Title: Defective

Author: SJPearce

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone in this story except Skyla and any other names you don't recognise. I am simply borrowing the Twilight characters for my own fun and entertainment.

Spoilers: Sam's sister arrives in La Push after 5 years of being away, but something has happened, something bad. Jacob imprints with her but how long will she be around for?

Please note: Jacob and Bella have only ever been friends. This story will more than likely only be a 2-5 chapters long.

Defective – Chapter 1

I ran as fast as my legs…well paws would let me go. The trees whizzed passed me and I felt more like I was flying than running my paws barely touched the forest floor. The bag with my few possessions in was starting to bug me, it was in my mouth as I ran and it kept hitting me in the side of my face. Plus my cell phone had been ringing none stop and if I still had an opposable thumb I would have turned it off. Oh the things we take for granted.

I'm sure I had been running for days, it felt that way and I was starting to tire I would need to take a break soon. And I was starving. But I couldn't exactly walk in to a convenience store and buy a pack of chips looking the way I did.

I didn't actually know what I looked like, I'd hardly stopped to look in a mirror and I didn't intend to.

I had to stop, my legs couldn't carry me anymore, I needed a break, it was dark in the forest and I only had a few more hours left of my journey before I would be home and I couldn't exactly walk out of the woods looking like this, I would have to find a way to go back to normal, to look human, if I could go back to what I looked like before…before the fur and the paws.

I decided I was deep enough in to the forest that no one would be hiking this far in or at this late hour. I curled up in to a ball under the nearest tree not liking the sensation of the wet ground on my fur, at least I wasn't cold. I flicked my bag round so it was resting on my back rather than the wet forest floor.

I woke when the sun broke through the trees, I didn't feel rested at all and I must not have changed position all night as my bones were stiff when I stretched. I stretched and reached my arms over my head and realised I had hands, not paws. I jumped to my feet and held my arms out in front of me, I had hands.

I did a little squeal of excitement which would have been embarrassing if anyone else was around, and then I noticed I was naked! Force of habit made me scan the immediate area to ensure there was no one watching the naked girl squealing in excitement.

I opened my bag and quickly dressed in to a pair of dark denim jeans and black jumper, and the only pair of trainers I owned, then I realised that the other set of clothes in my bag plus the ones I currently wore were the only clothes I owned to.

My stomach growling in protest at the lack of food I'd had in the last 24 hours bought me out of my day dream of the full wardrobe that I had left behind. I sighed picked up my bag shoved my foot in to my trainer and began to walk.

It wasn't long before I couldn't take the hunger anymore and decided I would have to get some food. I was only a half hours walk from home and it still must have been quite early as the sun wasn't very high, I didn't want to wake my brother up early, I had time for breakfast.

I knew La Push well, and I couldn't imagine in the five years I had been gone that much had changed so I knew exactly where to go for breakfast.

There were a few trucks parked outside and one black old looking motorcycle, no one turned to stare when I entered the diner. I don't know why I expected them to, it's not like I still had paws and fur, as far as they knew I was just a normal girl coming in for my breakfast.

I found a booth at the far end of the diner and sat with my back against the wall so I could look around the diner. Nothing had changed, me and my brother use to come here every Saturday morning, the waitresses knew our orders without asking.

I scanned the other customers as the grey haired waitress made her way over to me with a pot of coffee, there was a couple of old guys sat at the bar drinking coffee and reading the mornings newspaper, one of them mumbled something to the other about "youngsters nowadays" and then went back to reading.

I smiled as the waitress poured coffee in to my mug and asked me what I would like "Pancakes please, with everything" she wrote it on her small pad and then trotted off towards the kitchen.

I took a sip of my coffee and then looked up, and that's when I noticed the tall, dark haired, handsome stranger that was staring right at me. He looked like he hadn't blinked in a while. I noticed how intense his deep brown eyes were, how flawless his skin looked, how his shirt clung to his muscles.

After I had scanned down as far as I could before the table blocked my view I quickly averted my eyes, I didn't like the way he was staring at me, it was weird, like he was staring through me, looking for something? I starred in to my coffee and tried to act like I couldn't feel his eyes on me, I don't think it worked, I saw him stand from his seat out the corner of my eye, I hoped he was leaving, he was making me nervous.

