Chapter 2

It took me a couple of minutes to pull myself together before I could speak, both Sam and Jacob waited patiently for me to find my voice and then both listened without interrupting.

"I was making my way to my boyfriends, it was light so I cut through the park, there were a few joggers and a few people walking their dogs so I guessed it was safe enough…"

I had to take a deep breath to calm myself, neither men let their eyes stray from my face "…I was like 10 minutes away when I saw these two guys walking towards me, I didn't like the look of them, the way they carried themselves, the way they sort of missed a step when they saw me, the way they swayed obviously drunk…

"I couldn't turn and run they'd chase me but I didn't want to walk passed them either…then I thought why should I be afraid? I have every right to be there, I should be able to walk the streets without being scared I was getting angry, and I felt really hot but I just thought it was adrenaline; they passed me and didn't say anything. I was so relieved, and then someone grabbed my hair…"

I started to cry again reliving it in my head, Jacob moved closer and placed his arm around my shoulders "…they pulled me to the floor and before I knew what was happening I was on the ground and one of them was on top of me, I asked him to stop, told him my boyfriend was expecting me and he just growled at me to shut up and that if I kept quiet it would be over quickly…I don't know how else to explain it other than I went blind. I just saw this red haze and by the time I could see again they were in pieces, blood was dripping from my mouth, and it barely looked they had been human once and I had paws. I grabbed my ripped up clothes and my bag in my teeth and ran, I just ran, I didn't phase back till late last night"

"You ran here?" Sam asked astonished

Of all the things I had just told him he was worried about me running home "Yeah, I didn't want to stop, I was scared"

"Its ok, it's going to be ok" Jacob soothed

"have you spoken to anyone since it happened?" Sam enquired watching Jacob's hand as it rubbed my shoulder soothingly.

"No, I haven't been human long enough to even think about calling someone and who would I call anyway?" I stood up, I was getting nervous about his line of questioning it didn't seem right, he should have been handing me in to the authorities. I started to pace.

"Good keep it that way" Sam chewed his bottom lip "its best everyone thinks the wolf got you to, dragged you off to its den or something."

"What?" I stopped pacing and starred at him "Sam are you for real? I've killed two people, two innocent people…"

Jacob interrupted me "well they weren't exactly innocent, they were going to hurt you, its self defence"

"They didn't deserve to die for it and doesn't what I did make me just as bad as them?" I didn't understand either Sam or Jacob's line of thought. Was I supposed to forget what had happened? Pretend like I couldn't still taste their blood.

"What do you plan on doing? Go to the police tell them your turned in to a wolf and killed two would be rapists?" Sam asked seeming to get a little angry with me

"Well that's better than letting my friends think I'm dead!" oh god as the words left my mouth the realisation sunk in. Katie, Zoë, Vicki, Jodie, Kieran, Aunt Val they would all think I was dead, oh god, I couldn't let my friends go through that not when I was alive and fine, well alive, I wasn't fine. I was confused, upset, worried, scared and every other possible emotion that was humanly possible. "Oh god Sam, Aunt Val, I can't let Aunt Val think I'm dead, she'll be distraught and Tank she can't take care of Tank, she's knocking on 80 Sam she can't walk a dog."

Tank was my 3 year old boxer dog, he was my best friend I would jump in front of a bullet for that dog, he was everything to me. I never understood the strong bond I had with Tank, until now. I use to think I loved him so much because Sam gave him to me when he was 8 weeks old, a year after our parents died so I always just put it down to him filling a small space in my heart, but now maybe it was more than that, maybe it was because I was a werewolf!

"Aunt Val knows about the whole change thing, Uncle Benny went through the change back in the day, we can tell her what happened."

"Can you go get Tank?" I pleaded with my eyes, doing my best I'm-a-lost-little-girl-please-rescue-me impression that use to work when I was 7.

"I don't know…"

I interrupted him "Come on Sam please, even if we go with the I'm dead story it wouldn't be strange for my brother to have my dog and collect some of my stuff and bring it back here"

Sam looked at Jacob and he shrugged "Makes sense to me"

I smiled my thanks to Jacob and Sam sighed "I think this needs to be a pack decision"

Ugh. Sam annoyed me he was fine being a dictator when it suited him but when the real stuff happened the really important stuff he always tried to palm off the responsibility to someone else.

"Can I skip it?" I asked "I need some time alone, some air. You know everything you can explain it all just as best as I can"

Sam nodded "Don't go far and be back before dawn"

I mocked saluted him before I walked through the back door, I didn't make eye contact with anyone as I crossed the room to the front door. And I heard Jacob follow me out of the house and for some strange reason I didn't mind that he was coming with me, in fact I felt a hell of a lot better knowing Jacob was coming with me.

