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"Walking down the street

Keeping hush-hush on the scene-

No one knows you;

Such a mystery!

Opposite of fun till you turn the power on

Then you come out turning up the heat!

Upstairs all alone-

One click for a show-

Your roof is on fire;

You're losing control!

There's a party in your bedroom all night long!

There's a lot of talk about you…

Cause there's a party in your bedroom all night long!

Pretty girl, it's your show,

Let it go when you're alone!

Lips sealed tight,

Don't say goodnight."

-"Party in Your Bedroom" by Cash Cash

Title: When You Walk Away

Chapter Ten: Party in Your Bedroom

"You really didn't have to do this," Cloud almost staggered over his feet as Sephiroth marched mechanically to his school, his eyes on the lookout for something or someone, though what or who it was the blond-haired schoolboy didn't know. The steely glare set within his gaze, the thin lines making up the grimacing scowl perched over his lips; Cloud had never seen anything more terrifying, and he still did not know what it was that had made Sephiroth so angry in the span of five minutes.

"Are you always this moody?" The blue-eyed teen muttered underneath his breath, refusing to acknowledge the hypocrisy of his own question.

Sephiroth did not even deign to answer the question.

"Will you at least tell me what it is you're looking for?" Cloud practically shouted as the march turned into a full sprint, the man's continued silence much more confusing to the timid blond than the erratic behavior his friend was exhibiting.

"Nothing to worry about, they're not here today!" The silver-haired juggernaut huffed out.

Cloud bit his lip as he thought about the passing statement, his natural worrying disposition flaring up without his consent. The dash to his school went by in a blur, Sephiroth's long legs making up for Cloud's scrawny ones, which never seemed to actually touch the ground at the speed the giant college student had progressed to once his excitement got the best of him and was released in the whirlwind sprint both men were now engaged in.

"What do you mean they're not-"

"Here we are!" Sephiroth called out, not a single strand of silver hair out of place or breath halted from the sudden dash to Cloud's school. "With not a moment to spare."

"But… I wasn't going to be late." Cloud pathetically called out as he huffed exasperatedly, out of breath and out of patience.

"Exactly. Now you definitely will not be late." The college student replied smartly. Handing the boy his book-bag, which had been strapped the larger man's other shoulder so as to not hinder the blond boy's trek to school, Sephiroth hesitated for barely a moment, fingers levitating over golden-yellow locks. Taking the plunge, Cloud blinked as long thin fingers carded through his downy feather-like hair, unconsciously nuzzling against the hand dragging against his head.

"My father used to do this before I had to go to school." Sephiroth softly admitted, the timid smile on his face both attractive and unexpected. "I hope to do this for you every day. Do you accept?"

"Uh…" Once again, Cloud wondered if Sephiroth took classes on how to confuse individuals, but for once he would not complain. Not if they yielded such spectacular results. "Ok. I guess I don't mind…"

"Excellent." Sephiroth's smirk slowly transformed into a tiny heartfelt smile, the appearance of such an expression softening the older man's features immensely. "Then there is only one last thing I must do before I take my leave."

"Huh?" Was the only sound that managed to make its way out of Cloud's mouth before a pair of slightly chapped thin lips were pressed against his own, the hand that had been weaving through his hair just minutes before now clutched tightly onto the back of the blond student's head, lightly gripping the short strands of golden hair set just over the boy's neck. Though the kiss remained chaste Cloud felt the inevitable blush blossom over his cheeks, stunned motionless while blue eyes blankly regarded wide-open bright green.

A sea of blushes and gaping mouths caught Cloud's sight once he fell out of his stupor, Sephiroth's face, still dangerously close to his own, not able to drown out the equally quiet murmurs or loud exclamations of the high-school students watching their every move. A large smirk belied the older man's intentions; Sephiroth's words may have induced a strange tranquility within Cloud but his face when examined gave away the college student's real thoughts.

"Why did you do that?" Cloud harshly whispered, the burning flush of his cheeks doing little to hide his embarrassment. "Now the whole school is going to think I'm your property or something!"

The smarmy smile on Sephiroth's face showed no dislike towards this idea.

