If you are reading this story, you may be familiar with what happened in the technically part one, but now different love story. This takes place after The Bear and The Lamb, which was evolved around the love story of Emmett and Bella. (if you have not read it, this story will ruin a lot of it for you.) and mention that Hannah and Emmett are the offspring Emmett and Bella had.


I do not own the twilight theme. I am just a fan writing my bit of side into it.

A PAUL and HANNAH story



I once heard a quote, I can not re call from where, but it was along the lines of "In our lives there is bound to come some pain, surely as there are storms and falling rain; just believe that the one who holds the storms will bring the sun." This is why I know I couldn't lose him.

I didn't want to regret for the rest of my life. I wanted to be with the one who held back my rain, the one who lighted me up, and brought the day brighter then the sun. Even though he's the one who brought the rain to begin with.

"I choose him." I said

"Wait there's something I have to tell you." Paul says to me

"There's nothing else I need to know. I made my decision." I say.

"Hannah you don't know everything, there's still some things you need to know." Seth says to me.

I guess by now you must be really confused, but that's okay because every story has its beginning. And mine is about to begin…



Another rainy day, and once again another school year. However unlike many returning teens, this would be my first day of school in general, a junior.

It was mom's idea really. All these years we had been home schooled. But mom thought it would be wrong of us to miss the coming events.

My aunt Alice always said she was never like this when she was human.

Not that I can tell you much, since no one in the family spoke much of the past to Emmett or me.

I really didn't mind being at home, Emmett however, was always trying to sneak out.

Not that he was ever successful. I didn't need friends, I had all I wanted here.

I smiled, and petted Seth's head as he looked up at me. He was not just my pet, but also my best friend.

"Good morning baby." I felt a cold kiss to the top of my head.

I smiled up at my father (Edward), "There's nothing good about a rainy day." I said to him.

"As long as you smile, any day is good. Besides its always raining here." He said.

I rolled my eyes at this fact.

"Are you taking Emmett and me to school?" I asked him as I rushed over to the mirror and puckered up my face, quickly brushing blush on to my cheeks.

"Emmett and I." my father said correcting me.

"I'm sorry. Father are you taking my sibling Emmett and I to our studies?" I asked him sarcastically, making him smirk.

He swifted from the windows side to me, and hugged me.

I screamed. "AH! I hate when you do that!" I said referring to his speed.

I was the only person in the family who didn't have this speed.

I hugged him back, and put all my force into that. Lifting him off his feet, but since he was taller then me, he didn't go up very far.

"And I hate when you do that, makes me feel weak." He said chuckling.

"Well I need to finish getting ready. old man, so out my room prawn-toe!" I said shooing him off.

"I'm not that old." He said pretending to look hurt.

"No, you are old, you just don't look old." I said. Remembering how every time I went out with him on a daughter- father date, people literally took it as a date. After all, we looked the same age.

"Your mother is making you two breakfast." He said, including my brother into the equation.

I smiled at him and then continued to stare into the mirror.

I wish I could say that I looked as perfect as my family did. But really my brother was the one who fed of the looks from me.

I took his strength.

He took my speed.

I took the intelligence

He took the looks, and confidence.

I took his sharp sense of hearing

He took my sharp sight

Not that I was saying he wasn't smart. or that I hideous.

When I was a bit younger, I used to always ask my parents why Emmett and I were so different. Not just from each other, or from them, but other kids our age.

We were always curious as to why our family seemed to look the same every year, but we didn't, we aged.

Why we couldn't get close to human kids, when we would find some, while we would play out in the woods. But even more, why they smelled so good.

Emmett and I quickly had to learn that we weren't allowed to have those sorts of thoughts.

And so far at our age of seventeen, we have done just fine.

That's another reason why my grandpa Carlisle, and dad thought it was okay for us to go to school with the normal kids our age.

Because the smell of humans blood hasn't affected us in a long time.

It had been a long time since we last tried to bite grandpa Charlie, or so we were told.

"You look beautiful." My father said from the doorway.

