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The problem with war was that it messed with you. It leaked into your head and ransacked through your mind like a common burglar, until finally; at the end of it, you just weren't the same as you were before. You're a little more damaged, a little more daring, a little more addicted to the thrill of adrenaline drumming through your veins reminding you that yes, you are still alive despite it all. The problem with Azkaban, was that it did the exact same thing.
The problem with Sirius Black, was that he'd survived two wars and a prolonged tour of Azkaban.

When Sirius turns his empty eyes on Emmett, Esme has to wonder what exactly Rosalie saw in this man.
"My son has already informed you that Rosalie will not be home for quite some time."
Emmett's mouth is open before Sirius has even finished his sentence, but Jaspers abrupt elbow to his ribcage stops the man before he can make things worse.
"You see," Jasper replies before Emmett can gather his wits again, "we haven't seen Rosalie in a long time-"
"-around about a hundred years, right?"
Jasper ignores the sarcasm from Hadrian and endeavours on,
"- and we'd like to see her, see how she is."
Sirius and Hadrian can both hear the 'what she's been doing since she left' that Jasper leaves unspoken.
Sirius just wants these people off of the property, away from this haven that his family calls home. He wants them gone before Rosalie and Teddy return because the last thing Rosalie needs is a face-to-face confrontation with the past that she'd tried hard to leave behind her.
He can see it in the way Hadrian handles himself that his son wants these people gone just as badly.
It is the sound of crunching tyres approaching that breaks the awkward silence that descends between the two groups and Hadrian would have paled if he had been human. He knows the distinct sound of that engine; the car that his mother had gifted to him when they'd arrived in Forks, the car that Rosalie had borrowed for the day.
Hadrian has to actively suppress a groan at the timing. Of all the days that Rosalie didn't want to shop for hours... Shit was just about to get real.

When Teddy had been born, it was actively decided that the young boy would take the last name of his grandmothers family. As a Black, his parents had agreed that his future would be more secure if he had the safety of the Black name and fortune to fall back on if the world were to ever rear its ugly head and persecute him (more than they did now) for his wolf-like nature. He was an abnormality even in wizarding circles and as the past had proved, people were inherently afraid of what they did not understand.
Sirius had been as much a part of the decision as Teddy's parents had. He was older now, past the age where children would matter to him, but as a Lord he couldn't leave his line without an heir. He'd been more than willing to sign off and give everything to Hadrian, but his vampire status would mean that the entire fortune could possibly be contested by the Ministry of Magic (despite his renown as the defeater of the Dark Lord Voldemort). Hadrian already had enough to inherit from the Hale fortune anyway, so Sirius had asked Tonks if perhaps he could leave everything to Teddy instead; and she'd agreed, because if there was anything that was going to help her son live as normal a life as possible, it was going to be wealth and influence, and the Black family name had that in abundance.
Percy, who was neither Teddy's biological father nor the man to give the boy his surname, had taken some talking to, but Tonks had managed to convince him in the end that it was for the best. He was quick to realize that whether or not Teddy carried the Weasley name or the trademark ginger hair, the boy would always be a Weasley. And if Tonks' argument didn't convince him of that, then Molly's lecture certainly had.

