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There sitting in a dark small room light just barely making it through the short burgundy curtains lay an unconscious Taylor Charlotte McKessie. Sitting next to her, former lover, fiancé, and creator of this chaos Chad Danforth peering into the now darkness, trying to contain tears threatening to fall. 25 years of his and the gang's life nothing but happiness, love, and ups and downs did it ever occur, to him he'd be responsible for the possible death of his friends…no family.

My love and my life are possibly gone because of me…all because I was selfish and irresponsible. My friends…my family are gone. My child and the love of my life Taylor McKessie may be dead because of me. For right now, let me just explain some recent events.

February 21, 1985 2:32 a.m.

Pain tore through her body as she pushed out a baby. "Get this thing out of me!" It was finally happening; Jacklyn and Eric Danforth were finally having a baby boy well- 'Okay maybe a lil' too far, how about around the time baby #1 was acknowledged…'

July 2nd, 2009 11:45 a.m.

"Jordyn can you pass me the jar of pickles in the fridge please cousin?"Tay said taking out 4 spoonfuls of Pistachio ice cream. 'What the hell was my girl eating?' "Umm sure here ya go in the hell are you eating?"Jordyn McKessie asked quirking his eyebrows. 'Exactly what I said…okay maybe not said, she's been a lil' hormonal lately. She cried this morning because I didn't make bacon. The girl is crazy…don't tell her I said that'

"Baby you sure you don't want some?"She said offering me spoonful. "Naw...I'm good baby." 'That's it Chad keep a smile on your face and your breakfast down.' "What about you guys?" 'I'm going to vomit.' "No thanks Mickey." Ryan said grabbing an apple. "I'm a chef but I've never seen that mixture before." 'Dude Zeke is trying so hard to smile right now.' "No thanks cuz considering it smells like a dead wet puppy!"Jordyn made a disgusted face.'That's just plain mean J.' "Ball anyone?" Jason asked. 'He raised that damn basketball Billy, the one we had since we were six. Idiot.' "Right behind ya!"

Gabriella's POV

'Mood swings, chronic vomiting, headaches, eating like there's no tomorrow...D'oh!' "D'oh!" Shar raises an eyebrow at me. 'I have to stop watching the Simpsons with Jason. The same time I open my mouth to speak Tay proves my accusations…she ran to the bathroom to blow chunks. She's pregnant.' "Your pregnant."I say holding the hair out of her face. "Pregnant? Thats impossible"! 'Did she forget we own New Mexico's most successful practice together?' "Please, I probably just have a stomach virus or-" 'She blows more huh you were saying Tay?' "How can I be pregnant?"(Vomits again) "Well see Tay when 2 people love each other they do the-" Kelsi started."Shut up Kelsi!" Sandra gives Kelsi an 'I can't believe you look' and continues rubbing Tay's back.' Jason and her are the perfect couple sometimes.' "I'm not exactly ready for a baby right now you guys." She starts crying.'Freaking Hormones already kicking in.'

Sharpay's POV

"Tay are you serious? Danforth loves you more than life will be more than ecstatic!"I say pouring out a cup of seltzer water. "Chad is a kid himself he'll only be happier with a mini you and him running around the house..okay maybe a mini you and a lil' afro puff for a baby boy but still."It was Kelsi's turn to add her 2 cents." Be sure to brush your teeth first..because it stinks...badly" 'I can't believe she just said..what is wrong with Kelsi?' Gabi and Sandra give her a 'I'm getting ready to hurt you look'."Sorry?"All she does is shrug. Unbelievable.

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