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Wednesday Afternoon
12:45 pm
April 22nd
East High Gymnasium
Chad's POV

As Troy and I, stated towards the gymnasium, Calvin began to get restless and whimper.

"Shh Calvin, we're almost there. I'll heat up your bottle in a second. "

"Who's using the gym now?"

"I think the girls volleyball team is practicing right now."

In order to get to our office, we had to cut though the gym and head straight through the boys locker room. The girls locker room was right next door so you can imagine our luck. When Coach Bolton retired, they moved his office to the locker room for more "convenience". Sometimes I didn't think they paid us enough for this.

"Do you think they'll rat us out?"

"The girls won't snitch Troy. A baby, plus two men, and teenage girls equals squealing, cooing, and cheek pinching."

Troy and I entered the gymnasium, jump-starting a chorus of squeals. We were then circled and anxiously bombarded with a series of questions.

"Oh my God he is adorable!"

"OMG Mr. Danforth is this your son?"

"Can I hold him?"

"Can I have him?"

"Does he smell?"

"How old is he?"

"What's his name?"

Troy held up his hand, instantly silencing the squeals. "One at a time ladies."

Brianna stared at me, "Mr. Danforth is this your son?"

I smiled proudly, "Yeah, his name is Calvin."

Letoya ran over, "He looks just like you! How old is he?"

"He'll be four months in two days."

"Can I hold him?"

"I'm sorry Lori but if you touch this child, his mother will kill you. Then she will kill us."

"Does my father know about this?"

"Troy rolled his eyes,"No Scarlett, your father does not know about it and we plan on keeping it that way."

Scarlett touched his arm,"I'm telling on you."

He leaned in, "Oh then I guess he'll be glad to know that his daughter is a chain smoker and has been caught on two different occasions under the bleachers with a certain Levi Smalls."

She scoffed, snatching her hand away,"That's blackmail !"

"Troy smirked, whispering in her ear,"No Scarlett that's politics."

Calvin started to whimper again, this time a bit louder than expected-catching the attention of the passing basketball team.

Micah Douglas, head of the boy's basketball team sauntered his way over, grinning cheeky. "Coach Danforth, I thought we were dribbling balls not babies."

Letoya scoffed,"Shut up Micah."

He ran a finger through his golden dreads, sighing. "Letoya baby, still cranky since the break up?"

She scowled,"Bite me Douglas."

"I'm afraid that's no longer within my job criteria babe,"he winked.

"Are you gon' hop off or nah Micah?"

I glanced at Troy, unsure of the future consequences we'd be faced with if we got into trouble. I was all for taking my son to school with me, but was it really worth it if his father was suddenly unemployed?

Troy's POV

Chad glanced at me, mirroring my facial expression when Calvin started to whimper. I suddenly wasn't so optimistic about the thought of him dwelling within close quarters. I was concerned for his well being more than anything, but then again what was it really worth if we were risking it by keeping him here?

"Uhm...C I dunno if he belongs here. I'm getting a bad feeling about this and you know I don't ignore my feelings."

"You think Tay would mind?"

"There's good reasoning behind him going him. Isn't that right Cal?"I glanced down, to be met with a big toothless smile.

"I'm sure that smile means gas Troy, don't flatter yourself."

"Come on Cal, let's go back home. No room for Haterade in here,"I stated, picking up his car seat.

"See ya later baby."

I smiled,"See ya later honey."

"Clown I was talking to my son,"he chuckled.

I scoffed playfully,"No need to get testy about it mister."

Taylor's POV

"If I could, could forget him...I would please believe me. And I know that I should throws the towel in, but baby its not that easy hey. You treat me so much better than him. And if I was sane, there'd be no competition...but I'm in love with someone else,"I sang along to the radio, vacuuming.

A knock sounded on the door,"Who?" I turned off the vacuum, opening the door.

"Troy hun, what are you doing here, and what are you doing with the baby...?

He smiled,"Uhm...can we come in? I don't think it would sound logical if I explained it standing out here in the hallway."

"Ooh yeah come in."

He came in and rested Calvin in his rocker,"Cal-I'm getting a bad feeling about taking Calvin to school. I know its odd that I say it now, but I...I dunno."

"What's exactly is the problem here Troy?"

"I dunno Taylor, that's the problem."

Absent mindedly dropping Calvin's diaper bag by the couch, I tripped, landing in Troy's arms.

He smirked, "Klutzilla has attacked once more. You okay?"

"Yeah...yeah I am."

Just then his hand grabbed behind my neck, pulling me in for a mind shattering kiss. Lord I'd missed his lips so damn...much.

"Hey Tay I just stopped-oh my God!"

I'm in love with someone else...I'm so sorry baby hey...

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