"Err," She paused for a moment in thought wondering what she should say next to the older woman, "What are you doing?"

"Watching you," The deputy replied with a slight smile stretching across her face. "I woke up a just before you did."

Zoe felt her face flushing at the words that came out of the older woman's lips, and at the way that she was so focused in on Jo's lips that she could see the tiny little mark where the deputy had bitten down into her bottom lip and scraped the skin anyway. The blonde didn't know what to answer the brunette with and so instead she held her tongue begging that the older woman hadn't had the same dream that she had.

"That really must have been some dream you were having," Jo continued, a smirk settling across her lips as she watched the blush working its way up the blonde's neck to her cheeks. "You were moaning and everything."

"Really..." Zoe's throat closed on her threatening to not allow her to get words out from between her lips, "I don't remember."

"Pity," Jo replied, the smirk still firmly attached to her lips and her eyes dancing with a playful mischievous glimmer. "I seemed to be there as well, at least by the way that you were calling my name."

The sheriff's daughter tried not to think about the way that she had been calling out the deputy's name not minutes before in her head, and then she had to beg her mind not to show her the images of what they had been doing intertwined in that bed. Pictures and short little video clips that her mind had recorded just for that situation flickered in front of her eyes in a way that the blonde had no power to stop prompting her to become aware of the heat in her crotch.

"It looks like you do remember the dream, Zoe." The brunette spoke in a soft tone as to not awaken any of the other people sleeping in the middle of Cafe Diem's floor but her voice was powerful enough that the blonde knew that the deputy was not joking around with her.

"I..." The blonde's voice trailed off as she looked into the expressive brown eyes that had appeared directly in front of her face.

"Tell me what the dream was about Zoe." The deputy begged the blonde with her eyes.

"I..." The blonde tried to look into the brunette's eyes, to see what she wanted to hear but the only thing she could pick up from the deputy was that she was desperate to know something. "You were in it."

"I know that Zoe," Jo said softly kneeling down in front of the sheriff's daughter, "I want to hear it from your lips."

"You saw?" Zoe asked blushing even more brightly. She wasn't usually one to be so shy or embarrassed but when she was talking to the woman she had a crush on about a sex dream that she had concerning the two of them it was slightly more embarrassing than normal.

"I saw." Jo replied almost tenderly, "I saw you and me in your bed, and we were naked."

"We were making love," Zoe continued staring into the brunette's dazing eyes.

"It was your first time..." Jo trailed off with her words as she took in the meaning of that dream. "You want me to be your first time?"

"I've wanted it to be you since the day that my father and I appeared in Eureka, and you were looking after me in the cell. You are so strong and beautiful... and that was something that I wanted so desperately." Zoe mumbled under her breath as she looked into the other woman's eyes.

"Zoe," Jo whispered softly as she stared into the bright blue eyes in front of her, "I want you too."

Zoe stared into the deep brown eyes in front of her in wonder for a couple of moments before she was able to speak again, "You're not kidding are you?" She asked in a small voice, scared the older woman was just joking around with her.

"I'm not kidding Zoe," Jo whispered softly at the blonde, cupping the girl's cheek in the palm of her hand and stroking the pad of her thumb over the smooth skin. "You've got this type of personality that attracts me and makes me want to get closer to you. You pull me in and you always have. Why else do you think I've always offered to look after you when Carter makes a fuss over it? Why else would I want to hang around with a girl who is ten years younger than I am?"

"Because you want to get in my father's good books?" The blonde's voice was small as she looked into the brown eyes in front of her totally losing herself in the woman's gaze and touch.

"Zoe," The Deputy smiled charmed at the way that Zoe was responding to her touch. "Looking after you is not going to get me into your Dad's good books, because he already knows I am the best deputy he could have. You are my friend, and I've always hoped you could be more as well."

"You've wanted more with me?"

"I have," Jo replied shifting her touch a little so she was stroking the young girl's hair, "I've wanted to get closer to you, and then I've pulled myself away because you are so much younger than I am. I've wanted to touch you like I am now, but I haven't wanted to do something to ruin the friendship we have. It made me want to scream because I was so close to what I wanted, and you were so far away."

"I can understand that." Zoe whispered softly as she looked into the chocolate eyes in front of her. "So many times I've wanted to pull you closer to me when you've been explaining something and then I had to stop myself from doing it because I thought it would make you run."

"Whoever thought something that was causing people to share dreams would make us share emotions too?" Jo asked with a smile lighting her face, "I have to say that even though most of the town has been sharing bad things and causing me a hell of a lot of trouble. I'm glad this has happened."

"Me too," Zoe replied with a smile, bringing her hand up to Jo's and twining their fingers together, "We would have probably kept dancing around each other until one of us left or actually got our act together."

"You would have been waiting a long time for me to get my act together Zoe," Jo replied softly unconsciously moving closer to the blonde, "Because I preferred having you close to me as a friend than risking losing you because I wanted to make you a lover."

"We were stupid weren't we?" Zoe asked softly, breathing against the brunette's lips as they moved closer together.

"We were." Jo replied tracing the fingers of her free hand over the blonde's face softly, "But at least we don't have to be stupid anymore."

The brunette whispered the words softly against Zoe's lips as she pressed hers gently against the pale red flesh of the other girl's mouth.