Author's Note: Okay, everyone – the sequel to Everything Changes. For those of you who read Everything Changes while it was being posted, you know I updated that story like a crazy person. I almost published a new chapter each night. I wrote that all during winter break but now I am back in school. That means this won't be as consistently fast but I will try my absolute hardest. I hope you all enjoy this fanfic. As I did with the last one, I am just going to write it without thinking of it. I didn't plan out anything in the last one other than Tai and Matt would be together by the end. I actually thought Sora and Gwen would end up together but when I wrote that last chapter, they ended up not. Veronica ended up with Bryan even though he raped her. Clair and Izzy ending up together was a no brainer. There will be a new main character from Digimon in this story and I want to include all of the Digimon characters at some point. Maybe at the same time or maybe not. Who knows? You'll have to read and find out. This story will be different in that it will cover more time. I want to write about almost the entire second semester of their freshmen year. The last story ended in late November in my mind and this one starts in January. Enjoy! Oh yeah – I don't own any part of Digimon or the characters I am using from it. This fanfic contains yaoi as well, so don't read it if you don't like yaoi. You have been warned.

CHAPTER 1 - New Beginnings

Matt sat at his desk and opened up his journal for the first time. Tai had bought it for him for Christmas so he could record his life on paper and then turn it into song lyrics later. Matt picked up a pen and started writing.

Dear Journal,

It is January the fifth and I am finally writing in you. I am currently on winter break so I haven't been up to too much other than regular holiday things. I think I am still over from Tai's New Year's Eve party. His parents were out of town and left him in charge. How stupid can you be? Of course Tai is going to through a party in their absence. It didn't become too out of control but there was a lot of alcohol and I drank a bit too much champagne. I got to bring in the New Year by kissing the most amazing man in the world though. Tai and I kissed like we had never kissed before when the ball dropped. It was purely magical. Of course all of our tipsy friends made immature sound effects to embarrass us but it didn't work on me this time. Izzy was at the party with his fiancé, Clair. The two of them are still going strong as ever. Izzy convinced Clair to move into the university-owned apartments that are located on campus. They are actually just a few buildings over from my dorm building actually. Izzy and Clair both ended their previous housing contracts and they will be moving into the apartment when they return to the University of Tokyo in a couple of days. Clair agreed solely on the term that they sleep in separate bedrooms. Clair wants to maintain her virginity until marriage and Izzy is supportive. I know he must be getting tired of jacking off every night when he has such a beautiful woman. The two of them will probably get married this semester according to Izzy. They haven't set an exact date but they decided that they want to wed soon. Going, back to the party, Sora and Gwen were also there. Sora lives in town and Gwen lives one town away. They are still the best of friends. Last semester, Gwen developed feelings for Sora but she has now put them behind her. She is no longer hung up on Sora and is looking to start dating again when school resumes. Sora says that she wants to start dating as well. I am glad she is over me. I love Sora to death but I can't help it that I'm gay. Sora just has a little too much vagina for my taste. I shouldn't be talking bad about people in this journal, should I? Tai will read it when I am out of the dorm and then tell everyone. That is probably why he got me this. Now he can read about what I am thinking. I guess that isn't too tragic. I tell him everything as it is. We have a very open and honest relationship. Speaking of relationships, my brother is dating Tai's sister once again. They have broken up and gotten back together so many times. TK and Kari are cute together though so I am supportive. I mess with TK sometimes but he got some brownie points from me by being so supportive when I told him that I was gay. My parents were too. I came out to my family when were all together on Christmas. I know I probably shouldn't have picked a holiday but who cares? My dad, whom I live with, told me he knew it already since I wasn't bringing back any girls back to the apartment from my concerts with my band. My mom was shocked but that is only because she doesn't know me well. It took her awhile to adjust to the news. She is still adjusting to tell you the truth but I'm sure she will be fine. She wasn't surprised when I told her that I was dating Tai though. They always thought it was strange how close we always were. Even as friends growing up, Tai and I must have been subconsciously in love with each other. TK of course had to tell Kari as soon as he heard that I was dating her brother. She was stunned as you can imagine due to the fact that Tai isn't out to his family yet. She blackmailed him with this news and Tai has been doing all of Kari's chores since then. Tai promised me he would come out to his parents while he is here. He is returning back to college with me in a couple of days so time has almost run out. I promised to help him through it. Tai knows that I don't tolerate him keeping his true self a secret. I am getting ready to head over to my man's apartment soon. TK is coming with me to occupy Kari. There is no need to come out to her since she already knows and her presence during Tai's confrontation with his parents will probably just make things harder for him. I must be off soon. I promise I will write in you more often.


