Well, here I am starting a new story….I came up with the idea after listening to "Never Again" by Nickelback…..I am really excited about this story, and I hold it near and dear to my heart, I hope y'all like it, or even love it as much as I do. Read it and tell me what you think….I don't own all the Characters, but I did make up the ones that you don't recognize. Enjoy, and BTW I don't own the songs either; but please listen to each one before reading it's chapter….I picked each song to represent something from the chapter, whether it be some of the lyrics, or just the mood of the song, or both!


Haley Chapter 1. Mrs. Williams

Nickel back "Never Again"

He's drunk again, it's time to fight

She must have done something wrong tonight,

The living room become a boxing ring,

It's time to run when you see him clenching his hands,

She's just a woman

Never again……………..

Been there before, but not like this,

Seen it before, but not like this,

Never before have I ever seen it this bad,

She's just a woman,

Never again………………..

He's drunk again, it's time to fight,

Same old shit, just on a different night,

She grabs the gun, she's had enough,

Tonight she'll find out how fucking tough is this man,

Pulls the trigger as fast as she can,

Never again,

Seen it before, but not like this,

Been there before, but not like this,

Never before have I ever seen it this bad,

She's just a woman,

Never again!

Mrs. Williams Pov


"That poor girl, so sad…..I hope he doesn't hurt her to bad this time, I shouldn't of had him arrested this morning, but she had so much head trauma. Why don't you just leave, or press charges? You could get help in a homeless shelter, you could stay with me….." I shook my head, in pity for that poor girl in the next apartment over.

"Damn it you worthless whore, say something, I can't believe I got arrested this morning, your going to pay bitch! Cry damn it!"

"She's not going to say anything Mike!" I seethed, as I scowled at my bare white wall. He was there on the other side, beating that poor sweet girl. I always talked to him like this, even though he never heard me. I used to scream and pound on the wall, telling him to stop, or that I was going to call the cops. And I did call the cops a few times, but she never pressed any charges. I finally just stopped my tirades for her sake, he always beat her more, if I interfered. But this morning she didn't come over, and I got scared. But usually I just don't interfere.

No, I just talk to the wall, until it's over, and then I help her the best way I can, when she knocks on my door the next morning after he leaves for work. Most of the time it's just bruised eyes, arms, legs, or stomach. Other times it's a broken nose, other various broken bones, head contusions, and even once a busted spleen, and fractured pelvis.

But not matter how much he wants her to yell, or cry, or even fight back, she doesn't, she won't. She is weak and tortured in so many ways, but very strong in her love for the little baby lying in the crib behind a closed door. No, she won't yell, cry, or fight back no matter how much pain she endures. She'll just close her eyes, take the beating till it's over, and know she gave whatever comfort she could to her sleeping angel. Because even if her angel wakes up, her angel will never know, what exactly is happening on the other side of that locked door.

Isabella, moved in next door to me four years ago. She was a pretty young thing, quite smart too, but you could just tell by looking in her eyes, that she was broken. It was the first thing I noticed, when I met her the first day they moved in.

Being the good natured southern woman I am, I baked them a pie and went next door to welcome, the young couple. I sat down across from them at their kitchen table, as Mike, told me their story, or at least the version he wants people to know.

Bella and him, where high school sweethearts, and had been given the opportunity to open up the new corporate store of Newton Outfitters. Apparently, his parents own a small family business, and had built it up so much, they where able to market it as a franchise. Mike and Bella agreed to move to Alaska and attend college, while overseeing the new flagship store.

Also according to Mike, they where engaged to be married and awaiting a new addition to the family, and thus, Bella was going to be unable to attend college now. He continued to drawl on about himself, and his stores; I just nodded when I thought it was appropriate, but, watched Bella. Her eyes where haunted with deep lying sadness, and her emotionless face, made me feel as if she didn't care where she was, or what she was doing, she didn't care if she was dead or alive. The only emotion she ever showed was a small smile towards me, and the twinkle of love in her eyes, whenever the baby was mentioned.

The months before the baby came, were relatively quiet. A couple times, I would hear Mike berate her about something, pertaining to the baby, and his dinner. He constantly was talking to her, telling her she was worthless, and lucky to have him. His favorite line to use was "no one wants you….you know its true…you were too ugly for him, for anyone, your lucky I took pity on you". I began to get concerned because as the months continued, the more hateful and loud he would get with her, especially if she would say something back to him.

The week that the baby came home from the hospital, Mike became violent. And that was the first time I called the cops. He was arrested, and Bella refused to press charges, so he was only held overnight. That night I made it my mission to talk her into leaving him.

"Bella sweetheart, just leave him, you are better than this" I said sweetly as I cleaned the blood from her pale face.

"Mrs. Williams you don't understand…..I have nobody" She cried.

"What about your parents Bella, you could call them"

"No…no I can't" she said sadly.

"Bella……will you…will you tell me the real story? Not the sugary sweet and egotistical story Mike gave me? The true story, the story that would explain the dead look in your eyes, the story of why the baby looks like neither Mike or really….you?" I pleaded. She took a deep breath and started.

"Don't judge me please, and never mention ANYTHING or ANYONE I mention…ok? Because if Mike knows you know, well…we both know what will happen" She grimaced.

"I was in love once. The soul mate, can't breath until he's beside you, kinda love" She smiled, as her eyes filled with tears.