Most of the time, Teddy channelled an interesting mix of Percy and Tonks: a little bundle of calm and quiet chaos all rolled into a tiny aquamarine haired tot. There were times however, when trouble reared it's ugly head, that they were slapped in the face with how much of a Weasley Teddy could actually be.
"Your son is a- is a- an abomination!" The dripping wet woman screamed as she attempted to wring some kind of neon green gunk out of her hair and away from where it was sliding into her eyes.
Rosalie pursed her lips in agitation and pushed the small child behind her where he grabbed the bottom material of her skirt with clenched fists and buried his face in his hands.
"Don't you dare talk about him that way! You, lady, are another kind of-"
From there they descended into screeching words and hurled insults until finally, the woman had to be dragged out of the store by two hulking security guards who were just as unimpressed with her behaviour. After that Rosalie was quick to purchase their goods and leave.
The ride back home was quiet and Teddy, in his booster seat, was sullen.
"'m sowy."
It's said with a forcefulness that is a testament to how well Andromeda has raised the boy.
He knows what he's done is wrong and he apologizes, despite the fact that he doesn't feel like he needs to.
Rosalie sighs as she spares a glance at him. She can't stay mad at him, with his pouting lower lip and his darkening eyes. He's much too cute for her to ever be mad at.
"It's okay sweetheart, but really! I know you didn't mean it and accidental magic is quite common but just because that lady was rude to you, that does not mean you can wish bad things to happen to her."
She says it while the corner of her mouth twitches. All she really wants to do is laugh, because if anything, the woman had had it coming. Pushing Teddy over as she waddled over to the toy section just to secure some kind of doll for her obscenely overweight and crying daughter. Teddy hadn't appreciated that, and neither had his magic. The next they knew the woman was swimming in some kind of gunk that had fallen on her like some great tidal wave that had appeared out of nowhere. Teddy, who was the first to laugh in the store, had taken the brunt of the woman's embarrassment and anger. Really, it was lucky the security guards had showed up when they had because Rosalie had been one second away from tearing that woman's throat out, secrecy be damned. Calling Teddy such horrible names, she was lucky she'd left that store with her life.
"... home?"
Rosalie nods at the boy before she throws him a sweet smile.
"Yep. Definitely enough adventures for you today."
At her words Teddy's mouth gapes open in a yawn, but the tot tries to fight it and covers his mouth with a fist to hide it from Rosalie. When he finishes he opens his mouth as if he's about to argue, but Rosalie laughs before she interrupts,
"We'll have some hot chocolate when we get home. Maybe after that you can tell Sirius and Hadrian all about that nasty woman and how you pranked her. Sirius will like that."
Teddy laughs and nods at the words though Rosalie isn't too sure if he'd really understood all of what she'd said.

This is what dying feels like.
Seth can't quite concentrate on much. It's hard because his vision is failing him and so are his lungs. He doesn't regret much, now that life seems to seep from his body at an agonizingly slow pace. He had sided with Jake when it mattered, stood up for his friends, stayed true to who he was. He's just sad that he won't get to cliff-dive with Hadrian, won't get to see Jake finally get the gir- err, guy. Seth regrets that he never got to tell his mother that he loved her one more time... Or Leah. Yeah, if he had a few more moments he would have liked to say 'I love you' to the two most important women in his life.
His vision alternates between startling clarity and hazy blurriness. It oscillates between the two so sporadically that tears form at the corner of Seth's eyes because of it. He can't hear anything over the roaring in his ears, the sound of the blood in his system pumping slower and slower and slower; if he did he would hear the screaming, the begging, the pleading, the sound of his own mouth keening as his Alpha tightens his already vice-like grip.
His breathing is laboured, fighting harder and harder to gasp for more of that ever elusive air. In just a few seconds however, even this fight becomes too much for the youngster and his body stops breathing altogether. It is calming, when he stops fighting and accepts that this is how he is going to die. Almost like the world all of a sudden makes sense.
But it doesn't.
Because Seth is dying.
At the hands of his best friend, his Alpha.
And that doesn't make sense.
At all.

Rosalie caving in to Hadrian's demands to complete the Blood Adoption had been the single most irresponsible act that the blonde-haired statuesque beauty had ever allowed to date. When she'd calmed down from the hype of it weeks later, she'd felt like slitting her own throat for how idiotic she'd been to risk the life of her child just for the sake of blood. Hadrian though, knew exactly how to play her even at a young age and his tears and pleading had thrown most of her common sense out the window. She was new at being a mother and though she'd taken to it like a duck to water and though it felt like the most natural thing in the world, even she couldn't bring herself to say 'no' to big beautiful watering green eyes.
It was 3 years later when Rosalie realized how lucky she'd gotten off with the Blood Adoption. Hadrian was aging, growing; his body was getting taller each year, wider. It was only through the help of a close family friend that she'd really understood how it was possible. Hadrian's inherent magic had combined with his vampire nature and was essentially simulating artificial growth in the young boy. It wasn't the same as human growth because vampires did not age, and Hadrian was indeed a full-fledged vampire; but it was for all intents and purposes the vampire/magic equivalent.

It wasn't until Hadrian was 15 when he'd realized that there was something not quite right with his appearance. All through his first four years at Hogwarts he'd had to deal with people telling him how much he looked like his father but with his mother's eyes. Green eyes. It shouldn't have been possible. He was aware what a Blood Adoption entailed. It deleted the genetic structure of one or more parents and re-wrote them with the new genes of the blood from the adopted parent(s). Rosalie had essentially deleted Lily Potter's DNA within his body and had it replaced with her own. It was impossible that his eyes could still be green. Rosalie's eyes were gold and when she'd been human her eyes had been blue. James Potter's eyes had been brown. It didn't add up.