No he hadn't read my thoughts, he couldn't read Emmett or my thoughts, he says we took it after our mother.

We just haven't been able to figure out how to put it into use like she can.

Only good thing about it, was that our dad couldn't hear what we were thinking.

But he always seemed to know how we felt, it's like our emotions were clearer then our thoughts.

I smirked and looked at him from the mirror.

"You have to say that. You're my dad, I'll be your golden little princess no matter what." I said.

"We'll you'll certainly be that and much more to me." He said smiling and closing the door.

I turned my gaze back to me in the mirror, as my brother blasted his loud music as usual.

I rolled my eyes. It's not that I didn't like the music he did, it's just right now, and I didn't need it.


His room was right across from mine, and I knew perfectly well that he heard me.

"I CAN'T HEEEEEEEEAR YOOOOOU!" he said, putting the music louder.

"TURN IT OFF DUMBSH-" I tried to finish, but I heard my dad's warning voice from outside the hall.

Unlike me, no one else in the family enjoyed Emmett's music taste, but they allowed us to be.

"BITE ME!" he said over his music.

"With pleasure." I said getting up and walking to my door.



As our dad pulled up to our school in our black Bugatti Veyron, we saw a lot of kids staring in awe.

They actually started to form a sort of circle around the car, as they came closer to admire it.

"So much for a first impression." I said groaning.

Which made dad chuckle. "Your just like your mother."

"Tell me about it." Emmett said pushing me forward by the back if the head, so I could step out the cars single side door.

"HEY!" I said to him.

"HURRY UP!" he said

"Don't make me bite you again!" I said looking down at his arm, which still clearly had the marks of my teeth.

They would go away in a few hours or so.

"Enough you two. Now I want you two to behave, and have a nice first day. Be strong." He said as he pulled out his wallet.

"Here's something for you two to buy your lunch with." He said as he handed us each twenty dollars.

"I think your missing a few more digits for Hannah dad, I'm pretty sure it will cost more to feed her." Emmett said.

I turned slowly to face him and screamed, before I threw myself at him into the back seat.

I got him got around the throat as I squeezed choking him.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled.

"Stop you two!" dad said, but he knew we weren't going to stop.

In between both Emmett and my screams I heard the car door open as dad stepped out.

I also heard a few gasps from girls as they remarked on how… "hot" my dad was. (ugh)

He opened the passenger seat and grabbed us both by the arms and pulled us out.

"So much for a first impression huh?" he said to me with humor in his voice, as he got back into his seat..

As Emmett and I both got on our feet, we waited until he left before we went at it again.

"DOUCHE!" I said as he pushed me back.

We both stared at each other breathing hard. That's when we realized that the other students were still there.

They were looking at us confused, some seemed to look like children at a candy store.

Finally Emmett and I looked back at one another and burst out laughing.

I ran my hand through my now messy hair, and picked my backpack off the ground.

Emmett opened up, and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder, and walked me through the small crowd that had formed.

"I think we'll fit right in. Don't you agree?" Emmett asked.

I looked down at my feet, without a doubt on my mind that my face was red.

I inhaled hard.

"They smell good" I admitted as I swallowed.

I could hear my brother saying something to me, but my ears were picking other voices instead.

The other kids where talking about us, a few remarked about our beauty. Not that I thought I was even the lightest of it. Some seemed to be talking crap about us "rich" kids.

"You know their all talking about us right?" I asked Emmett in a low voice.

"Really? What are they saying?" he asked.

"Girls really seem to be taken by you." I said to him. Regretting it, he was already hot heated to begin with.

"And that's my queue." Said Emmett pulling away from me.

I watched him walk over to a group of girls, who were sitting on one of the green tables outside the school.

"Great." I thought to myself, alone I turned to face the school, taking a step forward I bumped hard into someone.

I gasped and tried grabbing the girl I had bumped into, by the arm.

"I'm so sorry!" I said apologizing.

"Watch where you're going stupid bit-." Said the girl.

I didn't allow her to finish her sentence, because I was unaware at how tightly I had grabbed her.

"Ow! Butch!" she said pulling her arm away.