Jacob followed me through the woods silently, I knew he had questions I could feel the tension emanating from him and for now I was glad he was being polite and keeping them to himself.

I didn't stop walking till my legs began to ache and the way time seemed to stand still at the moment that could have been days for all I was aware of it.

I sat on the ground and felt, rather than heard, Jacob sit beside me and placed his hand on my leg. It was strange how we hadn't known each other a day yet physical contact seemed natural.

"So…" Jacob took a deep breath and from the long pause I guessed he changed his original question before he asked "…What's the deal with you and Sam? Why did he never mention he had a sister?"

I chuckled "How long have you got?"

"As much time as you need" he smiled, his smile was amazing, along with the rest of him, I couldn't put my finger on it, then it clicked in my head like a light switch being turned on. We had imprinted on each other!

I quickly looked in Jacob's eyes and he must have known what I was thinking because before I knew it I was in a fierce kiss with him, my hands tangled in his hair pulling on it slightly, and he was tugging my waist closer to him so I moved my body and straddled him without breaking the kiss.

Well I cant call it a kiss, it was more than a kiss, it was like an explosion of fireworks in my head, all my senses intensified and I could hear both our heartbeats thumping in unison, I couldn't catch my breath and I didn't want to.

We both pulled apart at the same time gasping for breath. And I have to admit I was a little annoyed that we had to be able to breathe! Jacob rested his forehead against mine and kept his hand behind my head on my neck, I sighed.

"You wanna talk about it?" He asked, I wasn't sure whether he meant the imprinting, the murdering, the story between me and Sam, it could have been any number of things.

Me and Jacob spent a while talking, well I mostly talked and he listened and asked questions when he felt I should elaborate on something. He was so easy to talk to; everything just flowed out like a river. I was telling him things I had never told another human being in my 19 years.

The story of me and Sam interested him the most and he made a joke that Sam had never told him about me knowing Jacob would imprint on me. I explained it was a little more than that.

I was a good kid, got good grades, did my chores, never broke curfew, volunteered at the weekends, did my homework, never got detention, never had a boyfriend, didn't drink, and didn't smoke. I was a very good kid.

But then when I was 13 my parents died in a car crash. Being a good kid made no difference bad shit still happened to me. Sam was 19 at the time and became my legal guardian.

It took him a year before he had had enough of my behaviour (joy riding, drinking, smoking, skipping school, fighting, staying out till all hours of the night) Sam bought me a puppy, Tank, he thought it would give me a sense of responsibility, make me happy, but it didn't. I looked after the dog, but I still went missing for days on end without telling Sam where I was and most of the time I didn't remember.

Sam couldn't take care of me anymore, it was to much for him and when I got kicked out of school on my 14th Birthday he shipped me off the my Aunt Val's.

"It didn't take long for Aunt Val to whip me in to shape, she was a scary woman when she wanted to be. I came back for the summer a while after and spent it with Sam and Emily, we had a great time, me and Sam got on like we use to, no arguing nothing. Then it was time for me to leave again, he all but got down on his hands and knees and begged me to stay, us to be a family again…" I took a deep breath holding back the tears "but I was selfish, I liked my new life, away from the memories of mom and dad, with my new friends, my new school. I didn't want to live with Sam. We got in to a huge fight over god knows what and we both said stuff we shouldn't and I stormed back to Val's and we didn't speak again till I showed up here today"

"It's not like Sam to hold a grudge" Jacob told me

"I guess he's changed, learnt from his mistakes and all that"

I sighed heavily, I felt like crap and was really, really, really tired but I wasn't ready to go back to Sam's and face the pack and the looks they were bound to give the new killer werewolf girl!

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks "your vampire theory doesn't work" I muttered it rather than said it not quite making sense of my own thoughts, I looked at Jacob who had been tracing circles on the palm of my hand he looked confused "you said you only phased cause there's vampires in town, that you can tell there vampires because they smell bad and there really hard to kill as hard as stone"

The expression on Jacob's face said he clearly wasn't getting what I was saying to him but he asked the question anyway "and that means what exactly?"

"they were human Jake, they didn't smell bad, except the alcohol, they weren't hard as stone, they weren't hard to kill, in fact it was kinda like slicing a knife through butter, melted butter at that"

A quick flash of fear glinted in Jacob's eyes then he composed himself and half smiled "come with me" he told me standing up and reaching his hand out to me "I have a little experiment"

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