena Black and a Jo Black."

"Which one do you think it is?"

"I'm pretty sure that the Blacks are a predominantly male family. So I'm leaning towards Billy Black and Jo Black."

"Jo? Is that an actual man's name, or is it a feminist nickname for some anti-male lesbian named Joanna or something?"

"Hmm… it's spelt J-O as opposed to J-O-E… You're right. We'll go with Billy Black."

She dialed the number quick enough and Hadrian strained to hear the voice on the other line.

They'd agreed that the same rules that they'd enforced back at Hale Manor would be used in the Forks manor as well. Hadrian had spent the better part of the night before flitting through the house throwing Silencers as fast as he could. They'd agreed to put up the same mild silencers around the rooms so they couldn't always hear what was going on in the next room. One of the rules they'd also agreed on was to put silencers on the phones so that no-one could eavesdrop on the person who was on the phone. It gave them their own senses of privacy.

Hadrian could vaguely make out the gruff of an older man when the other line picked up. He couldn't hear both parts of the conversation but he could hear enough from his Mom.

"Hi, is this Billy Black? Hi, you don't know me but my name is Rosalie Hale-"

There was something indefinitely funny about his mother on the phone, Hadrian thought idly. She could be a right personality in person to certain people at times, but when she was on the phone to people that she didn't know that she already hated, she could be the nicest sounding person in the world. It was a running joke back home that whenever Rosalie was unnaturally kind to other people, Hadrian would mock her by saying, 'Careful Mom, your telephone personality is showing.'

"Are you by any chance a descendant of Ephraim Black? You are? Oh good. I was wondering if perhaps a meeting could be arranged between us. It's actually to discuss the treaty made between Carlisle Cullen and Ephraim Black. How do I know about it? I was actually there when the treaty was made. Yes, I am a Cold One-"

Simultaneously, both mother and son rolled their eyes at the term.

"We'll see you tomorrow then."

She hung up and poked her tongue out in exasperation.

"Sounds like a stuck up arse if you ask me. He probably comes equipped with the latest Death Glare and a Disapproving Look."

Hadrian snorted at the sarcasm and shook his head.

"Sounds like an American version of Snape."


They met at the eastern boundary, in a clearing that had been declared neutral territory way back when. It was empty when Hadrian and Rosalie entered the clearing and stood waiting in the centre, still as statues. There was no point in holding up pretences and pretending to breathe when the other party knew that it was pretty much impossible for you to do so.

"We're early."

"Oh stop complaining. So what if I accidentally set the clocks to the wrong time? How long are you going to hold it against me?"

Hadrian leveled a cold look at his mother.

"I'll take that as a very long time."

A roll of eyes was all that met her statement.

"How many shifters are there anyway?"

His eyes scanned the surrounding area carefully, trying to guess where the approaching party would emerge from. Next to him, Rosalie shrugged.

"Not sure. Last time I was here was when the treaty was signed. Pretty much the entire reserve back then were capable of shape shifting. It may be just one of them or it may be all of them. We'll see when they get here."

It was another 20 minutes before they heard the pattering of two large four-legged creatures making their way rapidly towards the clearing. A few minutes later and there a pause just outside of their line of sight. Hadrian could hear the subtle shift in the wind that he recognized as an animal body shifting back to its human form. A rustle of jeans could be heard before two figures emerged from the opposite side of the clearing.

As the two emerging figures caught sight of them, Hadrian and Rosalie both noticed that the younger one faltered slightly for just a fraction of a second. Perhaps he'd never met vampire before in person?

Both of them were male. Both of them shirtless. Both of them had well defined bodies that even Rosalie had to admit looked like every straight girls wet dream in the overcast light that Forks was well known for. The difference ended there though. Where one was large and hulking the other was leaner. Where one had long brown hair curling around his face, the other had cropped shirt dirty blonde locks. Where one was young, the other was older, more experienced. And for some unknown reason, they both seemed to be Alphas. Rosalie whispered mockingly to Hadrian before the shifters could come within hearing distance.

"Must be hell on the hierarchy."

Hadrian gave her a warning look just as the shifters came up just feet away from where the two Hales stood.

"Where's Billy Black?"

Typical of his mother to not even wait until the pleasantries had even started.

The older, leaner shape shifter with the dirty blonde hair and murky blue eyes spoke,

""He's currently indisposed. My name is Sam Uley, the current Alpha of the reserve pack."

There was a brief moment where tension seemed to rise between the two shifters, but the moment passed as the other man nodded to the two new resident vampires.

"Jacob Black, Alpha of the rogue pack."

Hadrian tossed his mother a cold look as she made to open her mouth. Most likely to comment on why exactly a Black descendant wasn't leading the reserve pack as was his right. Hadrian didn't want anything to do with pack politics even if it meant something as inconsequential as inquiring about it.

Hadrian nodded to the two shifters, but refrained from holding out a hand.

"My name is Hadrian Hale; this is my mother Rosalie Hale. We just moved to the area and thought that it would be polite to inform you that two vampires were currently living in the vicinity."

The looks garnered from the two alphas was not entirely hospitable.

"What exactly are you doing here? Pretending to play human while you feed from the population?"

It was Sam that spoke and his voice was as harsh as a Siberian winter.

When Rosalie returned the look however, it was cold enough to freeze Hell over.

"The reserve must be desperate if they have someone as stupid as you as Alpha. You should be able to tell from our eye color that we feed on animals and that it's a lifestyle that we've had for longer than just a few years. We didn't have to tell you that we were here. My son thought that it would be the considerate thing to do, but it seems you are incapable of showing us that same common courtesy that we have clearly shown you."

