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-Where is JakeSully?-asked Tsu'tey. He had seen Neytiri talking with him next to the Toruk skeleton.

-He went to sleep already, he was tired-answered Neytiri, defiant.

-Isn't he going to eat with us?-asked one of Neytiri's sisters. Tsu'tey laughed.

-No hunting, no food. He is a fail of taronyu- He was more rude and harsh since Jake had become a hunter.

-A toruk tried to eat his ikran this evening-Neytiri defended him.

-Toruk attacked you?-Mo'at asked her daughter.

-Jake was tracking a yerik when toruk tried to kill him. We lost him in the forest-The Tsahik hugged her dear daughter-I had never seen it so close. I tried it to follow me but Toruk seemed to want only Jake.

-Toruk is the great sky beast-smiled Tsu'tey-He went after the weakest.

Tsu'tey remembered this as he saw JakeSully getting off the Toruk in the Tree of Souls. Toruk had chosen him long ago. Now, he knew why Toruk had attacked Neytiri and him that evening.

Toruk: Last shadow.

Taronyu: Hunter.

Yerik: The first animal Jake hunts in the forest.

Tsahik: Spiritual leader of the Omaticaya

She was going to die. She knew. She was scientist. There was no place to miracles and she had told Jake so.

-The People can help you, I know-Jake said to her.

-Why would they help us?-Jake looked at her in the eyes. He wanted to say 'cause they are better than us' He knew what it was needed to be done to save her life, to go back in the People again, to fight Quaritch; but he didn't know if he could do it.

Grace was afraid of closing her eyes. The woman watched Jake looking to the mountains. She had seen him grow up, not like a child, but like a man. She was afraid of dying. It was the first time she was more worried about people than plants. They had betrayed the RDA. What would happen with Max? With Norm? What would the RDA do to Jake without her protection? To her laboratory team? There was a lot of things she have still to learn about Pandora's criatures.

-Jake-she called-How is the na'vi mating?-Jake looked at her surprised -It is just for scientific purposes.

-I'm not going to tell you-he smiled.

-Oh, come on, marine!-Grace smiled and closed her eyes as the sedative worked on her.

-You wanted to learn-said a majestic voice-But you denied to see. Now, you'll see and learn, GraceAugustine.

- Where am I? Am I dead already? Who are you?-Grace did not need an answer, because she knew-You are Her. You 're Eywa. What am I going to see?

-Everything. You'll see and know everything with me. Inside Me.

-Inside You?

-I cannot save your body, I won't make a na'vi of you. It's your time. But you'll life in me forever.

-To be part of you... I need to tell Jake to not worry. I'm with you now-Grace smiled-Thanks.



-Jake!... I'm with her... she is real.

-Grace! Grace!

-We will have dinner soon, all together, daughter-Mo'at informed.

-You heard my mother, follow me-Jake followed Neytiri to a near hut.

-Take this off-she said touching his shirt-And this-touched his pants-Put this instead-He handed him a loin cloth.

-Are you kidding?-she frowned just a second-Ok, ok, turn around, don't look-But Neytiri wasn't there anymore-I'm not so bad, you know!?-Neytiri returned minutes after with two long leafs on her hand-This is a pain, it keeps getting in my...-She grabbed his arm and washed the injury he had. Jake watched her rasp one of the leafs with a stone, then she put it on the wound as if it was a gauze.

-This will heal you.

-Thank you-he said.

-Let's go. I'm hungry-he smiled and followed her.

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