Author's Note: Recently I've been watching all of seasons one and two of Eureka, and I have to say that Jo and Zoe are both my two favourite characters and my favourite pairing at the same time. Please enjoy what you read! (Review anyone? Please? *cute puppy dog eyes*)

Zoe gasped at the images that flowed through her mind. She rolled over in her sleep trying to get away from the images of herself and Jo in her bed, but she couldn't. Zoe hoped that her father was not going to experience that dream.

She was there in the bed, the exact same one that she would have fallen asleep in hours earlier, if it wasn't for the fact that the most of the town seemed to be sharing dreams, but she was not the only one there in the bed. Instead of being alone she was laying next to the naked figure of the Deputy Sheriff. She didn't exactly know why she was there having that dream, but something she did understand was that she liked the fact that the woman was naked. She liked the way the Deputy's skin felt against her own, and more than that she understood that the Deputy also liked her having her touch her bare skin.

"Jo." The breathy name was moaned gently in her ear. "What..."

"Zoe." The woman replied softly, "You are so beautiful."

"You are too." Zoe uttered softly into her ear as she kissed it softly and lovingly.

The brunette kissed the blonde softly on the lips. Her tongue poked out from behind her lips and licked along the younger girl's bottom lip gently. A groan slipped out of the blonde's mouth as she felt the woman's tongue on her lip. "Jo..." it was a breathy sigh and nothing more than that.

Soft and small hands reached out to grasp the older woman's hips as she rolled so that she was lying on top of the blonde. Her lips descended slowly down the girl's flesh, biting softly at the pulse point on her neck before licking down her neck tasting her. Jo straddled the younger girl's hips as she sat up grinning. "Now, what do you want me to do?"

"Jo, stop teasing please." Zoe begged in reply pushing her hips up so that they grinded into the older woman's.

The woman replied by stroking the girl's skin with her fingertips all the way down to her breasts and cupping them in the palm of her hands. The woman's thumbs stroked over the girl's nipples leaving them erect and hard under her touch.

"Jo, fuck please." The teenager moaned softly as her back arched up into the touch. Her hands gripped the skin on the woman's shoulders. Her nails scratched into the pale well muscled shoulders.

The woman kissed down the girl's neck; lips pressing down on the girl's collarbone while teeth scraped over the sensitive skin.

Zoe's back arched into the older woman's touch and she moaned for the woman to move faster; she wanted her desperately. She wanted to feel Jo's fingers and lips touching her skin, and she wasn't disappointed when Jo's twisted her nipples hard before smoothing them softly. The Deputy's lips continued to kiss a path down the blonde's chest, over her collarbone and between her breasts. Zoe's fingers tangled into Jo's long dark hair pushing her head down to her breast and forcing her to take her nipple into her mouth.

"Please." She whimpered at the feeling of Jo's breath playing over her nipple, "Suck it please."

"Your wish is my command." Were the whispered words from Jo's mouth before she bent her head down and took the girl's nipple into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and nipping it gently with her teeth as she waited for the blonde to respond to her touch. She didn't have to wait long before there was a strangled moan out of Zoe's lips and hands pushing her head down. She was forced to leave the girl's nipple and kiss her girlfriend's stomach.

Jo kissed down Zoe's stomach, her lips pressing against the soft flesh of the girl, her tongue trailing over the soft expanse of skin until her head was between the blonde's thighs.

"You want me to eat you out?" Jo asked softly, her eyes connecting with the blonde's blue ones as she stared down at where she was.

"Fuck Jo," The blonde moaned, her back arching into her girlfriend's body. "Please, eat me."

Jo moaned at the words and nuzzled Zoe's thigh lovingly, kissing her hip and moving down to kiss the girl's shaven pussy. She licked softly at the skin of her lips tasting the powerfully intoxicating flavour of her wetness. "Jesus Zoe, you are so wet."

"Lick me Jo."

Jo was all too happy to respond to the girl's wishes and lick her pussy from top to bottom, collecting the girl's cum on her tongue before taking it into her mouth. After a few licks she pressed her tongue against the girl's clit flicking it back and forth getting faster and faster Zoe's hips began to press back into her.

It took the older woman a moment to decide that she wanted the girl to cum as she kissed her. She replaced her tongue with her fingers, rubbing the girl's clit lovingly.

"Go inside me." Zoe begged the Deputy even as the woman gently kissed her way up to the girl's lips, pressing them together lovingly after a moment.

"But aren't you?" Jo asked quickly, her breath tightening even as she thought about it. "Aren't you a virgin?"

"I want it to be you Jo." Zoe replied kissing the brunette's lips softly, her tongue moving into the Deputy's mouth taking in her own taste.

"I... thank you." Jo replied positioning in her fingers at the young girl's entrance, "This might hurt."

As the blonde nodded Jo's fingers pressed inside the young girl, sliding deep inside her girlfriend and rubbing the girl's clit with her thumb. She felt the girl tighten around her fingers and a whimper come out of her lips. "Shush, I know love, I know it will get better."

"Keep going." Zoe whimpered as she felt herself starting to relax into the sensations. She felt her cunt starting to burn but in a very pleasurable way. She felt her girlfriend's fingers deep inside her breaking through her barrier. "God, that feels amazing."

Jo smiled at the way that her girlfriend was feeling; she looked down at the way her face was contorting at emotions that she was feeling. "Come for me Zoe. I want you to cum over my fingers."

Zoe's back arched and she cried out as her muscles clamped down on Jo's fingers; her clit pulsed as her pussy clenched around the woman's fingers.

It was then that Zoe shot up in her sleeping bag and she stared over at where the Deputy was standing.