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Chapter 20: The Ties that Bind


"Dad, is that you?" Jason asked smiling.

"Yes, Jason, it's me as a baby. That's your grandmother, Lara, and … your grandfather, Jor-El," Clark said barely able speak past the lump in his throat.

"Oh, Clark," Lois said on the verge of tears. "It's beautiful. Thank you, Jor-El," Lois said speaking clearly.

"No, thank you, Lois," Jor-El said.


Seven Months later: The Kent house:

Lois tried to get comfortable but it was an impossible task. "Lucy!" She called to her sister. Lucy was on summer break from grad school and had agreed to stay with her sister for a month.

"Coming, Lois!" Lucy exclaimed coming from Jason's room. "I'll be right back, Jason," she told her nephew.

"Ok, Aunt Lucy," Jason said getting back to his summer studies.

"I thought I had this getting out of bed under control. I guess I was wrong," Lois mumbled to herself. "Oh, there you are. I'm officially an invalid, sweetie. I can't seem to get out of this bed. Help me, please," Lois begged arms in the air.

"I guess the extra month has taken its toll on your body," Lucy explained.

"I suppose so. I'm so ready to have this baby, I can't tell you," Lois said as she wobbled down the hall. "I'm due in a week, but I think we can get this baby to come just a little early."

"And how do you suppose we do that?" Lucy asked dreading her answer.

"Take a walk with me?" Lois asked not waiting for an answer as she entered Jason's room. "Honey, we're going for a walk," she said. "Follow me!"

"Lois, I don't think this is such a good idea. Shouldn't we call Clark? Does your doctor know about this?"

"Where are we going, Mom?" Jason wanted to know.

"We're going for a walk, sweetie. We'll be back in a little while," Lois told her son as she headed down the stairs.

"Lois, did you hear me?" Lucy asked helping her sister down the stairs.

"It's time, Lucy. I talked to my doctor last night, and he agreed with me," Lois said stretching the truth just a little.

"Really, he really said that?" Lucy asked not believing her.

"Dr. Hamilton said the baby is healthy and ready to be born. She's just being stubborn, but I can be just as stubborn. This baby is coming today, so let's go, move it!"

Lucy sighed knowing arguing would do no good. "Alright, alright, let's go."


Metropolis Courthouse:

Clark and Bruce were at the courthouse waiting for Edge and the D.A.'s sentencing hearings to get underway. They just so happened to be scheduled on the same day.

"Who knew it would take this long?" Clark asked his friend. Both Edge and Washington had been convicted of conspiracy, drug trafficking, money laundering, kidnapping, and countless other crimes.

"Lawyers and their money-grubbing ways is my guess," Bruce replied. Once the police had found the transmitter, it was over for the both of them, not to mention Luthor's petition to the parole board which had been denied without hearing.

"I know you're right, but I was hoping all of this would be behind us by now, and I could concentrate on helping Lois for a few months at least once the baby comes. You know Lois is due any day now," Clark said sighing.

"How is Lois handling her forced seclusion?" Bruce asked chuckling.

"She's handling it very well actually," Clark replied.

"Really, I'm finding that hard to believe. She must be climbing the walls by now," Bruce said.

"She's doing fine," Clark said. "You know, Lois, she's very determined and she wasn't going to let this get her down, especially now, with everything we've worked so hard to accomplish is just around the corner. She's been writing and keeping herself busy," he continued.

"Now that I can believe," Bruce said.

Clark's phone vibrated just then. "It's Lois. I'll take this out in the hall," he said leaving the courtroom.

"Lois, honey, what is it?" Clark asked immediately on alert.

"My water broke. Lucy, Jason and I are on our way to STAR Labs. We'll meet you there," Lois said without preamble.

"I'm on my way," Clark replied as butterflies took root in his stomach.

He went back inside the courtroom and tapped Bruce on the shoulder. The first hearing had just started.

"What is it? Is it time?" Bruce whispered.

"Yes, she's on her way to STAR Labs now," Clark replied. "I just hope …" He sighed not finishing afraid to put his worries into words.

Bruce knew what he was going to say, as he squeezed his arm. "Lois and the baby will be fine. You know I wish you guys all the best." He paused. "I'd like to come by later to see the baby, if that's ok?" Bruce asked hoping Clark wouldn't mind.

