So, I finally saw New Moon last night. Sorry Robert, but Taylor takes the cake. WHOA BABY. And as a result, guess what gets stuck in my head?

I opened my eyes to beautiful red-brown skin. I had my arms wrapped around Jacob's warm chest and I tipped my head to look up into his face. This wasn't right. I always dreamed of Edward.

As I looked up, Jacob looked down. His nose traced mine. "Told you you'd dream about it."

I flinched. "No, no. It's Okay," Jacob hushed me. "I'm not going to push. I'm just going to be here, like you need me to be." His nose continued to stroke mine and his scent filled me. Such an earthy smell, so comforting. I sighed and turned my head a little. He kissed my temple. His hand came to my cheek.

"But, I can't. I can't be. Edward."

"It's a dream, Bells," Jacob assured me. "You can have anything you want." Then he kissed me again. Not like he had today. Gently, softly, tentatively. I put my hand to his cheek and kissed back. He smiled against my lips and put his arms around me, pulling me closer to him. He was so warm. It was so different from cuddling with Edward. I ran my hand down his back to his hip.

"Jacob!" I half jumped, "You're naked."

He snickered and kissed my ear. "So are you."

He was right of course. This dream was getting out of control fast. My heart was threatening to beat right out of my chest. I needed to do something. I started to turn away. Jacob moaned a little. He released his hold enough to let me turn, but not move away. He kept one hand on my hip.

When I turned I saw white. A marble chest. Oh, this dream was completely out of control. Though now, maybe I didn't mind that so much. "Anything you want, love," Edward assured me. His chest was bare too and his cold fingers traced my cheek even as Jacob's flaming lips pressed to the back of my neck. I gasped at the contrast.

I shifted closer to Edward and Jacob let me go, his hand on my arm now, still stroking, still caressing. Edward slid his hand under my arm, over my ribs. His thumb finding the curve of my breast. "Oh Edward," I moaned.

He smiled and kissed me then, my arms wrapped around him and I pressed more tightly to him. Since this was my dream, he was naked too. Jacob's hand was still caressing me, my back now, my waist. His touch seemed even hotter when I was pressed to Edward's icy body. Edward stiffened as my kiss grew to deep. Odd, if this was a dream, why would he do that? He pulled his face away. I shivered.

"That's my cue," Jacob's husky voice whispered and I felt him hot against my back again, melting the ice Edward had turned me into. I gasped as his lips found the back of my neck again. I was still tight to Edward's chest, half hot, half cold. Edward's hand was tracing my hip now. Jacob's hands found my chest, pulling me very gently back to him. I turned to kiss Jacob now, while Edward's hand continued to trace my hips, my spine. I kissed Jacob with abandon, the way I had kissed Edward, the way Jacob had kissed me. Only Jacob didn't pull away. He squeezed me tighter.

"This is what I can give you that he can't," he whispered. Then he nipped my ear and I shrieked.

Edward made his counter argument. His hand traced the inside of my thigh. I gasped and felt my insides moisten. "I think my touch, though less rough, is more intoxicating." Now he lay kisses on each of my vertebrae as Jacob continued to kiss me, his hands tangling in my hair.

"Oh my god," I muttered. "I must be dead."

They both laughed. "I'm glad you're not." Edward answered first.

"You don't have to be," Jacob whispered against my lips.

I turned back to Edward again, wanting more of his kisses. He granted himself more freedom this time, his tongue touching my lips, opening them. Jacob's warm hands were on my stomach, pulling my hips into his. The moistness intensified. I groaned in pleasure.

"For tonight," Edward whispered.

"You don't have to choose," Jacob growled.

I woke with my sheets in a tangle. That was a GOOD dream.