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Chaperter One

Trish Singer is the daughter of Bobby Singer. She is around the same age as Dean and Sam. They all grew up together and went on hunts together. She is 3 years younger than Dean and a year older than Sam. When she turned 18 years old, Trish and Dean began seeing each other. All thought both dads were against it, they didn't care, they loved each other. Eventually, John and Bobby got used to the idea of there kids dating, but sometimes things are too good to last.

A few months later, Sam left for college after a huge fight with John. After this John became distant and Dean was right there with him. Trish didn't know what to say or do to help Dean. Hunting seemed to be his number one priority now and that's all.

"What do you mean you have to go?" a tearful Trish said to Dean

"Dad need my help, I have to go you know that" he said packing his car trying not to look at her.

"So were you going to tell me or just leave like last time?"

"Honestly I thought it would just be easier to call you when I meet up with dad."

"Easier for who, you?" she said getting more pissed off by the minute.

"Yes because I knew you would act this way if I told you. Damn it Trish what the hell is your problem. I'm a hunter, that's my job and that who I am. I can't keep staying here playing house!"

If looks could kill he would be six feet under right now. Trish had no idea what had happen to him over the past year but he wasn't the same Dean.

"I know that's who you are and I never asked you to stay. If you didn't want to be here you should have left a long time ago."

"That's not how I meant it and you know it don't make me out to be the bad guy here." Dean said

"How did you mean it then because I would really like to know?"

Dean could hear the hurt in her voice. He just looked at her knowing there was nothing he could say to make her understand.

"Look I really don't have time for this I have to go"

"Fine you know what, just go I don't want to waist anymore of your time!" she yelled as she started to walk away.

"You are acting really fucking childish you know that Trish!!"

She turned and looked at him with tears in her eyes. "You know your right; it was childish of me to think you cared about anything else but yourself and hunting!"

"Fuck you Trish! If that's what you think of me then I'm done!"

With that said her turned and got into his car and left her. She walked in her house to see her dad standing in the door way. He had heard the whole thing. He could see tears in her eyes and he didn't know what to say so he just pulled her into a hug.

"Trish.." Bobby began but she cut him off.

"Dad please don't say I told you so… ok?"

"I wasn't going to say that, but deep down you knew he wasn't going to stay forever, hes going to do what John wants him to do."

" I know I just thought I meant more to him."

She let go of her dad and walked upstairs to her room and cried herself to sleep. She new that Dean wasn't coming back this time and what they had was over.

2 years later

Dean had been on the road with John for about 2 years now and he thought about Trish everyday. He tried everything to keep his mind off her including hooking up with every girl in sight, but nothing worked. He missed her and everything about her.

One morning after a salt and burn case with John, Dean woke to find his dad was gone. He called his number over and over and got nothing. After a few days of not being able finding him he knew he needed help. Sam was the first person that came to mind but he knew he would need back before going to see Sam after the last time he saw him and who better than his best friend, Trish Singer. Dean sighed knowing he was the last person she wanted to see after 2 long years, but he had to find his dad. So he made the long drive to South Dakota.

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