Matt and TK walked to the Yagami's apartment building. The brothers had become closer as they got older.

"So, is Tai going to tell him parents today?"


"Can I watch?"


"Can you answer anything in more than just one word?"

"Maybe." Matt smiled at how childish his brother still acted for being in high school.

"Is Tai going to tell them that he is dating you?"

"I really don't know TK. Let's let Tai admit that he is gay before he moves onto his love life. You are only coming over to spend time with Kari."

"So while everyone is in the living room talking about Tai being gay, I'll be alone with Kari."

"I suppose so."

"Sweet! We'll be all alone in Kari's bedroom."

"We are going to be right outside the door. It is not like their living room is fifty miles away. We'll be able to hear you two. Besides, Kari is a sweet, young girl. Please don't pressure her into doing things that she isn't ready for. She is only fifteen years old, as are you. You two don't need to be having sex."

"Are you and Tai having sex?"

"That is none of your business, little bro."

"I'll take that as a yes. How come you can have sex and I can't?"

"I am an adult and you are still a kid. That's why."

"You're eighteen. You haven't even been an adult for a year yet. I'm not a kid either! I'm a teenager now, you know."

"Yeah, yeah TK. The point is, Kari is too young, even if you think you aren't."

"You're such a hypocrite!"

"No I'm not. I didn't have sex until a couple of months ago so you can wait that long too. Enough talking about sex by the way. We are here now." Matt and TK walked into the apartment building and up the stairs to the floor with the Yagami apartment. Matt knocked on the door. Tai answered.


"Not this again, Tai."

Tai stepped outside and closed the door behind him. "I'm sorry. I meant Yama." Tai put his arms around his boyfriend. "I love you so much, Yama." Tai kissed his boyfriend.

TK stuck out his tongue. "Ew! Can we cut dial down the boy-on-boy P.D.A., please?"

Matt glared at him angrily. "You're just jealous, TK." He turned back to his boyfriend. "I love you too, Tai. Are you ready to do this?"

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be."

"Okay, let's get inside. It's January, you know. It's not exactly warm out here." Tai led the two boys into his apartment. Kari ran over to TK and threw her hands around him.

"TK! I'm so glad you're here. I haven't seen you since New Year's Eve."

"I know. It seems like so long ago."

"I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too."

Tai rolled his eyes. "Okay, Joanie and Chachi, let's move it along."

The hugging couple turned around. TK looked confused. "Who are Joanie and Chachi?"

"Have you never seen Happy Days?" TK shook his head to indicate that he hadn't. "It's a classic American sitcom. Watch it some time. Now you two should go play together."

TK smiled. "Okay, Tai. If you insist."

"Have fun."

Matt looked at his younger brother. "But not too much fun." TK frowned a little and Kari led him to her room. Tai led Matt into his living room. His mom was cooking something in the kitchen. From the rancid smell, Matt knew it would taste horrific. Tai's dad was watching television. Tai paused and looked at Matt. Matt gave him an encouraging look. Tai knew that he had put this off long enough.

"Um…mom and dad?" Tai's parents turned away from what they were doing and looked at him.

"Yes, Tai?" they said in unison.

"I need to talk to you both." Tai's dad turned off the television and his mom walked out of the kitchen. She sat next to her husband on the couch.

"Uh…mom…shouldn't you not leave your food in the kitchen like that?"

"I'm sure its fine. It will just be a little burnt. It won't be the first time."

Tai mumbled to himself "God knows that's right."

"What was that, sweetie?"

"Oh…uh…nothing mom. Anyways, I need to tell you both something." He paused.

