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It's freezing. I wish I brought something warmer than jeans and a T-shirt. I can't help to wish I was back in my own bed, but I can't go back I just can't. Why? So I can get beat for pulling a stunt

like this? No way in hell. I been saving up money for a while now and I have probably around $300.45. That should be enough to get a plane ticket right? Where am I gonna go? I have no damn clue. I

run down an ally and I hear a trash can fall. I spin and look around. I keep my senses up at all times, "whose there?" I say. Silence. I turn back around and start walking again. "Rikku, you moron!"I

hear someone yell. "ahhhhh!" that's when I see two girls fall from a fire escape. I jump. "what the hell?!" I see a girl with blonde hair jump off the floor "Hi! I'm Rikku!" She dust the dirt off of her brown

shorts. "Oh." She turned around the other girl who was getting up,"Sorry Paine." Paine glared at her. Rikku grinned and rubbed the back of her head. "I'm Paine." "I'm Tidus." Rikku looks at me "Your

pretty cute Tidus" I felt my cheeks turn red instantly. "I'm Sorry about that Rikku is a little crazy. If you know what I mean." Paine said."So what you doing out in the street late at night?" I looked at

her."I could ask you two the same thing." "She asked you first" Rikku giggled. "Well, I'm leaving town." "Oh! Where you going? We are leaving too! We can all got together!" Pain grabbed Rikku by the

ponytail "Shut up!" She growled "But maybe they won't find us-" Paine tugged harder "OW! Stop it ow!!" Paine let her go. "ow ow ow!"She rubbed her head "That really hurt!" She rolled her eyes "Oh

I'm sorry maybe you should keep your mouth shut!" She turned, she obviously forgot I was there. "what did she mean by 'They'?" "Oh no-" Rikku opened her mouth again "Our parents" Paine grit her

teeth. "yes…We're runaways okay so what." I shrugged "well that's what I'm doing"

Rikku grinned "See, so can we go with you?" I stuttered. "Okay! I take that as a yes!" Rikku looked at Paine and grabbed their bags that were behind a trash can. "Let's go and figure out where we are going!" Oh boy what have I gotten myself into?

Tidus: -.-

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Tidus: Rikku and Paine are coming too?

Me: well…Yeah.

Tidus: Why?

Me: Cause I'm writing the damn story.

Tidus: Whatevrer.

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