The Killer left signs and other stories

Chapter 3

Suger. The greatest invention ever!!!!!!!!

A handheld home video camera flicked to life.

"Hello, this is Hassleberry!" Since the destruction of the paranoia news! Studio last chapter, the show had to be filmed by the only surviving cameraman, Bobin.

"A startling new development! Before the tragic demise of our scientists, they made a revolutionary discovery! Over to Alexis in the field."

The camera turned to Alexis, who was holding a beige file book.

"In the remains of the studio, we found this folder. Inside, there is the solution to global warming!" She smiled, "In their last few days, the good doctors compiled a report and a draft of an amazing machine that will end one of the biggest problems facing mankind! Let me show you...." She paused, leafing through the file.

Accidently, she sliced her finger on a piece of paper, a single drop of blood oozing out.

"OMFG!!! Jasper's coming for me!!! Save me Edward!!!" She shrieked, throwing herself to the ground, and chucking the file into a conveniently located river.

"I knew we shouldn't have hired a Twihard," the cameraman sighed.

"Alexis, what on earth are you doing?" Hassleberry groaned.

"NO! I'm too pretty and young and successful to die!!!" She cried.

"Pull yourself together woman! Sparkly vampires are not coming to get you!" He frowned, "I think we need to cut to our sponsors while she pulls herself together....oh, we don't have sponsors anymore. We'll just be back soon."

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