Clark couldn't help but be surprised by that question. He knew that Bruce and Diana had been together for a while now. Maybe Bruce was ready to settle down? He inwardly smiled at that thought.

"Sure, come on by. Lois and I will be happy to see you," Clark replied.

"Thanks, Clark. You'd better hurry now. You don't want to miss the grand entrance," Bruce said and smiled.

Clark smiled in return, then hurried out into the street, entered an alley, twirled and leapt into the sky.


STAR Labs, twelve hours later:

Lois was getting weaker by the hour. She was exhausted and worried that the labor was taking too long. She had delivered Jason in a little over six hours. Another contraction hit, as she watched the doctor and Clark speaking in the corner of her room. She had wanted to deliver this baby normally, no drugs, just her and their child, but she wasn't sure how much more of this she could take.

"We may have to do a C-section, Mr. Kent," Dr. Hamilton informed the worried and distraught young man.

"You know Lois doesn't want that. We agreed, doctor, that under the circumstances, we don't want any drugs in her system. We don't know what they could do to the baby," Clark replied so worried for Lois and their child.

"I realize that, Mr. Kent, but the baby is getting weaker too. We have to weigh the health of both of them."

Clark turned his head and watched Lois struggle valiantly through another contraction. She was so brave and strong, but if the baby wasn't coming, then they had to do something.

"I'll tell her, Doctor," Clark said dreading the conversation.

"I'll get the operating room ready," Dr. Hamilton said and left.

Clark sat down, took Lois's hand in his and smoothed her hair away from her sweaty forehead with a cool cloth. "Here, honey, have some ice," he said giving her a few small cubes.

"Thank … you … Clark," she closed her eyes knowing what was coming. "No, C-section, Clark, and … you can't … talk me … into it," she panted between contractions. Another contraction hit after that. She squeezed his hand as it subsided after a minute. "That … one … was … different."

"Lois, please?" He asked as his eyes filled with tears. "I don't know what I would do if anything happened to you or the baby. Please, Lois," he begged her.

Lois tried to focus on his face, but the pain was becoming unbearable. Then, another one hit, and this one was even stronger than the last. "I … have … to … push, Clark! NOW!

"Mr. Kent, the baby's coming. I can see the head," the nurse said as she told Clark to go get the doctor.

Clark ran to the door and the doctor entered before he could call for him. "The baby's coming, Doctor," he said as it appeared his prayers were answered.

"I know. I saw the monitor. You can push now, Mrs. Kent. On the count of three, now, 1, 2, 3, PUSH!" The Doctor instructed her.

Clark was there right beside her helping her as best he could, holding her so she could sit up, supporting her as she rested between contractions and telling her how well she was doing. "You're doing great, honey!"

"One more should do it, Mrs. Kent. NOW! 1, 2, 3, PUSH!" Dr. Hamilton instructed.

That one did the trick, as Jessica Marie Kent, their first daughter, came into the world at 10:30 pm, June 25, 2009. She weighed in at 8 pounds, 2 ounces and 19 inches in length. She was healthy and strong, just as they'd prayed and hoped for. She was the image of her mother with hair the color of the night crowning her head.

When Lois and Clark first laid eyes on her, they both stared at each other smiling through tears. "She's really here, Clark."

Clark couldn't speak. He just stared at the baby, as the nurses took her away, cleaned her up and wrapped her tightly in a blanket and handed her to Lois. "You were right, Lois. She is beautiful just like her mother."

"Here, you can hold her," Lois said handing him the baby.

Clark felt huge and clumsy with such a tiny person in his arms. He wasn't sure how to do this, but he managed alright, as long as he supported the baby's head and held her close to his body, she would be alright. He got the handle on it pretty quickly.

Lois smiled at her husband. Clark lifted his head and smiled back. "Thank you, Lois. I love you," he said, leaned down and kissed her lips.

"You're welcome, sweetheart. I love you too," she said and sighed. "Jessica Marie Kent. I love the name we came up with, honey."

"Me too," Clark said staring at his little girl's face. Jessica's eyes opened for a moment. Clark was in awe of his little girl, as he kissed her tiny head.

