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Wednesday Afternoon
12:30 pm
April 22nd
At Baylor's Cookie Crumbs
Sharpay's POV

My vibes were going crazy talking to that woman. I wasn't a particular fan of hers right now, but I'd still be cordial for everyone's sake. She got one more time to make a smart remark before I leap across this counter and slap them budget beauty salon extensions up out her skull and show her what I ought not to do with them.

My phone rang.

"Sharpay speaking."

"Oh look who decided to finally answer their phone. It's not like I was having a hair emergency on anything." I could almost hear her roll her eyes over the phone. Not like she fought the effort to hide the sarcasm in her voice.

"I'm sorry Care I was just uh...caught up with a new "friend"of ours. What's the emergency now?"

"Can you fit me in today? I have a date tonight and I am in desperate need of your magic."

"How bad we talking?"

She paused, "Uhm...like Haggard from Harry Potter meets Solange Knowles. My new growth is crazy and my tracks are loose. A code yellow my friend."

My eyes went wide,"Oh my God, child are you crazy? Why would you even wait that long to call me? I gotta pull out the Harry Houdini code yellow case from the booth. I can fit you in for a one o'clock appointment."

"Good because I'm already sitting in front the salon. Now please hurry, this humidity is doing no wonders on my frizz,"she said, the anxiety now sounding in her voice.

"Go inside and tell-"I was interrupted by the sight of Troy entering the room with Calvin in his arms.

"Uhm...hold...hold on Care. Troy what are you doing back here? I thought you were heading back to East High?"

He walked right past me and headed straight for the fridge. "I am I just had to get something."

I raised an eyebrow,"Where's Taylor?"

"She is at home."

"I think she forgot to get something."

He stopped rustling around in the refrigerator long enough to stare at me,"What?"

"Her son! Why do have Calvin?"

He resumed rustling around then stopped again, to glance at me. "I'm watching him. Can you hold him while I get his bottles?"

"You're taking him to work with you and Chad?"

"When I get these three baby bottles of formula I am."

I took him from Troy,"Go brave soldier."

"Where's the diaper bag?"

"In the car,"he paused and raised an eyebrow. "How long has Chad been out there with Grace?"

"A little over an hour I think."

He scoffed,"She certainly is keeping him occupied."

"I've never seen him that interested with Taylor."

"Troy relax, she's just a coworker as much as I hate to admit probably just have the same interests."

"Oh that's mighty big of you Sharpay."

I shrugged,"Don't get used to it. Are you done?"

"Yeah let's get back to the car."

"If Calvin comes back half as stupid as his father, Taylor will kill you."

He started out the door with me following closely behind him. "I know she made that quite clear to me."

"Chad come on, it's time to go."

I watched him sit there, rambling on with Grace completely oblivious to me and Troy's presence.


He snapped back to reality and smiled, glancing at us. "Oh hey Troy."

"We gotta get going."

"Don't you have to take Tay somewhere?"

"I already did."

"Oh,"he turned his attention back to Grace. "So we're still on for dinner tonight?"

Oh God, you have got to be kidding me.

She smiled,"Oh of course."

"Why don't we ride back to the school together?"

I glanced at Troy, watching emotions play out on his face. He shifted on his feet, watching Chad.


"I wouldn't want to insist-"

"Chad...I'm pretty sure Grace has some errands she would like to run."

"Oh that is right, I do have to drop Laurie off before I return to school."

Chad forced a smile,"I'll see you later then. I'll call you."

Outside The Bakery
Troy's POV

You can't be serious. You cannot be serious. Did I just witness Chad flirting with another woman?

Sharpay rolled her eyes,"Chad open the car door please."

He screwed up his face in anger, cracking open the car door. "What was that about Troy? You acted like I did something wrong in there!"

Shar pushed past us, buckling Calvin in his car seat."Listen I have nothing to say right now to say to you either Chad. If you two decide to argue in the car, please do so quietly."

I looked at her, smiling," Thank you Shar."

"No problem. I'd do anything for that boy,"she kissed Calvin's forehead and closed the car door.

"You're taking the baby with us?"



"Taylor needed a break so I offered to take Cal for a bit."

"I didn't sign up for baby sitting duty today Troy."

"Do you have a problem with my decision?"

"Obviously. You didn't ask me first."

"He's your son Chad! How is this so bad? She's your girlfriend and she needed a small break from being a mother to your son! Hell I had to insist even take it!"

"Drop it."

"I mean is there a problem Chad?"

"I said it drop it."

"Answer the damn question!"

"Troy drop the damn subject."

Calvin started to wimper so I lowered my voice. "Can you answer the question please?"

He hesitated and sighed,"No, there is no problem Troy."

"That's what I thought."

Chad's POV

What is it with everyone riding my ass lately? Damn forgive me, if I need some time to myself every now and again. I'd like to think I can at least have some time to enjoy myself before I'm tied down with the responsibilities of a father.

"Did she feed him already?"

"No he's been asleep since he left the bakery. She didn't get a chance to feed him when he woke up at the doctor's office. You want to feed him?"

"Uhm...I...I mean judging by the books I don't think I'm ready to do it by myself."

He raised an eyebrow,"Chad for nearly four months you've never even attempted to feed Calvin?"

"I was always working so I left it to Taylor."

"You need serious help."

"I'm working on it."

He turned into the parking lot.

"We're here. Grab the diaper bag and I'll grab the car seat."

"Yeah just let me park in this spot and-damn!"

Someone had pulled into the parking spot just as Troy was pulling in.

Kelsi got out the car and smiled.

Troy rolled down the window,"What the hell is your problem Kelsi? You know that was my spot!"

She smirked,"All is fair in love and parking."

He rolled his eyes driving further into the lot. He pulled into another space and turned the ignition off.

I got out opening the back door and unbuckled Calvin's car seat. "Come on Cal, now you can see where daddy and Uncle Troy work."

He cooed, grabbing his own foot and smiling. See even without words we had a bond.

Kelsi raised an eyebrow,"You're taking Calvin to work?"

"Taylor needed a break."

She stared at us,"Be careful please. I don't think I have enough Kleenex or black heels in the world for your funerals when Taylor unleashes her wrath."

Troy chuckled,"I'm okay with her wrath. I can't speak for lover boy over here in the corner."

"I don't need any warnings about how to take care of my blood thank you very much Nielson."

She cocked her head curiously,"And what if plan A doesn't work out?"

"Then well go to plan B."

"Maybe if y'all hadn't skipped Plan B thirteen months ago, we wouldn't be here talking about this now."

Troy chuckled,"That's all Chad dude. I had nothing to do with that."

"All I'm saying is to be careful. There are some crazy people out here. They may even be the ones you hold close and dear."

"Like anybody would be crazy enough to harm my family."

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