Tai's dad, who Tai got his impatience from, rolled his eyes. "Well, out with it then."

"I don't know how exactly to tell you this, so I am just going to come out with it. Mom and dad, I'm gay." Tai looked at them waiting for their reactions. Matt's eyes went back and forth between Tai and his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Yagami sat on the couch staring at their son. Tai's mom was the first one to speak.

"Well, that is quite an announcement. I must say that I am not overly-surprised. You didn't date that much in high school and you clung to Matt like a child does a blanket. I always thought you two were secretly dating behind my back actually." She laughed briefly and continued. "I am glad you are being honest with us Tai. I still love you just as much as I did when I thought you were straight. I can see that Matt is just as supportive. I assume he is here for moral support."

Tai looked at Matt and Matt silently spoke to him with his eyes. Tai knew he wasn't done sharing news. "Well, mom, Matt is here because this news concerns him too." Mrs. Yagami looked puzzled. "Matt and I are a couple now. We started dating in November."

"Wow, I suppose I was right after all then. Well, not really, but you two did get together eventually I suppose. I am happy you have found someone as good as Matt. Matt, you are practically like family to us the way you and Tai always hung out here. I'm sure you will take good care of my son."

"Of course I will, Mrs. Yagami. Thank you so much for your blessing. It means a lot to both of us." Matt slipped his hand into Tai's. Both of Tai's parents took notice. Everyone turned to Mr. Yagami since he had not spoken since Tai had relayed his news.



"Don't you have anything to say about this?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know. Something similar to what mom had to say."

"I will do no such thing!"

"Why not?"

"I don't want my one and only son to be some fairy."

"I'm not a fairy. I'm possibly the most masculine gay guy in Japan."

"Still, I don't want to have a fag for a son."

Hearing that word triggered anger in Matt's mind. He hated that word so much. It reminded him of being gay-bashed last semester. He couldn't stand there at let Tai's father call Tai that. "Mr. Yagami, if I may, Tai is still the same boy. He is still masculine, athletic, popular, outgoing, and strong. Nothing has changed. Tai has always been gay so I don't understand how you can look at him any differently."

"Stay out of this, Matt. This doesn't concern you. This is between me and my son." Mr. Yagami and Matt glared at each other. "I am not having a gay son under my roof!" Mrs. Yagami put her hand on her husband's shoulder to calm him down.

"Honey, don't you think you are reacting too strong to this. Tai is the same person after all. What Matt said was true."

"I am not overreacting! I am standing firm on what I said. Tai, if you want to be gay, fine, but you aren't living in this apartment."

"You're kicking me out?"

"That's exactly what I am doing!"

"Where do you expect me to live?"

"You live in your dorm during the school year. We have already paid for your housing so you are staying there until summer. As for the summer and holiday breaks, you are on your own."

"But dad…"

"I mean it!" Tai's mom tried to get her husband to reconsider but he couldn't be talked down. Tai and Matt went into Tai's bedroom and got his things together. Tai sat down on his bed and cried.

"Tai, it's okay. You can live with me and my dad for the next couple of days. We are about to go back to college anyways. I'm sure you can stay there over the other holiday breaks too. My dad might even let you spend the summer. He is at work most of the time anyways. Your dad will probably calm down by that time regardless. I'm sure he is just mad now. I bet he changes his mind soon. There is no need to cry. Everything will be alright." Matt put his arm around his boyfriend.

Tai wiped away his tears. "Thanks, Yama. I hate that you are seeing me cry. I'm your man. You're not supposed to see me crying."

"It's fine, Tai. Everyone cries and it is so special that you are comfortable enough to cry in front of me."

"Thanks. Do you really think everything will be fine?"

"I sincerely do."

"Okay, I trust you." Tai kissed his boyfriend and stood up. "I guess we are moving this stuff to your apartment now."

"I guess so. I'll go get TK." Matt walked across the hall. Tai's parents were in their bedroom. Tai's dad didn't want to look at Tai and his wife was still trying to get him to reconsider. Matt looked into the empty living room where they just were only ten minutes ago so Tai could be honest with his parents. Matt knocked on Kari's door. He didn't hear a response so he opened it. He saw his brother and Kari making out on her bed. He walked in and loudly shut the door behind him. The pair of teenagers jumped. They looked up to see Matt standing over them with his hands crossed.

