Chapter Thirteen

New World

The figure of the slight French man held a strange shadow, for those who looked close enough they would see not the shadow of a man, but of a beast instead. A beast with talons, a tail and a set of wings which, he learnt recently, were soft among the inner membranes. He was pretty sure there was a word to describe such senstivity that stimulated a sexual responsve, but he couldn't remember what that word was.

Aléc had learnt much from the spell book he received off his father after a few days of studying the zones in the book marked by a yellow tag. One particular spell of great interest was how to temporarily shift into human form, similar to how his father had shifted from fae to gargoyle. He didn't like being human, the spell was incomplete and he feared shifting back to his original form in public, but it was valuable to his trip.

It had been over a week since they had defeated Kenji and Leo, by now he knew Rosá had returned to France and probably concocted some lie as to why he had left the clan and where he had run off too. He knew she would lie, which was good at it meant no one would know of his use of black magic or know of Rosá's betrayal. But he wanted her to tell the truth, he was proud of what he was and he wanted everyone to know it.

By now they knew it would be almost virtually impossible to reach the Arctic Circle through the use of their wings, so they travelled through the transportation of trains. It was easier to hypnotize the train workers on board as they often spoke in hushed tones and came very close, and since neither of them had any money Aléc had to manipulate others thoughts in order for them to travel.

Aléc actually enjoyed using his powers in such excess, in Notre Dame his powers were limited to chores and concealing the tunnels to the clan's homes. Now he had the chance to use that which were forbidden, he was learning to walk in the sun and he loved every moment of it. But the sun could never replace the moon, he often heard gargoyles speaking of how they would love to feel the sunlight just once before they died, but it really wasn't all it was made out to be.

Daytime was noisy, it was loud, it was filled with noisy and loud humans. And the sun just hurt his eyes.

The journey would be over soon, Aléc kept reminding himself, and soon he and Aries would find the New World Clan and they would be happy. Aléc just felt sorry for his love. Aries despised the crates he found himself often shifted in, it didn't give him much freedom of movement and he woke up usually with foam peanuts in his mouth, but he knew of the importance of the crate and grudgingly resigned himself to his current fate.

Aléc would have turned Aries into a human too if it made the journey easier on him, but Aries would draw too much attention with his clothes and Aléc had none spare that would fit him. Besides, Aries didn't want to be human, he still felt a hate towards them for what they did to his clan and he certainly was in no rush to become a member of their race.

Aléc sat on a bench in a train station, cupping his face in his hands as he leaned forwards and watched as another train rolled out of the station. He decided that this would be the last train; from here they would need a boat. The problem was, Aléc had no idea where exactly the New World Clan was. The Arctic Circle was in the Northern Temperate Zone, which was in fact just a line that cut across the top of Denmark, Alaska, Canada and Russia.

From there he had to figure out where the clan would be, if they were in those countries were a mystery. For all he knew they could in the North Pole.

A man came towards Aléc, dressed in a navy uniform and wheeling a large crate behind him. Aléc stood, smiling politely at the man as he huffed and wheezed as he tried his best to move the heavy crate. Aléc quickly tried to remember where they were, remembering he was in a part of Russia he quickly summoned a spell and the words that came from his mouth were Russian.

"Need help, my friend?" he asked.

"Ngh... no," the man took a deep breath as he released the crate. "What is it you have in there, young man?"

Aléc looked his skinny frame over, always surprised to see the pale human with the chocolate eyes and black hair. He dressed warm, even though he hardly felt the cold, and he had been warned more than once by humans to mind his ears - silver earrings in the cold caused frost bite, but he was certain it would never happen to him as even if he was human, he was a gargoyle inside and still had his abnormal strength.

"A statue," Aléc answered, "a gift for a relative of mine."

"A heavy gift," the man noted.

"Yes," Aléc smiled fondly, "he is."

The man eyed him and his comment, Aléc ignored the look and thanked the man for taking care of his statue, then he wheeled the statue into one of the storage stations. The man watched the skinny young man go, dumbfounded, as Aléc easily wheeled the heavy crate away. He wondered if he was getting too old for his job.