Soon, Lois was moved to her private room and the family was brought in to welcome Jessica into the family. Jason, Martha, Ben, Lana, Richard, Bruce, Lucy and Sam were all there to welcome her as congratulations, handshakes and hugs were handed out with plenty to spare. Martha sat in the rocking chair, humming to her granddaughter, as Lucy took picture after picture, then everyone realized how tired Lois was and Clark didn't look much better. It had been a long day and night for everyone.

As Jessica was put in her hospital crib next to her mother, everyone said goodnight. Jason didn't want to leave his family, but Lois assured him that they would see him tomorrow, and that they would be home for good in a one day or two. Lois and Clark hugged and kissed their son as Martha, Ben and Lucy took him home for the night.

Jessica was asleep and Lois scooted over as Clark climbed up onto the bed to hold his wife close as she snuggled against him. "You were so brave today, Lois. I love you so much," he whispered. He kissed her temple, realizing that she was asleep. He smiled then, closed his eyes as he too fell asleep.


The next morning, as Lois, Jason and Jessica bonded for awhile, Clark took Martha by the hand, left their room and sat down in the waiting area. It was time he told her about the Kryptonian coming there in a little over two years.

Martha was in shock by the news. Another little one, just like Clark would be arriving in Smallville. She shook her head amazed at this turn of events. "So you have no idea if it's a boy or a girl, or if he or she is a child or an adult? Is that right?"

"Yes, Mom, I had hoped the League would have been able to save more of them, but it was not to be. I know it will be a lot to ask but I'll need your help once the Kryptonian arrives. It feels strange saying that, but until we know his name, he'll be the Kryptonian. It will be an adjustment for him. I think it's best if he stays with you in Smallville. The big city with its noise and distractions is not what he'll need when he first arrives."

Martha took his hand in hers. "I agree, Clark, and of course, I'll help in anyway I can. Did you even have to ask?"

He pulled her close. "I knew what your answer would be, but I had to ask," Clark said smiling. "I haven't told Jason yet, but I will once we all get settled back at the house with the baby."

"Jason will be thrilled to have someone else he can talk to about being 'special," Martha said smiling.

"I think you're right, Mom. Jason amazes me everyday. He's smart, caring, friendly, just the best son ever."

Martha smiled. "I agree, son," she said. "Come on, I want to see my granddaughter."


The Kent Farm, early evening, two and a half years later:

Clark had just returned from the Fortress after getting a more accurate date and time of the spaceship's arrival. Today was the day, if Jor-El's calculations were correct. When he arrived back at the farm, the house was overflowing with people. The entire League was there, as well as Richard, Lana and their one year-old, red-haired son, Lucas James. Lana and Richard had gotten married a little over two years before in a lovely ceremony in Metropolis. Also there were Lucy and Sam, and of course, Martha and Ben too.

Suddenly, the kids came bounding down the stairs. "No running in the house guys," Lois said and eight year-old Jason, two year-old Jessica, and lagging slowly behind Lucas James, looked sheepishly at the woman, slowed down a bit and headed to the kitchen with Martha for cookies and milk.

Jason and Jessica ran to their father as he entered the house. He picked up his little girl and kissed her on the cheek. "How much longer, Dad?" Jason asked getting impatient. He couldn't wait to meet the Kryptonian, who was just like him and his Dad.

"He should be here in about an hour, son. Now, listen up, everyone. I'll be heading out to Shuster's Field to wait for the ship to arrive. Once there, I'll check everything out, make sure everything is fine, that the Kryptonian is fine, and then I'll bring him here to meet everyone."

"Dad, I want to come with you, please?" Jason begged in perfect Kryptonese.

Clark stared at his son amazed how easily he had picked up a few words in his native language. Jason was determined to be able to communicate with the Kryptonian. Clark smiled wavering a little, but he couldn't think of a reason why he shouldn't come. He glanced at Lois asking her approval.

"Jason, come here honey," Lois called to her son. She took his hands in hers. "Jason, I really think you should stay here with us. We don't know what your father will find once the spaceship arrives. Do you understand what I trying to say?" She asked him thinking her son was old enough to understand what he could be facing.

"I guess so," Jason replied disappointed, but he understood.

"I'm sorry son. It'll be just a little while, and I'll call once I check everything out," Clark said coming to pat his son on the back.

Suddenly, the television picture showed a bit of snow and the sound popped in and out. "I think this could be it," Clark announced. "Everyone, come out onto the porch, we should be able to see the spaceship from there. Come on!"