"Oh, hey bro. How did the talk go with Mr. and Mrs. Yagami." He laughed nervously hoping Matt would ignore the fact that he was laying in bed with Kari.

"It went horrible." He looked over to Kari. "Your father kicked your brother out."


"He is packing his things and coming to stay with me until we go back to school. TK, I think it is best that we leave as well. Mr. Yagami isn't too thrilled with me either and I bet he is mad at you too by extension. I also don't think discovering that his young daughter is making out with my brother on her bed is going to help anybody. TK, come help us take Tai's things to dad's apartment. Would you like to assist us, Kari?"

"Sure. I'll do anything I can to help. I can't believe my dad did that. I'll talk to him later."

"That will probably be helpful. Come on you two, let's go." Kari and TK got up and got their shoes on. The three of them walked to Tai's room to help him with his luggage. Between the four of them, they managed to get everything. They exited the apartment ignoring the smoke that was coming from Mrs. Yagami's burning food. They knew the smoke detector would go off eventually to alert her that her food needed to be extinguished. They had other things to worry about.

Sora knocked on the Ishida apartment. Matt answered and invited her in. "Hey, Matt, how is Tai doing?"

"He is doing well. I'm glad you came over. Ever since he got kicked out yesterday he has been depressed. It is perfectly understandable of course. He is laying on bed right now. My dad said that Tai can stay with us as long as he wants. My dad makes us leave the door open at night though. He said that if he isn't having sex in this apartment, than I'm not either. I think the real reason is that he doesn't want to hear his son be fucked by another guy." Matt laughed and Sora joined him. Matt was trying to lift the cheerless spirit dwelling in the apartment.

"Well, I know something that will cheer him up."

"What is that?"

"I'll tell both of you at the same time."

"Okay, let me get Tai." Matt walked into his bedroom and came out pulling Tai by the arm. Sora giggled at how Matt could make Tai do something he didn't want to do like get out of bed.

"Hey sleepy head."

"Hey Sora. I wasn't sleeping by the way. It is one o'clock in the afternoon. How lazy do you think I am?"

"Since you are still in your pajamas, I would say pretty lazy."

Tai looked down. "Oh."

"Anyways, I have some good news."


"Mimi is moving back to Japan permanently." Both boys' expressions turned to joy. "She is arriving in a couple of hours. I thought coming with me to pick her up from the airport would cheer you two up. We can leaver her multitude of luggage with her parents and take her out to eat."

Tai grinned widely. "That sounds amazing, Sora. I should go get ready."

"Wait! There is more good news."

Matt kept his excited expression painted on his face. "What else?"

"She is transferring from her college in New York to the University of Tokyo this semester."

"That's great. Is she living on campus?"

"Yes. She said she was lucky to get housing because not that many people ended their housing contracts."

"How much time to we have before her plane lands?"

Sora looked at her watch. "We have about two hours."

"Okay, Tai, you go get dressed and I will call up some more of our friends to go."

Tai looked at his boyfriend with a pouty expression. "But Yama, I wanted you to come help me dress."



"Okay, you know I can't resist you. Sora, would you mind rounding up some people? Tai and I will meet you all at the airport. It looks like Tai wants to take advantage of the fact that we will have the apartment to ourselves."

"Okay, no problem. Be safe, you two. Also, remember that you only have about two hours. The airport is close to your apartment so it shouldn't take you two long to get there. I'll see you two then." Sora waved and saw herself out of the apartment. Matt looked over at his boyfriend who had taken his shirt off while Sora exited. Despite it being winter, Tai miraculously kept his tan. Matt looked like a vampire next to him but Tai loved Matt's pale skin. Matt walked into his bedroom while removing his shirt. Tai smiled at the sight of his shirtless boyfriend. He stepped into the bedroom and shut and locked the door behind him.

Tai and Matt walked quickly down the street. "Matt, we are going to be late to pick up Mimi."