The storage station was a large warehouse-like structure, filled with boxes, crates, parts of a train and even a fork-life or two. He wheeled Aries to the far corner of the station, far from where anyone could see them. It was already dark and Aléc could feel a tingle over his skin, the sign that by now he should be escaping out of his stone shell.

It felt so unnatural, being awake at all hours of the day. Now he knew what a coffee addict must feel like when they've had too many and spend the whole day a jittery mess.

He opened the lid, it came off with ease and wasn't even secured properly. Aléc didn't want Aries to feel as through he was trapped so he never secured the lid, it also helped to have a loose lid in case Aries required a quick getaway. Aries quickly jumped out of the foam peanuts, taking a deep breath and coughing out some of the foam. Aléc gave him a sympathetic look.

"Damn crate," he snarled and raised a fist in its direction. "I will be glad to see the back of you!"

"I'm sorry, Aries," Aléc apologized. "But don't worry, only a few more trips and then you'll never have to go in the crate again."

Aléc went to hug Aries, wrapping his arms around Aries' waist. Aries stiffened in his arms, Aléc froze and looked up to Aries with hurt in his eyes. Aries didn't look at him, salty tears sprung to Aléc's eyes and he released Aries, trying to stop himself from crying.

"What did I do?" he asked. "I... what did I do wrong?"

"It's not you, my love," Aries replied. "It's just that... you look like a human... and..."

Aléc looked at his frame, the pale skin and lack of tail. He smiled in relief and quickly changed back into his gargoyle form, it was painful beyond words. His spine bent, his body arching backwards as his wings ripped out his back and his tail slowly drew. His knees buckled, his elbows cracking under the pressure of re-growing sharp talons. Aléc cried out, feeling his beak snapping out of place, his ears extending.

He swayed, his form trembling, Aries scooped him up into his arms and nuzzled his beak into his hair.

"I'm sorry if I upset," Aries murmured into Aléc's smooth locks. "I just... really don't like humans."

"I thought I had done something wrong," Aléc laughed at his own stupidity.

"Nothing you could ever do would be wrong," Aries said soothingly.

Aléc pulled his head back, smiling up at Aries and grabbed a handful of Aries' hair, brining him down so they were eye-to-eye. Aries smiled back, cupping the side of his face and kissing him roughly on the lips. Aléc's tongue quickly invaded Aries mouth, running his tongue over Aries teeth teasingly and their tongues began a violent grapple for dominance.

It was a loosing battle.

Aries hands moved down from Aléc's face to his elbows, then down to his chest and curled around his body. Aries tailed wrapped around Aléc's ankles, slowly moving up Aléc's leg and passed the opening of his shorts, teasingly skimming across the surface of Aléc's sensitive flesh between his thigh and twitching member. Aléc moaned softly at the touch, Aries moved from Aléc's mouth to his neck, biting the flesh and running his tongue over the nipped flesh.

Aléc felt his body cry out for the stunning god, wanting to have him on the cold floor and allow Aries to take him for all he's worth.

Aries suddenly wrapped his legs around Aléc's; they fell to the floor, landing awkwardly. Aléc gritted his teeth against the pain that shot through his wings, Aries ran his talons along Aléc's sensitive membranes and the pain was quickly forgotten. He cried out at the sensation that tingled along his wings, down his arms and to his throbbing member. Aries slowly rubbed his body against Aléc's, teasing him with each soft movement, Aléc cried out in anguish, wanting Aries to stop teasing him.

"Ssh now," Aries said teasingly as he ran his tongue over Aléc's mouth. "Your cries will draw unwanted attention."

"Stop teasing me and maybe I'll quiet down," Aléc retorted.

Aries sat on Aléc's chest, he wheezed uncomfortably under the pressure. Aries leaned forwards, his hair falling over his shoulder and curtaining Aléc's face in a white halo. Aries smirked slyly, running his talons down Aléc's chest to his waist.