"You-you-I told you that-"

"You asked me to be myself Cloud," Sephiroth calmly, if not authoritatively, stated. "Now you must live with the consequences of what such a demand may incur."

Jaw practically dropping onto the gravely ground, Cloud gaped as Sephiroth planted one more kiss upon the blond schoolboy's cheek and smoothly walked past the familiar gates without a second glance behind him, smirking audaciously as Cloud attempted to pull himself together.

'What the hell…'


Angeal blinked as he stared at his young protégé. Zack, ever hyper and optimistic, was now laying flat on the ground, violet eyes as wide as could be.

"What's wrong, puppy?"

"Have I ever told you how disturbing that nickname is?" Zack grumbled as he stayed where he was, the dojo around him without any other students but himself.

"Why do you think I chose it?" The rugged coach smirked as he sat down beside his student, right hand ruffling the wisps of wild dark locks smattered upon the ground. "Now tell me, what's the matter Zack?"

"Uh… well, you're gonna think I'm bat-shit crazy, Angie."


"Oh, whatever!" Zack's cheeks puffed out at the disbelieving look on Angeal's face, dark eyes swirling with laughter. "Well, um… my 'Seph's done something incredibly stupid!' senses are tingling! Like, bad! I fear for Cloud's safety, Angeal! CLOUD'S SAFETY!"

The disbelieving look was now crippled with incredulity, Angeal obviously biting back a large grin from his rugged features-


Only to sigh as he shook his head, watching the younger man next to him break down in faux-tears.

Not even the beginning of the day and already he had had his fill of Zack.

How… predictable.

The furious blush stayed with Cloud throughout the whole school day, dodging burning glares (Genesis), curious gazes (random students) and threatening gestures (fan-girls) throughout the entirety of his classes and recesses. If not for the steadfast fortitude made steel-tough due to years of being alone, Cloud knew he would have unbuckled and snuck back to his home where he knew no one was waiting for him (or willing to judge him).

It was at times like these that he missed what it was like to truly have a best friend to back him up…

"Hey Cloudie!"

Though not enough to be too regretful about the fact.

"Yuffie…" Cloud groaned, staring at his locker with a mournful gaze that spoke volumes about his mood. "Please don't bother me right now…I am really not in the mood."

"I'm just checking up on you Cloud, jeez! From what I've heard about this morning…" The short wutain school girl flipped her short hair back from her eyes, lips pouting in annoyance as she purposely trailed off. "But if you don't want to divulge your dirty little secrets to me then fine. You ARE still coming to my party though right?"

"Of course he is, yo!"

Cloud jumped two feet off of the ground as a thin arm wrapped around his shoulders, bright red hair encasing the nimble blond's vision. Reno's face popped up within the curtain of red, winking down at the short boy held in his grip. "We need to show Cloud here how to have a good time! One that doesn't involve giant silver-haired heroes!"

"Did I just hear right? Cloud have a good time?" Two hunkering jocks chuckled as they pushed the redhead off of Cloud's shoulders and roughed his hair up a bit. "That's possible?"

"Shut up, Kunsel." Cloud muttered under his breath, not liking the feeling of being surrounded by people he barely interacted with (on a good day). "I do so know how to have a good time."

"Then we'll be waiting for you tonight, Cloudster! I can't wait to introduce you to a little thing called 'booze'!" Reno saluted before tailing after a fuming blonde girl rushing past them, the name 'Elena! Wait up yo!' carrying down the hallway as he did so. Yuffie gave Cloud a sympathetic pat on the shoulder before rushing off her own, staying uncharacteristically quiet throughout most of the 'encounter'.

Cloud merely rolled his eyes and threw his fist at his locker, the pounding pain thrumming through his knuckles nothing compared to the migraine smashing against his temples, clear blue eyes watering with frustration. Unbeknownst to the 16-year-old, teal-green eyes remained glued to the tiny teen's despondent figure, amusement radiating endlessly through the older man's slouched posture and sickeningly sweet smile.

Knowing he had enough to torment Sephiroth when he saw him later, Genesis held in his triumphant laughter and thought about plans to come.

