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"Chapter 1: Boooooooring!"

"What should we do?" Fanny whined, "we´ve already been here one month and nothing´s happened".

"They don´t even have a decent dancehall in here!" Esme filled in.

"And we´ve already visited every mall!"

"What is there left to do?"

The two girls looked around them, seeing the crowds. Everyone walked so elegantly around each other they hardly touched once. All around were huge buildings and Japanese signs in neon light, everything witnessing about a town way less exciting then it looked.

"And we´re going to stay here four more months" Esme moaned.

"Damn!" Fanny said again, "are you up for sushi?"

"Miyakis"? Esme muttered.


"I guess so! It´s the only place not robbing one off all one´s emergency money".


"This fish has to be at least five months old", Esme grimaced once they sat inside the restaurant, pointing with one of the sticks at her plate.

"Are you surprised?" Fanny raised an eyebrow, throwing significant glances around the room.

The interior was made of grey bricks that were filled with food traces and texts in different languages, all in bad hand writing.

"Some things are the same everywhere!" Esme looked at the texts.

Safe for the two girls there were only a few people at the restaurant. An old man with torn clothes and a beard that didn´t look like it´d been cut for ages, three young guys with baggy clothes and a middle aged women who´s lips hung down as if though someone´d put 3 kilos weights on them.

"Looks like she´s been having way to much sushi here", Fanny raised a meaningful eyebrow.

"Umhum", Esme nodded.

Fanny picked up her sticks again, taking another peace off sushi between them. Knowing exactly what the dark blond girl intended to do, Esme protested.

"You shouldn´t split them up!" the girl with the dark brown, half long hair exclaimed, "it means bad luck here!"

"Whatever!" Fanny shrugged her shoulders, "whatever makes things happen..."

"Don´t push it!" Esme raised a warning finger, "sometimes one finds out what one wanted at first isn´t really..."

"What one wanted! I know!" Fanny rolled eyes.

"All I´m saying is sometimes boring is better then dangerous."

"No matter how much I´d want it", Fanny sighed, "splitting up a piece of sushi won´t change a thing."

"Don´t say that!"

"Look around!" Fanny looked around the restaurant, "these walls looks exactly the same as yesterday! No one´s cleaned them up, and they sure as hell haven´t scrubbed the floors either. I bet the reason is, no one dares getting close enough after all this time they´ve let this place rot! Look here!" Fanny looked at the other guests, the old man who´d now put the mitso soop all over his beard, and the woman who by now looked as if she was about to eat the whole place and spit it out, "same people like last time we were here, and the time before that and probably the times before we came to Japan and probably tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and..."

"Look!" suddenly Esme turned her attention from her friend to the door, fixing it intensively with her eyes.

Fanny turned around, seeing a tall man in a long black coat and black boots. He looked about like any man they´d seen in Japan, approximately 170 cm tall, thin and with short black hair. Though his face was smooth and free from wrinkles he didn´t look like a young man. The look in his brown eyes was serious and almost severd, and his face stiff like that off a statue. He walked passed the other guests without throwing them a single glance and walked directly to the disk.

"Strange guy", Esme whispered, "he looks like he´s swallowed a block of ice".

"Yeah!" Fanny nodded, looking seriously at the stranger.

The stranger looked at the man behind the disk, with a stern expression in his eyes.

"They´re whispering about something", Esme hissed, excitedly.

Fanny fixed the men with her eyes.

"It´s some kind of arch", she said, "I don´t know what this is about but they sure don´t seem happy".

"Damn it!" Esme muttered, "if one could only read lips!"

"It wouldn´t help us", Fanny stated, "they just turned their backs".

"Yeah! Yeah!" Esme rolled eyes.

Suddenly the man turned around and went through the door.

"This was weird!", Esmes eyes widened.

"Yeah", Fanny nodded.

They sat quiet for a breef moment before Fanny spoke.

"Lets follow him!" Fanny said after a while.


"Lets follow him!"

"Fanny... seriously... its."

"Come on!" Fanny exclaimed, "we´re on track to something exciting! For all we know he might be part off some secret organization like " the tempel brothers".

"For all we know he might be part off the bloody Yacuza!" Esme exclaimed, "and I don´t want my fingers cut off".

"Or...", Fanny smiled mischievously, "he might be a detective..."

"Or a super ninja!" Esme exclaimed, excitedly, "let´s follow him!" She grabbed her friend by the arm, running so fast the dark blond girl almost flew.


The girls had followed the man for almost an hour and almost given up hope, finding anything interesting. The man had bought a cup off coffee, read a newspaper and even been into a game store. "Not very ninja like", the girls thought.

"Guess he was just an ordinary coffee guy then", Fanny muttered.

"Video- games!" Esme exclaimed, "no ninja would ever have time for that!"


The girls were just about to return to their apartment, when the man turned around and went into an alley.

"I don´t think anything will happen", Fanny said, "but I want to be sure it really doesn´t before we call it a day".

They sneaked after the man, pressing themselves to the wall. What the girls saw next surprised them despite their talks off ninjas and private detectives. (Probably an ordinary coffee guy was in reality what they´d been expecting all along).

The man suddenly took of his hat, moving his hand up and down in quick, elegant, precise gestures uttering strange lines in Japanese. Knowing Japanese the girls knew he said something in style with take me to the "tenji-mon village", still it was in some ancient kind off language.

After he´d uttered the strange tantra he did the most unusual thing and dissapeard. Poff! Not even a sound, not even a sign off smoke. Yeah! Not even a "poff" actually. When falling to the ground something fell out off the pockets off his coat, a small white paper with a small text cluttered down on it.

"W..w..what!" Fanny stammered, "how could he just.."

The taller girl picked up the notes, frowning after putting them into her pocket.

"He just...", Esme stammered, "turned into nothing!"

They stood quiet for a moment, wondering what to do.

"Damn it!" Fanny said after a while, "we decided to follow him, so we will!"

Without another word she rambled the tantra, imitating the mans gestures in detail. The moment after, even she turned into thin air.

"Then I´ll go to!" Esme said resolute, repeating the words.

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