Everyone gathered on the porch and a few minutes later, a fireball streaked across the sky and landed in the exact same spot as Clark had all those years ago. As everyone gasped and pointed to the sky, Clark glanced at Lois, squeezed her hand, handed Jessica to her, then he stepped down from the porch, held up his hands to get everyone's attention. "Everyone, I'm going now. I hope my cell works once I get out there and the interference won't stop me from calling," he said as he glanced at Lois and smiled. "There's one more thing I wanted to say before I go," he began as he suddenly became emotional. "I wanted to thank all of you for everything you've done to help Lois and I get through this difficult time these past few years. We love you all very much. We don't know what we would have done without your love and support, and no matter what I find out there, I'll never be able to thank you enough." He smiled once more at his family and friends, twirled into the suit, waved goodbye, and streaked out to the spaceship.

"Good luck, Clark!" Bruce hollered at his retreating back, as everyone else chimed in their good wishes.

Once Clark arrived at the spaceship, it was just the same as when he had landed on Earth that second time. Fire was scorching the ground and the ship was covered in dirt after it had apparently skidded to a stop. He quickly blew out the fires and blew away the dirt. He then slowly approached the ship wondering how to open it, but he didn't have to worry, because a door slowly opened directly in front of him. He tried to peer inside, but the ship must have been shielded with lead because he couldn't see anything. He suddenly stepped back not knowing what to expect. He pulled out his cell and called Lois. "Lois, Lois, are you there? I'm at the ship. I can barely hear you. Yes, the ship appears to have taken the landing very well. It is shielded by lead so I can't see inside. Wait, I thought I heard something. I'm going in."

"Be careful Clark," Lois said as she glanced at everyone's concerned faces. "He said the ship is shielded by lead, but that he's going in."

Meanwhile, back at the ship, Clark tried to reach out to the Kryptonian. "Hello," he called in Kryptonese. "Is anyone there?" He asked and then he suddenly heard a moan. "Are you hurt?" No answer. "I'm coming inside. Please don't be afraid," he said entering the ship.

Kara heard a voice calling to her. It was a man's voice and he was speaking in her language. He asked if she was alright. She tried to answer but her voice wouldn't cooperate. All she could manage was a moan. She remembered then. Could that voice be Kal-El, my cousin? She hoped with all of her heart that it was him. Kara then managed to open the hatch of her hibernation chamber. She slowly stood up on wobbly legs, looked up and there standing before her was … "Kal-El?"

Clark couldn't believe his eyes, but there standing before him was a beautiful girl. She must be a teenager, maybe a little older. She had long golden hair, her eyes were shaded and a little sad and she wore blue, red and yellow on garments he recognized as clothing his parents would have worn if they had been younger. The El family crest was on her chest in colors of red and gold. She must be related to me. He smiled at her hoping that was the case. Kara smiled back feeling stronger.

"Yes, it is I, Kal-El," Clark said and held out his arms.

"It's really you?" Kara asked not quite believing it was him, but he had the family crest on his chest and the colors were the same. I know it's him. It had to be. Kara slowly moved forward as her legs were still a bit wobbly.

Clark moved forward too as they met halfway and then they were in each other's arms, holding tight to each other. Kara began to cry.

Clark soothed her by rubbing her back. "You're safe now. Please don't cry. Everything will be fine now, it's alright." Clark picked her up and took her out into the night.

Kara began to pour her heart out then. "Everyone is gone, Kal-El, everyone," she cried harder then pulling him closer. "My parents, my friends, all gone," she cried.

"I'm so sorry." He pulled her closer stroking her back. "I know it will be hard for you to accept it, but your home is here now. I want you to meet my family. They're your family now and a few friends of mine too. Everyone can't wait to meet you. Are you up for it?"

"I am a little tired, but I suppose so," she said sniffling.

"Good girl. Now, hold on tight, here we go," Clark said.

Kara held him tightly around the neck as he speeded to the house. Everyone was still anxiously waiting on the porch for him.

Clark sat Kara down then, but held her close to his side. "Everyone, this is …" Clark began suddenly realizing he had forgotten to ask her name. "What's your name?"

"My name is Kara," she said in perfect English.

The end!


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