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I got this idea when I watched a movie called New York, I Love You (If you know it you'll recognize it as the segment with Shia Labouf, If not I highly suggest you see it, it was amazing).

Summary: Bella checks into a hotel with no intention of checking out. There she gets reacquainted with an old family friend (Jacob) and starts to explain to him, even though she doesn't know why, what has happened to her. This is an AU story where Bella never met Jacob again when she moved to Forks, and when she married Edward, Renesmee didn't turn out the way the books said. Please R&R.

Just Outside Your Window

Chapter 1:

Checking In

The cab dropped her off right out front of Pandora Hotel. Its large brick structure had been once been the talk of the town in the 20's, but now its 23 floors held no excitement. With windows every two feet she felt like millions of eyes were focused on her, knew her plans, and was laying down their judgments. She walked into the double doors carrying only one crimson suitcase probably made around the same time as the building she was walking into.

As she entered the lobby the smell of fabreeze tried to mask the distinct smell of old books she knew so well. The carpets had a floral print on them whose pattern followed her past the crumbling stone archway and all the way to the front desk. She set down her bag and looked around for the receptionist, she was in no hurry, but didn't really want to linger in one place too long.

On the desk was a once shinny gold bell that now only showed crack of its former glory; behind it she saw a sign that read: If someone is not here to welcome you, please ring the bell for service (One bell ring per person please). The end made the corners of her mouth raise a little, as she rung the bell once she pictured fat tourists popping there hand on the bell six or seven times. The only reason for the end of the sign, and the only reason the sign made her smile. It seemed that lately she had forgotten how to smile, but before she could wander off into the dark corners of her memory a blond woman stepped in view from a back office of sorts.

"Hello, welcome to the Pandora Hotel, historical landmark where Vic Meyers set up his first speakeasy back in 1922. How may I help you?" The woman's voice was scared and rustic; like she smoked two pack a day since she was 10. Her tone was that of any service person who has to say the same thing over 20 times a day. For just a moment her obnoxiously hot pink sweater made the woman from the cab's mind wander, the receptionist tapped her dangerously large and curling acrylic fingernail on the counter waiting for a response.

"Oh I'm sorry, Bella Cullen checking in. I set up a reservation over the phone." Bella said coming back to reality.

The lady looked over to her 1980's computer, "Ah yes, Mrs. Cullen. You will be in room 3a," the receptionist said handing over a skeleton key attached to a thick gold ribbon that read 3a. "JACOB!" she yelled and looked back at Bella who was rolling the overly large key in between her fingers.

"Um, just curious, but does 3a mean that this room is on the third floor," Bella asked knowing the answer before she asked.

"Yes mam, the number always indicates the floor," The receptionist said back sarcastically. "JACOB!" she screamed again looking around for someone.

"Is it possible that I could get a room on a higher floor, maybe 20 or 21," Bella said and started to think of a reason for the switch, "I want hate all the traffic noise, you understand," Bella was trying to be as polite as possible, the receptionist already seemed agitated.

"Of course mam," She took the key back from Bella and gave her another skeleton key which ribbon read 22C.

A man no older than 21 ran out from a distant hallway in a blue jeans and a button down long sleeve shirt, which you could tell was the only nice shirt he owned. He rushed over to Bella's side and picked up her one suitcase, "This it mam," He said breathing a little heavy from the run over.

"Yes," Bella said looking at the man, jaw was seemingly cut from marble, with bark brow eyes that pulled at Bella as if she knew them from somewhere.

"This way," He said and looked at the suitcase which had the name Paula Front embroidered on the side, "Ms. Front."

She followed his as he made his way to the elevators, "It's Mrs. Cullen actually," She corrected him as the both entered the elevator and smooth jazz filled the air.

"Sorry, it's just the bag says…"

"I got it from a second hand store, I was kind of in a hurry to leave and had no luggage of my own," Bella found amusement in the mix up, but refused to let it show.