And indeed both their eyes were a bright amber in the not so bright daylight. For Rosalie it was the norm, for Hadrian though, it was a side-effect of feeding. It took up to 4 hours before the colour dispersed and instead streaked around his normally bright viridian eyes.

It was Jacob that interrupted the standoff.

"Forgive us, we've recently had some trouble with the Volturi and it's in our best interest to be wary of all newcomers."

Hadrian and Rosalie chose not to comment and instead nodded in acceptance at the veiled apology.

"Well you don't have to be too wary. We'll be gone by next year."

"Why's that?" Asked Jacob, turning to Rosalie to continue the conversation.

"We're only here for a breather. We'll being going home next year."

"Would home happen to be somewhere under the British Monarchy?"

Rosalie nodded.

"Your accent kind of gives you away. My father mentioned that you were here when the treaty was first formed. Are you two part of the Cullen family?"

There was a brief pause where Hadrian almost jumped in, but his mother spoke before he could interject.

"No, we're not. Hadrian wasn't there at the time, but I happened to be staying with the Cullen family for that period of time."

Jacob nodded thoughtfully at the answer. Beside him, Sam Uley visibly frowned at the way Jacob seemed to be getting cozy with the newest bloodsuckers. There was just something completely inhuman about them, and not in a vampire way.

"Why can't we smell you?"

Hadrian coughed and had the decency to look sheepish at the question.

"Yeah, that would be my fault. I kind of figured that there was a chance that you would go feral and try to kill us instead of talking to us if you caught our scent. We took a suppressant before we came."


"It's a pill. One of Mom's… friend's came up with it. He's a… Chemistry whiz and came up with a compound that suppresses a vampires natural scent. According to him the same thing works with werewolves as well."

It was dispassionate the way Hadrian said it, but the wolves were disturbed at his answer. Hadrian on the other hand could never remember when Snape had ever been more understated. It was quite laughable actually.

"You-You have friends that experiment of werewolves?!"

"No, actually he experimented on me while he was in the process of creating the suppressant, and then this werewolf that we mutually knew volunteered and yeah, that's about it."

"Look!" Rosalie interrupted, "Do you want our social security numbers to do a background check or can we leave now that we've informed you that we're here and not going to start eating the local population."

Jacob and Sam both nodded uneasily.

"Yeah, umm… Thanks for informing us."

Jacob looked increasingly uncomfortable at being in their presence and after brief pleasantries they both parted and went their separate ways. The vampires were hoping that they'd never have to see the resident shifters again.


Miles away from the Forks Manor that the Hales will be occupying for the upcoming year, there lies a ramshackle old house that is in dire need of a doing up. Despite this however, there is a homeliness to it that most houses lack. It is a house where there has been laughter and joy and tears and pain. The house lies in La Push and is owned by the elder of the Quileute Tribe, Billy Black who, at this very moment is waiting patiently for his son to come home and make his report.

When Sam and Jacob return to rehash word for word, about the meeting that had happened, Billy knew that something had gone wrong when Jacob spoke little and instead settled for nodding and grunting in appropriate places during Sam's spiel. He thought nothing of it however when Sam finished talking and made his leave. If it was important, then Jacob would have spoken when Sam had been there. When Sam left however, and Jacob turned to him with wide eyes full of fear and trepidation, Billy knew that something important had happened and that it was most likely life changing.

"Dad… I-I think I did something really, really, really stupid."

Billy waited for his son to continue. There was no point in making false promises about not being mad when there could be a chance that Billy would indeed become incensed.

"I… I imprinted…"

Billy's heart leaped at the words. Finally… Finally his son had found the one person in the world that would make him happy. The one person who nature herself had deemed the perfect match for his son. But the next words threw him for a loop.

"… With a boy."

Billy nodded slowly. Homosexuality was a touchy subject among the people of today, and there were many people in the world that were homophobic. Jacob was most likely worried about what his father thought of having a gay son. But it was a non issue and Jacob should have known that. Imprinting on someone had nothing to do with sex or race or any boundaries that could keep a couple apart. Finding your imprint was the greatest thing that the Quileute tribe cherished. It was a person that was perfect for you. Someone that nature herself had deemed your other half. Someone who would love you unconditionally, no matter what happened in life. It was what the concept of soul mates had been based on. And it wasn't like Jacob was the first ever homosexual wolf. There had in fact been many in the past, they had just been outnumbered by the heterosexual couples. But they were never looked down upon because their love was just as pure as everyone else's.

"Jake, that's fine. It doesn't matter whether you imprinted on a man or a woman. You imprinted! That's-That's amazing. A looker is he? I bet he is, knowing you!"

Billy laughed as the words poured out. His son had imprinted. It was the happiest day of his life.

But Jacob didn't look too happy. Instead, he looked even more uneasy at the cheery response from his father. Billy stopped laughing as felt his heart clench at the approaching news. He knew it was going to be bad. He just didn't know how bad it was.

"There's more isn't there?"

Jacob nodded uncertainly.

"Jake, come one. Just tell me. Is he married? Maybe you think he's straight? Is he an eighty year old or something?"

Jacob gave a hollow chuckle, "I honestly wish it was any of those things."


"I imprinted."

Billy nodded as Jacob looked away from his father.

"On a boy."

Billy nodded again, even though Jacob couldn't see his face. He could tell that this was tearing his son apart. His voice was starting to shake and when he spoke again, his voice was hysterical.

"Who is currently one of the new resident vampires!!"


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