Once Cloud reached the school's gates, it was obvious to the silver-haired college student that perhaps kissing the reclusive boy in front of his school so that everyone could see (that he was Sephiroth's of course) might not have been the best of ideas.

'No shit Sherlock.' Not-Zack's voice whispered in his ear, a million and one come-backs already spilling forth without Sephiroth's permission.

Steadying himself for what was sure to be a confrontational (maybe) conversation, the green-eyed giant shoved his hands within the pockets of his leather duster and gave the younger boy a cursory glance.

"What's the matter, Cloud?"

For a moment the blond was completely quiet, laying way for Sephiroth's fears to bury themselves deeper within his psyche.

'He didn't like the kiss, I was too aggressive, he doesn't like who I really am, all of this was for nothing-'

"It's that stupid party I was telling you about…" Cloud quietly admitted without much hesitance. Sephiroth blinked as the subject of his… unwanted affections was bypassed completely, not sure if this was a good thing or not. "I don't really want to go but Yuffie is practically threatening my manhood if I don't show up. I'm not really all too in with the 'party' scene if you haven't noticed."

"Oh." Cloud gave the man a narrowed stare, bordering dangerously close to a menacing (for Cloud) glare.

"And… I'm kinda sad… you aren't coming with me. I know you're probably busy today and tomorrow you have practice and I… I guess I…" Stopping in their tracks, both man and boy sized each other up, testing each other on two completely different things. "After what you did this morning, I was really mad. I mean, everyone kept staring at me like I was a bigger freak than usual. I kept telling myself that when I saw you, I would just let it all out. But that's stupid. Why get mad at your for something I should've saw coming? You haven't been subtle… I guess I just wanted somebody to take out all this anger on. And you just seemed like such a perfect target…"

"What changed your mind…?" Sephiroth quietly questioned.

"You did. Seeing you waiting for me at the gate, standing so regally as if that was where you belonged; you moved me." Hugging himself through the fabric of the bomber jacket he wore, Cloud felt the inevitable blush brighten his cheeks once again. "You've been so honest with your feelings, even if nothing else. You may do and say stupid things sometimes (ok a lot of the time)… but you stay true to yourself. I wish I could be like that. For some odd reason, I wish I could be more like you."

Speechless beyond belief, Sephiroth could only think of one thing to say at that moment; something he would probably regret later on, in retrospect of what Cloud had just outright admitted to him.

"If you wish me to, I will come to Yuffie's party with you."

"No." Cloud answered immediately. "Listen, I would love for you to come, but after your spectacle this morning, I'll already be facing enough harassment as it is. Besides that, all you've been doing lately is following me around and calling me and just generally being in my… area…"

"It is not that serious, Cloud. I would not mind accompanying you if you wished me to and if anyone dared to say anything I would crush them like a bug and eat their remains."

The response was obviously not reassuring in the least for poor Cloud.

"Sephiroth, it's not that I don't want you to come but I think after you're little performance this morning the last thing either of us need is to add more fodder to the fire, you know?" At the confused look still brandished upon Sephiroth's face-

"… … … No, I don't." Sephiroth even added a shrug for good measure. "Not really, no."

Cloud shook his head as he continued walking on.


Just sometimes…

Sephiroth's own naïveté beat Cloud's by a landslide.

"Are you sure?"




"… … Rea-"

Cloud nearly pushed Sephiroth off of the banister he was standing on, eyes nearly shut from glaring. "YES! REALLY! I AM GOING TO BE FINE. NOW GO DO WHATEVER IT IS YOU DO WHEN YOU'RE NOT STALKING ME AND ENJOY YOURSELF OK?"

"I will miss you." Sephiroth's quiet voice echoed against the stillness of the air, the breeze that had been floating by them mysteriously non-existent once the words escaped the older man's mouth.

Blue eyes nearly watered again but Cloud suppressed the urge. Nodding after a hesitating moment, Cloud felt his lips tremble as they opened-

"I'll miss you too."

And inwardly stabbed himself in the head as he realized, with a man as dangerously possessive as Sephiroth, he had just inadvertently signed a binding marriage certificate which would be upheld by the law-

Sephiroth's law.