"Why were you in a hurry, if I may ask," As he said this he looked into her eyes and a flash from his childhood blinded him. He felt like he knew her, but maybe she just had one of those faces.

"I don't mind at all," she said as she thought, it doesn't matter anyway, "My husband and I weren't really getting along, I just wanted to get out of the situation as fast as possible."

"I'm sorry," He said feeling both sympathetic and excitement at the same time. He felt bad that she wasn't here for good reasons, but perked up when he heard that she might be available; an emotion he soon felt guilty about for feeling.

The elevator reached the 22nd floor and the doors opened to a brightly light cream hallway which elegance didn't seem to match the lobby. Jacob stepped out first and led the way to Bella's desired room. Her pace was slow but eager, she was here for a reason, what that reason was didn't make her want to get to the room any faster though.

"Here we are Mrs. Cullen," Jacob said taking the key from Bella in his free hand and unlocking the door. As it opened a gust of fresh linen smell wafted out into the hallway not missing Bella's nose. She walked in and was amazed by the space available, the front room held a table in the very middle of the room, on top sat a lone white lace table cloth. As she walked father into the room, it splintered of into the bedroom area, which contained a queen size bed and two end tables, and the bathroom, which white paint and bright lights made Bella's eyes hurt. "Where do you want the bag miss," Jacob said as he watched her look around the room. Her beauty was not going without notice, he watched the way her hips moved as she walked in her stiletto heels to the window, the way her hair flowed wild, and as she turned around he gazed at her soft yet critical face as she scanned the room.

"Right by the door is just fine," She said and once again Jacob's mind began to have inappropriate thoughts as he watched the way her lips moved with every syllable. He knew her, why couldn't he place it?

"Right, is there anything else you might need?" He asked, hoping for a reason to come back or stay longer.

"Not that I can think of," She said once again scanning the room. "Thank you."

"Ok, have a nice evening, and if you need anything at all press zero on the phone by the bed." He said and walked out of the room, closing the door slowly behind him.

Once alone, Bella allowed her mind to wander. Thoughts like, how did I get her and what else am I supposed to do? She pushed them all aside and went over to the bag Jacob had left by the door. She brought it over to the bed and started to take out its contents and place them around the room. Two picture frames depicting her and her husband Edward, both from their wedding. One was a picture of Edward and she during their first dance as newlyweds, the other was a picture of the entire wedding party, her father Chief Swan, included. She placed the frames on either side of the bed and moved back to the suitcase. She then removed a long silk white dress with lace and beading all around the neck line, the very one she was wearing in the photos she just displayed. As she held it in her hands the memories of that joyful day filled her every senses, look on Alice's face the first time she saw her in it, the smell of the flowers that bordered the walkway that led to her new awaiting husband, the feel of the white rose bouquet held tight in her nervous hands, and the taste of the ruby red lipstick she was so scared had leaked onto her teeth.

Her mind was so filled, she barely heard the knock that came at the door breaking her nostalgia. She placed the dress on the bed and walked over to the door, anxious thinking it was her jilted husband.

As she looked through the peephole she saw the bellhop who escorted her to her room, the one she thought she recognized. His posture was that of a school boy waiting to see the principle, nervous and adrenaline pumped.

She smiled to herself and opened the door, "sorry to disturb you, the hotel manager wanted me to sent this up to you," He lied as he looked down at the rolling cart carrying a bottle of champagne and one single glass.

"Why thank you," Bella said confused, to her knowledge she had done nothing to deserve this royal treatment. She opened to door wider and Jacob rolled the cart into the main area of the suit. He couldn't help but look around when he started to open the bottle for her and pour the first glass. "That's a beautiful dress Mrs. Cullen, are you attending a special event while here in Seattle?"

She walked over to the bed and picked up the dress, "It was my wedding dress, one of my closest friends bought it for me, and please call me Bella," She said placing the dress up to her neck so he could get the full visual experience.

