More drabbles. I hope you like them.

Neytiri sank her fingers in red dye. She looked a second at Jake, and then, she caressed his arms drawing lines in his strong muscles. Jake breathed deeply at her touch. She worked on him, painting him as a na'vi warrior with the colours of Toruk.

-Are you afraid, ma Jake?

-I'm not afraid of dying-He answered-You are?

-I'm not afraid of dying either-she painted his face-But I'm afraid, Jake... for Eywa, for my People, for you-Jake caressed her hair with one hand at the same time he sank his hand in white dye.

-We are gonna fight. We are gonna win. And we both are going to survive-Jake put his hand in Neytiri's chest, and touched his front with hers. She liked his five fingered hand print in her chest.

-Is there a problem?-asked Jake watching the flutter. All the omaticaya women and some men were under a branch where a couple of mates were sleeping.

-They are expecting-asnwered Neytiri.

-Expecting what?-Mo'at sang a song about Eywa, blessings, and new lifes.

-A new life will be born soon-said the Tsahik.

-When a na'vi woman gets pregnant-explained Neytiri-she sleeps two days and two nights. Her mate must stay beside her, bonded with her by tsahaylu-Jake frowned. He was olo'eyktan now, but it was clear that many Omaticaya and Na'vi things escaped him.

-Neytiri...-he grabbed her arm and whispered in her ear so none could hear-I thought na'vi women got pregnant the usual way.

-What do you mean usual way?

-You know...-Jake tried to explain himself through gestures till he saw Neytiri hiding a smile.

-We do get pregnant the usual way, silly-she smiled-But this is our way to connect the new life to Eywa.

-When I was expecting Neytiri, I slept during five days-sayd Mo'at- That's how we knew she would become tsahik.

-What are you doing, maJake?-Jake held some small sky people tool in his hand.

-Trudy lended them to me-he brought the tool to his eyebrows-Ouch!-He glared at the eyebrow tweezers.

-Are you removing your eyebrows hair, Jake?

-Na'vi don't have any eyebrows. Do they?-Neytiri smiled. He had cut his hair as a na'vi warrior. He even asked Tsu'tey to do it for him. And now he was removing another sign of his original people.

-What are you going to do next? Are you going to cut yourself some fingers?

-Do you think I should?-He laughed seeing her expression.

-Skxwang. I like your hands.

Skxwang: Moron.

More, coming soon.