"One – don't call me Matt. Two – whose fault is it if we're late Mr. Horny?"

"You were horny too you know."

"Yeah, because you were naked. I can't help it that I think you are hot."

"Why thank you, Yama. You re-fixing your hair took some time too though. It doesn't have to look perfect always."

"I like making my hair perfect."

"I think I might cut your hair off while you sleep one night just to see how dramatically you would react."

"I would cut your balls off while you slept if you did that."

"No you wouldn't."

"You're right. That would ruin sex completely. I would do something evil though. You have my word on that."

"Don't worry, my baby Yama. I would never mess with your hair. I only mess with it in bed."

"I know you do."

"I can't help but run my fingers through it though. It's so long and beautiful."

"Thank you Tai." Matt put his hand into his boyfriend's as they continued to hurry. They finally arrived at the airport. Matt saw Sora's red hair in the distance and walked towards the group she was with. He saw that she was standing next to Izzy. Next to him was Joe, a tall boy they were friends with who was in his sophomore year at a prestigious private university that focused on medical studies. Everyone thought it was comical that Joe was pre-med considering he got queasy at the sight of blood sometimes. Matt also saw TK and Kari who were holding hands. Next to Kari was Yolei, a purple-haired girl with glasses that went to their high school. Everyone knew that she was obsessed with Mimi even though she only met her a couple of times. There was a short boy named Cody next to her. He didn't talk much but he was wise beyond his years. Matt and Tai walked over to their group of friends who greeted them. TK and Kari had told all of their friends that Matt and Tai were dating. Tai knew that they must have also informed everyone about Tai being kicked out because everyone asked how he was doing. Matt turned towards Sora. "Sorry we are late."

"Actually, Mimi's flight was delayed so you two are right on time."

"When is it getting here?"

"It should be landing here in about a half-hour. I called up all of our friends as you can see. Davis and Ken should be coming any minute now. I don't know why they are late."

Tai smiled at the mention of Davis. Davis was like the little brother that Tai never had. He looked up to Tai. Tai hadn't seen him since before Christmas. He hoped Davis was supportive of him being gay. "Well, if Davis is anything like me, he had a good reason to be late." Tai winked at Matt.

TK sighed. "Tai, do you have to make jokes about screwing my brother?"

"Of course. If you were having sex with a boy as hot as him, you'd be bragging too."

"I'm straight, Tai."

"Oh yeah, that's right. I heard how you and my sister were making out on her bed yesterday."

Everyone's eyes turned to Kari and her face turned as red as a tomato. She glared at her brother with fury. "Tai! I can't believe you said that out loud!"

"Sorry sis. I can't help myself sometimes." The group stood around in their group and talked amongst themselves. They stood outside of the airport as they waited for Mimi to walk out of the door with her parents. Tai looked over into the park next to them. He saw something moving in the bushes. Tai's suspicion grew and he had to investigate. He pulled Matt with him.

"Tai, where are we going?"

"We're going over to the bushes."

Everyone rolled their eyes at this. They were getting tired of Tai bragging about all of the sex he was having with Matt. They all thought he was going to have it in the bushes that were only across the street from them. "Why are we going to the bushes?"

Tai looked at everyone's expressions. "We'll it isn't to have sex if that is what you perverts over there are thinking!" Everyone looked shocked since they all were thinking that Tai was leading Matt to go have sex with him. Tai led Matt across the street and stopped in front of the bushes.


"Shush!" Tai put a finger over his lips. He looked at the bushes. They were shaking and moving again. He knew that somebody must be in them and he was determined to find out who. Tai moved around to the other side as to not expose whoever was in there to the group of friends still watching them. Matt followed him. Tai reached towards the bushes and opened them up some. He gasped.

"What is it Tai?" Matt moved forward and looked in. His mouth dropped. Davis was giving a blowjob to Ken, an extremely intelligent boy whom they were friends with." Davis took Ken's penis out of his mouth and looked up at his idol.

"Uh…hey Tai."

"Davis, why are you giving a blowjob to Ken?"

"Uh…because he gave one to me first." Davis broke into a nervous laughter do to the awkwardness of the situation. Ken rapidly pulled his pants back up to cover himself. He was unable to make eye contact with Tai or Matt because he was so shy and embarrassed.