The now smirking 21-year-old nodded his acceptance of Cloud's response (which was the equivalent of a fucking 'I do!' in his demented mind) and walked away from the Gast home with a surprising spring in his step.

Cloud on the other hand was left with a massive migraine, high blood pressure and a severe urge to mutilate the first person he came into contact with.

'Where the hell is Zack when you need him?'


Angeal quirked an eyebrow as Zack fell over from the impact of the sneeze, purple-blue eyes watering as the young man hacked out a cough of equal vigor. Genesis, who had just gotten home, glared at him in disgust whilst unloading a can of disinfectant within the area Zack had just sneezed.

Shaking his head at the dramatics displayed before him, Angeal returned to his magazine and sighed.

One of the perks of living with both 'The Zack' and 'The Queen' (as Angeal so lovingly nicknamed his lover).


"Are you ready, Cloud?" Aerith sweetly called out as she fixed her dress, already dressed and ready for her night out with Zack. After wrangling with Cloud for a couple of hours (aka forcing him to get dressed with the threat of leaving him in Sephiroth's care for a week while Aerith and Professor Gast conveniently went on a surprise trip), the usually patient brunette was now at her wit's end.


Rolling her eyes in sisterly-exasperation, Aerith knocked on the door three more times. "Cloud, please stop being so difficult! Would it kill you to be more social?"

"I'm social!"


"-lly retarded aren't I?" Cloud finished lamely as he opened the door, wondering why he had even thought denying such truth would get him out of the torture that was Yuffie's party. "Why do I have to do this again?"

"Because I love you and wish to see you happy, even if you don't think as such?"


"Cloud Strife-Gast! How dare you doubt my love for you!"

"I'm sorry Aerie…" Cloud pouted, tugging at his lavender and turquoise colored hoodie. "I just don't… I want… I want to stay home."

"I know Cloud," the green-eyed flowery-woman sighed "but this… it's not good for you. All you've done is stay home and hope for the best and look where that's gotten you. I think you'll have more fun at this party than you think."


"And there's Zack." Aerith stated unnecessarily. Fixing her bow and Cloud's hair with both hands simultaneously, Aerith practically hauled her younger brother down the stairs in a fit of strength that Cloud didn't even realize she possessed. "Now we are going to drop you off at that party and you are going to have a good time like the teenager you are supposed to be. You are not going to brood, you are not going to isolate yourself and you are not going to get yourself drunk and make me sic both Zack and your boyfriend on you. Do you understand?"

Cloud rolled his eyes as Aerith said the words 'drunk' and 'boyfriend'. To have the young woman automatically associate the word with Sephiroth was bad enough but to have nearly everyone insinuate that he couldn't hold his liquor? Did they not realize that he originally was from Nibelheim?

All they did was drink liquor (and procreate, but Cloud had never partaken in that kind of activity… as of yet anyway)! Cloud's tolerance was probably higher than 99.9 percent of the inhabitants of Midgar let alone all the pubescent kids running around at Yuffie's party!

But he held his tongue and let Aerith drag him into Zack's supposed 'chick-magnet', not wishing to dispute against his apparent 'weakness'.

What they didn't know meant a whole lot of fun for Cloud later on.

"What do you think they're doing?" Sephiroth stared at the table in front of him, eyes burning with anger. "Do you think he's found someone more suitable for his tastes? Or maybe he is dancing provocatively with one of the girls or young men at the party? Perhaps he's even… been lured into one of the bedrooms by now…"



Sephiroth twisted his jaw as Genesis sat back down, the maddening grin on his friend's face nearly pulling the usually stoic silver-haired man out of his stony façade and punching him in the face.

"Are you really that insecure?" Angeal calmly asked the younger man as he gulped down another swig of beer, blue eyes questioning even if his tone was flippant. "I'm sure he's fine. Besides after that smooch you laid on him at his school I doubt anybody would be stupid enough to challenge your claim."

"So you would think…" Genesis sang out as he dug deeper within his boyfriend's side, teal eyes wide and full of playful scorn. "Kid's got admirers up the ying-yang and he doesn't even know it!"

