"Come on slow pokes or we're gonna be late" Rex called, "oh yeah heaven forbid we be late for the great reunion" Dess mumbled, Rex had been going on about this big reunion of his mother's side of the family for months, "c'mon Dess, give the kid a break, he hasn't seen any of his relatives since he was eight" Constanza said putting her arm round her new friend's shoulders.

Constanza Grayfoot had finally found out about what her grandpa and cousins had been up to when Jess had accidentally let slip about why she had disappeared for nine months when she couldn't take Constanza's questioning, rather than wipe her memory Rex had suggested using her as an ally and so she now knew the truth and was accepted, if somewhat reluctantly, by the midnighters.

Rex had recently told them that the Greenes weren't his real family, they had adopted him when his mother and father separated their three sons in an attempt to keep them safe, this however was rather pointless as all three boys eventually came to harm in some form or another, the first born; Harry, very nearly died at the hands of dark wizard Lord Voldemort, Michael, the second of the trio was nearly murdered by a vampire friend of his foster parent Amelie; Oliver, who was jealous of the boy's humanity and attempted to turn him. And of course we all know the harm Rex came into; abusive foster father, the Halfling incident, need I say more? What very few people know is that the three boys have a legal adoptive family in the small town of Forks, Washington. Yes twilight fans I am talking about the Cullens, Carlisle and Esme adopted the triplets when they were two and a half, at the age of five the boys (half vampire, half Quileute wolf) joined the La Push pack, the youngest wolves (author's note; see companion stories Lost and Found and A Family Bond for more details) in history by eight years, at the age of eight Harry had announced that he wished to return to England to learn more of his parents deaths, the other two had agreed to return to their foster families in the south but all three boys continued to refer to Carlisle and Esme as Mom and Dad and wrote letters weekly. Rex had been back in Bixby for three months when he and Melissa first met and their story took off from there.

Now eighteen Rex was going to a reunion for his biological mother, Lilly Evans's side of the family, he had, as Constanza rightly said, not seen any of these people since the last reunion ten years previously but the people had stuck out in his mind clear as day; his three Italian uncles and their wives and children would be flying out from Volterra (could it be?, are Harry Potter, Michael Glass and Rex Greene related to the Volturi? Honest answer? Yes), his Aunt Lucy-Mae and Uncle Victor were coming all the way from Moscow with their two daughters and his aunt Mary and uncle Toby were at this very moment winging their way up from Sydney with son Aiden and his girlfriend Francesca. Even great aunt Madeleine (yes mad 'madie the mind caster' Madeleine Hayes) was being dragged at this very moment by Rex into the car and her estranged husband and daughters along with their own spouses and children were on their way from various parts of the UK to the fantastic destination of... Widow's Vale, New York were his aunt Selene and her son Cal were hosting the reunion with a little help from Cal's friends and half siblings all of whom were now perfectly chummy after having to work together to stop the evil resurrected sorceress Nimue from destroying all good wiccans and enslaving non wiccans.

Rex was at this moment both trying to force great aunt Madie into the car that was to take them all to the air port, and attempting to find his car keys, one of the reasons he had revealed his true nature as a vampire, werewolf hybrid was because his ever so fantastic and fabulously rich doctor of an adoptive father had not only given him driving lessons at the age of seven but had also more recently purchased him a car, a sleek black Ferrari to be precise.