Fullmetal Alchemist © Hiromu Arakawa


You don't see me, and I wonder if you ever will.

I'm right here. I've been here this entire time, and yet….you can't grasp the idea of living outside the wonders of your imagination. You can't pull your head away from those strange ideas. You float among the clouds, always searching with the stars in your eyes. Your whole heart is channeled into achieving your dreams, as fantastic as they are, desperately trying to grasp those things which cannot be.

But you don't see.

I've been here this whole time, studying alongside you right from the start. I've helped you, cared for you, trusted you. But when our blueprints close and your eyes meet mine, you look through me…as if I am naught but a ghost in your sights.

I am alive, Edward, and I am here.

And although the physical manifestation of your body is here, in Munich, your head and heart soar elsewhere—in a faraway world which doesn't exist. Yet you refuse to let it go! How can there be anything more? Is there not only one Earth?

Sometimes I think you've gone mad. From what, I do not know. Perhaps it was the weight of your past, whatever it held. But no sane person holds that fevered look you get in your eyes when you believe you've stumbled on something—something that can take you far away from here and launch you into the world of your heart's greatest yearnings.

Still, you gaze continually into the horizon—far off into the distance—and never once do your eyes rest on what you have in front of you. Never do you see the people here. Never do you notice that some of us still stand by your side.

Myself. Hughes. Gracia.

We're not real to you; it's as simple as that. Your obsession carries you far away from reality, far beyond our grasp. My feet are firmly planted on this solid ground, but you—you fly. And I cannot catch you. You continue to reach on—reaching for places that you cannot hope to grasp, either.

Isn't it ironic? Neither of us can obtain what we want most—what we yearn for. You'll never have that world. I'll never find a true friend in you.

But, just in case you one day decide to notice…in case you decide to look…

I'm here. I'm real.

But, as of now, you still don't see.