"Genesis. Enough." And that was all Angeal had to say for the redheaded teacher shut his mouth, pouting slightly as Sephiroth smirked triumphantly before him. "And you, get that smirk off your face. You still haven't answered my question Mr. School Legend."

"I am not insecure. Cloud is an impressionable young man; I would hate to see someone take advantage of that."

"Besides you, you mean." Genesis helpfully pointed out, ignoring Angeal's warning look in favor of raining down on Sephiroth's parade of denial. "You are right, you know. It's quite easy to get underneath Strife's skin… I wouldn't put it past somebody to slip something in his drink and give him the time of his life."

"Genesis…" This time it was Sephiroth growling the name out, all but restraining the coming fury within his eyes.

"You're here, complaining about how much you miss your lover boy, when you should be there staking your claim. What the hell Sephiroth? You think one kiss is going to drive away every potential challenger? Most of those kids all thought it was a fluke anyway!" Genesis inwardly cheered as the promise of death and violence hung across Sephiroth's face, the expression frightening for people who had not been raised with the semi-spoiled brat (who used to mark all of his stuff with a permanent Sharpie and scream bloody murder whenever one of his friends would touch his toys without permission for crying out loud) now inhabiting Sephiroth's place. "If I were you I'd be a bit more cautious about who you let near your little marshmallow-y chocobo Seph-i-roth…"

"I take care of him just fine thank you! No one would dare do anything to him knowing just who he is friends with let alone committed to!" Though the younger man meant for the statement to come out harsh and straightforward the words melted into weary resentment, the anxiousness set upon Sephiroth's face amused Genesis well enough. A thin hand gripped the redhead's shoulder as all maliciousness drained away from the teacher's expression, blue eyes sternly warning the younger man from continuing on with his mind-game.

"Fine. Whatever. You and the kid are marvelous. But tell me, if that was so true…" And here Genesis paused for theatrical effect (something he was very good at by the way), "then what the hell are you still doing here?"

And Sephiroth, for once, had no real answer to give.

Cloud winced as the loud music reverberated within his ears, hiding himself within the masses of sweating gyrating bodies and slumped corpse-like figures already littering the corners and floors of Yuffie's home. The young owner of the house/mansion had squealed once he had appeared at the door and glomped him before ushering the adorable blond inside, telling the quiet schoolboy to make himself at home and 'unleash his inner-freaktivity'.

Honestly it scared him the way Yuffie's mind could run at times.

"Looking good, Cloudster!"

Cloud turned a cute strawberry red as Reno appeared behind and slapped him on the back, venom-green eyes alit with mischief.

"Uh… thanks." Blinking as he was handed a bright green concoction, Cloud gave the older teenager a slight smile of appreciation, already knowing that his drink was spiked and would probably not even take the edge off of his nervousness. "Is there anybody else I know here or am I swamped in a sea of strangers?"

Reno cackled (probably already halfway drunk if Cloud warranted a guess) and pointed out in random directions, "There's Rufus over there, ignoring everybody within his vicinity and being his usual royal snobbishness, uh… I see Elena and Cissnei by the punch ball already adding more vodka to the ever-loving mix (Gaia bless their souls) while Rude is guarding 'em (heh, heh, heh, totally wasn't my idea by the way) and… damn, I think that's it for the people you know. Shit, Cloud! You know to socialize some more!"

Cloud was about to put his own two cents (after a nice swig of his alcoholic beverage) when a loud "Cloud!" cut past the music and rang into his ears.

"… Leon?"

"Squall?" Reno echoed after the blond, confused as all hell. "You know Cloudy here?"

A mop of chestnut brown locks, a derogatory glare and a scrunched up scar was all the response the grumpy waiter/college student was willing to give the redhead. "Yuffie. Enough said."

"Squall?" Cloud's own face scrunched up in confusion. "What the hell…"

"I can explain. Upstairs." Leon glared at the intoxicated redhead even further as the sound of laughter grated on both of their ears. "Get your mind out of the gutter and back on Gaia, Reno. Jeez."

Pulling the younger man up the stairs and away from the riffraff the downstairs party had to offer (whilst ignoring Reno's sudden cry of outraged shock), Leon pushed Cloud into one of the nearest rooms (which just so happened to be a bedroom) and locked the door behind him.