"You honestly want to go it here?" Aries asked him.

"I don't care where we are," Aléc replied, "as long as its with you."

Aries smiled, complying to his love's order and tore open Aléc's shirt. He couldn't help but giggle, feeling so exposed in a place where someone could stumble upon them. It was exciting, to know that they could get caught, it just made it all the more exhilarating.

Aries hands were at Aléc's shorts, ready to tear them off, when there came a noise from a crate not far from where the crate Aries had been resting in. The lid came off and clattered to the floor and a figure jumped out of the foam, throwing his head back and taking a deep breath as he seemed to float in the foamy peanuts, resembling a man who had gone for a dive to the bottom of the ocean and desperately required fresh air.

Aries and Aléc stared at the figure, who hadn't seemed to notice them yet. The figure took deep heavy breaths, making a 'whew' noise and proceeded to climb out of the crate. He spotted them, freezing with his one leg over the crate and his one hand clutching the wood.

"Oh, hello," he greeted. "Ih didn't expect teh seh another gargoyle so soon."

The figure was a dark green skinned gargoyle, his wings held a single point and two talons on his knees. His tail held two very small spikes near the tip, smaller spikes ran up along his tail all the up to the tip of his spine. His facial features were somewhat striking, with a scar running up from the left of his jaw all the way up to his right eyebrow ridge. He was bald, with small spikes dotting his head and for some reason he reminded Aléc of a dinosaur, a pachycephalosaurus in fact.

His accent was thick and Scottish; looking at him he clearly wore a kilt with a black short sleeved shirt. Aries' face went several shades of red at the sight of the new gargoyle, his skin soon matching the tone of Aléc's face, and he quickly jumped off Aléc, turning away from the stranger in order to hide his blushing complexion.

Aléc got to his feet, discarding his torn shirt and went to help the stranger out of the crate. He smiled sheepishly at them, apologizing for interrupting their mating ritual. Aléc introduced himself and Aries, and the stranger introduced himself as Anderson of the New World Clan. Upon hearing Anderson's clan name Aries came out of hiding, his face still slightly pink.

"You are of the New World Clan?" Aries asked him.

"Aye," Anderson nodded, "Why? Are ye searchin' fer it?"

Aléc nodded in turn.

"How do yer know if it?" Anderson asked. "We don't go makin' our existence obvious."

"You know of Orgon, correct?" Aries asked him.

"Aye," Anderson replied.

"Orgon is Aléc's father," Aries explained. "He told us of the clan, he told us your clan accepted of those who are... different."

"Our clan is all theht an' more," Anderson said proudly, then looked at Aléc in awe. "But it's amazin', teh think yer his son. He told us he'd have ah son one day, he told us teh expect yer arrival in theh future."

"Wow," Aléc gawped. "He prophesised my birth... that's just... really cool."

"Why have you left your clan?" Aries asked Anderson.

"Theh New World Clan is very low-tech," Anderson explained. "Fer someone like meh, who loves computers an' made his own electrical source, Ih need teh leave teh get new equipment every so often."

Anderson went to the crate and pulled out a keyboard, top of the line and covered in bubble wrap, he looked at it with the fascination only a computer geek could carry. Aries regarded the keyboard with a strange look, Aléc would soon come to realize that Aries was a bit of a tecnophobe and had never seen seen a television. He didn't know the cultures of clan's could be so different. Anderson placed the keyboard back inside, returning to join them.

"Do yer have any idea where theh clan actually is?" Anderson inquired.

"Actually, no," Aléc admitted. "We just knows its in the Arctic Circle somewhere."

"Alaska, actually," Anderson informed them. "There's ah city known as Barrow, its population is only about 4,000. Far from there is ah white wasteland of snow, its there theh clan resides."

"How was you planning to get there?" Aries asked.

"Barrow has ah airport," Anderson replied.

Aléc placed a fist to his beak, musing something silently. Aries noticed his expression and placed a hand on Aléc's shoulder, he had never seen Aléc look so focused. He glanced to Anderson, who regarded them with what was almost a carefree attitude. Anderson truly didn't care that they were gay, he was just as acceptive of them as Orgon had been. It was strange, almost surreal in a way to know that there were people who accepted what they were.