A loud thud echoed in the empty Gryffindor common room as Hermione set down a heavy load of books on the table. She paused momentarily only to deposit her bag on the ground before settling herself across from Hadrian and Ron. The House of Lions were asleep and it was not uncommon for the trio to be found awake even at the early hours of the morning. Hermione and Ron had bizarre sleeping habits thanks to their perpetually awake friend.
"I don't think you inherited your eye colour from Lily Potter."
"Pardon?" Hadrian jolted at the words.
"I did some research-"
"-not surprising-" grins Ron sheepishly as the two boys draw their chairs nearer to the table.
Their heads bend together and Hermione flips open a book and spins it to face the boys.
"-anyway, I did some research. This is the Potter family history book. Dominantly the family had brown eyes, but every now again blue would pop up, it's the recessive gene in the family."
Hermione dives into her bag and pulls out a piece of parchment with her trademark scrawl all over it.
"This is an estimation of the Evans family. Lily's green eyes were a recessive trait because apparently neither her parents nor her sister inherited it. I considered that maybe she'd been adopted but that turned out to be false, she was a hundred per cent an Evans child. Anyway, in her family brown eyes were dominant and green eyes were recessive. So I wondered how it was that you could have possibly gotten green eyes and then I came across this."
Hermione pulls a second book from the stack and turns it to show the boys. They are enthralled at her words, silent as they wait for the whole explanation.
"This is a photo of Lily Potter on the day she graduated."
"We already know what she looks like, Hermione." Ron says confused.
"You don't see it, do you?" Hermione implores, her eyes boring into Hadrian's.
""See what?" Hadrian is just as confused as Ron as they stare at the full-page photo.
She's beautiful really, gleaming red hair cascading over one shoulder, moss green eyes peering out from a face that some would say was carved by the gods. Hadrian can't see that though, because his mother, Rosalie, would always be the most beautiful woman in the world; and though Lily Evans is pretty, she is nothing compared to the awe-inspiring beauty that is his mother.
Hermione points to Lily Evans' eyes,
"Her eyes, they aren't actually the same colour as yours."
And true to her words, they aren't. Lily's eyes are darker, more of a wet moss green compared to his own sparkling deep emerald eyes.
Again, another book is drawn from Hermione's pile. She takes a while to find the page she needs,
"This book has a colour swatch of every spell known to wizard-kind."
Here she stops and hands the book to the boys. It's easy to spot which spell she's talking about. On the pages they're looking at it is the only vibrant green coloured spell amidst a sea of dangerous reds and frightening blacks.
"Maybe it's a coincidence?"
"I highly doubt that, your eyes are the exact same colour as The Killing Curse."

As Rosalie draws nearer to the house, a feeling of doom settles into the pit of her stomach but she brushes it aside. She's used to this feeling, the kind of feeling that usually accompanied Sirius doing something horrendously life-endangering. She just hopes the house is still left standing and he doesn't hurt himself too badly.
Rosalie is aware that the dynamics of the relationship between herself and Sirius were incredibly... Unorthodox. She can't help it though. Sirius in his own ruthless, relentless way has always made her feel alive. It was different from the way she felt when she was with Hadrian; being with Sirius was like truly feeling danger for the first time. It was exhilarating and mind-blowing all at once. It was why she'd always had such a love-hate relationship with the man. She detested the feelings he brought out in her with as much intensity as she craved it.

When she breaks through the cover of the trees and spots out the extra figures in front of the car, she has to physically stop herself from the stalling the car. She had known that eventually this confrontation would have to happen, Hadrian had warned her that they had sought her out before; but she's not ready, not here, not now.
She can see the dark heads of her boys though, standing arrogantly in face of the family that she'd left behind her so long ago
The windows are up so she can't hear what they are saying.
"Teddy, sweetheart."
"Mmmm?" Is the boy's response as he stubbornly fights off sleep.
"You know the rules for when we're out, right?"
"Mmmhmm! Haiw... 'n... Eyes." He says the worlds slowly, yawning between each word.
"Good boy, sweetheart."
She takes an unneeded deep breath in and forces herself not to turn her head when she passes the Cullens and then Hadrian and Sirius. She slows down as she parks in front of the family manor, right next Sirius' new acquisition.
"You can do this." She whispers to herself.

