I hate the guy. Plain and simple. Is that so hard to believe?They ask why but it's hard to explain.

I swear if it was that simple I would have told a long time ago. My story has no happy ending.

Ill warn you now to save you some moments so you can stop reading. If you like happily ever after crap

Then you have the wrong story.

It's nothing new. Getting yelled at by Jecht, doing chores, all that shit and getting beat.....it was never on my agenda.

It was forced into it. My old man never gave a shit about us. I wonder what my Mom saw in the guy that's what I want to know.

(I think I'm rambling so Ill continue on with the story)Well, I was tired of it. I didn't want to leave my mom but, hell, I can't take it anymore.

There are several things ya need to , shoes, maybe some food, and maybe some kind of entertainment, but there are

Two very important things you need to do and what you can't. One: A Place to runaway teak a plan, Two: The guts to actually do it and Three Never say good bye

That no problem for me I got the guts but a Plan....? Well, Im just a "make it up as you go along" guy. I open the window, secure my backpack

And jump out onto the tree near the house. It's my time never going back, never. I zip up my sweater and run out into the city......

I know its short but I will update as soon as I can please review!

Inspiration Song for this chapter: Runaway-Linkin Park


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