Instead of walking to the door he walked towards me, my heart began to race, I tried to look anywhere but at his face but I couldn't help myself, he didn't look hostile, or angry, but I couldn't figure out what emotion his face was portraying.

"Hi" he smiled, it was like a half crooked smile like he knew he was making me nervous, which was clearly humours to him.

"Hi" I replied going back to looking in to my coffee.

"I'm sorry if this is rude but are you an Uley?" he frowned slightly, like he wasn't quite sure now he had asked.

I laughed, I'd been nervous for nothing, he knew my brother. "Yes…" I smiled back, relaxing and looking up at him "…I'm Sam Uley's sister; it's the nose isn't it?"

He laughed and took a seat across from me nodding, "sorry but that Uley nose is unmistakable, although yours is smaller"

"Oh well that makes it all ok then" the waitress set my plate on the table; I thanked her before she walked away.

"I'm Jacob, Jacob Black." He reached his hand over the table for me to shake.

I shook his hand "I'm Skyla Uley, Sky for short"

Me and Jacob spoke a while, well Jacob spoke whilst I chewed my food, he was a nice guy, he was telling me all about Sam and his friends, he spoke about all of them like they were his brothers rather than his friends, it was sweet. As I swallowed my last mouthful of food Jacob told me Sam had never mentioned me, Jacob and his friends were unaware Sam had a sister, that stung a little, but wasn't unexpected.

"So does Sam know your coming?" Jacob asked me as we exited the diner and stood by his motorcycle.

"No" I shook my head "I thought I'd surprise him"

"I'm headed over there now if you want a ride?"

I panicked; I wasn't ready to see Sam. I hadn't decided what I was going to do yet, I needed some more time to think "Thanks but I'm gonna take the long way round go for a little hike, need to clear my head first"

Jacob looked at me suspiciously "Ok, well I won't tell him I saw you"

"Thanks" Jacob seemed like a really nice guy, but I wondered how he would react if he knew the truth about me? Would he think I was a monster, would he hate me? I don't know why but the idea of Jacob Black hating me, the guy I had known all of 5 minutes, really hurt me.

This was turning in to be a really weird week.

I don't know how long I had been sat on the rock crying for and I was totally unaware of my surroundings, which was careless as I could have been attacked by any number of wild animals, so when someone touched my shoulder I jumped half a mile in the air and turned poised ready to attack if I needed to.

I could feel the fire in me, building up, trying to get to the surface, my hands shook and I tried to fight it off, I didn't want it to happen again, I couldn't let it happen again. I told myself to calm down, I closed my eyes and breathed deeply, I barely heard Jacob when he spoke.

"Sorry" Jacob said quickly holding his hands up as if he were surrendering "sorry, I didn't mean to scare you"

I put my hand on my heart and stood starring at him for a few seconds to let my heart regain its normal pace and the fire ripping through me to subside so I could breathe before I spoke "What are you doing here?" I didn't mean to snap at him.

Jacob watched me cautiously, I still hadn't straightened up and for some reason my body wouldn't relax "I could tell you were upset about something I wanted to make sure your ok, which clearly you aren't" he said pointing to the tears on my face.

I wiped them away quickly, not that there was any need he had already seen them "I'm fine"

I slumped back down on the rock and Jacob took this as an invitation and sat beside me "Clearly that's a lie"

I took a deep breath, I knew I could trust Jacob, I didn't know why I trusted Jacob Black but I did, but I still couldn't bring myself to tell him the truth "I wouldn't know where to start"

"Try me"

"You wouldn't believe me, hell I don't even know if I believe it, or if I had some kind of mental break down, even if I did tell you, you'd have me committed"

"Let me take a wild guess" Jacob began looking up in to the sky like the clouds would give him the answer "something's happened to you that you can't explain, something you wouldn't ever think was possible" I starred at him with my mouth slightly agape "by that look I'm guessing I'm right"


"You're a werewolf right?" he asked the question so matter-of-factly; like it was a conversation he had every day with girls he had only met hours before. "Your not alone, you need to speak to Sam, he can help you deal with this, we both can" I was gob smacked how did Jacob know? And what did Sam have to do with all this? "I know it's hard to believe, but I promise you its going to be ok"

This isn't how I wanted to come home. This isn't how I wanted to see my brother for the first time in almost five years. The tears ran down my cheeks and I knew I had to get control of myself before Sam saw me.