After Leo and Kenji's abuse Aries feared that they would never find acceptance, it seemed he was wrong.

"What is it, my love?" Aries asked him.

"I think I can teleport us to the clan," Aléc announced. "If Anderson thinks of a spot in the clan I might be able to teleport us there."

"R-really?" Anderson gasped. "Sci-fi."

"Aléc," Aries said in a stern tone, "I trust your magical abilities but I think its too dangerous. What if something goes wrong and appear where we are not wanted?"

"Aries," Aléc smiled, "I turned into a human this morning, I walked in the sun. I think I should be able to master something as simple as this."

Aries said nothing for a few minutes, merely starred at the determination in Aléc's chocolate brown eyes and saw how much confidence Aléc held in his powers. A small smile came across his face, remembering the first time he met Aléc and how he refused to use his powers in certain circumstances. Now he couldn't wait for an opportunity to arouse so he could show off.

"Fine," Aries said, "you can try. But I wish to be one piece at the end of this."

"Don't worry," Aléc assured him. "All important appendages will be safe and sound."

Aries gathered all of the things held in the crate, such as Aléc's back-pack that contained his spell book, spare clothes and such, and then grabbed Athena. Anderson retrieved his keyboard and a few mouse pads, he and Aries were then ordered to stand side-by-side. Aléc went around them in a circle, dragging his own foot and symbols burnt into the ground. The smell of sulphur filled the air and after a quick glance Aries saw the symbols in the ground were similar to the ones on Athena's pole, when did Aléc learn the ancient dead language?

Once the circle was complete Aléc stood in front of them, standing on the circle, placing his arms over his chest in an X shape. He closed his eyes, digging deep for the source of his power. He found it easily, now knowing that the magic he required was not the white magic or the black magic, but a mixture of both. If found a way to balance these two opposing forces he would have access to some incredible power.

Magic exploded from where his arms met, thick curls and licks of blue fire-like energy trailing up along his frame. Anderson watched in amazement, Aries wore the same expression and knew that no matter how many times he saw his petite love perform magic he would always be amazed by the power his mate possessed.

"Now Anderson," Aléc spoke up, "I want you to think of a certain place in the clan. A house, a wood, a creak, anything. Keep that image in your head, don't think of anything else."

Anderson nodded and closed his eyes, his eyes formed hard lines and he thought of the one place in the clan knew would be a good place to go. The magic spread from Aléc's body to the circle, the black scorch marks turned a bright blue and began to hum as the magic shielded them like a veil. The veil shimmered and shifted, looking like water running down glass. The veil became thicker until the outside world was completely gone, the water-like veil made a sound, like gushing water down a set of jagged rocks. The ground rippled beneath them, the scorched circle vanishing and the cement became wood.

The veil cleared and they found themselves standing in a hut, the woods were smooth and curved, made from what looked like a thick type of bamboo. The roof was thatched, made from what looked like thick strands of leaves that were a slightly discoloured tone green. Hanging from the walls were an array of weapons and armour, as well as torches lit with a bright flames.

In the centre of the hut was a deep ditch in the floor, a very deep pit was dug into the ground with a large and hissing fire alight. It was then Aries realized that they weren't alone, several gargoyles sat around the fire on what looked like pillows, each of them resembled one dinosaur or another and all of them were dressed in armour.

One gargoyle, dressed in glittering gold with dark blue skin, short and spiky creamy blue/white hair and features similar to that of a velociraptor, jumped to his feet at the sight of Aléc and charged towards him, grabbing a sword from the wall and swinging it wide. Aries jumped into the line of fire, jumping in front of Aléc and pushing him against the wall behind Anderson.

He swung Athena and caught the gargoyle's sword by its curved hilt. Eyes flaring into a hot white glow, Aries snarled at the stranger who returned the look with a calm demeanour. Anderson appeared from beside Aries, trying push back the towering Greek and the leader of his clan and trying to calm the situation.

