So, I got this idea in my head. It kinda' won't go away. So, I need to start trying to write it up. I'm going to post the first chapter, and you guys tells me if I should keep it or can it. If you like it, pimp it out to your friends and get them to tell me their opinions. I've never written one that's not AH, so this should be interesting. You can do quite a bit when they have unlimited potential. :)




Since the beginning of time, the humans have ruled the earth. Gradually, the number of humans began to dwindle as the number of vampires, shape shifters, and were-people began to rise. With this rise grew the need to form leaders. Leaders to fight wars amongst the different civilizations.

Humans have developed technologies since the turn of the century. A human loving vampire had worked with their government to create weapons that can and will destroy a vampire, among other things, on contact. There was a time that humans were the weaker species. They were frail and far less intelligent with their dull senses about them. They were incredibly naïve in their ways of thinking.

With their dwindling numbers, a final sense of terror came about them, striking to their very core. Armies were formed with their new sense of technology. They were stronger, faster, and more skilled than ever before. And they were led by a human woman. Most immortals would've thought it to have been one of their own, since one of their own had advanced their technology.

The vampires had dubbed her "Athena" after the Goddess of War. However, she was rivaled by one of the fiercest leaders known to man or any other kind.

Born in the 1800's, he has seen many deaths and caused most of them. He is lethal in every sense of the word. Most fear him, none envy him. He was appointed by the Volturi, the vampire government, to head their military.

The things he'd seen in this lifetime were enough to make any creature shudder violently. The things he's done, even worse. He is a creature of the night, which makes for great advantage in battle. He is silent, he is deadly, and is the number one predator on planet Earth.

Those of the human world dubbed him "Ares" after the God of War.

Until this day, the two worlds have never met in battle. They'd tended to co-exist, not with friendly feelings for the other. Not at all. What they had could not even be called civil. But, they did exist. However, today, they would not be battling each other, and they would stand to exist for another day.

No, today, they fight against the others. The werewolves or lycans, if you will. Both sides are divided evenly amongst shape shifters. Some feel that they have a mortal soul, and should side wherever the humans are. The others feel that it is their given right to take and kill, especially if it meant killing vampires.

Thus begins the war of the worlds, and possibly man kind or any other kind for that matter. May the Gods have mercy on their souls.


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