The problem bothering Carlisle isn't Hadrian,the is the oxymoron that is Sirius Black. The man has deranged eyes, but his aristocratic features and impeccable posture speak of his coming from a well-off family. His hands though, are calloused for such a man of fine-standing.
Carlisle can clearly hear the beating of the man's heart, but its beats are not human. The thumping of it isn't uniform and beats to some invisible rhythm that Carlisle cannot discern.
None of this though, can compare to the puzzle that is the mans scent.
The man smells like lightening, like electricity, as if the very particles of him are moving at such speeds that he can smell the heat emanating from him.
Carlisle can't help but be completely perplexed by the smell and the feeling of doom that looms over him like an ominous cloud.

When the car passes them, Alice has to stop herself from gasping, or jumping, or running. A hundred years and here was her sister, right back where they'd started. Her eyebrows furrow in confusion when she see's that in the back seat, there is a child sleeping. A quick look at Esme and Alice can see that she is not the only one that has been thrown for a loop.
She passes them in the car and parks next to the car that is already in front of the house; and then she appears.

The door swings open and Rosalie exits confidently, masking the fear that she can feel gripping her unbeating heart. Her heels are the first thing to hit the ground and as she eases herself out of the driver's seat she looks not unlike a high fashion glamour model.
The minute she is fully out of the car and has slammed the door behind her, Emmett feels his throat tighten and his body stop pretending to breath. Equally, behind him, Jasper and Alice have stilled unnaturally. Carlisle is just as silent next to Esme and they watch, and wait.
She is beautiful, golden hair falling lusciously down her back, clothes impeccably fashionable and bright dazzling amber eyes sparkling in the dim-lighting that constantly seeped through the ever present clouds hovering over Forks.
She doesn't even turn to acknowledge their presence, instead she moves to open the back door. Hadrian is at her side less than a second later,
"Darling, can you grab Teddy's things from the boot?"
Emmett can literally feel his whole world falling apart around him.
How long has he dreamed of her voice in the darkest of nights? How long has it been since he heard the most beautiful sound in the world? He thinks that if he had to die, properly die, he wouldn't mind dying now because a part of him is at peace once again. The rest of him, however, is more agitated than it has ever been in his life.
In an instant Hadrian has the boot open and is pulling countless bags from within. Once he has all of them in hand he closes the boot and runs inside to deposit the bags in Rosalie's room. It is less than five seconds later that he returns from the house and walks towards his mother who is still unfastening the child from his booster seat. Esme is impressed by Hadrian's speed and wonders idly if Edward or perhaps Hadrian was faster.

When Rosalie smiles up at Hadrian it is such a breath-taking sight that it leaves Emmett dumbfounded. There is not a day that has gone past in the last hundred years that Emmett has not reminisced about this smile. It is a sweet smile, conveying so much love and adoration and emotion that for a second, Emmett's eyes have to look elsewhere because it is the most painful thing in the world for him to see her smiling at someone else. Someone that wasn't him.

Hadrian hasn't even opened his mouth to ask his question before his mother replies,
"I've got him, darling. It's fine."
Teddy's eyes flutter open and are hazy when he looks up at Rosalie and the tot blinks blearily.
"We're home, sweetheart." Rosalie whispers to the boy as she brushes away some flyaway strands that sweep infront of the childs eyes.
Teddy can barely be bothered attempting to form a coherent sentence and instead he raises his arms and waits for Rosalie to pick him up. She manages a smaller smile before scooping the boy out from his seat and settling him in her right arm. Teddy wraps both hands around her and buries his head into the crook of her neck before closing his eyes again.

This is it, she tells herself.

When she turns and begins walking to the large group congregated in front of her house, she does so at a human pace. She knows that Teddy has always been comfortable with the speed of vampire, loved it in fact; but Rosalie doesn't want to risk waking the tot in case the speedy movements jostled him. As she walks towards them, Hadrian walks at her side.

They can't see the child very clearly from where he has buried himself under Rosalie's chin, but they are uneasy as the trio draw nearer. His skin colour is identical to Black's, as is the hair colour that stands on unruly ends and seems to defy the very laws of gravity. They notice, with growing apprehension that the childs heart beats, but not in the way that a humans heart did. It's rhythm is unsteady as if dancing to a melody known only to the young child.
It is his scent that makes the Cullen family pause. He does not smell human; in fact there is not a single hint of humanity, or even mortality in the scent. He smells like... Lightning. Like electricity. He smells... Like Black. At this, Carlisle narrows his eyes slightly.