"Gregory, please calm yourself," Anderson ordered. "They are not our enemies!"

Gregory shot Anderson a fleeting look, he saw the truth in Anderson's words and pulled back, putting his sword back on the wall. The glow dimmed from Aries' eyes, but he still held Athena defensively and acted as a sheild between Gregory and Aléc.

"Forgive me," Gregory spoke with a calm, soothing voice. "But you did interrupt the Elder's meetings, you can understand why I was quick to defend my clan mates."

"The blame should be Anderson's," Aries remarked. "He was the one who led us to this place."

"Oh, aye, sorry," Anderson apologized. "Tis was theh first place I thought of."

"How did you even arrive to this destination?" Gregory asked them. "That was magic, correct?"

"Yes," Aries confirmed. "My mate is Orgon's son."

"Orgon?" repeated an Elder who remained by the fire. "Is that boy truly the son of the one who created us?"

Aries nodded, turning to Aléc to introduce themselves. Aléc smiled oddly, swaying as if drunk, he slurred what sounded like "I did it" and then collapsed. Aries gasped and ran to his mate's side, picking him up in his arms, watching as Aléc smiled like a drunk and went limp in his arms.


Aléc groaned, feeling as if he had drunken far too much like he had during an Elder's one hundredth birthday. After drinking barrels of wine he promised he would drink again, though he broke that promise some tme after when he shared some brandy with Angelo during a 'boy's night'. He forced his eyes open, his lids heavy like lead. He heard a giggle, a feminine giggle, and spotted a female gargoyle peering down at him.

She resembled Gregory, except her hair was longer, her wings were of a different structure and she wore bronze armour. Her armour almost resembled that of an Amazonian warrior, thick armour that was collected on the most important part of her body while giving her freedom to move. The only different between she and her father were the red marks on her face, three sharp lines on either side of her jaw.

Aléc squinted at her, in the process one of his eyes closed and his vision blurred. She giggled again.

"Your spell required a lot of energy, I see," she smiled. "You remind me of my father when he's drunk far too much of the sweet juice."

"Oui," Aléc smiled weakly, "je le crains je n' tais pas pr par pour la peine qu'il a pris sur mon corps."

Aléc gasped silently, realizing he didn't even have enough magic to translate his words into English. She smiled at him, as if she understood him, he frowned.

"C'est fran ais, c'est exact?" she asked. That is French, correct?

She saw his confusion, deciding to explain.

"The one thing your father did that I truly appreciate is the gift of tongues," she explained. "We know every language and can speak every language, handy when we are considered a safe haven for all gargoyles."

Pain finally left Aléc and he managed to take in his surroundings and bring himself to speak English. He was in some strange cut out bowl in the floor, covered in fur and pelts with thick furs hanging from the ceilings like a curtain. The furs were strange and soft, some feeling almost like feathers, he wondered where they had gotten such pelts. The hut was similar to that of the one where the Elders were having their meeting, only this one contained rooms.

"Where am I?" he asked.

"In your hut, of course," she replied.

"My... hut?" he said.

"You're going to be living here with us, aren't you?" she said. "All members get a hut of their own, shared by their partner, and all yours to decorate or change in anyway you see fit."

It then hit him. Gregory had accepted both him and Aries into the clan, brought them into the warm paradise and allowed them to be part of the clan. Orgon was right, there was a paradise out there and they had found it. Aléc's face burst into a smile.


The gargess introduced herself as Ivor, daughter of Clan Ruler Gregory and betrothed of Anderson. Once Aléc had the strength to stand she helped out of the bed and out of the hut, he found that all the rounded huts were suspended high off the ground and built into the bark. Each huts was connected via a set of bridges. The trees were all thick and full, the air was moist and warm, and looking up Aléc saw an icy ceiling that hummed a warm orange colour.