"Squall? That's your real name isn't it?" The blushing blond once again squeaked out, blue eyes curious, though not the slightest bit hazy. "Why did you give me a fake name?"

"It's not exactly fake and you're not the only person whom I give that name too. Reno's the only one who knows my real name and that's because he's a nosy asshole who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut." Leon (or Squall) calmly explained. "I just… have some baggage ok? My real name's Squall Leonhart (hence Leon) but that's the only thing I lied to you about ok? Every thing else is 100 percent real and me."

"It's ok. You don't really have to justify yourself. I just thought we were friends is all." Sitting down on the vacant bed Cloud nursed the last of his drink. "How do you know Yuffie and Reno? You're in college… I figured you wouldn't know any other kids my age."

"It… kind of goes back to my baggage. My very old, very senile and very annoying baggage." Leon gave a his friend a wane smile, settling himself down beside the nervous recluse. "And you are my friend. I wanted to tell you all this before… but you've been spending all your free time with you know who lately."

Leon gave a feral growl as he thought of the intimidating monster that was Sephiroth; all of the stories he heard at university dropping over him like sloshes of acid rain. "I know you're wrapped up in what he has to say now, Cloud, but you have to be careful. I don't know a lot about Sephiroth except that everyone has something to say about him, true or not. And I've seen his temper first hand… that's not a guy you want to catch on a bad day."

"You've seen Sephiroth angry?" Cloud whispered, the young man leaning in close to his friend's side in fascination. "What is he like? What happened? Why where you there?"

"He's like a fucking beast, somebody said something they shouldn't have about his parents and it was just a case of wrong place, wrong time for me. All I know is I've never seen that guy again and even if I did, I probably wouldn't recognize him." Brushing a stray lock of blond hair away from Cloud's heart-shaped face, Leon carefully shifted onto his side as his steely-gray eyes watched every twitch and move of Cloud's expression. "I don't think he's good for you Cloud. You don't need someone like that in your life… not with all the drama you already have."


"I could be good for you. I swear…"

Cloud gulped down the rest of his drink, for once cursing his hold over his liquor. It would figure that once Cloud was on the verge of becoming unavailable that almost all the males within his life would suddenly find him fascinating.


Long strands of silver were patted down as the tall figure the metallic cape of silk was attached glided through the door, already aware of the denizens sliding across the 'dance floor' halting in mid-movement to watch his entrance. Sephiroth barely even twitched as he scanned the residence for the head of spiky gold he had grown so fond of, taking in a deep breath when a short teenager with equally short dark hair bounced her way to him.

"Took you long enough." Yuffie whispered as she passed him by. She discretely pointed up the stairs and winked, already knowing what it was the legendary college student was looking for. "He's waiting for you right upstairs… though you might find a surprise when you get there!"

Ignoring the tinkering laughter, Sephiroth marched his way across the room and practically strode the long staircase leading to the rooms he had hoped that Cloud would avoid.

'I suppose I held too much faith in him…' 'Or perhaps it is the faith in these people and their intentions that may have caused me this trouble. Either way…'

Sephiroth was pissed.

Peering down the long hallway filled with closed doors, Sephiroth cracked his knuckles and proceeded to knock on each one. Quietly but persistently he banged on each piece of wood before dismissing every shocked face that wasn't Cloud's, his face filled with undisguised rage.

Whoever had managed to trap his Cloud would not be leaving this party…

At least not in one piece.

Cloud giggled nervously as he backed away from the boundary-encroaching brunet with the serious look in his eyes. "Leon, you know I care about you but I don't want to ruin our friendship. And besides, we're too much alike. We'd just be staring at each other most of the time… brooding."

"At least I'd be staring at something pretty." Leon smirked back, hand poised over Cloud's shoulder when-

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"Hmph." Leon rolled his eyes. "Occupied. Now-"

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Both young men stared at the door, Cloud in relief and Leon in annoyance.

"I said occupied!"