"Are you two dating?"

Davis smiled and looked at Ken. He leaned forward and kissed him. "Yes, we are. Don't we make a cute couple?"

Tai smiled at his protégé. "Of course you two do! Oh my God! I can't believe you are into boys just like me. You truly are the younger version of me, Davis, except I prefer blondes." He turned to Matt and kissed him on the cheek. "That and I didn't even come out until a couple months ago. I just came out to my parents yesterday."

"I heard about that. I'm so sorry your dad kicked you out. Neither of us is out yet. We've just been sneaking around. Our parents think we are just friends so we have sleepovers with each other. We get to sleep in the same bed without them suspecting anything. At first we were just fooling around with each other but now we are dating."

"Well, I think you two make an adorable couple. Don't you think so, Yama?"

"I do. Now that you are dating though, I think it would be okay to tell your friends at least. They will be supportive. They are supportive of Tai and I."

Davis smiled at Ken. "I think so too. What do you think, Ken?"

"I don't know, Davis."

"You're so shy. I love it! Please, Ken?"

"Okay, fine."

"Yes! Let's go tell them now. We have to see Mimi arrive anyway. We may as well start walking towards the airport." Ken took a moment for his heart to return to its normal beating pattern and stood up. Davis got up too and the boys started walking behind Tai and Matt towards the airport. Tai put his hand into Matt's as they walked. Davis copied Tai's motion and put his hand into Ken's. Ken got nervous at showing a public display of affection for his previously-secret boyfriend. The talking group of friends stopped when they saw Davis and Ken holding hands. The four boys rejoined the group. Tai got everyone's attention.

"Everyone, Davis and Ken have an announcement to make so listen up!"

Davis cleared his throat and looked at his boyfriend. "Ken and I are now dating."

Yolei screamed and ran over to them and threw her arms around them both. "I'm so happy for you two! I just love when two boys date! It's so cute to see them holding hands! I loved watching Tai and Matt but now I can watch you two also!"

Tai leaned close to Matt and whispered "Do you think she forgot to take her meds today or do you think she took too many of them?" Matt muffled his laugh and playfully punched his boyfriend's arm. Everyone gave their congratulations. Davis was the younger version of Tai to them so they weren't shocked that he was also gay. Once everyone was done, Tai gave Davis a hug. "I am so happy you are gay, Davis. The world needs more masculine gay guys like us."

"I know it does, but it still needs a lot of feminine gay boys for us to date." The two of them laughed. To no surprise, they had the same taste in boys.

"Um…hello, I have been standing here for a whole minute and no one has greeted me!" Everyone turned around to see Mimi standing there. Everyone cheered and hugged her. "Thanks for all the love everyone. My parents are still at baggage claim getting our things but I am starving. Let's go eat!"

The friends walked to a nearby sushi restaurant where they discovered that there wasn't room for them all to sit at the same table. Davis, Ken, Kari, and TK sat at one table. Izzy, Joe, Yolei, and Cody sat at another table and Sora, Mimi, Matt, and Tai sat at a third table. Mimi was stuffing her face with shrimp tempura rolls. Sora watched her with a confused look. "Geese, Mimi, slow down some."

Mimi swallowed her sushi and looked at her. "Sorry, I couldn't eat like this back in New York."

"Why not?"

"I was in New York for modeling. My agency would throw a fit if I gained any weight there."

"Wow, that must have been stressful."

"I know. I had to get out of that place."

"Are you going to model here?"

"No, I am done modeling for good."

Her three lunch mates looked at her. Tai dropped his sushi onto his plate. "What? Mimi, you love modeling."

"Yes, I do. I still love modeling but I hate the lifestyle of it. It was too much for me to handle. My career took off and before I knew it I was signed to Wilhelmina Models. That's one of the best modeling agencies in America. I was going on go-sees all the time and I got booked for ads and runway shows."

"That doesn't sound bad. That sounds exciting."