Ivor explained to him the clan's history from what they knew; Orgon had created the realm and then birthed new life into dinosaurs, he chose two of every dinosaur and turned them into gargoyles, giving them the tools and knowledge necessary for survival. Orgon had told them of their duty, to be a safe haven far from the influence of humans and the prejudices of the world.

The clan existed alongside the dinosaurs, who lived far below on the ground, and even occasionally hunted alongside them. The dinosaurs were even the main source of food for the clan, but they never took more than they needed and never hunted them for trophies. The clan had what they called a Council, consisting of the oldest Elder's, the Clan Ruler and four gargoyles of Ivor's age (Ivor in fact was part of the Council, along with Anderson and two others).

The Council decided upon the clan's rules and even punishments, they were the justice that allowed the clan to function. The Council were the ones who allowed Aries and Aléc to be part of the clan. Aléc had been unconscious for a few hours, while he was Aries had spoken to the Council and told them of the ordeal both of them had suffered, he even told them of the punishment he received at his father's hands.

The Council were understanding and sympathetic, they in fact had a pair of mated gargess' living with them long ago so they knew full well that love came in various forms. Gregory was especially fond of Aries, he could commend a gargoyle for being so brave and skilled with such an awkward weapon. When the other Councillors learnt that Aléc was Orgon's son they needed to know no more and came to an unanimous decision.

Aries and Aléc were now part of the clan.

Ivor led Aléc over the bridges and to the large hut they had arrived in, as they pushed through the veil of beads that hung from the doorway they were welcomed by loud laughter. Aries had joined Gregory by the fire in the pit long after the rest of the Council had returned to their own homes, Gregory was recalling some story to which Aries hung on his every word.

It was nice to see Aries so carefree, so happy, so at ease. After all he had been through Aléc was happy just to see him smile. Gregory spotted Aléc and Ivor, calling them over. Ivor joined her father at his side and Aléc was pulled down into Aries' lap.

"I presume you are all rested now?" Gregory smiled.

"Oui," Aléc replied, "thank you for your hospitality."

"You are my clan mate now," Gregory said, "no need to be so informal, brother."

Aléc smiled at the comment.

"Now, our stone sleep will be upon us soon," Gregory announced. "I suggest you take your mate and show him the hut more thoroughly, your first stone sleep together in a new clan should be a pleasant one."

Aléc obliged, wanting to be alone with Aries, and they both left, thanking Gregory and Ivor once more as they went their way. On the way back to the hut Aries explained to Aléc that the New World Clan didn't strike fierce possesses on high towers as other clans did, they stayed in the huts as they would be far too open to attack if they stayed outside. They were safe from pteradons in the huts only because they never flew so low and would have no business with statues.

Inside the hut Aries went straight to the bed, flinging Aléc down onto the furs and slowly joined him. Aléc sat up, allowing Aries to rest his head on Aléc's lap and caress his thighs with the tips of his talons. They sat in silence for a long time, listening to the visible cries of the dinosaurs outside.

"I can't wait to see a dinosaur," Aléc murmured softly. "I've only ever seen them in picture books."

"I have not even seen a picture," Aries answered, "reading wasn't considered important for leaders-to-be."

"You can't swim, you can't read or write," Aléc stroked Aries' hair. "At least your stamina is good for one thing."

Aries looked up at him, sitting up and placing his arms either side of the small gargoyle. "Are you hinting at continuing where we left off?" he asked.

"Well, Anderson did interrupt us," Aléc said innocently. "And I feel the stone sleep won't take us for another few hours."

"Then why did Gregory say the stone sleep will soon be upon us if it is hours away?" Aries frowned.

"Isn't it obvious?" Aléc asked. "He was hinting at us to get to the bedroom as soon as possible, that's why he said for me to 'thoroughly' show you our home."

Aries smiled at him, teasingly leaving a quick kiss on Aléc's beak. He stood, surprising Aléc. He ordered Aléc to remove what was left of his clothes and he obliged, Aries went to the curtain surrounding the bowl and swung it wide, shielding the lover's from the prying eyes of the world.