I just stared at her and her friends.

I had seen their type on movies and TV. before. The popular girls.

Or so I assumed, they seemed to fit the description. Small tight outfits, long beautiful hair. Tall, thin, long legs, beautiful… And I was the one who descended from vampire roots.

"I said I was sorry." I said in a low voice.

"Don't apologize to her, she just hasn't had her breakfast yet. Here Mayleen have your tic tac. Since that's all you eat." Said a girl now next to me.

So Mayleen was her name. (TOO SEE "MAYLEEN" GOOGLE Aishwarya Rai)

Mayleen just rolled her eyes, flipped her hair back and before departing with her friends said. "Ugh. Whatever." Their high heels clicking away.

Watching them walk away, I finally turned to the girl who had just saved me a moment there.

She was pretty, thin and slender, big grey eyes, full lips, tan skin, and a small pointed nose. She had straight black hair, which was held in a side ponytail. She had to be Hindi.

She actually looked a lot like what Mayleen did.

"Thank you for that." I said smiling, I held my hand out and waited for her to shake it. "I'm Hannah, Hannah Cullen."

Grabbing my hand I noticed her shake a little.

"Wow your hands are cold. Did Mayleen scare you that bad? I know she can be a little scary, but try living with her." She said.

I laughed a little."No. I guess I have a lower body temp. Living with her?" I said.

The girl snorted. "She's my sister. Twin actually."

So that explained the resemblance. But even then I wouldn't have guessed twins…

"I know, I know what your thinking. Twins? But Mayleen is so… hot? And this girl is not? I like not having to wear my dolls skirts, or shirts like dresses. And I don't like having to wear fives inches of makeup. I'm Mulan Adkah by the way." She said.

"I didn't say that…" I said quickly. But quickly changed the conversation. "Mulan oh like the-"

Mulan snorted and rolled her eyes. "Yeah like the cartoon."

I smiled. "I'm a twin too."

"Really? Where is she?" she asked looking around.

"He, actually, is over there." I said pointing to Emmett, who was flexing for the girls.

Even though I said he was not as strong as me, I didn't mean he wasn't strong or looked like he wasn't at all. He actually looked like he worked out, and was the strong one.

I never understood where he got that body built from, neither mom, me, nor dad have it.

I turned back to her as she said. "Ah."

"I know, I know what your thinking. Twins? But Emmett is so… hot? And this girl is not? I said mimicking what she had said earlier.

She just laughed. "Your beautiful, your actually really pale, even compared to other around here. But flawless, and your eyes… I haven't seen that color, contacts?" She asked.

I noticed that kids walking by stared at me as they passed.

I shook my head at the contacts question. "Well my brother and I were home schooled all our lives, so we didn't really see much of the sun." I said trying to cover the truth.

"Ah." She said nodding. "So why did you finally decide to join our lovely school at Forks?

"Our parents didn't want us to miss our last years of teenage lives out in the world." I said.

"Out in the world? Where do you live? In the middle of the woods?" she said laughing.

I stood quiet and just smiled.

"Oh, you do…. Well.. that's cool… like in a cabin?" she asked.

"Sure." I said not wanting to hear another rich girl comment. Emmett could show off all he wanted, but I wanted to live as modest as I could.

I turned to the school when I heard a bell rind loudly.

"What was that?" I asked startled.

"Oh right, I forgot, home schooled. That's the first bell. That means we have five minutes to get to our homeroom. Do you know yours?" she asked me.

I pulled out the yellow sheet I had gotten sent in the mail from the school, and handed it to her.

"Oh. Cool, we have the same home room." She said as she started walking up the stairs, all around us other students where going in as well.

"We have first period science as well." Mulan continued.

I smiled, and then turned when I felt a arm wrap around me.

"Have a nice day." Said my Emmett kissing my cheek quickly, and running off to his own homeroom.

"Nice to see you and your twin get along." Mulan said.

"We have our moments." I said smiling.



Maybe it was the lack of sleep I had had last night, for the nerves of today. Or maybe it was just the fact that this class was boring.