"It was, at first anyways. After awhile, it took an affect on my social life. Actually, it destroyed my social life. I didn't have any free time. When I wasn't working, I was trying to keep up in school. I am not the most book-smart person in the world, you know. I was failing tests all the time because I didn't have time to study. I was at parties all the time that were thrown by various important people in the fashion world. I was getting drunk and high on the weekends at the parties. I was taking diet pills. I was making myself throw up if I ate too much. I was a wreck. My parents saw all of this, and pulled me out of the lifestyle before I became an anorexic, drug-addict supermodel."

Her lunch companions gave her sympathetic looks. Sora reached over and patted Mimi on the back. "It's okay Mimi. Everything will be better here."

"Yeah, I hope so. I barely passed high school and I only got into college through connections I had. My semester grades sucked though and I got the school to cancel all of my credits. I transferred here with a fresh start. I don't have any credit hours at all."

"What are majoring in?"

"Well, right now I have an undeclared major. I am thinking about maybe majoring in broadcast journalism. I want to be on television some day in something other than American toothpaste commercials." Her friends laughed. "I don't know though, because I don't know if I want to report the news. I might do something like a cooking show."

"You would be good at that."

"Thank you, Sora. I think so too."

"Do you know where you are living on campus?"

"Yes, actually, I was going to surprise you later with it, but since you asked, I will be living in your building."

Sora's face became beaming with delight. "That's great!"

"I think I am on your floor as well. Somebody cancelled their housing contract."

Sora looked over at Tai and Matt who were thinking the same thing that she was. "Would you by any chance happen to know your roommate's name?"

"Um…let me think…yes, I do! Her name is Veronica, I believe." Sora put her hand on her forehead. Tai and Matt shook their heads. "What? Is she a bitch or something?"

Matt answered her first. "That is Izzy's fiancé's ex-roommate. Izzy's fiancé, Clair, is moving into a campus apartment with Izzy this semester so she cancelled her housing contract. You are taking her spot. Her roommate, Veronica, has become a bit of a psychopath."

Tai looked upset. "It's all my fault."

"No it isn't, Tai."

"Yes, it is." He looked at Mimi who was still confused as to why they disliked her new roommate. "We were at a party and I got drunk. I tried to have sex with her and she got very upset. She didn't want anything to do with me after that. She tried to find comfort in Sora and Sora's roommate, Gwen, but couldn't. They were too concerned with Matt and I due to a plan they had set up. Her roommate, Clair, got caught up in Izzy and therefore, Veronica felt alone. She started isolating herself and lashing out at her former friends. Now she is dating a guy who is a total asshole and probably treats her like crap. It's so sad but her isolation is her own doing. We all tried to help her but you can't help someone who won't except help."

Mimi looked solemn at this. "Do you think she would let me in?"

"I doubt it. She pretty much hates the world now. I don't know what happened to her but she became even worse and the next thing we know, she was dating Bryan."

"Is Bryan the guy who you said is an asshole?"

Sora answered first this time. "Yes, he is. He is my roommate's cousin. He is bisexual and we tried to get him to flirt with Matt at that party to get Tai jealous. We thought Tai would admit his feelings for Matt if he saw them. Bryan took things too far though and kissed Matt. He wouldn't let Matt go either and that is what drove Tai into the bedroom with Veronica."

"Wow, that seems like one messed-up party."

"You're telling us."

"I have been to some crazy parties, but that one had a lot more drama in it. I'm usually too tipsy at parties to notice drama though. I hope Veronica doesn't freak out on me."

"I hope not either."

Veronica sat in her bathroom at home. She stared at the tenth pregnancy test she had taken. Like all of the others, it was positive. She was sure that she was pregnant. She wasn't too concerned when she didn't get her period at the end of December but as the weeks rolled by, she got more uneasy. She waited, but didn't get it. After she felt nauseous that morning, she knew she had to buy pregnancy tests. She had snuck out of her apartment that morning while her parents slept to buy the tests. She had used almost every stick in the box. Tears rolled down her face. She was eighteen years old and wasn't ready to be a mother. She had only been sexually active with one man so she knew the baby belonged to Bryan. They had used a condom every time they had sex except for one time. She knew that she had gotten pregnant the time Bryan raped her.