Three cars raced along the streets towards the house on the hill top, you would think the cars were all exactly the same the cars were identical, as were the drivers. Harry, Michael and Rex were running the cars flat out as they sped towards the reunion.

Harry, as in most things, arrived first with Michael and Rex close behind. The boys were even faster as they almost flew out of the cars and ran to hug each other. This was one of the rare times that you could tell the boys apart due to the fact that they were wearing different clothes, Harry was wearing his usual pastel t-shirt and white jeans but today he had a short leather jacket over it, Michael was wearing his red short sleeve shirt and blue denim jeans with a thigh length leather jacket and Rex was wearing his long sleeve black shirt and black jeans with a long leather jacket, all three jackets were black.

Just at that moment a shrill voice split the air "what the hell do you three think you're wearing?" it screeched, the triplets span round to face the source of the voice... a very short pixyish girl with gold eyes and short spiky black hair, in fact, had her eyes been green she could have passed for a twin with any one of the triplets, all of whom gulped at the sight of the insulted looking pixie.

"Alice" the triplets squeaked as the girl ran at vampire speed and stopped dead in front of them with a revolted look on her face.