Here's a new story I'm writing alongside iNewbie. I won't be updating again very quickly at all really, so in many aspects this is a preview until I finish iNewbie, when this will become my prioritized story. It's an Assassin's Creed crossover with iCarly, and will feature the iCarly gang at about Chapter 4. I know that the years wouldn't work as Zexar is 16, and this would have to be set in at least 2028 due to the events of the Assassin's Creed games are in 2012, but it's 2010 in the story.

The Young Assassin, Zexar

Looking across from where I stand, I can see a world torn by war, by hate, by love. Yet I crave to stand on it's harsh landscapes once again, crave it dearly. Though the place I live is wondrous, beautiful, mystic, and unique beyond anything I've ever seen in my life, nothing compares to my world, my birthplace. And yet, no matter how much I desire, I cannot return, my time there is done.

If there's anything I found out during my time as an assassin, is that the clouds await those who fall. Sound foolish? Of course it does. My father, Desmond Miles always taught me to never fear death, as it was a mere step forward in the development of life, a portal into a new dimension of time and space. My mother, Lucy Stillman-Miles, was more of a scientist, believing instead that death was neither an end nor a beginning, but a state. A state that can be changed through a pair of ancient artifacts, artifacts my parents had been looking for for years, since before my birth. Artifacts that had once belonged to ancestors of mine, Ezio Auditore and Altair. Not a single assassin will speak of these objects, but I know they are powerful, and controlling.

I trained as a child, vigorously bested by my mother and father, but driven by the hope that I might one day beat them in combat. My hopes, my dreams, were somewhat different to others of my age. They dreamed of space, flying, superheroes, and what did I dream of? Assassinating Warren Vidic, an evil man, hired by Abstergo Corporation to explore the memories of their subjects, for example, my father, subject seventeen, whom showed them to the first artifact through my ancestor, Altair. I looked up to another assassin, Rebecca, a close friend to my mother and father. She had trained me in the use of her software and programming; totally unique over any other computer hardware in the world.

I used to find myself studying religious documents, searching and searching for hidden meanings, codes, anything out of the ordinary, with limited success. I would also follow in the footsteps of Leonardo Da Vinci, the famous painter, who had assisted by ancestor, Ezio Auditore, by decoding old pages and inventing his equipment. I've upgraded my own hidden blades much like Leonardo did, using the same decoded pages. I cherished those documents for years, running my fingers gently over the graceful, delicate writing from Leonardo himself, the genius at work. My ancestor's, Altair and Ezio, inspired me more than any living human, par one. I would read the documentations on these miraculous men over and over until I could recite their lives on demand. I searched and searched for clues on the artifacts they had collected, but the documents were kept under extremely high security, and at my young age I was unable to access them. Inconvenient at best.

Not a day went by when I didn't fantasize about murdering that piece of scum, Warren Vidic, and as every day went by I craved his blood on my blade more and more, until I was nothing but a blood thirsty murderer. My anger and thirst was noticed by my parents, so they taught me. They taught me to control my lust for revenge upon the man who had our people killed so mercilessly, as they were, and had been, doing since he escaped their clutches. Weird, they had taught me to kill,to be merciless, to feel no remorse for those they killed, and then, to be patient, so out of the way. Now I realize, only now, that patience is a God-given gift, if only I had listened to them rather than pursue my enemy.

Yet, my lack of patience was a gift in it's own, as it won me the gift of love, and what a gift that was.

I, Zexar Miles-Stillman, am an assassin, and this is my story.

Though this is fairly short I feel it's served it's purpose as an introduction to the story. It may get quite violent near the end, and people will die, but one thing I can promise, there will be a sequel and a happy ending, sort of, that much I have planned.