The Species:

Demon: Common.
Demon, the most common species in the GA world. They look like humans, talk like humans... actually their a lot like humans in every way except that they can control elements and do magic and stuff. Half demons are also very common. A half demon is produced when a demon mates with another species of any kind. There are different classes.
1st Class The weakest of the bunch
2nd Class
Stronger than 1st class
3rd Class
Stronger than 2nd class
4th Class
Strongest of all the classes
½ Class
Not purebred, power varies but never stronger than 4th class

Fairy: Discrete but somewhat common.
People with fairy wings. Come in two sizes; small and human sized. They control elements and have close connections to their element and are close to animals.
Fairy: Earth, Ice, Water, Fire, Air etc.

Angels: Extremely Rare.
People with feather wings. They are so rare that when they are found, most are shunned by society. There are four classes.
1st Class One wing. Weakest of all.
2nd Class
Two wings. Average.
3rd Class
Three wings, two side by side and third is below the right/left wing. Strong.
4th Class
Four wings, two big wings between shoulder blades and two smaller wings under the bigger wings and located lower back. Very powerful. Also known as the Guardian Angel.

Other Magic Folk:
Witches, wizards, sorcerers, sorceress, mystics, Spirits, Vampires, Werewolves, Wererabbits, Wereanimals, Elves, Cerberus, Mage, Healer, Guardians and many others.
(Ps tell me if you know some and please explain...)

About Floe:
Small but developing town in the mountainous region. Has four seasons.
Spring: 1 ½ months
summer: 1 ½ months
autumn: 1 month
Winter: 8 months


Witches- magic bound humans with either one power, say ice, or a theme, pumpkins. Often seen as evil, though the good one have to work hard for the recognition of goodness. Human looking and tend to be lacking in some way.

Sorceress- Witches practically, but sorceresses have the ability to cover their natural flaws, therefore seen as seductresses. Often older, as in past the teens. Possibly a step up for the evil witches as all sorceresses are seen as bad.

Wizards- male version of a witch.

Sorcerers- male version of a sorceress, but the male is usually focused on bending as many people as possible under their will, whereas sorceresses are sometimes focused on seducing unsuspecting men.
+Wizards and sorcerers generally hate witches and sorceresses and the feeling is mutual.

Mystics- Human, generally, sometimes with the ability to change into animals and often confused with werewolves/ Wereanimals but have tight connections with the earth and will often try to protect unnecessary forest clearing/tainting/damage.

Spirits- deceased. Usually with unfinished business although not usually seen by most.


Element Spirits – can be any forms possible (animal, human those that appear human like demons, witches and mages and even sometimes the deceased.) They have the ability to manipulate Earth's Elements that being Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Metal, Wood and Electricity (energy).

Medusa – there can only be one in existence every 300 years or else all species would surely suffer from her ugly face and venomous face. Anyone that dares look at Medusa would either turn to stone, become completely insane with no chance of having back their sanity or becoming blind to the world.

Oracles – usually found in every town and city. Few and far in numbers and if a new Oracle is found he or she is sent to another place where there is a need for an Oracle. They are like Mages but they have more insight to the future and have prophetic dreams. The Oracles meet each other every six months to be kept updated with each other.

Pegasus – horse with wings and they come in size and colour. They are bred as messengers, presents (for the royal family stuff as well as peace offerings), to be researched, to be kept in zoos and to participate in racings.

Unicorns – they are horses with horns and are purely white in colour (though their horns can be of different colours and that is rare). They live in thick forests and are rarely seen and appear to those that yearn to see them, those that are lost in their forest and need guidance to get out or, in some very special cases, they appear forth to a soul that calls to them.

Vampires – are classified into one big group. They can turn into bats willingly though it takes lot of skill and mastery (being a bat can be very tricky and some vampires have even died because of failed concentration, bad navigation etc), they don't necessarily turn to dust in the sun's light; they merely get a very serious case of sunburn! They love the night because of their endless allergy to the sun light. They drink blood to live but most don't take more than necessary. They can be nice people sometimes.

Werewolves – people who are deadly allergic to anything silver (they seriously are! Their skin turns red and then they swell up and itch for the whole week!), so they keep as far away from it as possible! They have better senses such as hearing and the sense of smell. They turn into wolves when they feel like it (voluntary) and they are forced to transform into wolves on the night of the full moon. They may sometimes go berserk and the best thing to do then is... To get the hell away from them as fast as you can!


Hydra - A giant tree like dragon with seven heads, each multiplying when you cut one off

Minotaur - A monster that is half bull, half man. It wears a golden ring in its nose, and enjoys eating young women

Satyrs - Half goat half man. They are generally good. All satyrs have curly hair, and horns.

Nymphs - Daughters or sons of the river

Goblins-a small, green creature that is somewhat humanoid. It possesses very large, glassy black eyes, its hands and feet are uncommonly long. Goblins are very skilled at craft work. They are proud creatures.

Hobbits - Short dwarfs that live in the sides of hills. They are completely humanoid, but are never above 100 cm. It's very hard to catch one.