"His name was Edward and I met him my junior year of high school. See, I was born in forks, but my mother Renee left my father Charlie, when I was very young, to phoenix. My mother eventually remarried and after a couple years, her husband wanted to travel for his job. So, I chose to move in with my dad, for the rest of my high school years. I met Edward shortly after and we fell passionately in love. Mike of course was jealous of Edward and hated him severely. Edward left me heartbroken and catatonic early in my senior year. I don't wont to go into that, but it destroyed me. I no longer had a reason to breathe, to live, to exist. Mike and my friend Jake where interested in dating me, but after a date gone wrong, my friend Jake refused to talk to me anymore. I really never like Mike, in that way, but my father was very distraught from my earlier melt down. So to act as normal as I could for him, I began to date Mike. He was sweet and was one that was interested in a mental heartfelt relationship. We continued to date, and he became very possessive. Two months into our relationship my father Charlie was tragically killed in the line of duty. That was the day I officially didn't care to live anymore. The Newton's offered me their home, and I accepted, because really…I didn't care either way, I probably would have lived on the streets, if I had to. After Charlie's death, life really meant nothing to me, so I didn't make decisions, I just…….floated through each day That's when Mike began to mentally abuse me, but I was already beyond help, that it didn't really worsen my depression. Mike made the decision that we were going to get married right after graduation. His parents had offered him the flagship store and he planned our new life together. They were so proud of their son, he was going to go to college, run their new store, and had the 'prettiest' girl in high school as his fiancé" She rolled her eyes, the only emotion she had shown so far. She continued on in her bored monotone voice, that had kicked in once Edward had left the story.

"That's the only reason he keeps me around you know, because he doesn't want to disappoint them. Anyways….we were supposed to leave the day after graduation, and head here, but those plans change the night, Mike sent me to Port Angeles to pick up some things he had ordered, and that's when it happened. I was cornered by five college guys and drug into a dark alley, where they each took a turn at me. I was found later by a pedestrian and rushed to the emergency room. The men were never found, and Mike blamed me for what happened. That's when the metal and slight physical abuse amped up. He was embarrassed to have a pregnant rape victim as a fiancé, especially one who refused to give the bastard child up. So he used my current emotional state, to pull a few strings and technically get us to graduate a full two months before the actual graduation date. And That's when we moved here, he decided I wasn't going to attend college, or get a job. The only job I had was to be his personal blowup doll, and punching bag. It wasn't until she was born that shit hit the fan. Mike had refused to marry me once we arrived here, since he thought I didn't deserve to bear his last name, however when she was born he purposely missed her birth and ended up signing the birth certificate before he saw her. As you notice she look nothing like Mike and I, but she carries a strikingly odd resemblance to someone………Edward." She smiled down at the sleeping child in her arms.

"That's just terrifyingly sad Bella" I croaked.

"Tell me about it…I'm not dumb ya know, I know I shouldn't stay with him….but I have no one and nothing….I have to give my baby anything I can, even if I have to pay for it with bruises" She said emotionless.

"But Bella what about your mother and her husband? Can't you depend on them?" I asked horrified by her desperate position.

"No" She said sadly.

"But, she your mother" I huffed out in complete shock.

"I…..I refuse to tell Renee about the rape…..plus when I told her I was getting married she….she flipped out, she said that if I was going to ruin my life that she wanted nothing to do to me……..I know she really didn't mean it, and in reality I never did get married, but so much has happened…and now there is Haley……..it's better that she believes that I am attending college, with my handsome caring, and successful Husband….I….I….I just couldn't bear to cause my mother more grief than I did, after Edward left……and I have completely lost touch with her, I don't even know what state she is living in now…..there is just no way….no way." She said defeated.

"Oh" Was all I said in response. 'If I had the money I would move her away from him, but a retired music teacher on a fixed income barely pays my bills', I had thought to myself at that moment. Bur the reality was that I couldn't do much for her….but I promised myself I would do anything I could to help this poor broken child in front of me.

And I had, I would baby-sit for her when she needed, which wasn't often because Mike only allowed her out of apartment to buy groceries. He never knew about the time she and Haley spent in my apartment, she was always careful to be back in hers an hour before he was to be home. She began to save small amounts of money she had saved from clipping coupons in a coffee can and kept it on top of my fridge. She used it to buy things she needed for Haley, and to pay for online college courses, that she took using my computer. I knew that if she was ever to leave Mike, she needed an education, and a small cushion of money. She also kept a few important things to her here. Things that if Mike saw or read, would probably trigger a beating.

A little over three years has pass since Bella opened up to me, and our bond is strong. I'm not sure how I feel about leaving her alone, for the next few months while I aid to my ailing sister states away. But I will pray for her, and hopefully soon she will be able to leave. She is a few credits away from getting her associates degree now, and she has a over a thousand dollars saved in the coffee can. Her darling daughter, and her only reason for living, is now three and a half years old and extremely smart. Bella spends almost every hour of everyday with her, reading and teaching to her everything she can. And she has been learning how to play the piano for two years now, and can play considerably well, for such a young child; thanks to her amazing teacher, and favorite neighbor, Me. You would never know that she lives in a battleground of a home, for, she is a happy and loving child. Her mother has been able to shield her from most of what Mike does, but she can't shield her, from Mike's ranting or insane rules, like, her not being able to call him anything other than Mike, or that Bella can only spend fifty dollars a year on her clothes.

"Fine if you don't want to cry, I'm sure that little rug rat will….Oh NOW you have a reaction huh?" His screaming broke me from my memories.

"Please Mike, leave her alone! You said you'd never touch her!" Bella screamed. I was getting very nervous now. Mike never even acknowledge there was a child living in the apartment. The child was not aloud to come out of her room when he was home.

"You better not touch that child Mike, I'll kill you myself" I growled towards the wall.

"Yeah well I lied you stupid bitch!" I heard him yell to Bella, as I heard the heavy footsteps he was making towards the child's room.

"Mike!" Bella screamed.

"What the hell are you doing by my safe? Your not allowed to-!"


"Was that a gun shot?" I reached for the phone and frantically called the police for the second time today.