When Rosalie stops next to Sirius, facing her family, it is the first time that they have seen her in over a hundred years. Likewise for her, it is the first time she has laid eyes on them since she left; packed a bag, ran to the only friend she'd felt she had at the time and never looked back.
They look exactly the same as they did the day she left. Alice is still the same pixie-haired oddball, Jasper still has the same pained look on his face and Esme and Carlisle look just as content as always. When Rosalie's eyes land on Emmett no emotion crosses over her face; she can see that just like the rest of the family, time has not left its mark on the man. He looks just the same, no changes whatsoever.

Rosalie had died the same way she'd lived, as a sweetfaced 18 year old with hair the colour of the sun and eyes the colour of the sky. Not much had changed after her death, bar her eye colour.
On the day she'd left, she hadn't changed at all. She still looked like the same sweetfaced 18 year old with sun coloured hair and dazzling amber eyes.
Here though, in this moment, Esme can see that this is not the same daughter that had up and left them so long ago. She is older, wiser, her eyes a touch more jaded.
It is not so much her apperance that has changed, her appearance is exactly the same it has been since the day she died and turned. It is in the way she walks, the way she holds herself, the way she stands facing them. There is a maturity to every movement that she makes that transforms her to someone older, someone they do not quite know, someone that is not quite the Rosalie Hale that left them. Though in appearance she looks no older than Hadrian, the way she carries herself, the way she stalks the Earth as though an age has passed and time has actually left its mark on her (as impossible as it may sound); in this moment, they can understand how it is that mortals can say confidently that Rosalie is Hadrian's mother.

When she stops just a few feet away from them, she can see them studying her and is thankful that Teddy is in her arms because she has the distinct urge to fidget. She stomps that urge down though and crushes it beneath the same emotion that she usually reserved for Sirius and those who had a death wish; her all encompassing animosity and hostility for the world at large.

In all this time, Sirius has studied the faces of the Cullen's, Emmett especially; and he has not found anything that he has liked.
In a purely primal urge to establish his dominance as the Alpha over this land, Sirius moves to stand next to Rosalie, stopping only long enough to make eye contact with Emmett before winding a possessive arm around Rosalie's waist. Hadrian moves to stand next to his parents and it is this picture that they make more than anything else that breaks Emmett's heart and causes Alice and Jasper's eyes to go wide.

Rosalie concentrates on Sirius' arm around her waist. It is this contact that keeps her grounded and Rosalie is thankful (for once) that despite her front, Sirius (as always) has managed to see right through it. It is a completely unconscious move when she shifts into Sirius' embrace and stands in front of him as he rests both hands lightly around her waist and places a chaste kiss on her neck, carefule not to jostle Teddy.

Emmett thinks that if it was possible for vampires to get sick, this is the moment when he would vomit. The sight is sickening and Sirius' challenging glare is enough to make the burly vampire want to claw his goddamned eyes out.


The day the Clearwater family had lost their father had been the hardest day in Leah's life to date. Sure Sue had picked up the pieces afterwards and managed to move on (with Charlie Swann no less), and yes Leah and Seth had let it make them stronger as siblings and had drawn together and overcome the worst of it together; but Leah can still remember the days leading up to the funeral and the days following it.
Leah remembers that her mother had cried herself to sleep every night. Silent, heartbreaking tears that had made Leah curse her sensitive hearing and had made her want to curl up in her bed and never leave as her mother begged all the gods of their forefathers not to leave her alone, not to leave her to deal with this world without him. She can remember how quiet the house had become following her father's death, how her mother had seemed to move across the floor as if she were nothing more than a ghost of who she was. Leah can remember the stringy unkept hair, the sallow skin, hollow cheekbones and deep purple bags under eyes as her mother first stopped sleeping and then stopped eating. Leah can remember the fear in Seth's eyes during those days, the absolutely heartwrenching terror that they might lose their mother as well.
Leah knows that losing her husband had seriously crippled her mother and she knows with the same certainty that if anything were to happen to Seth, her mother would never recover. Leah knows this because if anything happened to Seth she herself would lose her last reason to live. It was Seth, more than anything, that had helped her stay sane after Sam broke her heart and though she'd looked after their mother after the passing of their father, it was Seth that had helped her mourn and kept her strong. Leah knows with absolute certainty that if Seth died, she would not be far behind.