I wanted to see my brother, I wanted to see Emily, I wanted to see my old house, I wanted to be home, home where I was safe, home where I knew Sam would look after me, welcome me with open arms even after everything that had happened I knew my brother, my wonderful brother would make everything ok again, Emily would cook me some food and not stop feeding me till I burst, we would sit on the sofa and gossip and talk and reminisce about the good old days before…before my brother became, it was still hard to believe…a werewolf.

Turning the last corner I realised La Push hadn't changed the trees were the same colour, the road still had the pot holes in all the same places. The house still looked the same just a little older. Sam's car was outside and the front door was open and all six sets of eyes turned to look in my direction. They had heard Jacob's bike.

He parked at an angle so they wouldn't see me get off but I know it wouldn't take Sam long to get to the front door to greet me. I took a deep breath before I got off the bike.

As I suspected Sam was standing on the porch watching me along with four other tall, muscular, topless men. There faces were young but they couldn't be boys they were to big to be boys they were men.

"Hey bro" I chimed as I turned to face the gang of men.

The four half naked men watched me walk slowly towards Sam, I took in their faces, they could have been brothers, all varying in age and height. "Hey Jake, picking up strays now?" one of them called, I didn't turn to look at Jacob but I could imagine the scowl he threw in that direction.

Sam calling my name snapped me out of my trance of staring at his friends. "Hey bro" I smiled walking closer to him and this smile wasn't fake it was totally genuine.

I was introduced to the pack as Jacob had explained Quil, Embry, Paul and Jared I was sure I was going to mix up there names except Paul, he was the loudest and most annoying he was the one who had shouted to Jacob when we had arrived.

The pack didn't leave and I knew I would have to ask Sam for a word in private in front of all of them as they weren't showing any signs of leaving and I was getting more and more anxious as the seconds ticked by.

Paul and I think it was Jared were arguing about something I wasn't paying attention to and Sam was standing next to Emily with his arm around her shoulder.

Sam kissed Emily lightly on the head and it was so sweet, I had forgotten how totally in love they were, it was so nice to see my brother happy, it made me happy to know Sam had found someone he loved, it made me feel less guilty for leaving him alone.

No one paid much attention to me, it wasn't like they were ignoring me it was like I had always been there so there was no need to pay special attention to me so when I snuck out the back door unnoticed I was quite relieved to be alone.

The wind felt nice on my face but it wasn't enough to stop my mind racing. Sam and the pack had explained the basics of being a werewolf to me, the heat, the phasing, the imprinting (not sure I believed that part), the vampires, they all spoke about it like it was the most normal thing in the world and I guess to them it was.

They all phased for the first time within months of each other and so they all dealt with it together and helped each other. I hadn't been so lucky, plus I hadn't told them the whole truth of the first time I "phased".

I wasn't alone for long before I heard the back door open and I turned to see Jacob step outside and close the door behind him.

"A lot to take in isn't it?" he asked sitting beside me on the bench.

"Just a little" I laughed with no humour.

"It's not all that bad when you get use to it and learn to control it"

I started to cry, he was being so nice to me, if only he knew the truth. When he saw the tears Jacob placed his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer to him so I was leaning against him, I turned my head in to his shoulder and wept. Jacob didn't speak he let me cry and just held me.

I felt safe in his arms, I felt like I belonged, everything was going to be ok as long as I was with Jacob, as long as Jacob held me this way I was going to be ok.

That scared me, I hadn't even known him 24 hours and I already felt so strongly about him, I pulled away from Jacob as Sam stepped outside.

Sam took in my tear stained face, he sighed deeply and then sat on the bench across from me and Jacob "so you gonna tell me the whole story?"

Sam knew me to well; he knew I had been holding out on him. It was now or never, I had to tell him, Sam could help me; he could make everything ok again.

But where would I start how do you begin to tell your brother that you had killed two men?