The message, however was not translated will to its recipient.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Growing frustrated with the low knocking, Leon finally got up (which made Cloud let out a soft, if still very audible, sigh of relief) and made his way to the door-

Only to wish he hadn't once it was opened and their mystery stranger was revealed.

The blond still on the bed gasped, standing up almost immediately. "Sephiroth!"

"Cloud…" Sephiroth growled out as his target's voice brought his attention away from the gray-eyed miscreant he had encountered on his date with said teenager. Green eyes glowing with displaced anger, pale hands grabbed the brunet and shoved them out of the room, his violent glare frightening with its promise of brutal intentions. "You will leave now or face the consequences."

"Seph!" Cloud squeaked, a hand covering his mouth as the nickname popped out unnoticed by both men. "Leave him alone! He wasn't going to do anything, he just wanted to talk!"

"In a bedroom Cloud? He could have taken you outside, or found a secluded place in the backyard, or even brought you home, but instead he brought you to a bedroom in someone else's house whilst you are consuming a beverage with who knows how much alcohol within it. Cloud, I do realize you are innocent but even you must be suspicious to a certain point." And now that Sephiroth had said that, Cloud could see why the older man would be so angry.

'Why am I always the naïve one?'

"Now, you-" Sephiroth glared poignantly at Leon, who was staring at him just as defiantly, "will leave my presence and be grateful that I do not pick you apart… limb by limb. Am I understood?"

"I'll do nothing that Cloud doesn't want me to do thank you!"

"Well Cloud wants you both to chill the hell out!" Both men flinched as Cloud appeared between them, blue eyes slanted and angry. "Leon, we'll talk tomorrow. I think it's best if you get out please."

Biting his lip as Sephiroth smirked at him over the 16-year-old boy's shoulder, Leon quietly nodded before leaving, shoulders slumped and head down.

"Get that stupid smirk off of your face right now." Cloud snapped, closing the door behind Leon's retreating form. "What the hell are you doing here? I told you that I didn't need you to come!"

"Well apparently you also think that when older men lead innocent young boys into random bedrooms isn't some sort of proposal towards something Strife, so perhaps you do not know what is best for you after all!"

"Leon's my friend! He wouldn't do something like that unless I agreed to it! Which I didn't!"

"But he wanted to did he not?"

"I never said he didn't!"

Cloud inched away from the looming figure, but unlike with Leon, actually felt a tinge of fear as Sephiroth's footsteps followed his own. "It's not like we're even together! I said I would give you a chance and here you are already acting as if I'm your favorite toy you don't want to share or something!"

"Once again I must remind you that it was you Cloud that asked me to be 'myself' and this is as real as I can be." Gulping as his back hit the wall, Cloud stared up at cloudy green eyes roused with anger, excitement, fury and fear ambling through younger man's body as Cloud attempted to steady himself instead of falling into the turbid black-holes that were Sephiroth's eyes. "I won't let you go now that I have you. Don't you understand yet?"

Cloud held his breath as Sephiroth stared into his eyes, the bass of the music blaring downstairs hitting the walls in constant slaps whilst teenage screams accompanied the beat. Face coming closer, all the trapped blond could do was close his eyes and brace himself for the onslaught as a narrow nose hit the tip of his own and slightly cold lips breached his pale pink ones. Fingers shaking against the wallpapered wall, Cloud nearly fainted as a warm tongue pried his mouth open and cold hands grasped onto his clothed biceps in an attempt to keep the larger man from losing… control…?

Sighing against the (at one time) unwanted kiss, Cloud let his hands trail upwards and hold onto Sephiroth's forearms. After a moment of no other response from the timid 16-year-old, Sephiroth broke the kiss and smiled down at the increasing amount of red flourishing over Cloud's face as oceanic blue slowly appeared under opening lids.

"I will protect you from everything," Sephiroth whispered, "even if you think it silly and unwarranted. I cannot lose you Cloud."

Cloud kept his mouth shut as Sephiroth draped himself over the young boy's shoulder, shaking unsteadily over his own feet. Not protesting to the man's hold over his person, Cloud finally reciprocated the embrace and leaned his head over the 21-year-old's shoulder.

If he wasn't in love before… Cloud knew that he was now.