Fear clutches at her heart when Jacob's hand tightens ever so slightly over Seth's throat and it is in desperation that she lunges at him.
Someone rushes at her left and she steps lightly, feints to the right and sidesteps Quil only to be met with a right-hook to the face. She had not anticipated on Embry being right behind him.
She crashes to the floor in a tumble of limbs, but flips herself back on to her feet before her body can crash into the wall. She can feel something warm dripping from her mouth and she knows that by tomorrow the bruise will look a hell of a lot worse. She tries to wipe the blood away from her mouth with the back of her hand but only manages to wipe a small amount of it away. More continues to fall from her already blood-stained lips, but she takes no heed.

In the kitchen Rachel fights every fiber of her being not to interfere. Paul has spoken to her in depth about the Rules of the Pack and she knows that this is a pack matter. Jacob's imprint was Jacob's after all, and Jacob had felt threatened enough by Seth that he was lashing out in the only way he knew how, through dominance. When Embry and Quil take Leah down as she tries desperately to get to her brother, Rachel has to stifle a cry and realizes that she can't watch this. This is her family and this hurts. As Leah stands, blood dripping steadily from her mouth, Rachel turns her back on the fighting and stands with her hands gripping the counter viciously. She evens out her breathing and tries to tune everything out as she focuses on her counting.
Pack business was pack business. She was just going to get in the way.

Leah's ears can pick out Seth's laboured breathing and his heartbeat slowing down, slower... slower... slower...
It is as terror grips her heart that she lashes out with no care. She needs to get to him, needs to get to Seth, has to be there, has to save him.

"... Hi." Esme's voice is breathless and her smile wavers when she greets Rosalie.

Jasper, Emmett and Alice are quiet in the ensuing silence and it is Carlisle that is the first to take a step forward towards her.
"It's good to see you, Rosalie." He hesitates, stops because all he gets in reply is a jerky nod from his estranged daughter.
Rosalie's eyes are dazed, as though she is not quite with them. Sirius' grip on her waist tightens and it brings her crashing back to reality, her eyes focusing sharply on Carlisle.
"Oh! How forgetful of me." She exclaims almost as an afterthought, the manners of a pureblood Lady flowing easily into the forefront of her mind.
"I haven't introduced you all."
Carlisle opens his mouth to stop her but Sirius beats him to it.
"We've already met, beloved." Sirius mouth is mere millimetres from Rosalie's ear and while his mouth is there he once again places a small chaste kiss just behind her ear lobe.
The quiet that settles over them is charged with so much unspoken tension that Hadrian has the distinct urge to see if can cut through it with a chainsaw.
Surprisingly, or maybe not, it is Jasper that breaks the awkward silence with an even more awkward question.
"Where were you?"
His feelings are leaking so distinctly from his body that even Alice's quiet whispers in his ear do not have any effect on him. There is pain there, in abundance, there is sadness and buried underneath it all, they can all feel the loneliness.
Rosalie is taken aback at how forthright Jasper is and is thrown for a loop as to how to answer. She had figured that eventually the question would come up, she'd been hoping though that it would arise later rather than now.
She gathers her answer in her mind before she even attempts to respond out loud.
In her arms, Teddy stirs and when his head of unruly black hair lifts from her chest, a small arm comes to rub furiously at his eyes. Rosalie becomes distracted at the act and stares intensely at the child.
Teddy's eyes meet hers, "' m tiwed."
As if feeling the countless eyes on the back of his head, the young child turns his head to stare at these intruders that have disturbed his slumber.
Alice and Jasper gasp out loud and Carlisle has to take a step back. The child is the carbon copy of Hadrian, dazzling amber eyes, ebony black hair and a facial structure that was entirely Rosalie.
"He's gorgeous." Esme says, clearing her throat.
Rosalie doesn't even pause when she replies with startling assurance, "Of course he is, all of my boys are."
Teddy's glare at the Cullen's is half-hearted at best and when he turns back to Rosalie he yawns widely,
"Wan' go bed."
Rosalie looks towards Hadrian and not even words are needed to convey her message.
"Why don't you put him to bed, Mother? Father and I will... Show our guests inside." Hadrian ends the sentence with enough contempt that it is obvious that he is far from pleased by the turn of events.
Rosalie nods at him and Sirius gives her waist a quick squeeze before she has turned her back on the group at large and starts walking away.
"If you would please walk this way." Hadrian nods to the Cullen's.
He doesn't stop to see if they are even following, instead Sirius falls in to step with him as they trudge towards the entrance of New Hale Manor.

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