Aléc had finally seen a dinosaur, unfortunately he ended up spooking the young dinosaur and encouraged the wrath of its mother. If not for Ivor, he would have found himself with a set of nasty gouges in his stomach. He had lost track of time by now, there was no way of judging time as the ceiling was always consumed by the orange glow and no one had a calendar. Anderson would probably know, but he couldn't be bothered to ask.

All he knew was that he had undergone over eight stone sleeps, so eight days had passed. Aléc had went about changing the hut during that time, creating furniture through his magic, hanging Athena on the wall above the bed like a protective guardian over them, placing his spell book somewhere safe and filled the shelves with the other items he had brought with them.

Aries mark on the home was barely noticeable, he had hung a hammock. At the back of the hut was a type of balcony built in from the bedroom, it overlooked a clearing of thick trees and a beautiful glistening lake where dinosaurs could be seen roaming. Aries had hung the hammock on the balcony and often spent his nights looking down at the lake.

Aléc joined Aries that night, both of them not having seen the other and wanting to spend a few hours alone. Aries had required a job as a hunter, hunting and brining home some of the biggest bounties the clan had ever seen. Gregory often joked that the clan would soon be fat if Aries kept brining such treats. Aléc meanwhile found himself with Ivor a lot, she seemed to consider them 'sisters', despite how he insists they are brother and sister.

Aléc stood on the balcony, unable to keep the smile off his face. No matter how many times he reminded himself he still couldn't believe victory was theirs, that no one was ever going to oppose. them They had achieved freedom, acceptance and a new family.

It was all he could ask for, and he couldn't stop smiling each time he reminded himself of the simple fact.

Aries enjoyed the bliss of truth also, though he was better at hiding it. He lay in his hammock, the warm air tenderly embracing him and a small smile pulled at the corner of his mouth. Aléc turned away from the balcony and its breath-taking view, his hands behind his back as he waltzed towards Aries with a devious look on his face.

"What is it?" Aries asked, slowly opening his eyes as he sensed Aléc's presence.

Aléc swayed from side-to-side elegantly, "I want to dance," he said.

Aries looked at him, stunned by the sudden request. He never took Aléc for the dancing type, besides, he didn't even know how to.

"My love, how can we dance when there's no music?" Aries protested.

"There's always music," Aléc argued. "This jungle is alive with sound, and essentially, isn't music just a combination of sounds?"

Aries was silent, listening to the various sounds that filled the night. The concoction of each of the individuals sounds was, surprisingly, a soothing and calming hum. There were caws and calls, screeches and squawks, all those together was a soothing song that sung him into a soft unexpecting lull that had him giving into Aléc's request.

"I must warn you," Aries told him. "I cannot dance, so that is something you can add to your growing list of flaws I carry."

"Don't worry," Aléc smirked, "I'll go easy on you."

Aries growled softly, it wasn't threatening, more like a stifled laugh. He sighed and jumped out of the hammock into Aléc's arms, he suddenly felt very uncertain about himself. Aries had in fact never danced once in his entire life, but Aléc did go easy on him. He folded his arms over Aries, throwing them over his shoulder while Aries hands went to Aléc's sensitive wing membranes and rested against them.

Aries movements were stiff and foreign to him, even though they were simply moving in a circle. Soon though he loosened up, his movements not so robotic as he moved to and fro, back and forth, not just around in a circle. Aries chuckled as Aléc's feet caught his own, he fell backwards, Aries caught him before he could hit the ground. Aléc's pony-tail skimmed the surface of the ground as he was slowly pulled up, Aléc's hand smoothly stroked the side of Aries face, smiling warmly as his mate brought him close and kissed him.

In that moment sound ceased, reality faded away, it was just them in the other's arms.

They took solstice in the fact that all they could ever want was to be in the other's arms and that no one would ever be able to pry them apart; not man, not god. They had one another and the power of love would ensure that they would be together until the bitter end.


Aries & Aléc's story continues in Defiance; the tale of Lexington's struggle to assert his sexuality within a clan that doesn't understand him, but a trip to the New World Clan may soon change his clan's attidutes - coming soon!