I seriously knew everything the professor was talking about. Yet the other kids seemed to be getting their brains scrambled.

So when I decided to close my eyes, it was no surprise that I had dozed off, only to be woken up to the sound of Professor Ark slapping his long ruler at my desk.

Missing my face, and hand which I was using as a pillow by inches.

"Now." He began. "Will you care to answer the question for me Miss…."

"Cullen…. Hannah Cullen." I said yawning.

"Right." He said walking slowly to the front.

I looked around the class, everyone was staring at me, I could feel my face becoming hot.

Mr. Ark was one of those typical science teachers you can imagine. He was a older man, white grey hair, a short white beard, thick glasses, tall and slender. Wore a white jacket, with a small bow tie, tied around his long sleeve shirt, and wore black dress pants.

Just the tone of his voice made me want to go to sleep again.

"Well?" he asked.

"Well what?" I asked

A few kids laughed.


"What's the question?" I asked embarrassed.

"WELL IF YOU WERE NOT TO BUSY SLEEPING, YOU WOULD KNOW!" he said to me. "NOW PAY ATTENTION: Why does one weigh more in the air then in the water? And Miss Cullen please do not hurt yourself thinking about this one. We have all class after all." He said leaning against the wall, his arms crossed.

All eyes were still on me, for the first time since I had been in the room, I noticed that Mayleen was in this class, she was smirking, satisfied at what was happening.

"Well-" I began "Technically, you weigh the same in both air and water. Your displacement will be different, though. An object is buoyed up by the weight of the liquid displaced by the object. For example one cubic meter of steel in block form will sink to the bottom, but if it is formed into a thin plate with a rim on the side, it will hold 1800 lbs. on water. You cannot determine the buoyant force simply by knowing the weight. You must know the displacement." I said, not taking my eyes off his.

By the time I had finished my sentence he had already un crossed his arms and had fixed his bow tie. I knew he didn't know what to say.

Although I was still looking into his eyes, I could still notice the other kids looking at me and back at him astonished.

Finally after a few more seconds of silence he cleared his throat.

"Try to stay awake, Miss Cullen." Before turning away.

"Professor Ark?" a girl asked close to the front.

"What is it." He asked her.

"I heard, that the harder someone thinks, that it is possible for them to lose weight?" the girl asked.

The class broke into loud laughter at her question, as they settled down Professor Ark kept his smile at looked at her as if she had great stupidity.

"Is this a serious question?" he asked the class.

The class laughed again, and I noticed the girl look down in shame.

"That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard." He said

"Actually its true." I spoke up from the back of the class; Mr. Ark snapped his head towards my direction, followed by the rest of the class.

"What did you say?" he asked me through gritted teeth.

"The brain is an organ that feeds on energy, which brings it to presumably use more of its "fuel" to work harder. If one were to think hard about a certain task, then they burn up to 1/30th of a gram of fat for every thirty minutes. So although it isn't relatively enough to make anyone lose weight as a healthy diet and exercise routine would, thinking does actually burn some fat." I said.

Everyone still kept their eyes on me.

I smiled to myself and looked down at my nails.

"Jesus, talk about little miss Einstein over here, I know who my study buddy is going to be from now on." Mulan whispered over to me.

I smirked, and looked over at Mayleen who was glaring at me. The stupid smirk she had on earlier, clearly had been torn away from her face.

I winked at her, and turned back to Mr. Ark.

He just glared at me furiously.

"OUT! GET OUT OF MY CLASS RIGHT NOW!" he screamed at me

"What did I do?" I asked him and Mulan who was next to me.

"OUT!" he repeated.

I rolled my eyes, grabbed my bag and books and walked towards the door.

"Unbelievable." I said under my breath.




Before anyone asks

No Hannah and Emmett do NOT know that Edward is not really their father.

They know nothing about BellMet – Bella/ Emmett. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST TO THAT

Paul will be introduced in the next chapter. And the next one will be longer then this one, I just wanted to bring this story up already. So hopefully you guys like my Pannah- Paul/ Hannah story too.


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