"And is that your husband there in the photograph," He asked pointing to the picture by the bed.

"Yes, that's my Edward. Handsome isn't he?" she said without meaning it. Numbness encroached on her every time his name was mentioned lately.

"I don't mean to pry…Bella," He said her name like if he said it too loud she would disappear, "But you look so happy in those pictures, but when you mention him that same joy doesn't appear."

Taken aback by his blunt honesty and his apparent interest in the topic at hand Bella searched for the answer to defend herself and her marriage, but nothing seemed to come to mind. "We don't really get along very well anymore," She said placing the dress back down on the bed.

"Again, if this is too intrusive please stop me, but may I ask how long you have been married?"

"That is rather bold of you, but id doesn't really matter now anyway. We were married about three months ago, but we had been dating for several years before that. All the time I spent with him, he was all I could think about, now…" she broke off unable to finish.

"I'm sorry Bella, I didn't mean to…"

"It's ok, really I'm fine." She re-composed herself as Jacob walked over to her and handed her the glass of champagne he just poured. She took it and gave him a pained smile, as she drank Jacob continued to look around the room. The other photo caught his eye, a man from the wedding party photo jumped out at him and he couldn't help but blurt out his thoughts.

"Charlie Swan, you know Charlie Swan!" He said amazed to recognize someone from his home town of Forks, Washington.

"You know my father," Bella said back just as shocked.

"He was my father's best friend, or at least he was. I haven't talked to anyone from home in ages."

"Wait are you Billy Black's boy, the one that I used to play with at the beach when I was like 7?" She almost squealed with a burst of excitement.

"Holy crap, you're Bella Swan. You used to drag me into the ocean till I couldn't touch, you tried to drown me before I even knew what drowning was." He laughed from his gut, his whole body shaking.

Bella laughed too, "Sorry, that's how I thought people learned how to swim; I was just doing what your sister told me to do."

"Of course she did," Jacob said pretending to be bitter, "When did you move back to Forks, last I heard you were living with your mother in Arizona."

"I moved back in with Charlie when I was about 16, how come I never saw you around." She asked all propriety leaving her.

"Yeah, I got into some trouble when I was a kid, hung out with the wrong crowd," He tried to mask the truth, which was far more trouble than he could explain, "I fell for this local girl, Leah, but she had her eyes on someone else. Of course she failed to mention this before we started dating," He paused trying to make light of the obviously embarrassing situation, "I caught her and my best friend going at it during a camping trip, walked into the wrong tent."

"Ouch," Bella said not knowing how bad this still hurt him.

"Yeah so got out of that place as soon as I could raise enough money to move to the city. Got a job here and the rest is history." He said looking around the apartment like it was his own personal palace. "What about you?"

"Like I said, went to live with my dad when my mom got remarried and had to move to Florida. Felt out of place and weird, then Edward found me and I fell in love," the wave of sadness rushed over her once more.

Jacob didn't know what else to say, and from her silence he figured the same thing was going on with Bella. Feeling awkward now, Jacob took the now empty glass from his newly rediscovered childhood friend and poured her another glass. "Well, I should be getting back," He said ashamed at his lack of courage to continue the conversation, and left the room after she nodded in agreement.

Now alone once more it was back to business for Bella, she just kept reminding herself, nothing matters. It was nice to see him again, but I must do what I came here to do. She went back over to her suitcase and pulled out a CD with no label on it, she put it into the DVD player and listened as "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" played from the T.V speakers. She got undressed slowly, swaying to the gentle rhythm the magnificent electric guitar made. Left only in her bra and panties, she glided her way over to the window and looked down at the people and cars moving in and out of her range of vision; ignorant to the pain contained in the walls that surrounded her. She unlocked it and lifted the window slowly, allowing the real world noises and smells to permeate the space. She looked to the sidewalk directly underneath her and 21 floors of height, and thought, that's a long way down.

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